Paint.NET :: Plugin To Read DNG Files?

Jul 10, 2013

I have done a search on both DNG and RAW and both return no results.  Are there plugins available that allow to read DNG files?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Plugin Can't Read Requested Format

May 21, 2011

Recently I've started getting this error when I try to use the Organizer in version X2. Then PSP freezes. I am not being able to use the Organizer.

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Photoshop :: Plugin That Enables CS5 (64-Bit) To Read / Open ECW Files

Mar 15, 2013

I'm looking for a plugin that enables PS CS5 (64-Bit) to read/open .ECW files.The only plugin that I found (ResMap's "Adobe Photoshop ECW v2.0 Read and Write Plug-in") works only with the 32-Bit PS (confirmed this with the publisher).
Since we do not install the 32-Bit PS additionally to the 64-Bit PS in our offices there is a real need for a 64-Bit ECW-plugin.

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Paint.NET :: Plugin That Supports PSP Files?

Aug 20, 2012

I have files that are .psp but as far as I was searching so far I don't see a plug in for that type of file. Is there a plug in?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cannot Open JPEG (read Only Files)

May 20, 2012

My daughter in law who is Vietnamese took some photo's and downloaded the Jpeg files onto my pen drive.

When I transferred these files to my hard in the UK, I found that the photo's would not open. Looking at the properties, it showed every Jpeg photo was in in "Read only format" and contained 0 bytes. The hole folder contained 544 M bytes of photo's. I then deleted the shaded out part of the "Read only" file and pressed OK, but this did not allow the file to be read.

I then tried to open the photo's in Paint Shop X4 and this was a success.

A few days later I tried to re access the Jpeg photo's and again, but I cannot open the Jpeg files with or without X4. (working with Widows Home Premium)

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Paint.NET :: Plugin Folders Under User Profile Instead Of Program Files

Oct 29, 2011

I'd like it if's plugin folders were under the user profile, inside AppData.

Currently, the default method of trying new plugins is a bit of a pain, since every time you copy or delete the plugins, you have to go throug UAC.

Personally, I have made a symlink from under's folder to my profile, but this only works on single-user machines. Additionally, every time I update, I have to remake the symlink because the updater replaces it with a normal folder.

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Paint.NET :: Plugin To Export Files As PDF / Make Section Of Picture Transparent

Mar 6, 2011

1. Is there a plugin available to export files as pdf?

2. How to make a section of a pic transparent. I've spent a couple of hours on this now, and I've searched the documentation section, and I've searched the forums. Most specifically, how do I set a transparent color for a gif? But how do I make an AREA of ANY file transparent? One thing I tried to do was use the "Wet Floor Reflection" plugin, and it requires a transparent area below the existing image. I couldn't do that, either.

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After Effects :: Load DPXPLUS Plugin - Read 12 Bit DPX File

Nov 11, 2013

how do I load the DPXPLUS plugin into ae? I have both ae6 and ae CC. I need to read 12 bit dpx file

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AutoCAD .NET :: Read Excel Files Through Script Files / Declare Variables

Oct 1, 2013

1. Is it possible to read excel files through script files.
2. Can I declare variables in script files.

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Lightroom :: The Following Files Were Not Imported Because The Files Could Not Be Read (254)

Dec 18, 2012

This message comes up when I try to import to light room.  A box comes up that says "Import Results" then the error message shows with a group of file numbers that wouldn't import. 

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Paint.NET :: Read PDN In C# Program

Mar 13, 2011

I try to read PDN file in my C# 4.0 program (coded with Visual Studio 2010 Express).

I have added references to :
- PaintDotNet.Base
- PaintDotNet.Core
- PaintDotNet.Data

For the beginning I try something simple :
string uri = @"..\forest.pdn";
string nom = "";
FileStream fs = new FileStream(uri, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
Document doc = document.FromStream(fs);
for (int i = 0; i < doc.Layers.Count; i++)
Layer current = (Layer)doc.Layers[i];
if (nom != "") nom += ", ";
nom += current.Name;
lblLayers.Content = nom;

But, when the program try to open a stream with "Document doc = document.FromStream(fs);" I have the following error :

Unable to load DLL 'Native.x86\PaintDotNet.Native.x86.dll': The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

The Dll exists in my computer. I have tried to do what is indicated here, but without success.

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Paint.NET :: How To Use A Plugin

Jan 27, 2011

I have downloaded and extracted dpy's pack in order to use the perspective tool to correct converging verticals. When I click on Effects > Distort there is a 20+ list but none for perspective. I am a Newbie and have successfully downloaded and used Madjic's pack to create a grid. What have I done or not done?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Can't Read Nikon P500

Nov 10, 2011

Why Paint Shop Pro x4 will NOT read jpg files directly from the Camera?? The directory tree will show the camera/the SD card/the directories for the pictures ... but No jpg pictures.

I can read and copy them directly from windows and Paint Shop will recognize and read the copied files. Not a big issue, just a nuisance. It would be nice to pick the pictures I want, directly from the camera.

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Paint.NET :: How To Add WebP Read / Write Support

Mar 11, 2011

is it possible to add WebP read/write support? [URL]....

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Paint.NET :: Is There A Breakdown Plugin

Sep 21, 2011

Is there a plugin that can take an image and kind of break it down if you will? Like when you see a "Dirty" font, it's like a regular font that has cracks and holes in it that gives it a broken down, grungy type of feel, is there a plugin or an effect for that, or even just a simple way of doing it?

