Lightroom :: Blank Photos And Messed Up Catalog

May 15, 2012

I deleted a lot of old photos from my external hard drive, which seems to have messed up my link of some photos to LR. When I got on yesterday, one huge wedding collection showed the "offline or missing ?" thing but still showed the actual photo. In trying to re-link the photos to LR,  I think I did two things that royally messed me up. I opened up an older catalog, which had the large wedding collection, but it now turned up the photos as totally blank. The collection still shows 2000+ photos in it, and each photo shows the little symbols that show which have been edited, and they still show the ? in the top corner, but no to reconnect the photos without messing more photos up?

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Lightroom :: Restored Deleted Catalog But Blank?

Jun 22, 2013

I seem to have deleted my lightroom back up from the HD but was able to restore (lrdata).
Problem is that now it seems blank.

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Catalog 4.4 (empty) With V3 Catalog With Many 1000 Photos

Apr 29, 2013

I had to reinstall an OS in my computer due to a virus.  As a result LR 3 in no longer installed.  I still have the catalog on a backup disk and have just installed and updated to LR 4.4.  What is the best way to merge the V3 catalog with V4 and are there any things I should expect or look out for?

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Lightroom :: Blank Spaces Where Photos Should Be

Dec 12, 2012

why are all my pictures just a grey square when I try to load them into the develop module.?.No half greyed out picture just a blank space with the picture numbers beside them.They are all in the computor as they will open in Elements 11.

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Lightroom :: Import Photos Preview Is Blank

Oct 15, 2007

When importing directly from camera into Light room, after ticking 'Preview' only a blank grey image with file number is displayed and no image

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Lightroom :: Imported Photos Are Showing Blank In Preview Mode

Sep 7, 2013

Some of my imported photos are showing blank in preview mode before I import, reading Preveiw unavailable for this file. Does this mean when I import they wont be imported.

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Lightroom :: Moving LR Photos And Catalog From PC To MAC?

Mar 31, 2014

My photos and catalog (LR5) are on NTFS formatted hard drives. What do I need to do to, to be able to use them with LR on a Mac?

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Lightroom :: Reconnecting Catalog With Photos?

Jan 17, 2014

the power went off in my home.  computer was on at the time.  after starting it i had to restart in order for it to recognize the ext drive where all my photos are.  catalog was gone as well.  catalog and pics are back.
all folders in catalog now have ?s.
when i right click on 'all photgraphs' i get a prompt to import photos. when i right click on 'My Pictures" i get the following prompts: find missing folder
not sure what to do.

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Lightroom :: Organizing Photos In The Catalog?

Dec 6, 2012

Organizing photos in the catalog

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Lightroom :: Import Photos Into A Catalog?

Jan 25, 2013

Import photos into a catalog?

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos Into New Catalog With LR4

Feb 4, 2014

I am using an iMac with the latest version of Maverick OS. I am trying to import photos into a new catalog with LR4 (also have tried with the trial version of LR5).I have photos in 226 folders in my pictures folder on my hard drive and am trying to import pictures in some of the folders. When I got to import i get a listing of about 8000 photos showing. When I expand to the picture folder to show all 226 subfolders each subfolder will show the photos inside. However 35 of these folders give a notice  "no photos found". (the photos are there when looked at from the finder).
why those 35 folders will not show any photos to import.

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Lightroom :: Can't Add Photos To Regular Catalog

Apr 24, 2013

Initially I had no problem doing this or in creating smart catalogs but recently I find that after importing and editing a set of new photos..I can not add them (or a picked subset) to a Catalog ?
I must have something dumb set now, because as I try to drag them from a folder or a single or set of photos from the selected grid view to the named Gatalog.. I get a black circle with a line thru it over the catalog name and the images can't be added to thevcatalog..
P.S,. I have the. Lr5 beta installed and its behaving the same way as Lr4.4 is now too

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos From Another Catalog

Feb 13, 2014

How to import photos form another catalog?

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Lightroom :: Finding Photos In The Catalog?

Jan 24, 2013

Finding photos in the catalog?

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Lightroom :: Restoring Photos To Catalog?

Aug 12, 2013

I have a folder of images that I was editing that was lost without being backed up. I had the images backed up, but all of the changes I made in LR were not backed up yet. I have restored the folder from backup to a new hard drive and I'd like to work on them without losing my previous changes. Is that possible? When I open LR it shows the thumbs of the images with a question mark. Can I reimport the photos somehow that will apply those previous edits?

