Revit :: Image Attachments - Reference Civil Site Plan Drawing

Aug 19, 2011

I'm having an issue with JPG attachments.  In this case, we are attaching a reference civil site plan drawing.  The image correctly appears in the sheet, and even in the "preview" window while exporting to DWF.  However, the DWF file does not show the image.  Is this a hidden export setting or a view setting in Design Review?

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Revit :: Importing Site Plan

Mar 16, 2011

How to import an engineer's site plan w/ contours so that it displays correctly (i.e., scale, topography, etc.), then use it in elevations, 3d perspective, section?

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Revit :: Calculation Landscape Areas In A Site Plan?

Apr 24, 2012

How can I calculate the landscape areas in a site plan?
Can I make a schedule to show the landscaping verse asphalt percentage?

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Revit :: Bringing Back Site Plan View?

Oct 26, 2013

bring back my site plan view!, and the ability to use shadow and realistic material!because when  did another site view i am unable to use shadow and realistic view!

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Revit :: Default Site Plan Missing From Project Browser?

Jan 11, 2013

I was working on a project adding topography and trees when revit crashed.  I saved a recovery file which i then opened and saved over the old file.  what I hadn't noticed was the the defaut site view in the project browser had gone missing. how to recover this view / plan which shows the topography, origin point and survey points etc?

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AutoCad :: Calculate Volume From Site Plan Drawing

Jun 10, 2013

I'm trying to work out a way to calculate the fill volume difference for a proposed landscaping plan (images attached) and how to model and calculate the amount of fill required to do the job.


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Revit :: How To Show Site Plan That One Line Represent Building Contour

May 16, 2012

by default revit shows roof plan in the Site plan view. 

Is it possible to show site plan that one line would  represent building contour? Also is it possible to cast shadows of all the building if the first floor is selected? 

i was trying to make site plan from the fist floor, but since i gave intense topography ground is being cut and i need full topography. i am using 2013 revit.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Create Grading Plan For Solar PV Site Or Golf Course?

Feb 28, 2013

how to use Civil 3D to create a grading plan for a solar PV site or a golf course?

Here is the situation.  We have a large 100 acre site that is not flat.  We want to do minimal grading to "smooth out the surface".  So that maximum slope on the site is 10%.  The site does not have to be graded completely flat.  We are trying to work with the existing contours and terrain as much as possible.

Is there some functiion or some way for Civil 3D to "smooth out a surface"?  We want to work with the existing slopes and contours of the site and just need a grading plan that will smooth out mounds, holes, or high slope areas.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Reference Surface (x) Not Found In Reference Drawing

Jul 28, 2011

I am getting this error in my production drawings.

My setup is as follows:

- EG.dwg has my existing surface in it. I create a data reference to use it in other drawings.

- Level One.dwg has the EG surface data referenced in, and I use this to create alignments, profiles, and finish surface. All of these are turned in to data references.

- Storm Sanitary.dwg has my pipe designs. I data reference in the two surfaces, profiles, and alignments, and create pipe networks. I create references for these networks.

- Plan Profile.dwg is the production sheet I'm getting this error from. Every one of my civil objects is data referenced in to this drawing. Everything is inserted correctly, the pipes show correct FG surface elevations for their rims, etc.

BUT when I open this drawing, I get this error. I assume it's because my FG surface is not directly in the storm sanitary.dwg.

How do I get rid of this error, without combining drawings, or promoting the surface to one or more drawings? Isn't this exactly what data references is made for?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Reference Profile PVIs In Plan View?

Jun 18, 2012

i have some simple profiles and just want to show the pvi's in plan view on the alignment.

i made a reference label and it works great. now i am trying to figure out if there is a quick way to locate the pvi station on plan view other than doing something like create a point using sta. and offset as parameters hand typing in the info.

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Revit :: Create Titleblock Family That Has Image Or DWG Of Site?

