Lightroom :: Photos In Catalog Missing After Update?

Mar 22, 2014

After the latest update my catalog seem to be missing.  My photo's are in Collections, but as soon as I want to work with them ; I get message Photo missing.  (See attached.
If I try and find missing folder and check box - DON'T IMPORT SUSPECTED DUPLICATES - the tick goes away as if the photos are already imported.  (See attached print screens.

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Lightroom :: Working On V4 And V5 Catalog Photos Missing?

Jan 22, 2014

I just updated to LR5 a few days ago. My school still has LR4, therefore im forced to work with my catalogs with their software. At home i have LR5 and whenever i want to continue my editing on Lightroom, the photos i worked on LR ( at school ) wont appear on my LR5 (at home).

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Lightroom :: Photos Missing Or Offline - After Importing New Catalog

Dec 27, 2011

So I was just importing all my xmas shots yesterday, and I kinda did it wrong in a result, the folder I created is now the "main folder" i.e the one that has all my photos under it, as subfolders and as a result, ALL my photos has now gone offline or missing.
The new folder I created sits on top of the hieracy, and I dont want that of course, I want it under my "2011" folder, which was the main... I cant move the new folder called "xmas 2011" and If i try to delete it, it says do you want to delete 2200 pictures, which is everything I have under the original "2011" folder...
Im pretty new to lightroom, and the file handling and renaming of libery's seems very confusing, but this is really bad and its ALL my pictures being listed as missing of offline
I tried to open via backup, but the lastest backup I can find is from Aug 2011, which I know isnt true, as I back up everytime I have used lightroom, but I cant find any other back ups !!

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Lightroom :: Can Update Catalog On Laptop And Then Transfer Updates To Master Catalog On Desktop

Jan 13, 2011

I don't want to have the original files on both laptop and desktop.
I want to make a copy of a Lightroom 3 catalog to put on my laptop so while on the move I can be geo-tagging and keywording to 8000 photographs. I don't want to drag an external drive with me. I just want to be able to work on the catalog metadata and have all the updates/changes stored there (on the laptop)(in the catalog) and then transfer the catalog back to the desktop (to the primary archive) and have all the updates/changes pushed back into the DNG's or the XMP sidecar files alongside the CR2's. These changes would be only keywording and possibly writing GPS data into them….NOT image edits (that would probally require access to the original image files)
As a test, I tried "exporting as catalog", TWO images (with the source images "unavailable"). I flash-drived the resulting catalog to my laptop. I opened the catalog in LR3 and made changes to the metadata. I tried both "saving metadata to file" and "updating DNG previews" (which would be useless anyway since I could not write data back to the missing originals) and also tried doing nothing and just closing LR,  then pulling the flashdrive and plugging it into the DESKTOP.(knowing the changes are stored within the catalog itself only) I open the 2 picture catalog in LR and see the keyword updates. Hurrah!
I switch over to the master catalog. All I want to do is import the updated metadata (keywording, contrast, etc…) back into the master catalog and push the data into the original DNG or XMP. On import I select "replace: Metadata and develop settings only" (with or without "preserve old settings" checked) and click import. Voila! NOTHING HAPPENS and the updated keywords are NOT picked up.
I know that the metadata updates were carried out because they showed up when I opened it separately in LR! For some reason they don't seem to making through the import process to the master catalog…

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Catalog 4.4 (empty) With V3 Catalog With Many 1000 Photos

Apr 29, 2013

I had to reinstall an OS in my computer due to a virus.  As a result LR 3 in no longer installed.  I still have the catalog on a backup disk and have just installed and updated to LR 4.4.  What is the best way to merge the V3 catalog with V4 and are there any things I should expect or look out for?

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Photoshop :: Missing Tags And Photos In Old Catalog After Creating New

Feb 22, 2013

I created a new catalog for photos from the new year onwards.  I am using the same Adobe version 8 and computer as before.  I then imported photos to the new catalog and tagged them.  I deleted any keywords tags headings that I no longer needed in the new catalog. 