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Lightroom :: Put Photos In Catalog Without Copying?

Feb 25, 2012

How can I put the photos in the Lightroom catalog, so that I can edit them and organize them, without copying all the photos??? I don't really want to have the photos on my hard drive along with another extra copy of the same photo in the LR catalog. When I wanted to import photos my only options were to "move" or "copy" photos. I don't want to do either, i want to be able to "view" and access them, along with editing them?

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Lightroom :: Import Catalog Photos From USB Drive?

Feb 14, 2014

I have imported photos from a catalog into a new catalog.  Some of the photos in the catalog are located on a remote drive.   The drive is not listed when I select the photos to be imported.  Is it possible to import catalog photos from a usb drive?

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Lightroom :: How To Transfer Photos / Catalog And Collections From MAC To PC

Jan 11, 2013

I recently purchased a new PC.  I installed LR 4 on the new PC.  I tried to transfer all my pics from my MAC to the PC.  When I open up LR4 on the PC all I see are grayed out boxes where my pictures should be with a question mark in the top left.  When I click on the question mark it say original file cant be located. 
I would like to transfer my entire database from the MAC to the PC but cant figure out how to transfer it all.

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Lightroom :: Photos In Catalog Missing After Update?

Mar 22, 2014

After the latest update my catalog seem to be missing.  My photo's are in Collections, but as soon as I want to work with them ; I get message Photo missing.  (See attached.
If I try and find missing folder and check box - DON'T IMPORT SUSPECTED DUPLICATES - the tick goes away as if the photos are already imported.  (See attached print screens.

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Lightroom :: Selecting All Photos Shows All In Catalog Except One?

May 31, 2012

If in Library mode I click "All Photographs" in the upper right, then turn off all filters, then hit CMD-D so that no photos are selected, just above the filmstrip, in the lower left corner of the screen, I read:
"All Photographs [X-1] of X photos"
where X is the total number of photos in my Catalog. For example, right now, it reads "11090 of 11091 photos." If I were to import another 50 images, it would read "11040 of 11041 photos."
It's been this way for a while, like I said. And I guess it doesn't make much difference. I do sometimes wonder, though, if there's some mysterious ghost photo in there somewhere, that's not displaying for some reason.

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Lightroom :: Working On V4 And V5 Catalog Photos Missing?

Jan 22, 2014

I just updated to LR5 a few days ago. My school still has LR4, therefore im forced to work with my catalogs with their software. At home i have LR5 and whenever i want to continue my editing on Lightroom, the photos i worked on LR ( at school ) wont appear on my LR5 (at home).

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos And Catalog To New Computer?

Nov 1, 2013

I have a Mac Pro and just bought an iMac.
On my Mac Pro, the LR catalog is on the boot drive. The photos are on a separate internal drive.
My plan is to copy both the photos and the LR catalog to the 3 TB Fusion drive of the iMac.
Would I then just double-click on the catalog to open it, and use this process to "reconnect" the missing photo files?

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Lightroom :: Restore Photos And Catalog Together On New Computer?

Nov 2, 2013

I recently had a computer crash and want to migrate my photos and changes from my old hard drive into my newly installed Lightroom software on the new computer.  I recovered the old drive, and accessed it from my new computer.  I found the most recent Lightroom catalog and imported it.  Then I imported all of my photos into Lightroom.  The problem is that the catalog and the photos don't seem to be talking to each other.  In the catalog, the photos are there all bunched together, no folders separating by date.  In the photo folders that ARE separated by date, the original photos are there as they were first imported (RAW files), but don't have the develop changes that I made to them.  How can I get these two things to link up?

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Lightroom :: Can't Import New Photos To Default Catalog In 3.5

Jan 19, 2012

I'm running LR3.5 on OSx10.5.8 and recently I've lost the ability to import new photos (from hdd). My default catalog (so far I've been using only one) contains appx.33k photos and I can't import new shots. Yesterday I was shooting tethered camera and everything went fine. Today I wanted to import new files (from hdd) and noticed that "import button" is completly inactive. Dead. I set up a new catalog and managed to process todays photos but when I'm switching to previous catalog the "import" button is still dead.

