Lightroom :: Importing Photos From Folders On Computer To Catalog

Sep 24, 2012

My problem is that when I'm importing photos from my folders on the computer to my catalog in Lightroom 4, Lightroom doesn't import all photos from my folders. It imports the first 3-4 photos rom my folder.

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Lightroom :: 2.7 - Importing Folders From XP To New Windows 7 Computer

Apr 24, 2012

Have just migrated to new PC (Ver 7) from an CP machine.  LR 2.7 is loaded on the new machine and I have a folder called Photo Universe that contains 15,000+ photos with keywords, modifications, etc.  Quustion is how to import the existing folders and photos so that my previous keywords, configurations and settings carry over as well.
I tried "Selecting All" sub folders, but that didn't work.  I guess I'm hoping and looking for a silver bullet.  On the other hand, I'll do whatever it takes to make this happen.

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos And Catalog To New Computer?

Nov 1, 2013

I have a Mac Pro and just bought an iMac.
On my Mac Pro, the LR catalog is on the boot drive. The photos are on a separate internal drive.
My plan is to copy both the photos and the LR catalog to the 3 TB Fusion drive of the iMac.
Would I then just double-click on the catalog to open it, and use this process to "reconnect" the missing photo files?

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Lightroom :: Restore Photos And Catalog Together On New Computer?

Nov 2, 2013

I recently had a computer crash and want to migrate my photos and changes from my old hard drive into my newly installed Lightroom software on the new computer.  I recovered the old drive, and accessed it from my new computer.  I found the most recent Lightroom catalog and imported it.  Then I imported all of my photos into Lightroom.  The problem is that the catalog and the photos don't seem to be talking to each other.  In the catalog, the photos are there all bunched together, no folders separating by date.  In the photo folders that ARE separated by date, the original photos are there as they were first imported (RAW files), but don't have the develop changes that I made to them.  How can I get these two things to link up?

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Lightroom :: Change Location For Auto-folders Created When Importing Photos

Dec 13, 2011

I'm experiencing a bit of an organization problem with Lightroom 3 which is probably rather easy to fix, but I just can't seen ti figure out how. When I import photos in Lightroom it automatically creates folders (2011-12-14 for example) and I would like to change the location on my computer for these folders, but I can't find where to do it. It now creates these folders in my regular Pictures folder which gets really messy due to this. How can I change this? And how do I relocate all the excisting folders on my laptop, without having to find all the missing photos afterwards.

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Lightroom :: Photos Missing Or Offline - After Importing New Catalog

Dec 27, 2011

So I was just importing all my xmas shots yesterday, and I kinda did it wrong in a result, the folder I created is now the "main folder" i.e the one that has all my photos under it, as subfolders and as a result, ALL my photos has now gone offline or missing.
The new folder I created sits on top of the hieracy, and I dont want that of course, I want it under my "2011" folder, which was the main... I cant move the new folder called "xmas 2011" and If i try to delete it, it says do you want to delete 2200 pictures, which is everything I have under the original "2011" folder...
Im pretty new to lightroom, and the file handling and renaming of libery's seems very confusing, but this is really bad and its ALL my pictures being listed as missing of offline
I tried to open via backup, but the lastest backup I can find is from Aug 2011, which I know isnt true, as I back up everytime I have used lightroom, but I cant find any other back ups !!

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Photoshop Elements :: Importing Photos In Folders?

Jun 12, 2013

How do I import 3500 photos in 12 folders to stay in their 12 folders when imported so I don't have to do that work all over again?  I am not familiar with PSE at all so haven't imported my photos (with thumb drive) not knowing what will happen when I do!

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Photoshop Elements :: Tags Not Importing With Photos To New Computer

Sep 3, 2013

I just transferred 10,000 photos... all tagged beautifully in my previous computer..that are no longer tagged.  I installed Elements 6 and imported the photos along with tags according the screen, but once the import is done less than 100 of the photos are actually tagged.  I also have a newer version of elements that I want to use on this computer but thought I should try to make the original version work before upgrading.  What do I need to do to get the tags back?

