Photoshop :: Automation In Saving Image File With Specific Max File Size

Oct 18, 2013

Background info:
We got several image files every 2 weeks which should be edited and mainly reduced in size for web purpose. This work needs 1 work day for one man/woman to do, because he/she has to open the file save for web and then set the quality to a value were the file is nearly about 150-200 KB in size.
The images are different, some have few colors, some have a lot of colors and there are also different in resolution. But they should not be reduced in resolution, only in quality. All other specs of the image should be kept 
Is there any possible script, plug-in or similar which can do the same (Saving with a specific max. file size) in some automatic and faster way?

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Photoshop :: Saving JPG Files To Save As Specific File Size

May 25, 2012

Is there a way, when saving jpg files to save as a specific file size, rather than quality level (currently using CS5)? I have a few clients (realtors) who require files to be 100kb (or smaller... but 100kb is the ideal to shoot for) for their listings.  

Given I'm working with a number of images, I would like to be able to do this as a batch, rather than one at a time, getting as close to 100 as I can without going over, as I have to at this point.

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Photoshop :: Export Fixed File Size With A BATCH Automation

Aug 12, 2003

does anyone know if it's possible to export a desired (fixed) file size with a batch automation in Photoshop? For example:

I have 50 images (*.jpg) that have different file sizes (25k, 15k, 45k etc) now I would like to export a fixed file size to 10k for all images...

I have tried this in Photoshop and in Fireworks, but the Programs exported 10K or less and sometimes even greater than 10k

I would really be happy if someone knows a way to do this or if there are any stand-alone programs that can automate and export targeted file sizes.

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Illustrator :: Save Image As Very Specific Dimensions And File Size?

Apr 4, 2013

I have an image received from a client in .eps format.  I need to get it into either a .gif or .jpg format AND the final file MUST be .8 inches x .3 inces, AND no more than 10K in size.   How can I save it with these dimensions/constraints and not lose resolution? What I have tried - export to .jpg (file is 5 inches x 3 inches), export and change resolution to 100ppi (image is nearly the right dimensions, but blurry).  The tools I have are AI and PS both version CS5

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Photoshop :: Saving Same PNG File Gives Image With 10x Smaller Size?

Mar 11, 2012

I have a png image, of 256x128 size. It has 8bits per pixel for color. Now this image's size is 97kB. I open it in photoshop, I save it as different png file, and then... this image is 7kB of size.

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Photoshop :: Best Settings For Saving High Image Quality / Small File Size (under 1 MB) PDF?

Aug 18, 2013

I've created a resume in Photoshop CS5 for OS X - I know, I should've used InDesign but I'm more comfortable working in Photoshop.
The PSD is currently 2550x3300 px (8.5x11 in) at 300 dpi. I'd like to save the resume as a PDF flie so I can submit it online. I have no intentions of printing this particular document. Most websites will only accept a file size of under 1MB. What are the ideal settings for saving a PDF in the smallest file size without sacrificing on image quality? I should also note that I do not have Acrobat Pro.

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GIMP :: Automate Repetitive Actions Such As File Size And File Saving To Same Folder?

Dec 6, 2011

Is there a way to automate repetitive actions such as file size and file saving to the same folder?

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Illustrator :: When Saving A File Using Save Option / File Is Not Staying At Size Of Artboard

Jun 18, 2013

am having an Issue with CS6 when saving files. When saving a file using the 'Save' option (not 'Save As') the file is not staying at the size of the artboard as it should, it is however being aurtomatically cropped down to the actual artwork size. This is causing issues with the Process we work with as we need the file to stay at the artboard size.If I click 'Save As' and change the Adobe PDF Preset to 'Press Quality' then this works, however this means that every file we save(which is quite alot in a day) means we have to go through the 'Save As' option and manually change each save.why this has suddenly started to happen with our Illustrators and do you know how to fix this so that it stays at the Artboard size when 'Save' is used?

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Photoshop :: Automation - Multiple Image Saving

Nov 25, 2007

I have a series of actions that copy a document, apply a colour profile, resize and then save as - so I can export as jpeg. These actions work individually but currently I have to enter a file name.

What I'd like to do be able to do is select an action which runs say three or four of those actions - say export at 600, 800, 1200 pixels dimension and also suffixes the file name with that number.. so IMG0001.JPG becomes IMG001_800.JPG, IMG001_1200.JPG etc etc.

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Photoshop :: Dpi Adjustment To Fit Specific File Size

Feb 4, 2009

Photoshop CS2 for Windows XP

When trying to attain a specific size for a JPEG image (60MB) I adjusted the image size by cropping the image to 8"x10", and changing the DPI to 450.

The image size window indicated that the file size was at 60 MB, which was the correct size that we wanted for the file.

After saving, the file size was way below the size indicated on the original image size (when the file was open). Upon reopening and looking at the file size, it indicated that it was still 60 MB.

I had done this same process with roughly 50 files and all of the sizes came up different (ranging from 6 MB-64 MB).

I also saved the images as PDFs after making some adjustments to the JPEG files, but the same problem of the file size changing still came up.

Does anyone know what would cause the image size to change so much?

