Photoshop :: Import The Contents Of An Image File Into An Already Open File?

Jan 27, 2006

How can I import the contents of an image file into an already open file? I want to import the WHOLE image, not just a cropped version.

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AutoCAD LT :: Preview Image Differs From Contents In Open File

Aug 13, 2013

See attached file.

The preview file shows the correct contents of this file but once opened it seems that the file contents is from an earlier saved version?

Is there any way to recover the file that is shown in the preview file dialog box?

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Photoshop Elements :: Unable To Import / Open EPS File In 12?

Nov 12, 2013

I have installed the trial version of Elements 12 as we are looking at purchase for a client who needs a simple and inexpensive program to look at EPS files and save them as JPGs. Elements 12 says that an EPS file can be 'imported' as a supported file type, however when I click on File -> Import, it comes up with WIA Support, then when I click on that and select the EPS file, it says "No WIA compatible devices were detected. Check that your device is plugged in to the computer and the power is turned on".
I have seen an article on how to import into Elements 11, but the options are not available in 12 (probably due to the fact that 12 is supposed to natively import the format). As I understand the trial is a fully-functioning package with no options turned off until purchase.

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Mudbox :: How To Open New File Or Import OBJ Or FBX

Jan 8, 2012

I have the student version of Mudbox 2012 - 64-bit installed on a Windows 7 platform. Long story short, Mudbox crashes whenever I try to open a new file, or even import an OBJ or FBX.

The screen blacks out and when it turns back on, I get a notification saying "Display Driver AMD successfully recovered from an error".. and the Mudbox window remains black. What's more, when this happens, Maya crashes too!

Some more system specs: (more in attachment)
Windows 7 - 64-bit
AMD ATi Radeon HD5870 with CrossFireX (tried disabling Crossfire, but problem persists)

Does it might be an issue with my graphics card driver? I don't want to upgrade the driver unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary. I'd be glad to even toss out 2012 and get back to 2011 if that's stable..

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AutoCad :: How To Open / Import CF2 File

May 31, 2012

How to open or import a cf2 file in autocad 07 ?

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Photoshop :: CS4 Extended Crashes Constantly When Open / Import 3D Model / File

May 30, 2012

My adobe Photoshop CS4 extended crashes constantly when I open/import a 3d model/file.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Unable To Open File Explorer Windows / When Select Open / Save From File Menu

Mar 1, 2011

I have autocad civil 3d 2008 in my pc. From last 2 days I got a different problem i.e. when I am selecting open / save command from File menu graphical file select explorer is not opening just message in the command window . Previously I used to select files using graphical file explorer.

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Photoshop :: How To Open An Image File

Oct 9, 2005

I've got Photoshop but I don't know how to use it, and I love to see all the graphics people create and want to see if I can produce anything myself...I basically know how to open an image file, that's it

So what is the best way to learn Photoshop? Is there a book(s), a Bible, that everyone uses, or some other method?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: All File Contents Are Lost

Sep 30, 2013

I am using autocad 2013 and I face a serious problem

when I was working in file sudden it hang and say automation error  file is busy

after close file and reopen again I found nothing in file

and size of file become small 

and backup file have nothing also

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Premiere Pro :: Can't Open Sequences Or Import Clips - File Format Not Supported

Dec 17, 2013

We have an iMac workstation here running Premiere that will not open projects or import clips.  Here's the sequence of events that led to this:
1.  Premiere was locking up on the splash screen whenever it got to "ImporterQuicktime.bundle".  I tried trashing preferences and launching with plug-ins disabled and received the same freeze.  Based on forum recommendations I removed "ImporterQuicktime.bundle" and "ExporterQuickTimeHost.bundle" from the plug-ins folder inside the package.  The software launched fine - but none of the Quicktime files in the project were working.  So I then took copies of the above 2 files from the iMac next to this one, with the exact same configuration, and pasted them into the plug-ins folder.  Since then - launching the software has generated the below errors.
2.  Attempting to open any project gives a long error that starts as:  The preset used by one or more sequences in this project requires third-party components that could not be located.
3.  Starting a new project and attempting to drag any Quicktime ProRes media into the project gives the error:  File Format not supported.
I have trashed the preferences, re-installed the Pro Apps Quicktime Codecs, de-authorized the computer and re-authorized it, and upgraded Adobe Premiere from 7.0 to 7.2.  None of which fixed the issue.
I'm thinking about trying a complete re-install of Premiere next. 

Here's the details:

Premiere Pro CC 7.2
Mac OS 10.8.5
iMac late 2012 model, 32Gb RAM, 2Gb video card

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Photoshop :: Cannot Open File Or Create Image In CS5 (12.0.4 X64)

Sep 26, 2013

Photoshop starts as normal. When I do File>Open or File>New nothing happens. [URL]

I've uninstalled, deleted all AppData and ProgramFiles folders, installed, updated. Still no luck. Version 12.0.4 x64.I've removed all printers.I've done the preferences reset trick by holding down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT when launching Photoshop.I've done the super weird ESC and CTRL+SHIFT+S described in the last link above (sounds like nonsense!). Photoshop was working fine on this same computer earlier, but one day decided to stop working.Can't even access the Adobe Chat support for CS5 even though I paid them a lot for this currently 100% useless software.
I'm running Windows 7 X64, fully updated.Photoshop CS5 (12.0.4 x64). Freshly installed.