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Lightroom :: How To Delete Sub Folders Without Deleting Photos In Sub Folders

Jul 6, 2012

How do I delete sub-folders in Lightroom without deleting the photos in those sub-folders?

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Catalogs By Importing A Catalog Into A Master Catalog

Dec 15, 2012

I'm using Lightroom 1.  I tried to merge catalogs by importing a catalog into a master catalog, but there were some problems.  The one I noticed immediately was that the collections are not correct.  It imported the collections, but for example one collection now has only 4 photos when the originbal had 140?  How can I fix that?  (Although not necessariy a problem, it seems to have the wrong number of photos imported too.  It says the previous import was 3175 photos when it was more like 10,000.)

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Lightroom :: Open All Folders On Computer In 4

Nov 26, 2012

My LR is currently only showing the photo folder. I have forgotten how to make it show all the folders on my computer and the external hard drive. What is the command to toggle back and forward?

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Lightroom :: Importing Images From Specific Folders Including Images From Outside Selected Folders

Mar 19, 2013

Importing images from specific folders is including images from outside selected folders. 

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Catalog 4.4 (empty) With V3 Catalog With Many 1000 Photos

Apr 29, 2013

I had to reinstall an OS in my computer due to a virus.  As a result LR 3 in no longer installed.  I still have the catalog on a backup disk and have just installed and updated to LR 4.4.  What is the best way to merge the V3 catalog with V4 and are there any things I should expect or look out for?

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Lightroom :: Managing Folders In A Catalog?

Apr 3, 2014

I've been using LR for 18 months or so now, and do pretty well with it.  But my organization, I think, is lacking.  I'm not sure when I would want to start a new catalog, or why.  It seems to be a pain to go from one catalog to another, just to access different folders of pics that I've worked on in LR.  I now have dozens of folders that I can access in my current catalog, and I'm wondering if it's getting to be too many.  I shoot lots of events, from weddings to dance performances, so many of my folders might have 1,000 images or more.
Are there any links to information or instructional videos that really explain the organizational process of LR?  What I've seen so far gets me started in LR.  It hasn't really explained how long you can stay in one catalog, or how many pictures can be in there, before LR's performance starts tailing off.  I am a member of Kelby Training, NAPP, and I use a Mac Pro on a SSD, 32 gigs of RAM, so I should have plenty of comp power.  Not really facing doggish problems right now, but just curious about LR's optimal organization.

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Lightroom :: Reorganize Catalog And Folders

Dec 17, 2012

I have a large photo repository (40,000+ images).
Prior to 2011 I was using Bridge/Photoshop and organized the files by client.
In 2011 I started using LR and let it import new sessions using the year/yyyy-mm-dd folder structure.  I now use LR exclusively 99% of the time, and would like to "re-import" my older images into the year/yyyy-mm-dd structure and do away with my haphazard prior organization for those images.  Is there a way to get LR to reorganize the files (i.e. move all the old images into year/yyyy-mm-dd folders) while keeping all other catalog/editing metadata intact?
How does this sound for an approach:
Synchronize to make sure the catalog is up to dateSave Metadata so that all metadata is written to sidecar files or into the image files for formats that support itIn LR "remove" the foldersImport the folders with the "Move" option but disable renaming.

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Lightroom :: No Catalog Or Folders In Workspace?

May 26, 2012

Along the left hand side of the LR4 work space  there is usually seen:
Publish Services
In my LR4, Catalog and Folders disappeared.  and how do I get them back?

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Lightroom :: Folders Vanished From Catalog?

Dec 29, 2012

All of my folders in my Lightroom 4.3 catalog vanished, though you can still see the folder/file structure when using my Mac Finder. So clearly the folder structure exists, but the program can no longer view them or reads them.
I have right clicked on catalog and none of the choices return the tree view of my folders. I did back up my catalog last time I used Lightroom (it and the ircat and ircat alias files are on an external drive) to another external drive. How to return all my folders that apparently are not viewable? Might the Carbon Copy Cloner software I used (recommended as being good for Lightroom 4.3 by several) have messed up the folder view.

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Lightroom :: How To Add Files To Same Catalog From Different Folders

Dec 31, 2013

How do you add files to the same catalog from different folders?

