Photoshop :: Rendering Multiple Layers - Shadows Screwed Up

Jan 1, 2013

Why takes the rendering of only 1 layer with 3 letters (incl shadows) over 37 days on a pc with a  3770K, 16gb ddr3 1600, 550/550 SSD and GTX670 2GB....this can't be right....
and when I want to render multiple layers, will it be possible to render them at once instead of layer by layer? If I merge them somehow the shadows are screwed up....

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3ds Max :: Unwanted Shadows On Mesh When Rendering?

Jun 12, 2013

I have blocked out a character in 3ds Max. I then took it into Mudbox to sculpt and paint. Once finished I updated the charcter back in 3ds Max. When i render the character i am getting unwanted shadows (refer to image). This is happening with a lot with all my 3d geometry i am creating lately. I have tried flipping the normals. I have no lights in the scene.

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Photoshop :: Layers And Drop Shadows

Apr 27, 2006

Layer > I have a cat on grass, with a layer mask to give just the cat.
Layer > Underneath is a layer with just an orangey box on white.

I want a cat on the orangey box, with a shadow, all on a white background.

Having applied a drop shadow to the mask layer, it goes on the background which I don't want.

How do I mask it off? ................

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Photoshop :: Set Multiple Inner Shadows In Blending Options?

Apr 20, 2012

In CSS 3, I'm accustomed to being able to set multiple inset box-shadow values so that I can set four (or even more) inner shadows to a rectangular shape.  In Photoshop, I can only set one inner shadow.  I'm already using stroke for the border, and inner glow doesn't provide me the granular control I want for setting a different inner shadow color on each of the four sides of a rectangle. 

In other words, imagine a rectanglular shape with a 1px border and four 1px inner borders, each of different colors.

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After Effects :: Layers Not Casting Shadows

Jul 28, 2008

I've set up a comp with a light behind a large number of grey solids aranged in a grid. The light shines through the grid and onto a perpendicular solid ground-plane.

The thing is, the grid solids aren't casting any shadows. Now, they're in a precomp which is set as a 3D layer, but all the materials options are set correctly. All of the solids AND the precomp are set to cast shadows, and the ground-plane is set to accept shadows. The light casts shadows (and it works with other objects in the scene), but no joy on the solids grid.

Here's an image showing two views of the scene along with the corresponding overhead view to show the camera and light placement. The horizontal line in the overhead view is the solids grid. Also, Trapcode Lux is on to visualize the light cone, but it's not to blame, since there are still no shadows with it off and removed from the comp.


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Photoshop :: Multiple Selections To Multiple Layers Or Multiple Files With One Go?

May 26, 2013

how to convert multiple selections to multiple layers or multiple files with one go?

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Photoshop :: Colors Screwed Up

Jun 30, 2004

The colors in photoshop are darker then everywhere else. In paint, pictureviewer, or anywhere else it's fine, but when i open any image in photoshop it is darker then normally.

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Photoshop :: Color All Screwed Up, Ps7, OsX

Nov 29, 2004

I found the "nightmare" post with replies and was hopeful that I'd found a solution. I tried the calibration thing but it didn't work for me.

I'm having a similar problem. One day color was working fine and the next all the colors are off. Don't know what I did to cause this. I had recently installed acrobat standard v5.5. The color window has the color rainbow but it doesn't have the smooth transistions. It's choppy and harsh in appearance.

I deleted the preferences. [command][option][shift] at application launch.

I reinstalled photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Eyedropper Tool Screwed?

Dec 31, 2003

when I select a colour with the eyedropper tool, isn't the corresponding colour supposed to be set to the foreground colour? But mine sets it to the background colour so I have to switch it around when I want to use it - trust me, big hassle.

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After Effects :: Pre-composed Layers Not Consistently Casting Shadows

Apr 14, 2013

I've been trowling through th interwebs for an answer and it appears a lot of people have come accross similar issues yet I am still to solve my little hiccup.
I have a bunch of 3D layers sitting on a 3D plane. Everything was going swimmingly until I animated these layers in individual pre-compositions, when all the shadows disappeared. All shadow settings are set correctly, lights are in the right places, layers are separeted on Z axis and there are no effects on anything.
I'll include some images so you get the gist:For some reason, 1 shadow is working. i've checked all the settings and nothing seems to be different between them.

Here's a shot of the stats on the working comp:

And one of a non-working comp:

Now the pre-comps are no longer interacting with the ground at all. You can see the working one in the background is hanging out half way through the floor where as the front characters should be doing the same but aren't.

And finally, for some reason, at the 7second mark, it suddenly works again!?

