Lightroom :: Why Doesn't Auto Import Actually Import Images Into Catalog

May 19, 2012

I'm using LR4 with a Canon camera setup (Wind 7 Ultimate). I've got the auto import setting all configured with an incoming folder and destination. The app recognizes when an image is put in incoming folder and in fact it moves it to the destination folder. What is really annoying is that it leaves me at the import settings dialog and then I have to make all these choices as I would if I were manually importing.
Shouldn't the images be places in the desination folder and some view of that image be displayed in LR? It could be the folder view or ideally I want to see the last image imported at 1:1 size so I can review it and see if I want to take another shot?  Maybe there is some flag I've got set incorrectly.

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Lightroom :: Can Import Collections Into NEW Catalog For Same Images

Oct 9, 2012

If I create a brand spanking new catalog of lets say images from 2011, can i somehow import the collections created in another catalog for these same images into this new catalog?

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Lightroom :: Import Images (collection) From One To Another Catalog In 4?

Jan 21, 2014

How do i import images (a collection) from one catalog to another catalog in LR4?

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Lightroom :: Catalog Import Resulted In Two Folder Images

Jan 8, 2012

I imported a catalog from my laptop into a catalog that I have on an external hard drive. This has now resulted in two images of the external drive under the folder list in the Library view.
You can see there are two folders called Oxford (which is my external drive). The first contains the images from the catalog that was originally on the external hard drive. The second one contains all the imported photos.
The directories under Oxford are correctly visible when I browse to them on the computer.

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Lightroom :: Cannot Import Images To Catalog On 4TB External Drive After Upgrade To 4.4

Apr 12, 2013

longtime lightroom user mac 10.7.5 upgraded to 4.4 and now cannot import to designated catalog on external 4TB drive with good permissions on the drive and able to import to other drives, but not the one I mentioned?

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Lightroom :: Previous Import Count - Auto Import

Dec 21, 2011

I use Auto Import to import my RAW files. Each time LR imports my files the Previous Import count number increases. Is there a way to reset this count so it shows a true reflection of the photos from my previous import session?
Correct me if I'm wrong but if you manually import files the Previous Import count number resets itself automatically. I've Googled this problem & this question has been asked before - all users were utilising Auto Import.

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Lightroom :: 5.2 Doesn't See Any Images In Import Window

Dec 5, 2013

LR 5.2 was working beautifully, but after shooting a couple videos (.MOV) in addition to normal images (.JPG & .CR2) my LR 5.2 started playing up when I wanted to import the content of my SD card onto my PC.
LR 5.2 (on Win7, 64-bit) stopped displaying ANY images or movies in the import window. It doesn't matter whether the images (+/- movies) are on the SD card (from which I usually directly import), or any folder on my PC that contains images.  LR 5.2 however has no problem displaying the images on my PC in the library window (as they have been imported into the catalog before the problem occurred).
I'm now stuck with hundreds of photos on my SD card that I can't seem to be able to import...

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Lightroom :: After Import Images Adjust To Cross Process 1 Not Set In Import Settings

Nov 4, 2012

This issue occured shortly after update to 4.2, but not directly after. I am using windows 8.
The issue that occurs is after importing images they are adjusted automatically to develop module cross process 1. After dealing with this annoyance for a bit of time I realized that I can not even "RESET ALL" the images to delete the adjustment. In delving into other images that have been in my database for quite some time, I have tried to "RESET ALL", which resets images to CROSS PROCESS 1. I have never set import to automatically adjust.

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Lightroom :: Import Images - Import Module Freezes For A Few Minutes?

Mar 13, 2012

I just upgraded from LR3.6 to 4.0. When trying to import images the import module freezes for a few minutes and then displays the import screen. However, when selecting a source the program freezes again and eventually crashes.
I had the same issue when upgrading to 3.6 some time ago and then found that disabling some USB controllers solved the problem. This works for LR4 as well. As I don't need all USB connections this is a workable solution, however, disabling controllers should not be necessary to run a program.
System is an Acer Aspire 7811 64 bits w/ Intel i7, Win 7 Home Premium, 8 GB internal mem and no external drives.

