Lightroom :: Organizing Photos By Folder In The Library?

Apr 16, 2013

I have organized all my pictures into year>season (winter, spring etc)>event. I have been using photoshop to edit and output my pictures and then taking the edited ones and loading them into iphoto which makes them as "events" I have liked this a lot. As I switch to Lightroom (something I am very ready to do), I don't see a similar grouping feature. It seems you can make key words or collections, but I don't see an automatic grouping system that would nest photos from events (ie taken on the same day).

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Lightroom :: 3 - How To Move Photos To Different Folder In Library Module

Mar 2, 2012

Trying to move some photos to a different folder in the Library Module. I highlite the photos, click on the folder I want to move them to and press "Move Selected Photos to this Folder." Then I get an error message that the photos are already in the destination. OK. 1 Problem I just made the folder. My computer crashed about 3 weeks ago. Got it back up and reinstalled LR3.

Made 2 catalogs;

1. Personal and
2. Work Photos.

All of my personal photos I put in the personal cat with no sub-folders, my work went into the work which I made sub-folders. Today I finally got the time to set up my Personal folder. Made 3 new folders, one was Vietnam, which I divided into sub-folders of the place I was stationed and my R&R to Hawaii. Started separating the photos, all went well till I tried to move photos to a sub-folder call Phu Loi. Then I got the error message.

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Lightroom :: Stop 4 From Organizing Imported Files Into Folder By Date?

Mar 19, 2013

How do I stop LR4 from organizing imported files into a folder by date. Most times when I import files I have already created a folder and sub-folder structure tyat I want to use. I then right click the desired folder and choose import into this folder option. Why does LR4 insist on organizing my already selected destination into a sub-folder with a date by default?

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Lightroom :: Organizing Photos In The Catalog?

Dec 6, 2012

Organizing photos in the catalog

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Lightroom :: Organizing Photos On Import After Upgrading To V5

Jan 22, 2014

Recently upgraded to Lightroom 5 and when photos imported from lightroom 4 they are no longer organized they way they were in lightroom 4. They were organized by year and month, now they are all in one folder with no organization. Is there a way to change this setting to autmatically organize on import by year and month. I can't find my older pictures in lightroom.

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Lightroom :: Get Rid Of Directory Path In Front Of Folder Names In Folder Listing In Library Mode?

Feb 16, 2014

Im using the most recent version of Lightroom 5.3 (updated through CC - even though this has shown up on previous version) on Windows 7 and all the folders in my library are showing up with the directory path in front of my folder names. How can I get rid of this? I do not see any options in preferences to turn this off. I have also turned off preferences in Windows > Folder Options Control Panel "Display full Path in Title bar" option.
I have Lightroom on several computers and have set up preferences the same on each workstation, and this only shows up on one workstation.

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VideoStudio :: Organizing The Video Library?

Jan 23, 2011

I have completed a few projects and would like to add some more videos to edit a new one. Is there a way to organize the library so that there aren't eventually hundreds of clips in there?

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Photoshop :: Brush Folder/organizing

May 23, 2007

is there any way of putting brushes in accessible subfolders?

ive accumulated a lot of brushes over time, and now it is hard to find the one i want, can i put them in seperate folders within the brush palette for easy access?

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Lightroom :: Moved All Photos From Structured Folder System Into One Unorganised Folder On External Drive

Jul 17, 2013

I've got about 10,000 photos that I've moved in lightroom by creating a folder called 'pictures' on the external drive using the left folders panel. I then selected all the images in the root drive on my computer and dragged them onto the 'pictures' folder on the external drive, and I expected the folder structure to come with it. Only after I realised that they had all moved into one folder. Is there a way of moving the images back into a structure without manually doing it? Here's a screenshot.....

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Lightroom :: Unable To Drag A Group Of Photos Or Even Single Photos To A Publish Folder

Oct 2, 2012

I'm unable to drag a group of photos or even single photos to a publish folder.  In this case it's SmugMug. What is the correct method?