However I went to my old last year's catalog today only to find 1:any photos tagged under headings I deleted in the new catalog are not there and 2:all the tags and keywords are missing for the photos that are still there,.  So basically nothing is tagged anymore and most of the photos are missing from Photoshop!!

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Lightroom :: Latest Update Doesn't Acknowledge Catalog

Nov 28, 2012

Why does Lightroom not "see" the photos from my catalog since the latest update? Ever since the latest update it says file not found but I can open and work on the photos in other programs. How do I get the prgoram to "see" my photos again?

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Lightroom :: Missing Catalog After Upgrade?

Jan 26, 2013

I just opened Lightroom and was prompted to do an upgrade (4.3) now my catalogs are all gone. How can I get them back?

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Lightroom :: 4.1 Missing Catalog Thumbnails

Sep 18, 2012

Upgrading to 4.1 and imported my 3.6 catalog.All the files and collections appear - but most thumbnails are missing.  Many of the missing files are in storage off my PC on DVD. So I am thinking that the thumbnails aren't part of the LR3.6 catalogue (3.6 shows all thumbnails of files both on the PC AND storred off it on DVD once read in) but stored differently? If so, can I read them into 4.1 from 3.6?
If not I am concerned that we are deducing that maybe I will I have to read them all in again off dozens (and dozens) of DVD's?! Both a laborious task AND a bit of a say the least in the way things have been put together maybe?

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Lightroom :: Entire Catalog Missing?

Mar 9, 2012

I've always had some problems with missing files in Lightroom (as in, they would go missing without me moving or renaming any files), but it was never anything too important so I ignored it. However, I recently got Lightroom 4 (used 3 as a trial just before 4 was released) - I had downloaded it as a trial, and today I enterted my Student/Teacher approved serial number. When I opened Lightroom, most of my files were said to be missing. When I go into an individual catalog.

But when I went into 'All Photographs', it appeared with all shots that were obviously also in the Auto Show album (side note: it seemed to have made duplicates without my saying so, but now they are erased - thoughts?):

Thing is, I basically imported the photos off my camera into Lightroom, then deleted the shots on the camera thinking they would be safe on my computer, so I have no idea where the primary location is for all my photos. I did move some folders around today, but none of which contain anything to do with Lightroom as far as I can tell. If I deleted anything, it was just export versions of the photos.
I should add that this is with ALL my my photos - not just certain ones.Where can I find the master location for all of these photos if it exists?

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Lightroom :: Missing Catalog / Backup In LR3

Oct 4, 2013

When opening LR3 a window appeared asking if I wanted to open a catalog titled Photoshop Elements (or something like that). I said no and then got another window asking to select a catalog. After considerable searching I managed to find what must have been an initial attempt to start LR (several years ago), and it contained about 400 pictures rather than the 100,000 plus it should have displayed. Also, can not find any backups although I backup about once per week.  I've looked in all the usual places and the catalog I've been using for the last two years is missing, at least to me.

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Lightroom :: Catalog Is Missing Noise

Jul 11, 2012

My workflow goes like this:I use LR3 to apply adjustments, occasionally a preset from say VSCO..While in LR I use, PHOTO > EDIT This photo in - PHOTOSHOP
I do my edits, ADD NOISE, SHARPEN.Then PHOTO > SAVE AS.I save the photo to my external.Here is the issue, when I re-open LR the photo is then present in my Catalog and there in LR to be viewed.... from here I export the final size for web etc and I am done
The photo that is now within my LR catalog is missing the NOISE I am added completely, and the SHARPENING is gone, or much less sharp then the photo I have saved in PS.

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Lightroom :: How To Tell Which Catalog A Missing Image Belongs To

Oct 27, 2012

How can I tell which catalog a missing image belongs to?
Beating a dead horse.....Everytime I need "missing images" in LR4.2, I cannot access them, even though I am looking right at the location they presntly occupy because thye image is ALREADY IN ANOTHER CATALOG.
HOW frustrating is this...going on 8 months now. But I need the images and I suppose I could just go back and reprocess 10,000 images that are missing in my collections but I have tried many solutions offered over the months that are just impractical.
If let's say one image is already associated with another catalog that houses that collection, ( and the collection is important because it has the edits), i want to go to that catalog instead.

