Lightroom :: Moving LR Photos And Catalog From PC To MAC?

Mar 31, 2014

My photos and catalog (LR5) are on NTFS formatted hard drives. What do I need to do to, to be able to use them with LR on a Mac?

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos And Catalog To New Computer?

Nov 1, 2013

I have a Mac Pro and just bought an iMac.
On my Mac Pro, the LR catalog is on the boot drive. The photos are on a separate internal drive.
My plan is to copy both the photos and the LR catalog to the 3 TB Fusion drive of the iMac.
Would I then just double-click on the catalog to open it, and use this process to "reconnect" the missing photo files?

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog To New Folder - Lost Track Of 54000+ Photos

Jan 26, 2014

How to restore my backup catalogue to a new location?

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Catalog 4.4 (empty) With V3 Catalog With Many 1000 Photos

Apr 29, 2013

I had to reinstall an OS in my computer due to a virus.  As a result LR 3 in no longer installed.  I still have the catalog on a backup disk and have just installed and updated to LR 4.4.  What is the best way to merge the V3 catalog with V4 and are there any things I should expect or look out for?

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Lightroom :: Moving LR4 / PC Catalog To LR5 / Mac?

Jan 25, 2014

moving a LR4 catalog from PC to a LR5 catalog on Mac.
I need to tell LR where the photos are on the Mac. When I try to import the catalog - it shows my old PC drives...

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Lightroom :: 4.3 Won't Add To Catalog Without Moving

Dec 28, 2012

I'm trying to import the images from a CF card to Lightroom 4.3 however the only options available to me are Copy as DNG or Copy....Move and Add are dark grayed out and I cannot select them.  I do notice when I go to the Import module, the Add selector is white for a few moments and then it goes to black. 

I'm running:

MacBook Pro Mac OX 10.6.8 
Trial version of LR 4.3. 
CF card is coming as .NEF from a Nikon D800. 
I have done this before, regularly, it seems that with this update it is not possible.  I'm not interested in importing because HDD space is limited AND I don't use this computer for editing/file management.  The imports go to a drive array in another location.  I don't want to be to overly emphatic about this, but I'm not interested in importing to the HDD on the MacBook Pro.BTW, I have tested it and it does import just fine into the catalog to the HDD. 
Below is a screen shot of my catalog import options.  I've looked for ways to change the settings but even setting it to Copy back to the card itself does not allow me to Move or Add Without Moving.  Only Copy in two different formats is available.

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog To A New Computer

Jun 7, 2012

I recently purchased a new computer, and I need to transfer my existing Lightroom (3.6) catalog to the new machine.  I have installed Lightroom on the new machine, and have updated it to the same version as on the old machine.  All my images are on an external drive that I can move to the new computer. 
Can I simply export the existing catalog, move the hard drive, and import the catalog into the new instance of Lightroom on the new computer?  Obviously, I want to retain al the keywords, develop adjustments, etc., that I had in the original catalog.

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog And Files?

Feb 10, 2012

Currently my Catalog and photos reside inside a directory c:/Current (path shortened for simpliicty!) and I want to move the whole lot to a new location on the same drive, c:/NewLoc.
I see many explanations of moving to other drives or machines but cannot find an explanation of a 'simple' move to another directory on the same drive!

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog From 1 Computer To Another?

Nov 15, 2011

I have a separate catalog of photos from a recent trip on my laptop (don't ask why I created a 2nd catalog - won't do that again). I want to transfer them to our desktop, which is a mac (the laptop is pc). Following instructions in a tim grey email, I used "export catalog" to transfer to an external hard drive, with intent to then import to the mac. I did check for it to export negative files. It took forever, but froze partway through the process. So I created a new folder to export into, and tried it again. It got much further that time but froze again. When I use lightroom to access the files that did transfer, I find the folders labelled as they are on the laptop, but when I open them, the application says, "no items match your search", although it does indicate there are i.e. 47 MG in the file. I can use picasa to view the files, both the jpeg's and the raw files, so they're in there.

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog To Network Drive?

Dec 12, 2011

I have my complete catalog of Lightroom 3.5 currently on my harddisc of my PC (windows 7). I want to move this catalog to a network based RAID disc and work from there. I've exported my catalog to the networkdisc but how do I tell Lightroom to use that catalog instead of the one on my local drive?

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Lightroom :: Moving A Catalog To A Faster Drive?

Jul 11, 2012

I currently have my main catalog 'gwcat-2-2.lrcat'  in what I think is the default directory of ":..D:UsersGeorgePicturesLightroom".  I would like to move it to a faster drive.  Should I move JUST the lrcat file, or is moving the gwcat-2-2 Previews.lrdata required? 
There is a LOT of stuff in lrdata! and would take a long time to move.  I've always been a bit confused by the difference between "Previews.lrdatafa" and the cache directory (I already have the cache directory on SSD).  --If you go by just the definition of terms, it seems like a distinction without a difference.