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Photoshop Elements :: Can't Open Image CDs From Another File

Jan 29, 2013

My Windows 7 and Photoshop Elements 10 will not open image CD's downloaded from another Photoshop file. Could open them in a previosu Windows XP and older Photoshop. Now get message: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Program default control panel."There are hundreds of asscociation  files listed. 

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Photoshop :: Open All Layers Of PSD File In Image Ready?

Aug 6, 2011

I have CS2.I have created a series of layers that I would like to animate. At this point all of these layers are in the form of a psd file within CS2. How can I open this psd file in ImageReady and have access to all of the layers.

When I try it now, I end up only seeing one layer in ImageReady.

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Photoshop Elements :: Set Image Size Open Raw File?

Aug 21, 2013

How to set image size/resolution when opening a raw file in pse 11 editor? win 7 pro; pse 11 settings: edit>preferences>print resolution = 337.596, screen resolution 109 dpi( 27 inch, dell U 2711). Originally print resoltuion was set to 240 dpi  but was changed in case this was causeing a problem. CRAW v Camera alpha 65, image size is: 6000x3376 dpi; (83.33x46.88 inch) Problem is: Currently when I edit a RAW file in CRAW and then open in pse editor image size is: 6000x3376 px; 25x14.667 inches at 240 dpi ( by ration this corresponds to:17.773x10 inch at 337.6 dpi)
I am trying to change settings so the raw file opens as: 17.776x10 and anywhere from240 to 337.6 dpi whatever works or is esiest to set.
My settings are for use in creating blue ray dvd movies and with cropping and editing printing high quality pictures for family.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Automation Error - All File Contents Are Lost

Sep 10, 2013

We are facing strange issue with all different versions of AutoCAD (2007, 2011, 2013). While users are working on the file, all of a sudden the contents (work done) are lost and it becomes all blank. The file size is same but when we open the file all the work done is not displayed, but just a blank screen.

It happens occasionally and there is some Automation Error in the command line below. The software is not hanging but the open file is in hang state and we have to close it. While closing whether we select yes/no the content (work done) is all lost. The temp location where the files are saved in one of the computer is become huge around 40GB will many Autocad autosave and temporary files; if it has anything to do with it !

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Plot Colour Display Contents Of CTB File?

May 29, 2013

I've attempted to plot the contents of a ctb file using any one of the 'export to csv' routines floating around the web however what i'd like to include (an never seem to manage) is an actual display of the colour represented by the pen (you will of course realise i am referring to a ctb file rather than stb).

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Photoshop :: Double Click Should Open Image File By Version CS2 Not CS6

Sep 7, 2013

Under Windows XP I've installed Photoshop CS2 and CS6 simultaneously, therefore two programs with the same name exist:

...Photoshop CS2photoshop.exe
...Photoshop CS6photoshop.exe
By double click I want to open a *.TIF image by Photoshop CS2 (for certain reasons). I know how to assign an execution program to a file type in Windows XP. Whatever I do –  pointing to the CS2 version – the operating system reverts always to the CS6 version. The same problem for In Design and Illustrator.

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Photoshop :: Click On JPEG File In Win XP; Image Doesn't Open

Jan 10, 2009

I have Windows XP/Pro with SP3. In File Options > File Types I have JPG set to open up in Photoshop CS4; alas, when JPG files are either in Outlook as attachments or on the desktop, nothing happens when I double click them. My workaround is to drag the file icon into CS4, and this only works from the desktop, not from Outlook.

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GIMP :: Import SVG File - Image Size 1024x1024

Mar 20, 2013

Import .svg file into gimp.. Image size 1024x1024 and smaller produces aliasing.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Contents Of Attachment Doesn't Match Its File Type

Sep 4, 2013

Trying to create a dynamic block that will multiply the number of neutral and ground blocks as it's stretched.

My power terminal strips can contain 1 to unknown number of circuit breakers, and each circuit breaker requires a neutral and a ground block.

All the similar items in a stip are grouped together, all the circuit breakers, then the neutrals than the grounds.

So depending on how many circuit breakers I have I'll  need the same number of neutrals and grounds, but grouped together.

In the attached block I added the stretch action to move the end cover and end stop of the strip down, but don't know how array/space/stretch the neutrals and grounds so they're grouped together.

The ciruict breakers aren't shown as they can be from different manufacturers and therefore different widths.

Tried attaching my block file but get this error message:

"The contents of the attachment doesn't match its file type."