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Lightroom :: 4 Exporting As Catalog Missing Settings?

Apr 25, 2013

I have just moved my LR4 Catalog (Exporting as Catalog) from my Mac to an external Hard Drive. Now when I view the DNG Images in LR4 I notice that all of my adjustments e.g. (Exposure, WB, Camera Profil...etc,) are nolonger there! (hours of work missing).  I have also noticed that all Virtual Copies are missing!  The files are now as when I first imported into LR4.

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Lightroom :: Entire Catalog Folder Missing

Feb 26, 2013

I have checked the invisible files rebuilt the desktop, restarted loaded a back up from different drive - photos are in place but the lightroom folder is gone.
Yet the drive in question space, has not changed still full. I'm loosing a lot of work two three full days between backups had added a lot of new material.
my main question is How can I free up the 86 gigs of space this 'missing folder' is still taking I'm seroius never seen this before.,228000 images were organized in that folder I had done a lot of work and was having issues generating previews due to space on drive was clearing space opptimized then did a 'get info' on the lightroom master folder just moments before lightroom crashed for third time today. Poof entire master catalog folder gone. Main drive size exactly the same.Seems isolated to lightroom..all aspects of my mac are fine. 

Is there a file limit, folder implosion feature? I'm current and purchased just to do this organization.

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Lightroom :: 2 - Reconnect Missing Files In Catalog

Oct 9, 2013

I am using Lightroom 2.  I have many photo folders on an external drive that show as off-line when I open Lightroom.  I can see the photos in Lightroom but can not do anything with them.
How do I reconnect this folders that show off-line and have a ? mark?

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Lightroom :: Missing Image Size Info In Catalog?

Feb 16, 2014

Many of my catalog images (LR 3.6) do not show file size or pixel information for the associated image file.  I suspect this is a hangover from an import of photos from Photoshop Elements which I used in the past.  The problem is that when I put such an image in a slideshow or web gallery, the exported image is not properly displayed.
To get around this, I can export the image files to a hard drive directory in original format, and then re-import them into my web gallery collection.  The correct file size info is then available in the catalog, and the image reproduces correctly in the exported gallery.
I know (or at least hope) this is a kludge, and there is a more straightforward method to correct the catalog.  I have many photos with incomplete image information.

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Lightroom :: Pictures Missing In Collections When Catalog Has Moved To Another PC

Dec 20, 2013

I have moved my pictures and my catalog from a Windows PC to a new iMac. The images have been moved, the image manipulation are there (separate XMP files ) The folders for the collections have been moved, but all images are empty. Not one picture is in my collections.

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Lightroom :: Moving LR Photos And Catalog From PC To MAC?

Mar 31, 2014

My photos and catalog (LR5) are on NTFS formatted hard drives. What do I need to do to, to be able to use them with LR on a Mac?

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Lightroom :: Reconnecting Catalog With Photos?

Jan 17, 2014

the power went off in my home.  computer was on at the time.  after starting it i had to restart in order for it to recognize the ext drive where all my photos are.  catalog was gone as well.  catalog and pics are back.
all folders in catalog now have ?s.
when i right click on 'all photgraphs' i get a prompt to import photos. when i right click on 'My Pictures" i get the following prompts: find missing folder
not sure what to do.

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Lightroom :: Organizing Photos In The Catalog?

Dec 6, 2012

Organizing photos in the catalog

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Lightroom :: Import Photos Into A Catalog?

Jan 25, 2013

Import photos into a catalog?

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos Into New Catalog With LR4

Feb 4, 2014

I am using an iMac with the latest version of Maverick OS. I am trying to import photos into a new catalog with LR4 (also have tried with the trial version of LR5).I have photos in 226 folders in my pictures folder on my hard drive and am trying to import pictures in some of the folders. When I got to import i get a listing of about 8000 photos showing. When I expand to the picture folder to show all 226 subfolders each subfolder will show the photos inside. However 35 of these folders give a notice  "no photos found". (the photos are there when looked at from the finder).
why those 35 folders will not show any photos to import.