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CorelDRAW X4 :: File Size When Saving CDR File?

Mar 7, 2011

I have trouble with file size, example I design a poster say 120mb and open existing poster 200mb so that i can copy certain images and text from it and even though I delete the second poster before the saving the new poster but the file size becomes 320mb?

So I thought there was something worng with my machine i.e a virus.

I repeated the example above and removed all the images and all background and left the text on the poster and save the final poster with text only but the file size is same i.e. 320mb?

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Photoshop Elements :: Crop JPG File To Specific Pixel Size?

Apr 30, 2013

I know how to crop images but want to be able to view the resulting pixel measurements (ie, 1600 c 1200 pixels).

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Photoshop :: Specific File To Save Image

Mar 13, 2012

For my work I have to cut and change the size of images a few thousand times a day.
When I want to save a edited image to a file(every image goes to the same file all the time),I always have to search this file. How can I program CS5.1 to always go to that specific file to save the image. Instead of searching for the file all the time!
Second thing is that the images always have to be changed to the same resolution. Is there a way to 'automate' this. I Know: - File - Automate - Fit Image. But is it possible to do this with a key combination or make a 'button' somewhere?

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Photoshop :: CS5 Photo Saving And File Size

Aug 26, 2012

Recently I've noticed, when uploading some photo's to my web site that the file size is rather small.  I know that cropping, processing, and saving to jpeg results in file size reduction.
So ... I did a test.  I took one photo shot in the raw format (the file size was about 21 mp).  I then took it into Photoshop CS5 and just saved it as a jpeg ... and the file size went to 9.9 mp.  I found that to be a questionable reduction.
My image size details of the test photo is:
Pixel Dimenstions:
5616 px x 3744 px
Document Size:
18.72 x 12.48 and 300 px Resolution
All of the following are checked:

Scale Style
Constrain Proportions
Resize Image
I have selected:
Bicubic (best for smooth gradients)
I saved the photo at the highest quality setting of 12
So the Question:  Is this test reduction normal or am I doing something wrong with my "save as" settings

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Photoshop :: CC Saving JPG And PNG File Size Bloat

Jul 15, 2013

Saving JPGs & PNGs from Photoshop CC is creating what I can only describe as a obscene file bloat.  Just recently, what should have been a 7k jpg saved as a 1.1 mb jpg file.  PNGs which should average roughly 100-150k are coming out at 1.3mb.  If I use the "Save for Web", sometimes it gives me the proper sized images.
I have noticed this on 2 computers --- one a mac & one windows with completely different file sets.  So it is not an issue of my OS, the original files or anything specific to one particular common item.
Doing the same thing with pshop cs6, I get the proper file sizes.  I have included a sample image here.  This image is a straight out "save" from pshop CC  -- it is 1.1mb.  However, when I saved the same image as a JPG in pshop cs6, it was 7k.

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Photoshop :: Saving Changes File Size-argh!

Sep 30, 2008

I need to save my files the same MB as my Image Size, but when I save my work on my desktop, it looses 2/3rd of its size. Ideas?

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Photoshop :: File Size Discrepancy After Saving As...

Jun 22, 2009

I used a commercial scanning system at the local library that saved files via THE GIMP as a png file.   I saved the file to flash drive and copied to my desktop at home.   On my desktop, the file is 21.3 MB in size. 

I load it with Photoshop CS4 and immediately save it.   The file size is now 1.6 MB. I compare the two files side by side and find that the pixel per inch are the same on both (4720X4720)  and neither is compressed.    Both images appear to be identical.   What is the reason for the dramatic difference in file size? 

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Photoshop :: Saving For Correct File Size?

Oct 13, 2008

I have recently created psd files for a wedding album.

The album company will accept psd files or jpegs.

The jpegs need to be at least 30MB. The psd file sizes are around 108MB.

When I save them as jpeg at the highest quality I am not getting anything larger then 10MB.

I am trying to avoid having to upload 32 psd files thru ftp.

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Photoshop Elements :: Size Of File When Saving

Mar 5, 2014

How do I save a PDF file in PSE to be a small file? I start with a 700kb file, amend it, save it as a PDF (small) file and then it's over 7000kb?

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Photoshop :: Printing / Saving To PDF / File Size Is Enormous

Apr 9, 2013

I am trying to convert a psd file that is a 36"X80" banner to a pdf file.  In the past, I have printed to PDF and all has been fine.  Today the Print to PDF fails...  it doesn't give me an error it just pretends like it prints to pdf with the status box popping up for a second, then nothing.  So I attempted to Save As a PDF instead this worked, but resulted in pdf with a file size of 453M!  This is much larger than the pdf's I was getting before, in the 3-ish M file size..

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Photoshop :: How To See File Size When Saving JPEG At Different Levels

Feb 28, 2012

On my previous version of Photoshop (CS4) when I saved a PSD file as JPEG Level 8, 10 or whatever, the file size in megabytes was then shown. I presume I can configure Photoshop CS5 to do this but I'm just not sure how.

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Illustrator :: File Changes Size When Saving To PDF?