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Photoshop :: Unable To Start CS6 - Couldn't Open Scratch File Because File Is Locked

May 19, 2012

When I first installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 I was unable to run Photoshop or Bridge CS6.  Photoshop would give me an error about "could not open a scratch file because the file is locked.  If I ran either of these programs as an administrator they would run without issue, this led me to believe that there was a permission issue somewhere.  After some digging I found out the both Bridge and Photoshop try to create a temp file (similiar to Photoshop Temp2777223910092) on the c: drive of the computer.  In my case the user that I was logged in with did not have access to write to the root of the C: drive.  Note that you run the program as the administrator and change the scratch disk location as that changes the preference for the administrator user and not the user that you are currently logged in as.
I first had to give the user that I was logged on with write permissions to the root of the C: drive.  Next try and run Photoshop, you will get an error another error about the scratch disk and about and invalid or missing setting file.  To correct this you need to have run Photoshop as an administrator, next you can go to Users AdminAppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings and copy Adobe Photoshop CS6 Prefs and/or Adobe Photoshop X64 CS6 Prefs to Users<your logged in username>AppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6.Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings.

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Photoshop Elements :: What Camera Raw File Is Required To Open NEF File From D5100 In PSE7

Jul 15, 2013

Everything I read says its version 6.4, but when I attempt to run the 6.4 patch I get the message that it does not apply? Has Adobe prevented PSE7 from opening .NEF files from the D5100 (without conversion) in an effort to force paid upgrades to the current PSE version?

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Photoshop :: Could Not Place Document Because No Parser Or File Format Can Open The File?

May 30, 2012

I am trying to open a video to edit within Photoshop CS6 x64. I am getting the following message:-
Could not place the document ‘IMG_1664.MOV’ because no parser or file format can open the file.
The video was shot on my iphone 4S and ive even tried converting to other formats yet Photoshop still gives the same error. I have checked through Bridge and I have no option to send to Photoshop on the right click menu. try out the new features of CS6 for video editing.
I am running a 27" iMac with 12gb RAM and 1gb of Video RAM.

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Photoshop :: Could Not Place Document / No Parser Or File Format Can Open File

Nov 19, 2012

Getting this error when trying to use downloaded ACTIONS. "Could not place the document ‘Photoshop_Actions_03_by_ReehBR.atn’ because no parser or file format can open the file."

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Photoshop :: Black Areas In Image Appear Oddly In File Open For Long Time?

Mar 5, 2012

There's probably a simple explanation, but if I have a file open for a long time in Photoshop the blacks will start to appear oversaturated/blocked up. If I close and reopen file it looks normal again.
I am using OS X Lion, Photoshop 5, Apple 30" Cinema display. My monitor is calibrated with a i1 Display by X-Rite and resets according to amibent light.

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VideoStudio :: Open Disc Image File To See What Is On It?

May 28, 2013

Is it possible to open a disc image file to see what is on it, or can it only be used for burning a DVD

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Photoshop :: Open Flat Image (with Key Combo) From Layer File Appears White / Empty

Jan 29, 2013

For printing or mailing purpose, i used to re-open big .psb layer files (2-6GB) in cs5 and cs6 with keybombo "alt" and "shift" while double clicking the document in the finder window (10.6 + 10.7.5), in order to save time.
This is not possible anymore, everytime i open a document this way its white and empty in photoshop.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Could Not Open Scratch File Because File Is Locked

Jan 21, 2013

I am able to run CS6 when I login Admin, so i change scratch file location to D:. After restarting PC, login by Admin, I can run CS6. But I still can't run CS6 when I login by other account, I think the location of scratch file is per user setting.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Could Not Open Scratch File Because File Is Locked?

Dec 17, 2012

my setup has 128gb ssd (C) which contains only my OS files with some junction points to Program Files/Program Files(x86)/ProgramData/Users which are located in my D drive which is a 1TB WD.

at first it showed when I tried to start PS for the first time after a clean install on a new computer I managed to get past it by runing PS as admin and changing the scratch disk to D.but now I noticed that when I try to copy a path from illustrator into photoshop as either a smart object or as pixels I get this error again. I haven't seen it again other then that but I just started using PS in this setup so I am yet to explore all the functions and whether they are working correctly or not.

when ran as an administrator the illustrator->PS transfer works fine but I don't want to run PS as admin all the time...

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Photoshop :: Open File Or Place File Preferences

Aug 18, 2013

When I from Photoshop CS6 chose to open a file, or "Place" the browser window open, but I have to scroll all the way down in the "Enable:" drop down menu to chose "All Documents" or "All readable Documents" each time. And then if I want chose from the "Format" menu.
This is very time consuming, and I don't find any settings to make i.e. "All Documents" as default.

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Photoshop :: New File, Open File Stopped Working

Feb 25, 2008

I have Photoshop CS3. it was working perfectly. Today both the File > New and File > Open do nothing. Dragging a photoshop file onto the program does not open it. Creating a new document brings up the dialogue but clicking ok does not create a new document. Nothing happens.

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