AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation Of Machine To Separate Out Material

Apr 12, 2013

I am doing dynamic stimulation of machine to separate out material. When i loaded into simulation tab, the moving parts goes as grounded objects. I can't do analysis the free flow of material due to its constraints restrictions. I didn't constraints those components in assembly. Even, i set the flexible option in main assembly. I am not sure where i went wrong. How can i overcome this problem ? I am beginner to Inventor.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Use Dynamic Simulation For Nut And Bolt

Oct 5, 2013

How to use dynamic simulation, i am creating a bench vise and woud like to animate it going in and out how would i do that?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation - How To Add New Load Using API

Dec 11, 2013

I am trying to discover the dynamic simulation, so I need to know is that possible to create a new Load(Torque, Force) using API?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation Atomization In API?

Apr 10, 2012

I'm designing multiple elements for a vehicle. I need to evaluate multiple dynamic results of multiple possible designs. All the design is parametric so it modifies quickly but I can't find a way to run the dynamic simulation multiple times automatically and get the results from the output grapher for each simulation. 

I am trying to do it via API but can't find the class of the dynamic simulation environment in the Object Model Chart to program it via .NET. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation Menu

Sep 26, 2012

I have installed inventor 2011 on my laptop, but the dynamic simulation menu does not appear even though I 've been many times to install it.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Using Trace In Dynamic Simulation

May 25, 2013

I am playing with traces in dynamic simulation and in the output grapher i get values for position like:


and in the graph i get some values of the position but i am unsure on where the datum is at this point. I would of thought that the datum would be where the trace is attached? Where the datum is based and is it possible to set a relative datum to when the trace is set?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Pressure Simulation

Mar 20, 2012

I have a question regarding simulations in Autodesk Inventor.

For example I have such part: 

It is a plug made out of brass. I want to test if it will be able to withstand specified pressure. So I set up where is it constrained - on thread.

And set up pressure from inside on the cap to be 16 bar (1,6 MPa). And also assign materials. And there goes simulation . Everything seems alright. I want to run little bit different analysis. When pressure would be variable.

For example I will have pressure going from 12 bar to 16 bar, and such simulation will be running for quiet long time (as an example pressure will be 12 then raises to 16 then goes to 12 again and then raises to 16 again). I want to know after what time will this plug fail and will be destroyed? I mean i want to know when METAL will get tired and will be destroyed? I was just wondering if such a simulation is possible to be made in Autodesk Inventor?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Stress Simulation

Oct 14, 2012

is their a possibility to applay stress like dynamic i have a shaft that has a pully on it , its conectet on an old way 

not with a tight fit so it shrinks on it but it works wit a small cut in the shaft where its bolted with just a tiny metal plate.

at this place will be a stress concentration and i wanne see how the noth effect is when their is a dynamic load on it cause if i put a static load on it i know the shaft can handel it but i real life it has broken couple of times so this is what i want to investigate.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Difference In Dynamic Simulation

Jul 25, 2013

why there is huge difference in Dynamic Simulation results when you use two different input methods? I used input grapher and in linear ramp, I entered input (time/ distance) manually for 6 points and ran simulation. Then I used Spline and used a text file to enter SAME data and it gave me at least 10 times different results. Can't figure out why this difference. This changes my entire design.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation / Parameter Value Is Out Of Bounds

Dec 13, 2011

I have a dynamic simulation which seems to have corrupted itself. I have a number of Revolution joints which are torsional springs. I’ve enabled joint torque and set a spring stiffness and a free position (+15 deg). Then on the ‘initial condition’ page I’ve set Max (+45 deg) and Min(-15 deg) Bounds on rotation angle and set a stiffness 10x the spring stiffness to simulate the end stops of my torsional spring. The initial position is +12 deg. This was working just fine but since I’ve added a couple more parts (nowhere near these springs) I constantly get the message “The parameter xxx value is out of bounds”. Where xxx is the ‘Initial position’ of the joint. If I edit the joint and untick the Bounds section the message goes away but if I tick it (which I need for my simulation) I get the error message as soon as I pick OK. The position is NOT out of bounds?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Rebound Of Ball - Dynamic Simulation

Jul 24, 2013

How to simulate rebound  of a ball over inner surface of polyhedral body. (In gravity field). How to get all trajectory for given time interval.

