Photoshop Elements :: Photo Quality Much Low In Slideshow Than In Album

Feb 7, 2013

My photos appear at a much poorer quality in slideshow than in the album.  Why?

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Photoshop Elements :: 10 Freezes When Creating Slideshow From Album?

Mar 1, 2014

It seems pretty simple to just select a few pictures from the organizer, select create, select slideshow.  A box comes up asking my preferences and when I say OK, the program freezes. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Freezes When Creating Slideshow From Album

Mar 5, 2014

once I click OK, my program freezes up...  I can still use other programs on my computer. photoshop elements 10 freezes when creating slideshow from album.
 By relaunching Organizer, I mean close Elements Organizer and Editor if they are open > Delete both the files I mentioned earlier   > NOw open the organizer again. Attach the screenshot of the preferences dialog that comes up when you go for creating slideshow?

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Photoshop Elements :: Slideshow Degrade Quality Of Pictures?

Dec 1, 2013

I just downloaded Photoshop Elements. I want to create a slide show. It works fine, BUT when I start the slide show (full screen) all the pictures are very blurred. The pictures have a high quality...

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Photoshop Elements :: Slideshow For Maximum Quality Output For HD Monitor

Oct 21, 2013

I recently purchased Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12.
I want to create a professional slide show for Maximum Quality output for an HD monitor for an upcoming trade show.
It seems to me based on what I could find on the Adobe website and tutorials that creating my slideshow in Photoshop Elements 12 slideshow maker has limited quality output. You cannot, for example, output to 1920X1080 or even 1440 X 1080.
This leads me to consider Premiere Elements for a more manual slideshow construction. My idea is to create each individual slide, custom, (in high quality jpeg) with great care in Photoshop Elements with very large (high quality) frame sizes (they say up to 4096 x 4096), I was thinking more like double 1920X1080, ie: 3096X2160. I imagine that this will guarantee covering the entire monitors real estate, guarantee continuity between all slides, and display an over all professional look. (Even though this is much more work than just whipping a bunch of jpegs of various sizes into Photoshop Elements Slideshow creator).
Once I have all of my custom slides in that large size, my idea is I'll import each one and then use Premier Elements to drive the slide show functionality and ultimately the high resolution export file for application.
Am I on the right track here? Is there some standard guildlines and tools in the industry for me to consider before I attempt to create my first professional slide show?

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Photoshop Elements :: 11 - Quality Of Photos In Slideshow Inferior To Those In Catalog

Oct 2, 2013

I have been on the phone for a few hours to Adobe but they are stil investigating.  When I produce a slide show using Elements 11 the pictures are no way near as clear as they appear in the folders.  I just want to show my pictures without them looking like crap.  They were taken using the highest quality photo on the camera, which is a new Nikon and look great when viewing through Elements Organiser.  They also look amazing in the original source, eg My Pictures files.  When making slide show it asks the quality and I select high.

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Photoshop Elements :: Adding Photo To Album In 12?

Nov 6, 2013

When I drag the album to a photo I get the error "Error Applying Keyword Tag(s)" Nothing about this in the pdf file supplied! Apparently in the UK we don't get free telephone tech support!

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Rename A Photo Album

Nov 2, 2013

How can I rename a photo album? I am just learning to use photoshop.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Copy A Photo From Another Album

Sep 28, 2013

I have an album in "album order".  I would like to copy a photo from another album and place it directly in the correct location in the subject album without having to having it appear at the end of the album and then drag it to the new location.  Is this possible?

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Photoshop Elements :: Why Won't Photo Album Transfer To Disc

Feb 11, 2013

Why won't my photo album copy to a disc or another folder on the hard drive.  It shows that it copied but when you try to open it it says no files found.  For some reason adobe element 11 is blocking my album from going anywhere but to shutter-fly or to stay in the create of 11. I have worked 2 day on my album and not i can't get it published into a book.

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Photoshop Elements :: Deleting Photo From Organizer Or New Album?

Feb 28, 2014

How do you delete a photo from organiser or new album ?

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Photoshop Elements :: Making Image Fit Into Photo Album?

Jan 11, 2013

I am using photoshop elements 11 trial version before I buy one.  I'm trying the wedding photo album, but I'm having trouble fitting a picture into the picture "slots" for lack of a better term.  One picture that I simply want as a full picture is 8.5 x 11, 300 dpi.  Photoshop elements will not let me see the entire picture. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Photo Removal From URL Gallery Album?

Oct 4, 2012

How do I remove a photo from my URL Gallery Album?

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Photoshop Elements :: Make Photo Album For IPad?

May 21, 2013

I also have Lightroom. Could I make a book with L.R.?

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Photoshop Elements :: Can't Access Photo Catalogs From Album

Aug 24, 2012

I've downloaded PSE 10 and I can't access my photo catalogs from album starter 3.0

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Photoshop Elements :: Way To Place / Save A Photo In Organizer Album

Dec 28, 2012

While in 11 editor, is there any way to place/save a photo in an organizer album?  I've searched pull downs...have I overlooked something?

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Photoshop Elements :: 12 - Transfer Album (with Photo Files) From Computer A To B

Mar 19, 2014

I have PSE 12 (same license) installed on two computers. Each computer has its own file system and PSE catalog. Question: How to I transfer a album (with photo  files) from computer  A to computer B?.

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Photoshop Elements :: 12 - Make Original Photo Available To Others Through Album Link?

Jan 7, 2014

In Elements 12 how do I make the original photo available to others through the album link as opposed to only a thumbnail?