May 21, 2012

I'm trying to create a titleblock family that has an image or dwg of my site. The easy way to do this is save a new family and import a cad file or jpg of the site plan.
However, I'd like to avoid creating a new titleblock family for each project with a new imported site image.
I thought I would be able to just make the image's "Loaded from file" address an editable field that could be updated in the project info like all the other parameters, but it doesn't seem to be possible.

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Revit :: Place AutoCad 3D Drawing Of Appliance Into Floor Plan

Jul 21, 2011

I am relatively new to Revit. How I can place an Autocad drawing into Revit. Specifically I want to place a manufacturers AutoCad 3D drawing of an appliance (refridgerator) into my Revit floor plan.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Drawing Land On Site When Xref Or Insert As Block

Jun 24, 2013

I'm using C3D 2013.  I received a survey drawing (unknown version) from a third party.  I tried both xref'ing and inserting as block into my drawing and it was over 7,100' SW from my site.  BUT when I copy from 0,0,0 in his drawing and paste 0,0,0 in my drawing, it lands on my site.  If I xref my drawing into his drawing, it lands on his survey information.  Why doesn't his drawing land on my site when I xref or insert as block?

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AutoCad :: How To Draw A Site Plan

Sep 4, 2012

I've never used AutoCAD before but I'm trying to make a site plan. I attached a picture of the property I'm trying to make a site plan of. Basically, it's a building that 59' by 92' that has a fenced in yard that is roughly a rectangle. I'd like to fit the site plan on regular 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. I know how to draw lines but don't know how to make them the right lengths. It doesn't need to be perfect with angles but I'd like to make it look nice with like a border and titles and such. I've been trying to read up on how to do it but I just get overwhelmed.

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AutoCad :: How To Overlay Topo / Site Plan

Jan 23, 2014

I have (2) separate AutoCAD files; (1) topo, which is at 1"=40'-0" scale, and (1) master site plan from the arch, which is at 1"=30'-0" scale; how do i 'merge' the (2) files and adjust the scales so they match?

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AutoCad :: How To Indicate Roof Design On Site Plan

Oct 29, 2013

planning consultant has asked me to show the roof pitches on a site plan.

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AutoCad :: Draw A Site Plan In 2010?

Feb 8, 2011

how to go about drawing up a site plan

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AutoCad :: Moving Site Plan To World Coordinates?

Mar 25, 2013

I have been sent a 2D site plan that is not to World Coordinates. How do I move this plan to the correct World Coordinates?

Using AutoCAD 2011

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AutoCad :: Displaying Site Plan On IPad / IPhone

Oct 28, 2013

Regarding the use of the 360 mobile app:

I am a site planner/landscape architect in need of displaying autocad site plans on my ipad / iphone. This is possible through 360, but the limit on file size and xrefs is not allowing me to get all of my info viewable. Also, I am in need of inserting aerial imagery so that I may be able to track my location on site via GPS.

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AutoCad :: Site Plan For House - Getting Unknown Scale

Apr 1, 2013

I received a site plan for my house in an unknown scale. It is in 1'=100' scale printed on 24x36, but for some reason I cannot work with it in AutoCAD 2009. I'm trying to place my 1'=30' scale house on the site plan, but the house is ending up gigantic and not to scale. TutorCAD.dwg

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AutoCad :: Import TXT File With DWG Site Plan To Generate Contours?

Feb 21, 2012

a civil engineer sent us a .dwg file for a site survey. However, the .dwg contours are just showing up as a series of overlapping rectangles. He attached two .txt files, one for elevation point locations, the other for tree locations. Both give coordinates... i.e. :452,2718.7202,2509.7896,569.4979,GL etc. I know that the .txt file is giving locations, but I do not know how to generate plines etc. from the given coordinates in the .txt file. I downloaded ascponit.lsp, but i'm not sure if this is meant for this...

I'm using AutoCAD 2008.

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AutoCad :: Change Google Map Elevations For Proposed Site Plan To Build Off

Feb 9, 2012

I have a finished 2D autocad drawing but I want to use the proposed elevations and change the ones in the google maps import.Does Civil 3D have it built in?

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Revit :: Reflecting Ceiling Plan In Plan View?