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog To New Disk Drive

Nov 24, 2011

I have run out of space on my main hard drive ( C) and cannot resize it.I have another vacant disk drive in the same computer (300 gigs) that I would like to move the en tire catalogue to .
How I would redirect Lightroom to find and use it in the new location.

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Lightroom :: Moving Complete Catalog To Another Location On Mac?

Oct 1, 2013

For a while I've been using my Lightroom on my Mac on a folder inside my Google Drive folder. The reason for this is that I have an online backup as well my 2 external hard drive backups (you can NEVER have too many backups ).
However, Google Drive has proved to be a bigger let down than any Michael Bay movie out there, and I've now signed up to Copy. If you fancy creating a Copy account, you'll get 5Gb free on top of the 15Gb they so generously give you if you click on this link!
Anyway, my plan is to move my Catalog to another folder in my root drive, aptly titled “Copy”. So, I created a new folder within Lightroom, and went to move it, (whilst using the Lightroom interface) — so far I'm pretty sure this is the correct way, but I've attached a screenshot of the message that came up. This should be ok shouldn't it? I've attached screenshots of where I want to move it to, and the prompt that came up.

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Lightroom :: Source Location When Moving Catalog To New Hdd

Aug 3, 2013

My main hdd was about to crash. i bought a new ssd drive. it isnt big enough to fit original os, programs and images. So I moved images from main hdd to an external hdd. I moved catalog to a new primary hdd with a fresh install. When I load the catalog, the images are missing. When I select locate and find target files, I think it's importing them back to the main hdd. Does it move the file or just change where it's pointing to the file. If it moves the file then I will run out of space again and defeat the purpose!!

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog Folder To New SSD Drive

Feb 26, 2014

how to set up LR on new computer.Have my photos on external drive and want them to go to the D: drive.Moved the LR Cat folder to my C: SSD drive with LR off.
Opened LR and relocated LR to new file location on C: drive.Lr shows all my Picture folders from year 2000 to year 2014 with the expected ? marks.I don't want the picture folders on C: drive but on D: drive.

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Photoshop Elements :: Moving PSE8 Catalog To Lightroom?

Nov 11, 2012

I have used Elements 8 for many years to organize my thousands of photos.  I know where the catalog file lives on my laptop and it has an extension of .pse8db.
I would now like to use that same catalog file as I move to use Lightroom so that I don't lose all that data.
I believe that now it needs to be .lrcat.
What process do I need to follow in order to upgrade my catalog from Elements 8 to Lightroom?

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Lightroom :: Moving Entire Catalog To Bigger External Drive?

Jun 29, 2013

A friend just had major problems moving his v3 files. He had one top folder for all Lightroom. He keeps his catalog and photos on an external and now needs to increase the capacity of the external. So he copied them over in Windows with the entire Lightroom folder remaining intact, and reassigned the old drive letter to the new external hard drive, so the path to all photos is preserved.
However, everyhting shows up Missing. "Find this folder" doesn't work. You navigate to the new location but it's not clear what exactly you "do" to relink. Clicking the name of the lost folder in the resulting dialog box (new-but-named-the-same-as-old-drive) didn't cange anthong back at the Library display of that folder. I know I -- myself -- will be moving to a new internal drive from the one currently storing my photos in the near future. So his problem is relavant to the hassle i can expect.

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Lightroom :: Major Catalog With Wrong Capture Dates After Moving Files On Import

Jul 26, 2013

I had a decently organized folder structure with all photos from about 2005 on being organized by year (moved to their corresponding year folder on import from memory card). 
However i had about 10,000 or so photos which were placed randomly in folders and sub folders from various backup/restores etc, which were imported into lightroom but not moved into their corresponding year folders. 
I just purchased LR5 and i wanted to finally take the time to organize my file folder structure and create a new catalog.  Following a method i researched found here: [URL]....
Here is what i did:
1)  In Lightroom 4 i highlighted All Photos and saved metadata to file for every photo. (thinking this would keep all original metadata and any adjustments i made on the files)
2)  Fired up lightroom 5 and started a new catalog.  I then proceeded to import folders from my photo file folder and use the Import and Move option which imported and moved the files into the folders by year.
3)  This seemed to work well but it seems i wound up with lots of duplicates (the older photos i had often had filename1.jpg and filename1-2.jpg which were often a cropped dupe) which was not a big deal and still ok so far.
4)  I really liked the ability to click on the Year folder in the library and see all the photos for that year but i noticed that TONS of photos were missing within each year.
It turns out that a TON of photos which were in one of their own folders (not by year) folder were moved to 2013 folder and the original capture date had been re-written as 7-24-13 (the import date) overwriting what it was originally there and ruining my organization!
My catalog is a mess, all the files have been moved to a year folder and alot of the years are just plain wrong.  I don't want to sort through my entire collection (48,000 photos) and find miss-labeled dates and out of place files!
what can i do to restore the original capture date and put my collection back in the proper order?