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Photoshop Elements :: 12 - Error Applying Keyword Tag(s) When Adding Photo To Album

Nov 22, 2013

Elements 12; Getting "Error Applying Keyword Tag(s)" when trying to add a photo to an album

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Photoshop Elements :: Sort Photos In Album By Photo Date In Version 11

Jun 26, 2013

In version 10, I could create an album, add photos to it, and then right click on the album name and select "Sort album by photo date", or something like that. This was very convenient when I had more than one source of photos for a certain event, like a vacation. This would change the "album order", which made it very convenient for creating photobooks or other projects where I wanted chronological order. I don't want to view by "Oldest first" in media view 1st before I save the album.

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Photoshop Elements :: Rag And Drop Photo To Album - Error Applying Keyword Tags

Nov 17, 2013

When I attempt to drag and drop a photo from the Elements 12 Organizer to an Album, it fails and the message, "Error Appllying Keyword Tag(s)" appears.  How can I correct this?

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Photoshop Elements :: Create A Photo Slideshow

Feb 16, 2014

Can I CREATE a photo SLIDESHOW on Photoshop Elements 12 (for MAC)??Photoshop 9 does NOT have the feature,Also, can I burn such a project to Blu-Ray (I have Premeire 12 installed on my I-Mac).

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Photoshop Elements :: Creating Photo Slideshow And Burn To DVD?

Sep 12, 2012

I am using Photoshop Elements 10,   and in Organiser I am creating a photo slide show,  but when I come to burn the slideshow to a DVD,  Help seems to indicate that I can only burn the slideshow using the Premier edition.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Distribute Album Or Large Batch Of Photos Besides Uploading Album

Sep 26, 2012

How long should it take for an album of photos to be uploaded?  Is there any faster way to distribute an album or large batch of photos besides uploading an album?

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Photoshop Elements :: Improve Photo Quality Of Printing In 2?

Nov 25, 2012

How do I improve the photo quality ofr printing in Photoshop Elements 2?

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Photoshop Elements :: When Open Photo For Editing - Why Is It Not High Quality

Mar 1, 2013

My photo is great when I open or view it in any other application. Why does it look low quality in pse 11? Also when I make edits and save them as jpegs, they look great again outside of pse11.

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Photoshop Elements :: Use BLUR To Convert Photo Print Quality

Jan 29, 2014

I have a photocopy of a newsprint photograph...

I know I can use BLUR etc to convert it to photo print quality, but am unsure of the steps...

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Photoshop Elements :: Cannot Move Picture To Existing Album / Cannot Drop Album Tag On Picture To Add?

Feb 18, 2014

I successfully exported the catalog from my old Vista Computer running elements 6.  I imported the catalog to a Sony Vaio running Windows 8.1 . All pics and albums are in the organizer. However I cannot add additional pictures from a file folder in the organizer to an album that is also in the organizer that was previously created in elements 6

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Lightroom :: Slideshow HD Quality Export To Disc?

Jul 14, 2013

in LR5.0 one can export Slideshow as video to file in 1080 p quality . However , unlike in ather ADOBE products like Photoshop elements , one cannot export to Disc . So what is the easiest way on getting the exported .mp4 file burned onto a blueray disc preserving the HD quality.

I can see that Adobe offers ENCORE in the creative suite, but that seems overkill as I just want to burn the file onto disc. A plug-in for LR5 would seem the best solution to me , but I have not found it.
What is the easiest way to achieve a burn to disc out of LR5 in HD quality ?
PS : of course there is third party software that does allows blue ray authoring and disc burning ; But they all seem to come with photo or video editing software which I do not need . I want to stay with Lightroom , just burn the slideshow to disc

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Lightroom :: 5.2 - Slideshow Image Quality / Color Rendering

Nov 6, 2013

I´m quite frustrated after discovering that some of my images look quite poor displayed by the slideshow module. My situation ist as follows:

LR 5.2 running on Mac OS X 10.8.5, 1:1 previews are rendered, preview quality is set to high, and I´m using a sample image showing a dark cloudy sky with some fine gradients; my slideshow preset doesn´t use any borders as I read this often causes quality issues.
When I´m in the Develop module, there is no problem at all, even in fullscreen display mode on my 1920x1200 display the gradients are perfectly rendered.

In Library module, when displaying fullscreen, quality is okay, but I can see some slight difference compared to the Develop module - which I understand after reading that in Develop the output is based on the actual raw data, and in all the other modules on rendered previews.

Now, when in Slideshow module, the image quality is significantly lower than in Library and I see some quite obvious banding in the gradients. I don´t have problems with blocking artifacts but the banding/posterization is considerably worse compared to a JPEG export with a quality setting of, for example, 75.
I can´t imagine LR´s slideshow tool would be working with a lower color depth than the 8 bit as in standard JPEGs, right? Did I miss any of LR´s parameters that influence the image quality of Lightroom slideshows or of the previews used therefore? Otherwise do you have some other explanations or hints for me in order to get this fixed? We do everything to capture our images in the best possible quality so we should also be able to present them properly after all...

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Photoshop :: Photo Album

Jan 26, 2004

I am working on a picture of a photo album as you can see. I am lost now though. Can anyone give me any tips for the metal binding and rings? What do you guys think what should i change ? I dont have a picture of a photo album so I am just making it up as I along. I wanted to add little dot like things around the photos like they have in real photo albums, but i havent done it yet.

i cant figure out how to up-load pics from the site? what am I doing wrong there? I will upload a pic to picturetrail real quick, but how do I go about posting the .psd here so you can see what i am doing wrong or what not?

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