Photoshop :: Randomly Exporting Clipboard

Apr 29, 2008

Over the last few days I've been having a problem where if work in Photoshop for a while then switch to another program Photoshop will suddenly decide to start exporting the clipboard. Once it reaches the end of the progress bar it gives an error "Unable to export clipboard due to a program error." and all I can do is click okay. Then it will try again. I can click cancel on the export progress bar but it doesn't cancel. It may try three of 4 times, slowing down my system to near uselessness each time. Once it gives u trying everything seems to return to normal but it can take 10 - 15 minutes for it to give up. I've noticed that it will even do this if I have closed all open images.

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AutoCad :: Lost Toolbar With Copy To Clipboard And Paste From Clipboard Icons

Nov 8, 2012

I somehow lost the toolbar with the "copy to the clipboard" and "paste from the clipboard" icons.. which tool bar i need to turn back on?

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Photoshop :: New From Clipboard

May 12, 2009

I'm trying to create a new file from the clipboard and it's (CS4) not letting me do it. I've done that before, but for some reason, it's been finicky about that recently. What gives?

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Photoshop :: CS3 And The CLIPBOARD

Jul 14, 2008

I open an email message that contains an image. Up until now the procedure has been.... right click the image, click copy, switch to photoshop, file /new, edit/ paste, bada boom, bada bing and I have my image in Photoshop. Now when i try the edit / paste step, CS3 doesn't paste anything.

My current workaround is to open the lowly free windows paint program, paste into paint .... then edit /copy from paint.... and then I can do a file / new / edit paste into photoshop cs3 and it works. A royal pain.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Keeps Randomly Crashing?

Jul 16, 2012

I bought CS6 upgrade from CS5 this week but it keeps randomly crashing I mainly use CS6 for digital art with my wacom intuos tablet. I have never had this problem with CS5 and I have a decent spec PC with 8 GB Ram and a quadcore CPU so I dont understand why this is happening. In the preferences menu I have save in backround and automatically save information every 10 minutes options checked. But the ironic thing is that when I have been drawing a long time and Photoshop crashes and when I reopen CS6 there is no recovery file and the origional file hasnt been updated with auto save. I have 7 different versions of a particular digital painting I have been working on but CS6 only saved 2 recovery files from the 7 versions and has crashed atleast 16 times between my work. I have CS6 updated to the latest version from online update but the problem still persists.

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Photoshop :: Randomly Closing

Aug 29, 2008

=Photoshop 7 keeps closing suddenly on me. It only happens when I try to open or save files in a certain folder, I think. The weird thing is I moved that folder out of the folder that it is inside, to the desktop, and then I could save and open files in that folder just fine. Then when I cut and pasted it back into that folder the same problem happens. I've tried using a registry repair program, and done a virus scan, and nothing.

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Photoshop :: Clipboard Not Working In CS6 On Mac?

Oct 16, 2013

Just upgraded to Creative Cloud CS6 Photoshop on my Xeon Mac Pro, 16 gigs ram, tons of disk space, Mac OS 10.7 and when I take a screenshot I can't import it to Photoshop.
I get the message that it could not import the clipboard because the file is not a TIFF. I have work to do but I can't do it without importing screenshots from the clipboard. Reverting to CS3 isn't an option because I've upgraded to OS 10.7 and it no longer works.

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Photoshop :: PSD Could Not Export Clipboard

Jun 16, 2012

I have been getting the error "Could not export the clipboard because it is too big to export" since upgrading to CS6. The same files at the same bit depth on the same computer  do not cause this error in CS5.
In fact, I can open a file in CS5, copy it, and paste it into CS6 with no trouble. If I then copy again within CS6 and leave the program, I am given the error.
This error appears regardless of whether Photoshop CS6 is running alone, or with several apps.The Raw files are from a Canon 5D mark ii and tend to be 20-25MB in size,
I am running a Mac Pro 2.8GHz Quad Core Intel with 24GB of RAM. I have set the preferences to allocate 70% of this RAM, which should be sufficient. Changing the allocation to 90% or 100% has no effect, nor does adjusting the tiles configuration. My scratch disks have 130GB and 500GB free.

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Photoshop :: Cannot Export Clipboard Because It Is Too Big

May 12, 2013

Sometimes when I quit CS6 on my Mac by hitting Command-Q I get the message "Cannot export Clipboard because it is to big". 

