Lightroom :: 4.2 Unable To Import Photos Or Create New Catalog?

Oct 28, 2012

Since this morning, I'm unable to import photos or create a new catalog in LR 4.2 on Mac OS X 10.8.2. When I choose "File -> Import Photo or Video" nothing happens. The same happens when I choose "Create new catalog". Also when I insert a CF card into my cardreader, there is no import dialog popping up.
I have updated to 4.2 a while ago but never tried to import new photos so I wasn't aware of that issue.
I tried to reinstall LR and I also optimized the catalog but that did not solve the problem either.

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Lightroom :: Import Photos Into A Catalog?

Jan 25, 2013

Import photos into a catalog?

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos Into New Catalog With LR4

Feb 4, 2014

I am using an iMac with the latest version of Maverick OS. I am trying to import photos into a new catalog with LR4 (also have tried with the trial version of LR5).I have photos in 226 folders in my pictures folder on my hard drive and am trying to import pictures in some of the folders. When I got to import i get a listing of about 8000 photos showing. When I expand to the picture folder to show all 226 subfolders each subfolder will show the photos inside. However 35 of these folders give a notice  "no photos found". (the photos are there when looked at from the finder).
why those 35 folders will not show any photos to import.

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Lightroom :: How To Import Photos From Another Catalog

Feb 13, 2014

How to import photos form another catalog?

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Video Into Catalog

Oct 4, 2012

I have an issue where videos aren’t importing into my catalog, but the videos play fine on the machine. Forums suggest that there might be an issue with the video cache, and some threads suggest I try to purge the cache. I go to Preferences > File Handling > Video Cache Settings > Purge Cache, and I get the dialog:
The Video cache is being purged. This message with be dismissed when the purge is finished.
I’ve let that message appear for 24+ hours, and it still doesn’t go away.
My questions: Where videos don’t import? How to manually purge the video cache through some other method than the Preferences UI? .
Mac OS 10.8.2
Lightroom 4.2

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Lightroom :: Import Catalog Photos From USB Drive?

Feb 14, 2014

I have imported photos from a catalog into a new catalog.  Some of the photos in the catalog are located on a remote drive.   The drive is not listed when I select the photos to be imported.  Is it possible to import catalog photos from a usb drive?

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Lightroom :: Can't Import New Photos To Default Catalog In 3.5

Jan 19, 2012

I'm running LR3.5 on OSx10.5.8 and recently I've lost the ability to import new photos (from hdd). My default catalog (so far I've been using only one) contains appx.33k photos and I can't import new shots. Yesterday I was shooting tethered camera and everything went fine. Today I wanted to import new files (from hdd) and noticed that "import button" is completly inactive. Dead. I set up a new catalog and managed to process todays photos but when I'm switching to previous catalog the "import" button is still dead.

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Lightroom :: Import New Photos Without Any Changes To Main Catalog

Dec 29, 2012

Why all the 1000+ photos are checked here if there are only 61 new ones? I need to just import this 61 without any changes to my main catalog.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Photos Into 4.4?

Jun 7, 2013

I am unable to import photos into Lightoom 4.4 on Macbook Pro running on Mountain Lion. I tired importing photos directly from the sdcard, both via the inbuild reader & and external USB reader. Import fails in both cases. I then tired copying the files to desktop, import fails with move option too. But when i use the add option, the import works fine.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Photos To 3 On Mac?

Jan 11, 2012

I am trying to import photos from my compact flash disc (which I use in my camera) to Lightroom3 on my Mac. The files are .jpg files.  The message that I get is that the files cannot be read.  But I am able to import them to iPhoto, Photoshop Elements on my PC, etc.  I contacted support and chatted with three different people.  I uninstalled Lightroom 3.6 and re-installed 3.5 - that didn't work.  So the next guy had me re-install 3.6 and update the Camera RAW version to 6.6, that didn't work. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Import Existing Catalog And Continue Sorting New Photos Into Old Catalog

Oct 25, 2013

We have 11000+ plus photos all carefully cataloged in Photoshop Album 1.0 on my old Windows XP PC. Our new PC is Windows 7 Home Premium with Photoshop Elements 9. How do I import our existing catalog and continue sorting our new photos into our old catalog?

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Photos From IPhoto?

Feb 11, 2014

I am unable to import photos from iPhoto

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Photos From IPhone?

May 11, 2013

When I try to import them, it shows up as no photos found.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Photos From IPhoto

Oct 23, 2012

When I press IMPORT in Lr4.2, a choice of accounts and sources appears:  I press Applications under Mac HD, some apps, like iWork and Documents appear, but not iPhoto.  When I try to export JPEGS from iPhoto, a sign appears saying there is not enough disk space to export. 

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Lightroom :: Unable To Import Photos From Canon 7D

May 22, 2012

Using Lightroom 4 [814577] on a Mac (with 16Gb memory) Mac OS Lion 10.7
When I plug in my Canon 7d and click import, I see a preview of my photos. However, when I then try to import, I get the message "no photos were found to import"
I have the latest firmware on my 7d.
I have tried using a different CF card.
None of this has worked.
I can import via the EOS utlity; but I should be able to do this directly from my camera.