And is it possible to get movie of falling of several balls onto the surface in Inventor Dynamic Simulator?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2 Axis Robot Dynamic Simulation

May 7, 2013

I am working on 2 Axis Robot dynamic Simulation. It is suppose to lift weight up by 22" travel horizontally and bring down 22". My input is positions (I noted down angles at four corners for both arms and used them in Input Imposed Motion.) In the simulaiton run, movement is not in a straight line. It kinda moves in a curve. How can I get it perfectly straight.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Visual Style - Dynamic Simulation

Aug 19, 2013

I like "Shaded with edges", and I want the edges black. I have set up the display to this setting in Application Options, Display tab (Use application Settings), and Settings button. Excellent, that's nice. (I have also mapped the num pad 6 to that style, along with 5 is Shaded with hidden edges, and 4 is wire frame).

However, In Inventor 2014 Dynamic simulation, the visual style defaults to "Shaded" (no edges). Ok, i can live with that, I guess. I'll just hit NumPad 6 and it looks good again.

Ctrl-Tab to another open file, make a change or two, come back to the DynSim and - hang on, where are my edges? I can just hit 6 again, but should I have to? I haven't ever seen this display property changed when changing between files before.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation To Stress Analysis?

Jul 8, 2013

I am having problems creating a Stress Analysis Report from the Dynamic Simulation on this assembly.
My goal is to show the cam shaft rotating at 3500 rpm, and the stress it creates. I am looking to show the stress concentrations at the fasteners as well as the rotating components, the cam will have a torque of 15 ft lb, with a counter torque of the compressor equal to that.

I have been working through Wasim Younis' Book for Inventor 2014, but seem to be coming up short in its application.

I am using Inventor Professional 2014.

Autodesk Inventor 2013 Certified Professional
Autodesk Product Design Suite, Ultimate 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation - Ball On Track

Sep 24, 2013

Within dynamic simulation, I am trying to have a ball follow a track made of (2) rods,  I can do it if the rods are straight but I do not know how to properly apply joints to allow the ball to follow the tracks when they are turning. I need to do this within dynamic simulation because I also hope to add a chain and sprockets with a ball holder to bring the ball back up to the top.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation With A Non-rigid Body

Jul 30, 2013

I still don't know how to simulate the following :

My system is basically a clamping device that works with a cam and a metal plate. When loose, the metal plate remains straight :

When clamped, the metal plate bends like so :

As far as I know, the Dynamic Simulation Tool can work with rigid body parts and you later export the simulation to the FEM Tool. I thought I could use a spring-link that would behave like the metal plate but I must admit I don't know the relationship between the stiffness of a spring and the elasticity of a metal plate.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation - Trace 2D Contact

Apr 3, 2013

I am using Invertor Dynamic Simulation and I need to know the 2D contact position data to be displayed in the output grapher (i.e. the x,y,z coordinates).  Only the forces are computed in the output grapher.  I’ve tried using the “trace” feature but this will not allow me trace the 2D contact point.  It would even benefit me to know the angle of the normal force relative to the absolute frame. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Running Dynamic Simulation On Assembly

Feb 18, 2013

I am running Autodesk Inventor Pro 2012 and am trying to start learning to use my dynamic simulation and FEA features. I recently just purchased the Up and Running series by Wasim Younis. I was working with his models on the multiple actuating jacks and noticed none of the features are constrained in the assembly. Now my question is, is this how these should always be setup? I am working on trying to set up a simulation of a frame I am rotating 90degrees with 2 hydraulic cylinders working together so as to use the strong side of each of the cylinderds when it goes each direction. The way I have it set up I have the whole thing constrained. The 2 cylinders are constrained so that they have their stroke 17.23" and the turntable frame is constrained to rotate 90degrees. So should I remove all constraints to run dynamic simulation? I attatched 2 photos to show the starting position (travel position) and ending position (working position).

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Possible To Have Multiple Dynamic Simulation States For Assembly

Apr 3, 2012

Is it possible to have multiple dynamic simulation states for an assembly, the same way that the Studio environment can have multiple animations, or do I have to create a separate assembly file for each one?

Also, is it possible to save the animation from my dynamic simulation results for later use in Studio without having to re-run the simulation each time the file is re-opened?

I'm using Inventor Pro 2012
-Using Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation - Use Spring Joint Or Force?

Jan 28, 2013

I'm designing a hinged cover for something right now that will use a pair of gas extension springs  for assisted opening.    I'm currently working to figure out how much force it will take to open the cover using different values of spring - it's available in 50, 100, 150, 200, etc., lb versions. 

I've tried running simulations using a force applied to the moving end of the gas spring, and I've trued running simulations using a spring joint applied between the fixed and and the moving end of the gas spring, and I'm getting dramatically different results between the two.  For instance, using a 200 lb force shows me that I need about 25 extra lbs of force applied to the handle of the cover to open it, where when I use that same 200 lbs on a spring joint, I need 50-75 lbs to keep the cover closed, because it will open on its own.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Publish To Studio - Dynamic Simulation Error

Dec 28, 2011

I have a robot that I am animating in Dynamic Simulation. I have Imposed motion on each of the relevant joints, and can run the simulation nicely.