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Photoshop :: Clipboard Mode

Oct 19, 2008

I have installed Photoshop CS3 on my computer but some how I find that when I try to open a new file in Photoshop in Clipboard mode only it is disabled other modes are on.

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Photoshop :: Clipboard Distorts

Jan 17, 2005

This is more a basic question, but something I have happen often. Why is it when I perform a ALT-Print Scrn on an active window [windows platform] and paste to a wordpad document, open PS and create new image and paste the image from the wordpad document to PS it is distorted?

Any help appreciated.
The reason I have to paste to wordpad first is I often have to complete documentation on systems that do not have access to PS so I paste to wordpad to save the clipboard images I need.

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Photoshop :: CC Randomly Launches Then Usually Crashes?

Sep 23, 2013

this with your installation of Photoshop CS6 or CC? I've seen this happen in both versions.
Here's the issue:
Typically, the problem occurs when creating or modifying a layer style in the layer styles dialog. After assigning some style (drop shadow, stroke,glow, etc.) I occasionally mis-click my mouse prior to selecting the OK button to approve the chosen settings. Photoshop Online Help will suddenly launch in my web browser. It will open a single window or multiple windows randomly, all with the same Photoshop Online Help page loaded (one time it opened more than ten instances in separate windows).
At this point, Photoshop will typically stop responding, then crash and close altogether, BUT NOT ALWAYS. Sometimes I can continue working. Overall this activity seems to create instability in PS and I'll have to relaunch. Sometimes I'll go for several weeks without an occurrance. Other times it occurs several times in a week or even a day. I currently use PS CC.
Accidental mouse clicks aren't exactly the easiest thing to troubleshoot, but I can't fathom why that would launch online help or create instability. As much as I have tried, I'm unable to duplicate it manually. Left click, right click, all over the screen while in the layer styles dialog, and I can't make it happen.
It's not something new that just showed up when I installed CC either. This issue presents itself randomly on several different machines using PS CS6 and PS CC. and has been ongoing for several years now. Been using Master Collection for years and a Photoshop user since 1997. I have tons of memory, tons of scratch disk space, and employ contemporary and FAST processors on all my systems, NO OVERCLOCKING. Everything else is always very stable on all machines.

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Photoshop :: Why Does CS5 Extended (Mac) Keep Randomly Freezing

Jul 23, 2012

I'm running Photoshop CS5 Extended for Mac. I've had it for over a year now and it has worked perfectly fine until now.
Mac OS X
Version 10.6.8
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
The issue started a few weeks ago. I can't think of anything in particular that could've spurred it. What happens is that (generally within a few brush strokes, like five to ten) the program freezes. It gives me the little grey spinning wheel telling me that it's thinking, and that never stops. I've left it for hours before, waiting to see if it would ever snap out of it, and nothing. I always have to force quit the application.
There's no particular tool that makes this happen, because it's happened on everything from brush strokes to changing contrast to switching tools.
It's not like I'm using giant files—some are large and have lots of layers, but others are small blank canvases. It isn't like I'm running too many programs, because sometimes it happens while Photoshop is running by itself (no other programs.) There doesn't seem to be anything in particular that triggers it.
I even tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it. I had hoped that if it were some sort of bug due to settings I had changed or something, that would get rid of it. It didn't, but I'm inclined to think I didn't manage to remove everything related to the program, because when it opened after the reinstall, it still had all the same brush settings it had before I had uninstalled it. Since I make a portion of my living off of illustration and graphic design commissions, it's incredibly important that Photoshop is usable, and fast.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Crashing Randomly Without Error?

May 3, 2013

I've made sure my drivers are updated (graphics included). Same issue.The popup when I first start PS6 says thw following:
I have a 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500 onboard my Asus laptop,Photoshop will just crash randomly without error after immediate usage or it'll go for hours or minutes then crash?

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure Randomly Drops Out

Apr 19, 2012

I am using an Intuos4 tablet and the pen pressure randomly stops working in photoshop (cs5.5).
Had a bamboo before and the same thing happened there. I have the latest driver installed (tried with older as well), tried different usb ports and different usb wire.

Sometimes it works only a few seconds sometimes 5-10min (never more though) before the pen pressure stops working. And when it does it just stops working, I get the warning triangle in the brush window, then randomly it comes back for a few strokes before it stops wokring again.
I'm on a pc. I've tried using photoshop cs1 and also photoshop 7. The same thing happens there.
The problem didnt start untill I plugged in my old bamboo into the same computer after having installed the drivers etc for the intuos4. Ive also tried switching the tip of the pen.
Nothing works. What can I do?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Randomly Flattening PSD Files?