Now, nothing changes at the 7 second mark, the camera and lights are in exactly he same place.

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Photoshop :: Apply Adjustment Layers To Multiple Layers That Have Different Blending Modes?

Sep 6, 2013

How to Apply adjustment layers to multiple layers that have different blending modes  and keep the colors the same as the adjustment done?
I work in Animation painting Backgrounds.  My files are sometimes upwards to 200+ layers.I will use adjustment layers to quickly balance colours and constrast on top of those many many layers.
The only way that I know of how to apply adjustment layers it to every single layer  ( by applying I mean I need to get rid of the adjustment layers because we cant use them in production but i need the new colours be applied to all layers underneath ) in a psd is to manually do it By duplicating the adjusment layer 200+ times and  then merging each layer to one of those adjustment layers so that that layer can take the adjustment layers effect permanently.
The issue is that Within Those 200 layers I have some layers set to Multiply or OVERLAY.    IT obviously wont apply the adjustment layer properly to those layers because those layer blend mode affect the layers under them. The colour wont be the same anymore in the spots that had the multiply blended mode.


I have 2 adjustment layers up top.  I need to get rid of them by applying them to each layer! I cannot merge any of the layers. We need all those layers for production.I can apply the adjustment layers manually and this works GREAT for all Layers set to normal.  THey take on the colour change just FINE.
However, The issue is that layer 6 and layer 4 are both set to mutiply and this screws up the colour once i apply the adjustment layers to each layer manually...
How can i apply my adjustment layers to a file like this with some layers being set to multiply while keeping the layers exactly the same configuration  and The new colour taking effect exactly how i looks before i apply the adjustment layers? Now the simple solution is to merge the multiply layers to the layer that it affects HOWEVER I NEED those multiply layers to be separate! 

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Photoshop :: Plugin / Action To Separate Multiple Objects On Single Layer Into Multiple Layers

Jun 24, 2013

Imagine a layer containing 10 squares, each square is isolated (none are touching). I need a quick way to put each of those squares on its own layer. Is there something already built in, or any plugin or action?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Load Multiple Images Into Multiple Layers

Oct 6, 2012

I have a series of pics (approx 80) that I'd like to load into Elements, with each photo going into a single layer.  I google'd a series of old posts where somebody used a "script", but the links are no longer working and that trails is dead.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Visibility States All Screwed Up

Apr 3, 2012

I work with a lot of blocks that use visibility states. I've immediately found that editing these in 2013 is impossible because of a bug. When I'm on "Visibility State 1"and select "Visibility State 2" from the drop down, the state just reverts back to "Visibility State 1". The actual block will change and my drawing from "State 2" will show up, but the drop down still lists "State 1". So, when I try to Make Visible an object (in order to put it on "State 2" which is currently visible on my screen), the object is put on "State 1". This needs fixed IMMEDIATELY. This makes Autocad 2013 worthless to my firm.

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Illustrator :: Delete Multiple Layers By Selecting Multiple Object?

Jan 25, 2014

I'm going to connect my AI file to After effect. So I had to create lots of layers in order to edit them seperatly in After effects. But it seems like my amount of layers are too large because AE always crashes (not responding -> Force quit)
So I wanna break some stuff down in multiple AI files, but I don't wanna go and select every layer and delete it. That would take too much time. Is there a way to select the multiple objects in Illustrator and delete that but also its layer its in?

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Photoshop :: Duplicating Multiple Sets Of Separately Linked Layers Results In All Layers Being Linked Together

Mar 11, 2013

I found an old thread from 2011 about the same problem and the mod reported it to the devs, but as far as I know no solution has ever been offered.(maybe in cs6? we are still using cs5)For one or two layers it's no problem to do it manually, but with say 40 layers with corresponding linked layers we need a better solution.

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Photoshop :: Clipping Mask Multiple Text Layers Without Merging Text Layers

Dec 29, 2008

I am trying to get a white layer with see through writing which reveals the background image underneath. (Almost like I have put a stencil over a photograph). I have discovered this is called a clipping mask.

However, I am having difficulty using a clipping mask over multiple text layers. It seems to only do it to one layer directly beneath. I do not want to merge the text layers as I want to mess about with the design a fair bit.

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Photoshop :: How To Drag Multiple Layers To New Tab

May 27, 2013

I want to drag multiple adjustment layers, typically four with default masks but no masking has been applied, from one document to another. I have read several articles about this, but no method works reliably for me. I running CS6.