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Lightroom :: Import Images Grayed Out - No Import Option

Jan 17, 2011

I'm trying to import photos into LR3.3, and the thumbnails are grayed out, as is the import button. The photos come from two other cameras -- one Canon Elf, the other I'm not sure. I received them through dropbox, and they open fine with Bridge and Photoshop CS4.

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Photoshop Elements :: Images Stuck In Auto Import

Feb 15, 2013

Two images files  I was working on are stuck in Auto import into iphoto. They will not import into iphoto nor can I delete them. Everytime I try to use Adobe or iphoto it try's to import.

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Lightroom :: Rename On Import Doesn't Rename Source Images?

Feb 5, 2013

Is it possible to have Lightroom rename the source images according to my custom naming convention?
I just imported 278 photos and they are all correctly renamed within Lightroom however the source files retained the original Canon generated names. I want to rename them for backup/in case I ever decide to stop using Lightroom/etc.

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Lightroom :: How To Have V4 Auto Import After Export

Oct 26, 2012

This seems to have been a problem with previous lightrooms and thought it may have been fixed in LR4 but I can't seem to find the option?
What I have a gripe with is why when I am exporting my editied raws into what ever jpeg format I want (highres low res etc) I put these in a folder with in the orgional raws parent folder and call it "02 - High_Res" for example. To then get this to show in the lightroom folder structure you then have to 'sync' the folder. Is there a way to have this done automatically? Is there a way I can just get it to appear with out syncing?

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Lightroom :: Auto Import Duplicates?

Feb 21, 2013

my workflow is to copy all photos from my camera to a folder that is configured for auto import.Lightroom takes these pics and import them to the library.But it does not exclude duplicate photos. If I copy the same photos to the auto import folder again, LR imports all photos again.

Why can't I configure to exclude duplicates as it works with the manual import function?

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Lightroom :: How To Disable Auto Import

Feb 5, 2010

I would like to disable auto import.
I uncheck "Show import dialog when a memory card is detected" under Edit - preferences - Import.  However, it rechecks itself when I close lightroom down.  Then whenever I put in a storage device -- a memory card, external hard drive, flash drive, etc -- Lightroom starts up and wants to import from that device.
How do I prevent this?

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Lightroom :: Re-Import Into Catalog

Nov 18, 2012

I have some RAW images stored on a network drive, and I was working on them with my laptop.  After completing the album, I removed the photos from the catalog on my laptop, so Lightroom wouldn't be so slow when I didn't have access to the network drive.  This was short-sighted becuase I need access to those edits again, and I am wondering if I can re-import into the Lightroom catalog on my laptop and recover the edits. 

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Lightroom :: How To Import Catalog Into LR4

Mar 12, 2012

After trying LR4 beta for about a month as a LR3 heavy user, my conclusion is there are features worth the upgrade, BUT I prefer the earlier Process Version and Basic Develop panel to the new one.  I understand that I may choose not to upgrade the Process Version on photos in my present catalog as I import the catalog into LR4, thereby causing LR4 to look like LR3 for those preexisting photos.  However, I'm unclear as to whether there is a way to configure LR4 so that it will import all new photos using PV2010, thereby continuing to develop them using the LR3 Basic panel and other develop controls.  Does this option exist?

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Lightroom :: Import From Another Catalog

Apr 9, 2013

I have a desktop with all my photos and my main LR catalog.   Occasionally I want to make changes to some of my folders on my laptop (e.g. time in airplane etc).   The following procedure has worked for years, but alas (and I suspect the recent LR upgrade to 4.4) the last step no longer works.
Create catalog for these folders and copy folders with photos + their catalog to laptop.Make changes.Write a new catalog (call it "laptop-catalog.lrcat") on the laptop for the folder(s) changed.   ("Export as a catalog")
Back on my desktop"import from another catalog" and find "laptop-catalog.lrcat" and select it.
I no longer can choose the option "Changed Existing Photos" and then "replace metadata and develop setting only"  i.e my main catalog on the destop DOES NOT recognize the photos in the laptop catalog even though they're still there in the original desktop catalog. If I import the photos with "Add new photos to catalog without moving" and then "find the photos" it tells me they're duplicates and can't merge.

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Lightroom :: Import Catalog From 4 To 5?