Mar 13, 2013

I have been using CS5 for months, but just recently started a new job which uses CS6. I am working on a company laptop running Windows 7. I have never seen this problem before and could find nothing online about others having this issue.
What's happening is that I save a .psd file the same way I've done for the last 8 years, but every once in a while, the .psd files are flattened the next time I open them. This has happened 4 times now.
The first time, I wrote it off as a user error. I saved a backup .psd file and continued on. The second time was the same file, but I had the backup file which I was able to revert to an older version and restart from there.
Edit: I should also add that the third and fourth files were different files from the one used in the first two instances.
The third time, I was testing it. I saved a backup file and then continued to work on the file. I would save it, close the file, and reopen it to see if it was flattened. The 10th or 11th time I did this, the file was indeed flattened. The fourth time this has happened was on a brand new file I had started at the end of the day yesterday, and this morning it is flattened.
I really don't want to have to keep a secondary .psd file updated as a backup for every single project I work on.

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Photoshop :: Disable Clipboard Export

Oct 14, 2013

I'm currently trying the Adobe CC (still in trial, 25 days to go) and one thing I really do A LOT is Cmd+Shift+C-ing a file in Photoshop and paste in illustrator to keep working on my layout.
in my old iMac (2duo 2.66ghz with 4gb ddr2 ram) I can do it no problem, even with big files. Usually around 5000px and 150 to 300dpi. It takes a few seconds, but it works.Now I got a little retina 13", with an i5 2.6ghz and 8gb ddr3 ram, and it can't handle a 3000px-1500px copy and paste from Photoshop to illustrator without popping up that "Clipboard is too big to export" window.
Both are running OSX Mountain Lion updated. iMac on the Adobe CS6 and Retina with Adobe CC.Both have 70% of ram for Photoshop alone, plenty of space in hard disk (no idea if this interferes) and only Illustrator and Photoshop open at the time. Both Cmd+Shift+C-ing, flattening and copying, cutting, etc. doesn't work.
I don't want to disable clipboard export, I want to be able to do what I use to do in my iMac.

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Photoshop :: Error / Can't Export To Clipboard

Sep 1, 2012

When I finish editing a photo I get a message about "can't export to clipboard". Also, did the Mask panel disappear in CS6? Can't find it under Window menu.

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Photoshop :: Change CC Clipboard Format - OS X

Oct 28, 2013

Where can I change the photoshop cc clipboard (OS X maverick) preference to export as a png or pdf to retain transparency when copying and pasting?

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Photoshop :: Clipboard Copy / Paste

Jan 11, 2013

I have had this problem many times with both CS6 and CS5. I'm not sure if this is a Photoshop question or a Windows OS 8 question but anyways it seems to only happen with Photoshop.
I copy an image offline to edit in photoshop. After I'm finished I save it and delete the image layer from the workspace to get ready for the next image. I grab another image that I want to paste in the same photshop workspace. When I paste, it pastes the same image I copied first. It even does this when I restart Photoshop, so that's why I think it may have to do with Windows Clipboard.
I'm also really interested in details about how 'Copy/Paste" and the "Clipboard" work with different programs so I can best understand how to utilize it with what seems to be a simple tool, yet I still find myslef with questions because I don't filly undertsnad it.

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Photoshop :: Why PDF In New Clipboard Coming Up Blank

Jul 31, 2013

I have a pdf that opens up in Acrobat with the viewable image but when I place it in PS it comes up blank.

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Photoshop :: Grayscale From Clipboard Broken?

Apr 29, 2013

why Photoshop changes grayscale values when pasted from the clipboard.
For example, I have a 24-bit bitmap on the clipboard that has every value set to (128,128,128). When I paste it into Photoshop the RGB values become (149,149,149) and (150,150,150), and not (128,128,128) like they should be.