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Photoshop :: Using Paste Into With Multiple Layers

Feb 1, 2012

I am creating a wood grain texture that has a diffuse and bump layer. I want to paste both layers "into" a selected area of a UV map. Can this be done with both layers at the same time using "paste into"? I have tried using groups and also tried linking with "paste into" with no luck. Once pasted I also want to be able to manipulate both layers at the same time. I have searched all over and haven't found an answer. I am using CS4.

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Photoshop :: Edit Multiple Layers

Feb 21, 2011

I was wondering if it is possible to edit the threshold on multiple layers at the same time instead of editing one layer at a time. I am currently working on an animation which i import from imageready, and would like to apply the threshold effect. Is there a trick to make this possible?

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Photoshop :: Cant Select Multiple Layers?

Mar 16, 2011

All of a sudden, I cant use the CTRL+CLICK to select Multiple Layers. When I do, I get this little box at the point of the cursor and ""Load Selection" pops up in the History.

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Photoshop :: Working With Multiple Layers In CS 3?

Dec 22, 2008

In order to work with multiple layers in cs3, I first need to open few images to work with,and when I open few images it only shows last image that I opened.Frist images can't be seen in workspace, and when I open new document I can't see not even one photo I opened?

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Photoshop :: Multiple Layers On One Slice

Apr 22, 2009

I have created a PSD file for my website. In the banner of the website I have 10 or 15 photos that rotate.

Normally, when I export the site from Photoshop I select the first layer of the banner export it; hide that layer (In Photoshop; To show the next image) and then export the second banner image. (I also change the file number, _1, _2, _3 etc)

And so on until I have gone through all 10 or 15 images.

My question:

Is there a way to automate this so I don't have to export to HTML 15 times? All of the banner images are located in the same folder and use a clipping mask.

I'm using CS3 Extended on a PC.

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Photoshop :: Moving Multiple Layers At Once?

Nov 3, 2005

Is there anyway possible to move multiple layers at the same time, the reason I ask is because I need layers to stay aligned with others. I don't want to rasterize them because I need to edit them after I move them.

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Photoshop :: How To Add Multiple Layers And Make Them Fit

Jul 20, 2009

I'm making ID badges. I have made a template for the artwork and then added each photo individually to a box sized area. The images are already cropped to squares, but I had to resize each one to fit in the box. Then I have to make each one visible in order to save all of the images of the IDs.

I'd like to be able to add a group of images (all square) as layers to a pre-defined area and have photoshop resize each accordingly. It would be great if I could batch save the images, too and not have to hide each successive image.

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Photoshop :: Multiple Layers With The Same Control?

Feb 19, 2009

I have an odd question. This may not be possible, but can any of you think of any way to do the following:

Have one layer on which you could make control other layers. Ummm. For instance if you change layer "A", layers "1", "2", "3", etc. would also change.

I want each of those layers to be absolutely identical, but I will be changing their contents regularly and thus don't particularly want to change each one individually. I know I could duplicate the new changed layer but that is going to be a real pain in this particular case.

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Photoshop :: Multiple Layers On One Slice

Apr 22, 2009

I have created a PSD file for my website. In the banner of the website I have 10 or 15 photos that rotate.

Normally, when I export the site from Photoshop I select the first layer of the banner export it; hide that layer (In Photoshop; To show the next image) and then export the second banner image. (I also change the file number, _1, _2, _3 etc)

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Photoshop :: Cutting Through Multiple Layers?

Mar 20, 2008

I have a photoshop file (cs3) with around 50 layers, all different textures. I then have one layer on top, three white rectanges - my 'cutting shape.'

What I want to do is select the rectangle shapes, and then cut through all the layers at the same time, (creating holes in the textures) rather than doing them one layer at a time.

The amount of images I will need to cut this shape out of could rise to 400, so I need a solid method. I have played around with batching indivdual files, but for various reasons, I need all the layers to be in one file.

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Photoshop :: Cutting Multiple Layers?

Jul 25, 2006

I have a car... I want to take the door out with Free Transform, but the door has 2 layers on it... How can I transform multiple layers at the same time?

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Photoshop :: Align Multiple Layers?

Feb 24, 2003

I have a bunch of layers I would like to align on thier left edge.

is this possible? How do I select each layer?

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Photoshop :: How To Automate Merging Of Multiple Layers By Name

Mar 30, 2013

I have to combine over a 800 files each with sixty layers to create a final document with 60 layers (for an animation). All the 60 layers in each file are named 01, 02, 03 up to 59, 60.

I am using Photoshop CS6 and at present I am merging by using the find/name function, then highlighting all the layers selected and then using 'merge layers'. Is there a quick command / action to merge all layers with the same names, ie all 01s, all 02s etc without having to merge each set of layers separately.

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