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Lightroom :: Exported Photos Deleted From Catalog

Jul 28, 2012

When exporting photos from lightroom4 to CD do the photos permantely leave the catalog? I can not find exporting photos in lightroom.

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Lightroom :: Import New Photos Without Any Changes To Main Catalog

Dec 29, 2012

Why all the 1000+ photos are checked here if there are only 61 new ones? I need to just import this 61 without any changes to my main catalog.

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Lightroom :: Photos Missing Or Offline - After Importing New Catalog

Dec 27, 2011

So I was just importing all my xmas shots yesterday, and I kinda did it wrong in a result, the folder I created is now the "main folder" i.e the one that has all my photos under it, as subfolders and as a result, ALL my photos has now gone offline or missing.
The new folder I created sits on top of the hieracy, and I dont want that of course, I want it under my "2011" folder, which was the main... I cant move the new folder called "xmas 2011" and If i try to delete it, it says do you want to delete 2200 pictures, which is everything I have under the original "2011" folder...
Im pretty new to lightroom, and the file handling and renaming of libery's seems very confusing, but this is really bad and its ALL my pictures being listed as missing of offline
I tried to open via backup, but the lastest backup I can find is from Aug 2011, which I know isnt true, as I back up everytime I have used lightroom, but I cant find any other back ups !!

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Lightroom :: Importing Photos From Folders On Computer To Catalog

Sep 24, 2012

My problem is that when I'm importing photos from my folders on the computer to my catalog in Lightroom 4, Lightroom doesn't import all photos from my folders. It imports the first 3-4 photos rom my folder.

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Lightroom :: What Is Practical Maximum Number Of Photos In LR4 Catalog

Nov 15, 2012

I realize that there is no preset limit in the number of images that can be saved in a single (Lightroom 4) catalog but I need to know that given a  well equpped PC  (system with 2 sockets/8 cores,  8+GB of memory and plenty of fast hard drive), how many images can be _reliably_, and with acceptable performance, kept in a single catalog ?
So far I have been maintaining 1 catalog per year for my images but creating collections or galories that span over several years has become a pain so I am considering consolidating all the catalogs into one, which would then contain well over 500k photos.
I am a software type and am aware that the LR implementation does not impose internal hard limits on the individual dimensions it deals with but I would like to know:

- What are the sizes of the catalogs that the software is being stress-tested with before it is released (rough numbers would do)
- Is it possible that an internal _incoonsistency_ could be introduced in a part of the catalog that would go undetected (by the global consistency checking) and would only surface when you try to access that area which may not have been touched for many years (in other words is it possible for the catalog to become _partially_ corrupted and yet pass the (checksom-like ?) verification that takes place when the catalog is being backed up ?)
- and, in case it matters, there are mostly raw images, ranging form 10 to 50 mega pixels each (not that these should impact the size of the catalog.)

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Lightroom :: 4.2 Unable To Import Photos Or Create New Catalog?

Oct 28, 2012

Since this morning, I'm unable to import photos or create a new catalog in LR 4.2 on Mac OS X 10.8.2. When I choose "File -> Import Photo or Video" nothing happens. The same happens when I choose "Create new catalog". Also when I insert a CF card into my cardreader, there is no import dialog popping up.
I have updated to 4.2 a while ago but never tried to import new photos so I wasn't aware of that issue.
I tried to reinstall LR and I also optimized the catalog but that did not solve the problem either.

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Lightroom :: Photos On Shared Disk Not Appearing In Catalog

Dec 16, 2011

I recently went bi-platform (IMac and Windows computers being used). I have a home network. My Lightroom cat and all my images originally resided on my Windows computer's harddrives (four on board). After purchasing the IMac, I installed Lightroom on it and copied my cat files to it as well. All my photos continue to reside on my Windows computer's four internal harddrives so I turned on Sharing on the Windows computer for a test drive. (Yep, the photos are backed up to external drives). Anyway, when I launched my cat on the IMac in Lightroom, the thumbs and corresponding data appear just fine but when I point the thumb to the photo file on the shared harddrive, the thumb in the catalog disappears. Major bummer! Fortunately, I haven't done a bulk "find" otherwise I would have lost the entire catalog contents.
Will Lightroom not work with photos stored on shared internal harddrives via home network?? I have read that it does work with photos stored on external harddrives but I would prefer to keep my photos on the four internal harddrives.

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