Jun 14, 2013

I have just bought Lightroom 5 to replace my Lightroom 4. For one reason or another, it was cheaper for me to buy a new version, rather than an upgrade.
What is the best way to get Lightroom 5 to use my Catalogue from Lightroom 4? I am thinking, just open the catalogue (Lightroom 4 Catalog.lrcat). Or is there a better way.
Just one more thing, it seems a little slower than LR4 (the adjustment brush for example is not very responsive).

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Lightroom :: How To Import JPG Into The Catalog

Jan 19, 2013

I have tried copy, move and add, but LR refuses to import any JPGs into the catalog. There is no problem with importing RAW or DNG files. The error message is "cannot copy these files into destination".

I have checked the destination folders, they are the right place, but still won't import. I'm using LR4 on Mac OS 10.7

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Lightroom :: How To Import LR4 Catalog To LR5

Sep 29, 2013

How do I import LR4 catalog to LR5?

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Lightroom :: How To Import A Catalog

Apr 21, 2013

I have been able to import a catalog from another source before. But with the latest update of Lightroom, there is no longer an option to import a catalog.

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Lightroom :: Will Not Import Catalog

Mar 5, 2012

I backed up my LR catalog to my C drive before removing the C drive to install as a "normal" hard drive on my new computer.I have installed Lightroom without a glitch but when I try to import the lrcat backed up today, I get "cannot import catalog due to an unexpected error"
How do I get my last backed up catalog into Lightroom on the new computer?!

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Lightroom :: Can't Import The Catalog From LR4

Jun 23, 2013

I can't import the catalog from LR4. It hangs in there and stop working

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Lightroom :: Import Dialog Will Not Auto Open

Jul 2, 2012

Since I upgraded to Lightroom 4.1 from 3 the Import Dialog screen will not auto open when I insert a memory Cart to my Imac. I have the correct box ticked in the preferences.

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Lightroom :: How To Set Up Auto Import To Pictures Folder

Jan 10, 2012

Just got lightroom 3 for Christmas. I cannot figure it out and it's a headache so far.  How am I supposed to set up the auto import to the My Pictures folder when I am supposed to chose an empty folder for Lightroom to watch? I must be misunderstanding something because I imagine that everyone who buys Lightroom already has photos in their My Pictures folder.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Enable Auto Import?

Mar 18, 2014

I'm using LR 5.3 and the "enable auto import" checkbox is greyed out.

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Lightroom :: Auto Import Stops Importing

Dec 28, 2012

I'm seeing a problem in just some of my Lightroom 4 (version 4.3, latest updates as of today) catalogs where auto import just stops working. There are no error messages and Lightroom continues to work, but files in the watched folder just don't get imported. I've optimized the catalog, restarted Lightroom, double checked that auto import is on, restarted my mac (mac book pro running 10.7.5), imported all the photos into a new catalog... still no joy. Also worth noting is that the other import options are greyed out if auto import is on when I start Lightroom for these broken catalogs... but if I turn off auto import, and restart Lightroom, the import photos and videos is enabled and I can import the files from the watch folder manually.

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Lightroom :: Import Photos Into A Catalog?

Jan 25, 2013

Import photos into a catalog?

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos Into New Catalog With LR4

Feb 4, 2014

I am using an iMac with the latest version of Maverick OS. I am trying to import photos into a new catalog with LR4 (also have tried with the trial version of LR5).I have photos in 226 folders in my pictures folder on my hard drive and am trying to import pictures in some of the folders. When I got to import i get a listing of about 8000 photos showing. When I expand to the picture folder to show all 226 subfolders each subfolder will show the photos inside. However 35 of these folders give a notice  "no photos found". (the photos are there when looked at from the finder).
why those 35 folders will not show any photos to import.

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Lightroom :: Import From Catalog Failure

Sep 9, 2011

I am using lightroom 3.5RC and Mac OS 10.7.1 on a MBP and today I went to import photos from another lightroom 3.5 catalog via the Import From Catalog function and when I did that I got this message.
"Can not import from this catalog at this time. Unexpected error when creating temporary working copy of the catalog." It is not only with this catalog btw.  I discovered that I can't import any catalogs into any other catalogs anymore.

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