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Lightroom :: Can't Add Photos To Regular Catalog

Apr 24, 2013

Initially I had no problem doing this or in creating smart catalogs but recently I find that after importing and editing a set of new photos..I can not add them (or a picked subset) to a Catalog ?
I must have something dumb set now, because as I try to drag them from a folder or a single or set of photos from the selected grid view to the named Gatalog.. I get a black circle with a line thru it over the catalog name and the images can't be added to thevcatalog..
P.S,. I have the. Lr5 beta installed and its behaving the same way as Lr4.4 is now too

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos From Another Catalog

Feb 13, 2014

How to import photos form another catalog?

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Lightroom :: Finding Photos In The Catalog?

Jan 24, 2013

Finding photos in the catalog?

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Lightroom :: Restoring Photos To Catalog?

Aug 12, 2013

I have a folder of images that I was editing that was lost without being backed up. I had the images backed up, but all of the changes I made in LR were not backed up yet. I have restored the folder from backup to a new hard drive and I'd like to work on them without losing my previous changes. Is that possible? When I open LR it shows the thumbs of the images with a question mark. Can I reimport the photos somehow that will apply those previous edits?

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Lightroom :: Put Photos In Catalog Without Copying?

Feb 25, 2012

How can I put the photos in the Lightroom catalog, so that I can edit them and organize them, without copying all the photos??? I don't really want to have the photos on my hard drive along with another extra copy of the same photo in the LR catalog. When I wanted to import photos my only options were to "move" or "copy" photos. I don't want to do either, i want to be able to "view" and access them, along with editing them?

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Lightroom :: Missing Photos That Are Not Really Missing?

Jan 28, 2014

LR states that my photos are missing, but none of my photographs seem to be missing, ie, there are no question marks and all photos can be found, edited, and exported in the normal fashion.

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Lightroom :: Previews Missing At Catalog And Drive Level - Unable To Use Filters

Apr 15, 2012

Using LR4 (not 4.1) and Win7 Home Premium. Catalog had been upgraded from LR3 and  LR4 catalog was working fine until now. I've been using LR since the beginning.Two problems, probably related.  106K photos over two drives, almost 3Tb.
At the catalog level, there are no previews.  Normally previews of all 106K photos would be displayed. Message is "Click the "import" button to begin."  Filter function does not work Message:  "No photos match the filter".At the drive level, there are no previews.  Message is "No photos in selected folder" Filter function does not work Message:  "No photos match the filter". At the folder level, everything is fine, except two folders give the same message "No photos in selected folder"  Filter function does not work in these two folders: Message:  "No photos match the filter"  14K photos between the two bad folders. Dozens, hundreds, of other folders and subfolders are fine. Filter function works fine at folder and subfolder level. Collections are fine, including photos in the two folders giving the mesage "No photos in selected folder"
Tried to import the missing folders.  Won't import because they're already in the catalog.  Won't import even if I uncheck "Don't import suspected duplicates". Exported as a catalog one of the "No photos in selected folder" folders.  It appeared to create a viable catalog with previews, search filters, etc.  I edited a few photos with no problems.  Although it did give a message saying several hundred previews were missing.  But they seem to be there anyway.Deleted the folder from the catalog and imported from catalog the working folder catalog that I just created. Exported as a catalog  the other "No photos in selected folder" folder.  Same result as the first bad folder.  I.e. It appeared to create a viable catalog with previews, search filters, etc.  Although it did give a message saying several hundred previews were missing.  But they seem to be there anyway. Haven't done anything with this second folder catalog.  Intriguing, the same message about missing previews. The actual files and *.xmp files are in the bad folders.

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Lightroom :: Import Catalog Photos From USB Drive?

Feb 14, 2014

I have imported photos from a catalog into a new catalog.  Some of the photos in the catalog are located on a remote drive.   The drive is not listed when I select the photos to be imported.  Is it possible to import catalog photos from a usb drive?

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