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Photoshop :: Clipboard/screenshots - Copying

Apr 13, 2008

I have no clue why, it does not occur with other programs than ps - but when I take a screenshot, it often will not be imported in to photoshop. I very often have to do it twice. This is very annoying. it is possible I have the same problem when copying from other programs and pasting into photoshop, although i am not really sure. (I some times intuitively use ctrl+c when copying images from firefox, and naturally that does not work, may be the reason why I get the impression the picture is not copied into photoshop)
But whether or not i have problems copying from other programs, I know for sure that taking screenshots often doesn't work the first time, only the second time. Does anyone know why that is? I don't think it has to do with memory as I have 2 GB ram and a these images are small...

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Photoshop :: Save Clipboard As New File

Jun 22, 2004

I have a variety of layers which i require to
save out as resized, new files.

I select te layer portion required [all other layers off]

I then paste to clipboard.

select File>New
and in theimage size menu, ordinarily clipboard is hioghlighted.

For some reason the clipboard optioion is greyed out.

I have completed one save out successsfully today using this method
bit now my (30day CS copy)setup wont accept this procedure.

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Photoshop :: Brush Strokes Become Distorted Randomly?

Oct 2, 2012

Essentially when I draw a line in any drawing program, I am unable to produce clean smooth lines. I primarily use photoshop. All lines that are created have a jitteryness to them. I've uploaded two pictures one featuring when I have the issue and the other where I do not have the issue. It happens randomly and different things seem to fix it.

There are times where re downloading the driver works or sometimes making a backup of the driver and doing a restore works as well. There are even times where simply restarting the program that I'm using will fix the issue, but it always seems to come back no matter what.

At one point thought that maybe my video card drivers were all out of date but that's not the case. Originally the issue was happening on my tablet pc, so I thought that it was only related to that computer but then noted that it also was happening on my desktop as well when using my intuos!

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Photoshop :: Randomly Open Multiple Browsers?

Sep 20, 2013

I keep getting this random problem with Photoshop as part of my CC suite.At random times certain actions I take within Photoshop will launch multiple tabs in firefox directing me to the Adobe help page.Just now it happend when I was was within my layer 'color overlay' properties and in the process of changing the color to white.

As soon as I click my colour picker Firefox opened up about 20 tabs all pointing to Adobes help page.I couldn't save my work as every time I went back to Photoshop the same thing happened. I lost my work.I have the latest update of the 64 bit version of Photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Text Randomly Disappears Without Warning?

Aug 25, 2013

Whenever I edit any text - be it editing an existing text layer, or with a new one, whatever text is there just randomly and without warning disappears.  Doesn't matter wether I'm changing the color, font, font size or any other type settings.  Sometimes I just move the mouse while in editing mode and the text just vanishes.
Made a video of the bug in action.  Virtual keyboard on screen so you can see that I'm not hitting any keys to make the text disappears. Latest version of Photoshop, CC, OS X etc.


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Photoshop :: CS4 Randomly Deletes All Wacom Settings

Aug 26, 2013

From time to time photoshop (cs4 and cs6) deletes our Wacom settings and we have to put every short key completely new in the wacom settings. how did this happen? how can we avoid that? or at least can we save the wacom settings somehow?

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Photoshop :: CS5 Randomly Freezes When Opening A File

Jan 23, 2013

photoshop cs5 randomly freezes when opening a file. File does not open and cannot move palettes. Only rebooting cures it for a time then ...freeze again! Seems to be getting worse, happening more often. I have all the updates. Running on macbook pro 2.4 core i7 8gb ram OS  10.7.5. Basically I work away and then I try to open a file, the windows and pallets all open but the actual file doesn't. The layers are showing all relevant info but if I try to move the pallet...frozen! Have to reboot to get the file to open.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Randomly Changes Text When Trying To Make Changes To The Copy?

Jan 24, 2013

Photoshop 6 Randomly changes text when I'm trying to make changes to the copy.

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Photoshop :: Randomly Crashes When Like Size Or Use Brush

Jul 24, 2013

i have photoshop cc and it will crash randomly when i like resize or use brush tool. My drivers are up to date and i fresh installed windows 7 64bit. My GPU is a AMD Radeon HD 6800 series and photoshop doesnt reconise my GPU URL....and i used event viewer and this is what i have Faulting application name:

Photoshop.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5176451bFaulting module name: aticfx64.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5154f6c5Exception code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x000000000009136eFaulting process id: 0x1498Faulting application start time: 0x01ce889cd7ac9d85Faulting application path: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)Photoshop.exeFaulting module path: C:Windowssystem32aticfx64.dllReport Id: 58d62216-f493-11e2-b673-8c89a5638937 

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