May 30, 2012

I am working in a project where I need to represent the reflecting ceiling edges in the plan view. I  put the first floor plan as underlay, and selected the RCP projection but I don't see the dropped ceiling lines to select them with the linework command. I have done every thing possible with the view range but I don't see the lines.

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AutoCAD LT :: How To Edit Drawing Or Re-reference Image Path

May 19, 2012

I have a series of drawings created in AutoCad Electricla 2012.

Each drawing has a raster image attached with a path from a different computer.

When I try to edit the drawing or re-reference the iamge path, the program crashes.

I've tried saving the drawings down to an earlier version 2007/2010.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Drawing X Y Shifted When Attached As Reference?

Nov 6, 2012

I have a drawing when attached into another drawing, the coordinates have an exact 500,000 shift in the X value and an exact 200,000 shift in the Y value.  Directely in the drawing, the coords are correct.  They just won't attach correctly.

I can tell that this drawing was not created with the dwt we use (it is missing certain styles) - I wonder if the dwt could be to blame.

Also, I have been trying to figure the Map functions out with no guidance, I wonder if I somehow changed the attach settings to cause the shift.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012
Windows 7
64 bit
Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30 GHz
8.00 GB

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Create Sheet Drawing That Has Two Plan Or Profile Views On Same Layout?

May 27, 2013

I would like to create a sheet drawing that has two plan views or two profile views on the same layout?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Unable To Reference Vaulted File In Drawing

Oct 15, 2012

We are using Autocad Civil 3D 2010 and are also using the 2010 Vault.

We are having problems with one project in Civil 3D (project in Vault). We are trying to create a surface reference and are getting the error: "Drawing is already attached to project X."

Note: This drawing is not vaulted, only the cross section surface that has the final grade surface in it is vaulted.

When we test the same process with a new document we are able to reference the surface fine and the command shows: _AeccCreateSurfaceReference which works properly.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Change Data Reference Path In Current Drawing

Jul 12, 2012

i have this drawing which i created data reference to the wrong project in the wrong coordinate system and worked off that. then now i am trying to correct it. so i copied the dtm and did coordinate transformation and got that right. now the model drawing is still linked to the original dtm from the other project folder.

if i remember right back in 2007 version there was a completely built in shortcut editor which allows you to change the path in current drawing. now it's all greyed out. there is no access. so is there a way to bypass this? probably pretty common thing to do. say you want to try different version of the same object to try your design just swap it back and forth.

They should make a right click button on the data shorts in current drawing and says "browse data reference" not show up when only broken reference occurs.

one way i can think off now is copy the files to local. disable network drive, then let it broken reference show up then browse to desktop one then delete desktop one and hopefully it get the broken reference again and not look for the very original one. i think it's probably gonna do that, there is some "hidden" thing stored in the object to point to the original path which not available to users.

Civil 3D 2012
Work: Xeon W3503, 12GB, Quadro 2000, Dell P2211H x 2
Home: 3930k, 12GB, GTX 590, U3011, QX2710

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Structure Reference Alignment Not Holding In Data Reference

Nov 28, 2012

I have structures and alignments data referenced.  If I assign the structures ref alignments in the dwg with the data refs for labeling, the next time I open the dwg the ref alignments are set back to none, causing the labels to be ?

It seems like this worked in the past?

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Revit :: Massing And Site Tab Missing?

Jun 30, 2013

i just started working with Revit Architecture 2013 and im doing this tutorial for a basig design but at one point it says go to Massing & Site tab in the ribbon, and it's just not there?

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Revit :: Imported Site Not Appearing In Elevations?

Oct 21, 2013

Background: infrequent user who is in AutoCAD withdrawal but forcing himself to move to Revit.
I've just started a new project.  I've imported a survey done in AutoCAD and converted it to a Topo surface.
The surface appears in two of the Elevations (East and North), but not the other two.  I have two empty views. I've turned off Crop View.  When I did this and a Z A, I was able to find the East and North elevations and move the views over to them.  However, I can't find the elevations in the other views.

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