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Lightroom :: Importing Into Library In Batch From Folder?

Feb 16, 2014

How can I import JPEG files with dashes in the file names into the library? In batch from a folder?

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Lightroom :: An Existing Folder Doesn't Appear In The Library?

Jan 10, 2014

I don't see an existing folder in my library.  I try to import photos into lightroom, but it indicates that they are already imported and they supposedly exist in a particular folder.  However, that folder is not showing in my library.  Is there a way to correct this?  The photo is there but they only way I can see it is to search for it and it will appear.

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Photoshop Elements :: Organizing Photos From 3.0 To 11?

Apr 16, 2013

I know, it's been a while.  But I've been using Elements 3.0 for years.  Finally became unstable.  Now have purchased Elements 11.  I have photos in iPhoto, folders, Pictures.  Is there any easy way to organized them all in Elements 11? I know there are duplicates too.  Will Organizer spot these?

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Lightroom :: Update Folder Location Library Module?

Mar 25, 2014

What purpose does this option serve and what is the best way to utilize it

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Lightroom :: How To Sort Or Filter Only The RAW Files In A Library Folder

Feb 16, 2014

Is there a way to Sort or Filter only the RAW files in a Library folder that have had adjustments made to them in the Develop Module?   Not by date, key words or flags etc.  Only develop adjustments.

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Lightroom :: Library Says Photos Not There - Import Says Photos Are There

Apr 7, 2013

I add five photos to a folder in Lightroom 4.3.  The photos are in the specified folder in Windows.  Import shows the five photos as imported but greyed out and  semi-highlighted.  Library does not show these five photos.  What can I do?

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Lightroom :: Creating New Parent Folder In Library - Read Only Location

Mar 17, 2014

When I try to create a new parent folder in Library, the naming box comes up with the message, "read only location".  What's wrong?

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Lightroom :: In Library Module Entire Folder Hierarchy Is Not Showing

Nov 21, 2011

I have things cataloged in folders by country then by year, then date. If I try to add a folder I am directed to my Lightroom folder and everything is in order, ie Lightroom/Asia/China/2008/ 2008-6-16. But I can't see that on the right side of LR.

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Lightroom :: Metadata Folder In Library Module Is Missing In Right Panel

Feb 15, 2012

The metadata folder in the library module is missing in the right panel. It was present when I first purchased Lightroom 3 but has since disappeared from view, but don't know exactly when.

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Photoshop Elements :: Loading / Storing / Organizing Photos

Mar 23, 2013

I just bought a new laptop in July. Got Elements soon after. I have been taking digital photos since 2006. I have over 7,500 photos. I have used all of my online storage.

1. How do I get Photoshop to look at my hard drive for photos?
a. How do I use the online storage as a backup of, say, photo albums?
2. How do I get Elements to stop loading ALL 7500 photos every time I open it?
I'm using DSL, so you can imagine how incredibly SLOW EVERYTHING is in Elements.
I'm still trying to figure out how to organize everything. I stopped using it for a few months becuase I got so frustrated. But now I've scanned in more photos (75) and I have to finish my mom's scrapbook. I've read parts of Elements for Dummies, but I still don't get it.

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Lightroom :: All Photos In Library Are Not Showing Up?

Jun 14, 2012

All my photos in my library are just showing gray.. here's a screenshot

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Lightroom :: Photos Do Not Load In Library

Aug 1, 2013

A few days ago I was importing photos (RAW to DNG) and my computer locked. i had to reboot, and ever since when i import photos they will not load (preview) in Library. Also Histogram just reads "calculating", but no graph loads in. If I go to develop, the photo will load in,  and I can export it with no issue.  I just can't view photos in Library. also, photos imported prior to that event will load in and can be viewed in Library. Just nothing going forward.  My OS is Vista and i'm running Lightroom 4.4

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Lightroom :: 4 - Photos In Develop Module Are Different When In Library

Aug 14, 2012

When i'm editing photos in the develop module they look really clear and good. When i switch to the library, they have a lot of noise and look nothing like how I edited them. I am using lightroom 4 for my mac. It's annoying to have to switch between the develop module and library to see what they are going to look like.