The problem occurs when I "Publish to Studio" I loose all functionality and the robot stays still in the Studio environment. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Motion To Hydraulic Cylinder In Dynamic Simulation

Mar 25, 2013

Motion to hydraulic cylinder in dynamic simulation

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sliding Joint Restriction In Dynamic Simulation

Jul 24, 2013

I have an issue with a sliding joint in a simulation.Here we have a very simple box with a cylinder that slides around a closed loop curve. The curve as you will see is described by two circles and one elipse that all overlap to give a smooth closed loop. In the assemble this all works fine - you can freely drag the cylinder around the curve. However in dynamic simulation when I try to insert a 'sliding cyclinder on curve' joint I get the message that only lines, arcs and splines can be used for a curve. If I change the elipse to another circle then I don't have this problem. So is Inventor restricted to arcs of circles rather than arcs of elipses? Is there a way around this?, Do have I have to draw the whole curve as a spline?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Use Dynamic Simulation To Create Movement In A Vice

Oct 5, 2013

I have to make a vice and I am trying to make the vice move. I am trying to use the screw simulation in dynamic simulation but don't know how to do it? I have only made the screw and the nut or the thing that it screws into to make the vice work.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation - Power Cable Falls With Gravity?

Jul 24, 2013

Im trying to figure out if Inventor's dynamic simulation can simulate gravity on rope or cable shaped solids.

I have a power cord design that I want to display with its cords in various natural positions (IE Flat on a table, hanging from a wall, etc). (see image attached)

My questions are as follows:

1. Can dynamic simulation simulate a rope/cable type object falling with gravity to a natural hanging position?

2. If it can, can I also then save the resulting new shape/model and export it to showcase for rendering (or render within Inventor)?

3. I am currently creating the cords using the sweep command. Using this seems like it may cause problems for the simulation. If I use the wiring harness design part of inventor to create the power cables can it then simulate the cables naturally falling and resting due to the forces of gravity? I know the wiring harness design area is built in, but I have never even opened it before..

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Testing A Counter Balanced Design In Dynamic Simulation

Apr 17, 2012

If i want to see how stable a design is before it tips over after adding counter balanced weights etc. How would i set this up in dynamic simulation?

what i want to do is to mess about by distributing weights at key points to see how the model behaves / how stable it is, and i want to test it until it falls over, this will enable me to test it to it's limits.

I assume i need to place the design on a surface / floor with gravity on and set to the floor. it must be free standing initially.

the item needs to sit on the floor but must not be held back by any constraints so what contact do i use, would it be a spatial contact between the floor and the base component?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Created Compression Spring / How To Simulate Under Dynamic Simulation

Mar 17, 2012

i have created compression spring under design and how can i simulate it under dynamic simulation? I cant create spring in dynamic simulation. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can Dynamic Simulation Drive Multiple Variables With Single Parameter

Aug 2, 2013

Can Dynamic Simulation drive multiple variables with a single parameter? In the following example, the variables len_A and len_B are driven by size. The parameter "size" varies from .8 to 1.2 (currently I have size parameters in a Multi-Value List).

Is there a way Dynamic Simulation can drive the "size" parameter to animate the assembly? I plan to use Dynamic Simulation's Output Grapher to Plot a Trace of the triangle's apex as A and B vary in length. The example assembly is attached.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Shaded View With Edges Is Disabled In Dynamic Simulation Autodesk 2012

Dec 5, 2013

I am not able to see the model in shaded view with edges in dynamic simulation environment (Autodesk Inventor 2012).

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dynamic Simulation - Edit Settings To Make It Run For Real Time 4 Secs

May 6, 2013

I am working on Dynamic Simulation. I ran the simulation for 4 secs, in real time it took more than 4secs but on the screen it was showing it ran for 4 secs. Is it correct? Can we edit settings to make it run for real time 4 secs? 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Using IV Simulation FEA Results As Loads In A New Simulation

Nov 29, 2011

IV 2011.

I have an assembly with a FEA simulation result.  I can run a report and get the reaction forces and moments at each constraint.  I would like to run a new simulation with different constraints and use the reaction results from the first simulation as loads in the second one.

Currently I do this by running a report on the 1st simulation to get a table of the reaction results.  I then manually add those forces to the 2nd simulation.  This takes time to type and the forces must be edited each time I re-run the 1st simulation.

Is there a way to use parameters to automate this?

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