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Lightroom :: Remap A Lot Of Folders In Catalog?

Dec 29, 2011

Is it possible to use "Locate missing folders" feature for MANY folders which were just physically moved from one drive to another? I'm talking about HUNDERDS of folders which were moved from fast internal drive to slower external drives for archiving, however occassional access to the pictures is needed.

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Folders Within Catalog

May 22, 2013

I imported pictures into LR from three different SD cards.  On one of the cards, I inadvertantly created it in a subfolder.  I have been working for several days to correct the problem, but just seem to keep making it worse. 
I renamed the 2013 subfolder and drug it into the 2013 parent. 
I renamed the May folder as Maay1 and drug into the 2013 folder and that took care of it, but I can't get the Apr folder fixed.  I renamed it Apr1 and drug it into the parent Apr folder and ended up with
 I have been trying to move the Apr1 images into the Apr parent folder, but get the message that "there is already a folder named "Apr" and a fail.  The two Apr folders seem to contain the same images, so could probably delete the subfolder Apr, but a little afraid to.  I have spent a lot of time editing the images, and would have to reimport them as originals from the backup.

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Lightroom :: Can't See Folders When Importing

Feb 2, 2014

When I go to the import dialog in Lightroom 5.3 and I select one of my 3 networked hard drives (hosted on a Mac) I can only see the directory structure of one of my drives in lightroom my Y: Drive (for videos) shows up properly, but when I select the X: drive (for Photos) it doesnt show any folders. When i use windows explorer I can see the structure just fine. I have tried selectring. include subfolders.. makes no difference
I cant also see in the destination, area the folder listing
why cant it see the folders? all three network drives are formated the same way, hosted on the same machine
If i click on the arrow button point right and select other source I can navigate in the popup window to the proper drive / folder but why wont it should up in this winddow

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog To A New Computer

Jun 7, 2012

I recently purchased a new computer, and I need to transfer my existing Lightroom (3.6) catalog to the new machine.  I have installed Lightroom on the new machine, and have updated it to the same version as on the old machine.  All my images are on an external drive that I can move to the new computer. 
Can I simply export the existing catalog, move the hard drive, and import the catalog into the new instance of Lightroom on the new computer?  Obviously, I want to retain al the keywords, develop adjustments, etc., that I had in the original catalog.

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Lightroom :: Moving Catalog From 1 Computer To Another?

Nov 15, 2011

I have a separate catalog of photos from a recent trip on my laptop (don't ask why I created a 2nd catalog - won't do that again). I want to transfer them to our desktop, which is a mac (the laptop is pc). Following instructions in a tim grey email, I used "export catalog" to transfer to an external hard drive, with intent to then import to the mac. I did check for it to export negative files. It took forever, but froze partway through the process. So I created a new folder to export into, and tried it again. It got much further that time but froze again. When I use lightroom to access the files that did transfer, I find the folders labelled as they are on the laptop, but when I open them, the application says, "no items match your search", although it does indicate there are i.e. 47 MG in the file. I can use picasa to view the files, both the jpeg's and the raw files, so they're in there.

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Lightroom :: Reorganize Big Catalog In Folders By Capture Date

Dec 13, 2012

I typically import my photo's from my camera and reorganize the photos by date.
However I just had several thousand old printed photographs scanned.
I have:
1. Imported the photographs into a seperate new catalog2. Labeled all the photographs with keywords
3. Metadata->Edit Capture Time so that the capture time is now the correct date
Now I would like to reorganize the photo's into folders by date the usaual yyyy/yyyy-mm/yyyy-mm-dd  by the capture time date.
I have tried to import them into another catalog either by either "Import Photo's and Video" or by "Import from another catalog" either way the new catalog has the folders by date that the photographs were scanned not by the capture time that I changed.
How do I do this change the folders to be by capture date?

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Lightroom :: All Image Folders In One Master Catalog On One Disk

Aug 31, 2012

I keep all my image folders in one Master Catalog on one disk.
My system of filing is to have a main folder, say "Airshows", with sub folders named  "Original-RAW Files" and "Finished Files".