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Lightroom :: No Actual Photos Are Showing In Library

Jul 21, 2012

I downloaded LR 4 and it opens but only the LR 4 superstructure (frames, info on left side) is visible.  There are no phoyos from the catalogs listed on the left side.

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Lightroom :: Get Photos That Are In IPhoto Library To Import Into LR5?

Dec 7, 2013

How can I get to my photos that are in the iPhoto Library to import them into Lr5?  Clicking on the library opens iPhoto.  I no longer want to use iPhoto.

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Lightroom :: Library And Develop Module Photos Appear Different

Apr 21, 2013

I am using Lightroom 4.4   Dell Ultrasharp monitor is calibrated.  I own and have been referring to Scott Kelby's Lightroom4 book for digital photographers.  I recently took some photos of my daughters prom.  She had on a beautiful reddish orange dress.  I notice that the dress appears very red in the develop module, however, appears a bit more orange in the library module.  The change is very noticeable between the modules.  The dress also appears similar to the library module view (a bit more orange) when viewed on the web via Flickr utilizing Chrome, Firefox, or IPad.  It also appears the same when exported to a JPEG file.
I have done some experimenting and have determined that this color change effect appears to be very noticeable utilizing the Adobe Standard Camera Calibration Profile.  It does not happen (at least to a noticeable extent) with the others such as Camera Standard where the dress appears a bit more orange in both the library and develop module.  I do, however, like the appearance of the Adobe Standard profile better and this happens to be the default profile as well.
I have also noticed that the dress looks more orange when Soft Proofing is enabled.  The change happens immediately when the check box is enabled.  Checking the box makes the photo appear similar to the Library module view.  Enabling Soft Proofing does make noticeable that there is Destination Gamut Warning which mainly involves the dress which is the point of interest, however, there is no warning with the Monitor Gamut Warning.  I am intending to place the photos on the web at this time via Flickr.  I will be printing several later so will be worrying about the printer gamut at that time.  But for now, I would like to get the photos on the web looking as intended.

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Lightroom :: Exporting All Photos And Snapshots Of Each From Library

May 4, 2012

It seems like a simple enough request, but I'm just not seeing it.  When I export (from Library) I want all the photos and snapshots of each to be exported.  Is there a way to do this?  Or, do I need to make virtual copies of each snapshot, THEN do an export?

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Lightroom :: Importing Photos - Cannot See Folder

Mar 7, 2014

In the import screen, on the left side of the screen, i start opening my tree to find the folder of photos I want to import but it doen't scroll down. The folder I need is further down, what can I do?

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Lightroom :: Exporting Photos In Folder?

Sep 9, 2013

when I am done in LR where do I "export" my photos too (what folder)

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Lightroom :: Move Photos To A Sub Folder?

Jun 22, 2013

I'm using Lightroom 5 and moving photos to a sub folder. Here's where I'm running into a problem:
My photos are in a folder named "to file"Inside "to file" I create a folder named "2013-05"I select some photos from "to file" and click and drag them into "2013-05"They appear in "2013-05" as expectedThe problem is, they still appear in the parent folder "to file" My question is, once I move photos to a sub folder how can I prevent them from appearing in the parent folder?

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Lightroom :: Photos Downloaded To Image Capture But Not To LR3 Library

Jul 11, 2012

Is there a procedural way to download my photos to LR3 instead of Image Capture on my iMAC? I had Apple Store Geniuses fix the Safe Mode problem (which i posted in a different thread) so when I got home and tried to download my photos from the CF card reader it showed up in the Image Capture screen but not in LR3. I had the CF card reader attached to the computer's USB port before turning on the computer.
Should I have turned on the computer first and then open LR3 before connecting the card reader? My guess is that because LR3 was not opened first, the downloading went somewhere else.

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