CorelDRAW X5 :: Making High Quality Screenshots

Jan 23, 2012

I have some labels created in an outdated Bar-One software program on an old computer and the only way I can move them to a new software is to make a screenshot of the labels and then import that bitmap image into Corel. My question is what is the best way to make the highest quality screenshot on any computer?  

P.S. Is it possible to photograph a computer screen and get a good high resolution image (as an alternative to screenshots)?

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Photoshop :: Making High Quality Illustrations

Sep 25, 2005

I have been working wiht adobe PS CS2 and was wondering if you guys here could help me with this. I see t-shirt designs and general illustrations that have this really high quality look ot them and I cant sem to find a tutorial on how to make images like this.

If you could give me even a general idea of what they are doing to make the letters look so shiny and the picture so perfect and smooth I would appreciate it.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Import High Quality Photos / File Quality Is Too High

Jun 8, 2013

I am trying to import photos from my computer to Photoshop elements 11.  It has imported most but wont import some as "file quality is too high".  How do I get around this?  Do I have to downgrade the quality of my photos? To do editing wouldn't you want the best quality photos to start off with?

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Photoshop :: Screenshots Pasted In CS5 Always Become Blurry / Low Quality?

Nov 17, 2013

whatever screenshots I paste into Photoshop all becomes blurry, or "low quality" if you will.  I tried pasting the same image in Paint or Illustrator, they remain sharp and fine as they.  

I'm running PS CS5 x64 on Win 7 x64

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Exporting Files As High Quality JPG For Large Scale Printing?

Apr 17, 2012

exporting my CorelDrawX6 files as a high quality jpg for large scale printing purposes.  In X4 it was very easy - just export as usual to the highest quality cmyk jpg and open in Photo Paint... now when I export this way it takes forever to bring up the preview page and most of the time it ends up being blank.  Sometimes even crashes.  I have played with all options in the filter dialog menu that I can find but nothing works.  Thought it might be a file size problem but never had that problem in X4 and anything under 200dpi will not be high enough quality.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Bitmap Tracing High Quality Image So No Lines Between Colors?

Apr 23, 2013

I am trying to do a bitmap trace of an image.  The resulting vector is OK, except that, between every shape of a single color, there is a line, and that line is made a color, either transparent, or a specified color - and thickness.

The preview creates a desired result, but the end product is the problem.  When I click on the vector, I can change the color of the lines between the colors in the vector, and in the dockers, I can change the thickness to "none" but a line still exists between the shapes.  The previews are just fine, what can I do to make this guy not look like a puzzle?  Its as if the shapes in the vector do not touch each other.  The previews show no lines between the shapes/colors, except in the final output.

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Photoshop :: Making Screenshots?

Apr 11, 2003

Is it possible? Couldn't find it with a quick run-through of the menus. And no results were returned after searching for "screenshot" in the help. Not feeling to good about the possibility right now.

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GIMP :: How To Maintain High Quality (original Quality) Of Image After Resizing It

Jun 23, 2012

My problem is related with the quality of a image.

My question is how to maintain high quality (original quality) of a image after resizing it?

If i resize it with same ratio like:

2816x2112px to 1600x1200px (4:3)
2816x1584px to 1920x1080px (16:9)

Mainly i use scale image option in Gimp. But now i need to resize many images for my work so i tried David's Batch Processor to resize my images. After using it, i found there is some quality promble with the resized image.

Then i tried, the scale option with, use quality setting from original image and JPEG quality parameter is 95, in gimp but the problem is same. I did it with also with David's batch processor- JPEG quality parameter is 95.

Other thing is that, the original image 2816x2112px (4:3), size- 3.6 MB is displaying in image viewer with 47% and the resized image 1600x1200px (4:3). size- 1.2 MB is displaying in image viewer with 83%, So my questions are: How can i check the quality of a image after resizing it, means the image is exactly same as the original? Or Is David's Batch Processor maintain the original quality of the images after resizing?. I realy need to resize many images for my work.

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Photoshop :: Turning A Low Quality Picture Into High Quality?

Nov 30, 2008

I'm pretty new to photoshop, and I've started on a personal project. I want to basically take a video still from a music video and turn it into a poster. Sadly i can not find a good quality version of the video as it is older and not super famous, (kyuss-one inch man). So i found an online video that is better then youtube but not great, and i captured it through the vista snipping tool (screen capture).