Each sub folder is then further sub divided into "Show 1", "Show 2", "Show 3", etc.
This system also enable me to  duplicate  my files in such a way that they can be accessed by programmes other than Lightroom.
I also like to make Collections of specific planes which appear and therefore the Collections can include images taken at any  number of individual shows but as LR3 keeps the Folders and the Collections in different sections, this entails looking in two different locations  for any images taken at Airshows.Another disadvantage is that I believe LR Collections cannot be accessed by other third party programmes should I wish to change from Adobe.
I would like maintain my current filing system (which suits my purposes), but wish to find a way to file say,"Spitfire" Collection as  "AirshowFinished FilesSpitfire" so that all files are kept together.
Is there a way to achieve this without resorting to making duplicate image files ?

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Lightroom :: 5 - EXCLUDE Particular Folders / Files From Being Included In Catalog?

Dec 21, 2013

How can I EXCLUDE particular folders/files from being included in the Lightroom 5 catalog?
I want to be able to specify paths and/or filename patterns that should NEVER be indexed in the catalog: not that they don't show up under certain circumstances, just that they are NOT THERE (in the catalog) to begin with!!
I also do NOT want to have to respecify these criteria when "synching" the catalog; criteria should be PERMANENT (or at least 'til they're changed in LR preferences).

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Lightroom :: Duplicate Hard Drive In Catalog Folders

Feb 27, 2013

I just upgraded my external hard drive and named the new drive with the exact same name as the original, lets call this HD-1. My entire LR gallery is on this drive. After doing a complete backup to the new drive I opened LR and all Folders and Collects were in their place as they should be.
The Problem -

When I imputed new photos, a new duplicate hard drive appeared with the exact same name HD-1 and holding the newly imported images (which were placed in a subfolder at time of import)

- So now my Catalog shows two hard drives called HD-1. For sake of this discussion I will label them HD-1a and HD-1b. HD-1a has the original photos and HD-1b has the newly imported photos.

- I tried draging the new subfolder of photos for HD-1b to HD-1a but I get a message that the folder already exists, even though it doesn't show in the HD-1a folder structure.

- I created a new sub-folder in HD-1a and was able to drag the photos into it. I then deleted the empty folder on HD-1b. As soon as this was done the duplicate hard drive, HD-1b disapeared.

- I thought this solved the problem but as I was working on images by opening them from LR into Photoshop, the HD-1b drive reappered in my catalog with the PS created files in them.

- So it looks like LR will put any newly created or improted photo file into HD-1b. I can't seem to find a way around this. For some reason LR doesn't want to write new files into HD-1a even though it recognizes it and has no problem reading the existing files.

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Lightroom :: Copy 3.6 Catalog To New Computer And Open It With 4.4?

May 26, 2013

I have an old computer running LR 3.6. I have downloaded, installed and entered my serial number for LR 4.4 on my new computer. Can I simply copy my 3.6 catalog to the new computer and open it with LR 4.4?

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Lightroom :: Using Another Computer To Access A Catalog Or Files?

Aug 3, 2013

I have LR installed on my MacPro and the Mac just died (graphics card issues). I'm going to just buy a new Mac, though I'm trying to figure out the best way to access everything in LR until then. All of the images and photos are stored on a separate internal drive that I can take out and access via a docking station.
1. Does the license for LR allow me to install a 2nd copy on my Mac notebook?

2. If I place a copy of the LR catalog file on my Mac notebook and plug the photos/videos drive into a docking station connected to my notebook, will everything open up?

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Lightroom :: Computer Upgrade - Now 2.7 Won't Recognize Catalog

Nov 27, 2011

I just built a new PC and re-installed lightroom 2.0.  I downloaded the upgrade to 2.7 (which was free) and tried to import my catalogs. My 2010 catalog is fine, but my 2011 catalog says it is "too new for this version of lightroom".  I never had version 3 so i dont know why it's saying my catalog is too new.

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Lightroom :: 5.3 Reinstalled - Importing Missing Folders?

Feb 13, 2014

I have reinstalled Lightroom 5.3 after a clean restart. All my folders on the left hand side have question marks against them. I am able to import these folders on an individual basis which is a time consuming process to say the least!! Is there any way to import them all en bloc.

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