Jul 13, 2012

I have a artboard measuing 8" x 10".
When I save it as a PDF file for the printshop, it changes the size to 9.5 x 12.
I'm using Adobe cloud cs6

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Photoshop :: Automation - Create Thumbnails With File Name On Sheet

Oct 24, 2013

To make things easier to understand, I'll explain what I do: our sports' photography department makes photos of several sports teams, we print the photos, we put them in a basic two-sheeted album, and then send the photos to the team. As we print all the photos together, they are on a big pile and it's very difficult to sort them with the correct team name. So we take the printed photo, and compare it to all the team photos on the computer, which have the team name in the file name. So this is a very inefficient and slow process.

I was thinking of printing the photos as thumbnails on a sheet, and THEN compare them to the printed sports' photos. It's a lot easier to have a piece of paper with e.g. 10 photos to compare to than browse them on a computer.

So, again, I hope there's a way to let Photoshop put 10 thumbnails on a single sheet, and put the file name below it. All automatically (with an action?) of course.

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AutoCAD LT :: File Size Increases After Saving Drawing

May 23, 2013

We use LT 2012, and recently we started having issues with file size.

Some of our drawings went from 1.5MB to 12MB after saving.

We tried saving as DXF then PURGE, -PURGE to reduce the size but always comes back.

Now, in one of the drawings I did PURGE, AUDIT, -PURGE and erased everything in the drawing, file is still 1.8MB.

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Lightroom :: 3.6 - Previews In Preview Cache Specific To Image File Location?

Jan 10, 2012

Recently I reorganized my system so that my image files were on a different drive that I had previously been using a backup drive, so no additional file copying was involved. When I ran Lr it did not find any images, as expected, at the original location and I told it where to find them by pointing it to the new parent image folder. That worked fine but then it seemed as if all of the previews had to be rebuilt on the fly by Lr as I went to each folder. Could it be that the previews in the preview cache are location specific to drive/volume level rather than just folder level ?  Or is there a way to aim that ole preview cache at the new image locations ?
Likewise, would this apply to the ACR cache too ?  i.e. if I point Lr at the same images in the same folder names on a different drive, will the ACR cache data still be relevant or should I just scrap it and start again ?
I told Lr to rebuild previews for many of my images and it did so overnight, but now the preview cache is about 30GB instead of about 12GB. It's possible that I picked up previews of images that were previously not in the cache, but would the new cache still contain previews of the now non-existant images at the old locations ?
I have previously reverted to system backups in which the whole drive volume had previously been been copied intact. Lr always worked fine in those situations. Is my present problem because I shifted the images folder relative to the drive volume where Lr is running ?

I'm using Lr 3.6 on a 2011 MacBook Pro with Mac OSX 10.6.8.

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AutoCad :: Automation In Process Of DWG File Creation

Oct 20, 2011

How can I automate the process of creating Layer and attaching a file to each layer for n number of times where n is the number of my files that I want to attach in the different layers.

I need to do layer creation and attaching files to each layer more than thousand times for a particular type of file, hence want to automate the work flow.

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Photoshop :: Image Size Vs File Size

Apr 29, 2009

  When I save a file to jpeg the image size in photoshop remains the same as it was as a tiff file BUT according to the information that comes up in windows properties the file is much smaller (300k vs 2.9mg).   Can you advise me which is the correct file size?   If the correct size is the one showing in windows (300K) does mean that the file compressed in JPG and lost a lot of information?

  and if this is the case how can I prevent that from happening and still save the file as a JPG?   [ I would like the image to remain the size photoshop shows it to be] .  Thank you very much.

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Photoshop :: How Do I Prevent The Blurry Image When Saving A File?

Jan 20, 2005

What I have is an alias bitmap (Not anti-alias bitmap) in Phtoshop, when I save it as psd format (photoshop format), the bitmap is preserved. But when I save it as gif or png or whatever, the bitmap become blurs around the edges, making the images be anti-alias bitmap. I don't want that. I want the images to continue to stay alias when saving it into jpeg or png or whatever.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Place And Existing DWG File Into Specific Template File

Jul 15, 2012

How can you use a template file from your personal files to use it in an already existing .dwg file.

I knwo how to do it if I start the drawing from scratch and I select that template, but I want to put this existing drawing into my personal template file from my documents.

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Photoshop Elements :: Way To Select File Type For Saving Image

Feb 17, 2014

In Adobe Camera Raw, is there a way to select the file type that you save your image in. It seems .dng or DMG are the only file types, I would like to save my original CR2 file and save a copy in JPEG for others to open.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Automation Error - All File Contents Are Lost

Sep 10, 2013

We are facing strange issue with all different versions of AutoCAD (2007, 2011, 2013). While users are working on the file, all of a sudden the contents (work done) are lost and it becomes all blank. The file size is same but when we open the file all the work done is not displayed, but just a blank screen.

It happens occasionally and there is some Automation Error in the command line below. The software is not hanging but the open file is in hang state and we have to close it. While closing whether we select yes/no the content (work done) is all lost. The temp location where the files are saved in one of the computer is become huge around 40GB will many Autocad autosave and temporary files; if it has anything to do with it !

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