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Lightroom :: Reconnecting Catalog With Photos?

Jan 17, 2014

the power went off in my home.  computer was on at the time.  after starting it i had to restart in order for it to recognize the ext drive where all my photos are.  catalog was gone as well.  catalog and pics are back.
all folders in catalog now have ?s.
when i right click on 'all photgraphs' i get a prompt to import photos. when i right click on 'My Pictures" i get the following prompts: find missing folder
not sure what to do.

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Lightroom :: Organizing Photos In The Catalog?

Dec 6, 2012

Organizing photos in the catalog

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Lightroom :: Import Photos Into A Catalog?

Jan 25, 2013

Import photos into a catalog?

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos Into New Catalog With LR4

Feb 4, 2014

I am using an iMac with the latest version of Maverick OS. I am trying to import photos into a new catalog with LR4 (also have tried with the trial version of LR5).I have photos in 226 folders in my pictures folder on my hard drive and am trying to import pictures in some of the folders. When I got to import i get a listing of about 8000 photos showing. When I expand to the picture folder to show all 226 subfolders each subfolder will show the photos inside. However 35 of these folders give a notice  "no photos found". (the photos are there when looked at from the finder).
why those 35 folders will not show any photos to import.

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Lightroom :: Can't Add Photos To Regular Catalog

Apr 24, 2013

Initially I had no problem doing this or in creating smart catalogs but recently I find that after importing and editing a set of new photos..I can not add them (or a picked subset) to a Catalog ?
I must have something dumb set now, because as I try to drag them from a folder or a single or set of photos from the selected grid view to the named Gatalog.. I get a black circle with a line thru it over the catalog name and the images can't be added to thevcatalog..
P.S,. I have the. Lr5 beta installed and its behaving the same way as Lr4.4 is now too

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos From Another Catalog

Feb 13, 2014

How to import photos form another catalog?

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Lightroom :: Finding Photos In The Catalog?

Jan 24, 2013

Finding photos in the catalog?

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Lightroom :: Restoring Photos To Catalog?

Aug 12, 2013

I have a folder of images that I was editing that was lost without being backed up. I had the images backed up, but all of the changes I made in LR were not backed up yet. I have restored the folder from backup to a new hard drive and I'd like to work on them without losing my previous changes. Is that possible? When I open LR it shows the thumbs of the images with a question mark. Can I reimport the photos somehow that will apply those previous edits?

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Lightroom :: Put Photos In Catalog Without Copying?

Feb 25, 2012

How can I put the photos in the Lightroom catalog, so that I can edit them and organize them, without copying all the photos??? I don't really want to have the photos on my hard drive along with another extra copy of the same photo in the LR catalog. When I wanted to import photos my only options were to "move" or "copy" photos. I don't want to do either, i want to be able to "view" and access them, along with editing them?

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Lightroom :: Edited Photos In 4 Not Moving Over To CS5?

Jan 1, 2013

I just upgraded to Lightroom 4 this week and am haing trouble getting CS5 to open the Lightroom-edited photos.  For example, if I adjust the exposure, clarity, etc. in LR 4 and then hit command E to take the file over to Photoshop for further editing, CS5 isn't opening that edited file.  It is opening the original file that was imported into LR 4 but not the edited version.  These are RAW files. 
Interestingly, all of the older files that I originally edited in LR 3 (they have now been moved into the LR4 catalog) will still move over from LR4 to CS5 when I hit command E.  Only the files that were imported  from my camera card directly into LR 4 aren't cooperating. 

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos From One Computer To Another?

Jul 23, 2013

I am having a problem with moving my photos from a MacBook Pro to a PC laptop.  All the files reside in one directory on an external drive.  I copied the catalog from the Mac to the PC, connected the drive, started LR and pointed to the copied catalog.  As expected, LR did not know where the files from the external drive were, so I highlighted the drive, right clicked the photo directory and told it to find missing files.  I then pointed it to the proper directory on the drive.  It only partially worked.  Several of the subdirectories on the drive did not relink.  If I take the drive off the PC and put it back on the Mac, the subdirectories are properly linked, where on the PC, some aren't.
I can reimport, but then I have to do edits all over again on those photos.

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos Between Computers

Jan 9, 2014

WHen i travel, i use a laptop to handle my photos.  When i return home i would like to move the pictures to my main computer, but i have already processed them and spent a fair amount of time on them.  How can i move the already processed photos across computers using LR4?

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Lightroom :: Import Catalog Photos From USB Drive?

Feb 14, 2014

I have imported photos from a catalog into a new catalog.  Some of the photos in the catalog are located on a remote drive.   The drive is not listed when I select the photos to be imported.  Is it possible to import catalog photos from a usb drive?

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