Basically I want to take this low quality picture, and turn it into a good quality poster (not huge). What techniques and things must I do? I'll probably have to find a printer near here and require a specific dpi as well.

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Photoshop :: CS5 - Making Screenshots Of Menus And Tools

Mar 8, 2012

I want to make screenshots of the menus and tools. What program or technique should I use for screenshots? What should have optimal resolution? How did the highest quality print? ¿File extension? In the press I have demanded the highest quality
Using Windows XP, Photoshop CS5.

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Photoshop :: Making Screenshots From Normal Display Look Acceptably Sharp On Retina Display

Jan 28, 2013

I am currently writing a book that will initially be sold as a PDF but may later go on the i Book store, however I don't have a Retina display myself and what is the best practice for making screenshots from a normal display look acceptably sharp on a Retina display?
I have Photoshop along with the iOS simulator that shows how the iPad or iPhone will look if they can be used in some way but I mainly need to get menu items and dialogue boxes from various applications in OS X and Windows looking good on Retina screens. I really don't want to pay out for a Retina display purely for this task that would only take a few hours of work at most.

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Photoshop :: GIF High Quality

Oct 29, 2007

how they are getting this high of quality out of a GIF? I thought GIF was limited to 256 colors? The gradients and shadowing look great for this file type, and it is 125KB.

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Photoshop :: Printing High Quality

Jun 6, 2007

I'm trying to prepare an advertising piece and I'm trying to print out a mockup from my HP color laser jet. My question is, how can I get the printout to appear as it does on the computer screen, whenever I print it out now the resolution is really low and fuzzy. I want it (it least the text and other computer generated material like boxes, e.g. anything but pictures) to appear very sharp.

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Photoshop :: High Quality Transparent GIF

Jun 27, 2007

I have an image with a transparent background and I want to save it as a GIF. Currently

I do it as a PNG and it looks great, but older browsers don't support transparent PNG so

I am tyring to make it a GIF. I know you should "save for web" and then select GIF but what are the best settings for this?

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Photoshop :: High Quality Prints

Mar 18, 2004

I need to make some high quality prints from photoshop files. what is the best way to do this. I have tried the best quality my printer will do on high grade photo paper, but it's just an ink jet, so the quality still isn't as good as I need it to be. I have seen prints that look like crystal clear photos,

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Photoshop :: High Quality Warp In CS2

Dec 30, 2008

Under Help>

Adobe Photoshop Help>

Help Topics>

Transforming & Retouching>

Transforming Objects>

To warp an item>

#4 says "(Optional) To apply the warp using a more detailed algorithm, select High Quality in the options bar."

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Photoshop :: Producing High Quality Pic

Sep 13, 2007

I have a friend and she produces some really nice high quality pics. I was wondering if anyone can (maybe) show a way on how she did this. I've been trying to figure it out and getting close, but it also might be her camera as well.

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Photoshop :: High Quality .Gif Animations?

Jul 13, 2005

expierence with PS, but am having a hard time making an animation sig. file, that is high quality. First is it simpy impossible? Below is an example of what it looks like in .gif form. It looks amazing under the original tab, but when I save it or go to the optomize tab its looks retarded. I'm adding a high-rez cut out of a character from a game I play. The only animation I want the high-rez cut out to do is fade out. When I add the cut-out to the animation, it screws all the other images as well, includeing simple lightnigh bolts drawn in. I'll post two examples, one with out the character in, and one with it in. Pay attention to how even things that were fine before, get messed up. Do I need to make my cut-outs a .gif file before even putting them in, does that matter? I'm using Adobe ImageReady 7.0. My optomized settings are: Gif, Selective, 256Colors, No Dither, everything else off or 0. Do I have to save it optomized, file size isnt a big deal.


(Added .2 delay so its easier to see , lightningbad.gif is with the cut out/bad quality, lightninggood.gif is without cut out/good quality)

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AutoCad :: 2D To 3D High Quality Drawing - How To Do

Dec 20, 2012

'm working on a private project to design a melee weapon for my Fanfiction. (which just hit 35K words)

I have the design here Astral Axe V-002.dwg and the color scheme here: Astral Axe V-001 Model (1).jpg

Its called the Astral Axe. What is the best way to make this into a high quality 3D drawing? What is the best approach to this? And is there a way to render it and edit the final rendering with Photoshop when completed into 3D? Should I use GoogleSketchup? (Is there a way to transfer the 2D and extrude the 3D)?