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Paint.NET :: DDS File Plugin?

Feb 5, 2009

I am currently texturing for a game called Morrowind, for my own personal use, but i noticed some of the texture which i need to acess are saved in a file called .DDS and I saw one plugin for it but I couldnt figure out how to install it.

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Paint.NET :: Where To Get Splatter Plugin

Mar 11, 2012

where I can get the Splatter Plugin? I went to Pyrochild's thread, but it said I didnt have a spreadsheet thing when I clicked download.

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Paint.NET :: Looking For Filter Plugin

Jul 18, 2011

OK, my friend has an iPhone and he has a photo program that let's you select a color (such as red) and take a photo. When it comes out, everything that is normally red will be red, but anything else will be gray (b&w)

Is there a plugin that will allow you to do a post-processing to a photo like this?

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Photoshop :: Won't Read RAW Files

Dec 16, 2012

What do I need to do to open my RAW files from my Canon 5DMk3 into PS CS6? 

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Illustrator :: Can CS6 Read CS4 Files

Oct 9, 2013

i want to purchase the CS6 illustration. my question is, "will the CS6 be able to read CS4 files?"

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Lightroom :: Can't Read Files

Jan 16, 2014

I am having problems all of a sudden importing my RAW files into Lightroom.  I have been doing nothing different and have been using the same equipment.It just says that it can't read the files. 

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Lightroom :: 3 Will Not Read Raw Files

Oct 21, 2012

I just bought the new D600 from Nikon. Great camera. Only problem is that my Lightroom 3 will not read the raw files?

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Lightroom :: Does 5.2 Read ORF Files

Oct 18, 2013

I just bought the Olympus pen 5 camera and my current version 3 won't read the raw file ( orf) i can convert using dng converter but that is a pain and added steps. IF 5.2 recognizes orf directly in lightroom?

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Lightroom :: Files Cannot Be Read

Jan 8, 2013

Recently I upgraded to Mountain Lion and now cannot upload photos into LR 4.3 unless I first upload them into my labtop that has LR 3, then export as a Cataloge .

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After Effects :: Can't Read 12 - Bit DPX Files

Feb 2, 2013

I received an image sequence from a client. I go to import these DPX files into AE CS6/Mac and I get an error that AE can't read 12-bit DPX files. (I thought DPX only came in 8 and 10 bit flavors)
Is there a 3rd party plug-in that can read 12-bit DPX?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Read From Source Installation Database

Dec 6, 2011

I have just purchased PaintShopPro X4 Ultimate on disk and have repeatedly a version of an installation error:

Error 1901.Error attempting to read from the source installation database: C:windowsinstaller1021ae5.msi

I've done an install of the download version and then uninstalled and repeated the disk installation: this gave the same error except a different *.msi file.This is a Windows 7 home professional X64 system and I tried it on both my own logon (nominally an 'administrator') and on the 'super administrator' mode with the same problem.

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Paint Shop Pro :: An Error Has Occurred While Trying To Read From The File

Jun 17, 2012

Just upgraded from X3 to X4, software initialy worked fine, then I installed the KPT add in and now I get the following error message when attempting to view any pictures...An error has occureed while trying to read from the file.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Error Has Occurred While Trying To Read From File

Sep 29, 2011

I have installed my PSP X4 and from what i see it looks great, faster loading, but every time i click on a jpg i get the error message "an error has occurred while trying to read from the file"..i have looked in preferences and found nothing, i have reset it, and also tried ctr F8, but still cant get my jpgs to show to use them,

i have used PSP since about v5 and never had a problem like this before

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Paint Shop Pro :: NeatImage Plugin In X6 Does Not Appear

Oct 5, 2013

I try to install my NeatImage v6.1 Pro+ Plugin (32 bits version, the only available) on my Corel PSP X6 ultimate (64 bits), as I previously used an old Photoshop version.

So I have placed the "Neatimage.8BF" file into the C:program Files(x86)CorelCorel PaintShop Pro X6PlugInsFRNeatimage directory, but when I start X6 64 bits, the Neatimage plugin does not appear in the "plugins / external Modules" menu list.

Of course the "Perfectly Clear" plugin, provided with X6, that is located in the "C:program Files(x86)CorelCorel PaintShop Pro X6PlugInsFRPerfectlyClearforPSP" directory appears and is operationnel.

BUT I see the Neatimage plugins in the 32 bits version of PSP X6, so maybe the plugin is not installed in the apropriate directory ?

How I could get Neatimage working with X6-64 ? (I run W7 Pro-64bits).

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Paint Shop Pro :: Add Plugin To Toolbar

Nov 25, 2013

I use a couple plugins fairly frequently in the Edit window and it's tiresome to have to navigate 4-levels deep into a menu each time I want to access them. Can a link/button to plugins be added to a toolbar? Is there another quick way to access plugins?

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Paint.NET :: Plugin For Tiles DRAWING?

May 18, 2011

I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to DRAW tiles. Not to generate tiles from an existing picture. This rules out plugins like those : [URL]

Such plugins usually work this way: When you draw, what you're drawing is automatically repeated X pixels away and Y pixels away from your cursor (you're drawing in several places at the same time, like you had several mice moving exactly the same way).

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