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Illustrator :: Convert AI To PDF In High Quality

Jun 2, 2012

I'd like to convert my to file.pdf in high quality. It is for a professional printer.(I have the CS5.5 complet with  Adobe Acrobat Xpro and Illustrator.) I choose the parameter  "high quality" and I save my file to pdf.
So I obtain my pdf with a beautiful image but a bad quality for one part of my text.

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Photoshop :: How To Create High-quality PDFs

Nov 8, 2013

I use PhotoShop 7.0 and PageMaker 7.0 to do graphics (I'm old). 
I need to buy software that will create high-quality pdfs from my PageMaker files.

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Photoshop :: High Quality Print Of A Web Page

Aug 15, 2013

A website has done a feature article on our company and I would LOVE to print out a copy of this page. Using the standard browser print options makes the page a total mess.. I've downloaded the "Awesome Screenshot" plug in for chrome and got a decent print of it but it's still not ultra high quality.

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Photoshop :: High Quality Animation Playback

Aug 30, 2012

In Photoshop CS6 Extended, the timeline is playing back my animation at a low resolution.  How do I change it so it plays back at normal quality, like all the previous versions of Photoshop?

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VideoStudio :: Cannot Save Any High Quality Videos

Dec 8, 2010

I cannot save any high quality videos I edit in Corel VideoStudio Pro, and I don´t know why. I have this program for about three months and there were never any problems. However now, when I want to save the final product and choose the usual WMV HD 720 option (or any other high quality option), the video saves in the lowest quality possible! I don´t know what might have caused this. Does it mean I have to re-install the whole program?

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Photoshop :: How Do I Create A High Quality Image...

Aug 3, 2009

I am creating an invitation in Illustrator which I then place into photshop to create a JPEG. I want to create a high quality JPEG version of it but with a low file size because I am emailing the invitation. Am I correct in placing the image into photshop or should I export it from Illustrator.The image is built of of vectors and one JPEG but they are not high in quality.

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Photoshop :: Getting Stills From Dvd Into High Quality Images

Jan 1, 2009

I work in PS CS2, and I would like to know some basic techniques for "cleaning" this jpegs as being extracted from a dvd often look quite fuzzy, so that they look quality enough to print on a larger scale! edit: oh yeah and can someone also redirect to a good tool for capturing stills? I used vlc player so far, but it only gives out png's...probably not the best format.

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Revit :: Get Fine High Quality Render?

Jun 20, 2013

how can i get a fine high quality render?...a realistic render like with lumion

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AutoCad 2D :: High Quality 2D Colored Drawing?

Jun 14, 2012


i have been trying to get this colored CAD drawing in high quality and more presantable. First, i created this shape and i applied gradient and i used the maximum capacity of gradient which i knew.

Is there any better way that i could do it in 2012 CAD get a better quality drawing in more details or should i use another software?

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Paint.NET :: Resizing High Quality Pictures?

Sep 16, 2012

Im getting married and took some pictures with my fiance so we can create a save the date to send out. Her brother was the photographer who has a very expensive and high quality camera. Took those pictures and opened them in these pictures open up to be about 75 by 45. I might be trying to do the impossible but im trying to get it down to be able to fit on a 4x6 picture but everytime and way i try it always seem to pixelate it.

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Illustrator :: Exporting Images As PNG - High Quality

Nov 15, 2012

I will make an application for windows 8. So in the application, i will use traffic signs. However i need to seperate the icons one by one and save all of the icons one by one as "png" so how can i do this? you can download "AI" file by this link:[URL]

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InDesign :: High Quality Interactive Animated PDF?

Mar 9, 2014

I want to generate an interactive, animated PDF, but the .swf-files i placed to my indesign-file are totally blurry and, as they contain text, unreadable.
What I did is:

- Design my interactive stuff (animated timeline) in InDesign (both CS6 and CC)

- select all the animated elements, export them as .swf.

- place the new file in another InDesign-Document and export it as an interactive PDF-file.
The animated elements DO WORK but are totally blurry and pixelated... No settings in both export-dialogues seem to work.

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