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Lightroom :: IPhone 5 Photos - Unable To Import Duplicates?

Mar 26, 2014

I recently imported the camera roll (not the photostream) off my iPhone 5 into Lightroom. The filename appears as the number of the image (eg. IMG 6438); I want to import photos also taken with the same iPhone that had been uploaded to my MAC desktop (because they include photos not currently on the camera roll) but they have assumed a different filename (eg. 2013-06-27 14.40.16.jpg).  I have checked off "Do not import duplicates" (and am not renaming upon import) but LR is not recognizing them (the identical photo) as such and weeding out the ones I actually don't have in my library is becoming increasingly problematic..

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Lightroom :: Import All Pictures / Add Tags To All Photos And Create Collections

Sep 9, 2013

I'm finally moving my 15,000 photos from iphoto to Lightroom.  I'm going to start from scratch, import all the pictures into Lightroom 5, and add tags to all the photos and create collections and smart collections.  I have a desktop and a laptop.  I'm traveling, so I want to do a lot of the work on my laptop (adding the tags and creating collections and smart collections).  When I return home, can I use an external HD to transfer the photos to my desktop and keep all the tags and collections (and metadata)?

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Lightroom :: How To Merge Catalog 4.4 (empty) With V3 Catalog With Many 1000 Photos

Apr 29, 2013

I had to reinstall an OS in my computer due to a virus.  As a result LR 3 in no longer installed.  I still have the catalog on a backup disk and have just installed and updated to LR 4.4.  What is the best way to merge the V3 catalog with V4 and are there any things I should expect or look out for?

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Lightroom :: Why Doesn't Auto Import Actually Import Images Into Catalog

May 19, 2012

I'm using LR4 with a Canon camera setup (Wind 7 Ultimate). I've got the auto import setting all configured with an incoming folder and destination. The app recognizes when an image is put in incoming folder and in fact it moves it to the destination folder. What is really annoying is that it leaves me at the import settings dialog and then I have to make all these choices as I would if I were manually importing.
Shouldn't the images be places in the desination folder and some view of that image be displayed in LR? It could be the folder view or ideally I want to see the last image imported at 1:1 size so I can review it and see if I want to take another shot?  Maybe there is some flag I've got set incorrectly.

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VideoStudio :: Unable To Import Photos Into X4

Apr 26, 2013

I was still unable to import photos into Corel Videostudio Pro x4. I uninstalled it then went to reinstall it, but whenever I click on the install button on the menu, it just flickers for a bit.

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Photoshop Elements :: Unable To Import Photos

Sep 9, 2012

I use Element 9 on a MacBook Pro.  When I try to import my photos, the downloader opens, it asks me where I would to import the files, and then it is frozen.  Won't let me click choose, or cancel.  I actually have to Force Quit the Downloader. 

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Photoshop :: Unable To Import Photos From Camera And Files

May 22, 2013

When I try to import photos from a camera or files I get this message The ODBC data source reported the following error: (internal error;data not found)
Why am I getting the error message and is there another way to import?

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Lightroom :: Unable To Drag A Group Of Photos Or Even Single Photos To A Publish Folder

Oct 2, 2012

I'm unable to drag a group of photos or even single photos to a publish folder.  In this case it's SmugMug. What is the correct method?

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Lightroom :: Unable To Back Up LR4 Catalog

Nov 16, 2013

when I go to quit LR and backup the catalog I am getting a message that reads "Lightroom was unable to back up the catalog named ....  Please check your folder permissions, and make sure that you have available space on your backup drive and main catalog's drive."  I backed up the catalog as recently as 11/12 (it is 11/16) without incident, as I have been doing for my catalog for many years. The drive to which I back up and which has the main catalog has sufficient space to backup.  Folder permissions all seem to be in order.  I have tried to backup on 3 different drives and get the same message each time.  I have a Mac Pro Tower running OS 10.7.5.  I am using LR 4.4.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Locate Catalog?

Nov 1, 2011

  Lightroom occasionally displays a dialog indicating it can't find the default catalog when starting, yet when I choose the default catalog in the dialog it opens as expected.
Lightroom v3.5 on OS X 10.6.8

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Lightroom :: 5 - Unable To Upgrade Catalog From 4.4

Jul 12, 2013

I installed my upgrade to LR5 last night but it keeps giving me an error when I try to upgrade my LR4 catalog.   It goes through the initial steps, stays at "preparing new searchable data" for a long time, then eventually stops and pops up the error message:   "Unable to upgrade catalog.   Lightroom encountered problems when trying to update the format of the catalog file and cannot use this catalog in this version of Lightroom".     I tried upgrading a smaller catalog that I don't use anymore and it worked fine. how I can get this catalog converted?   Its my main catalog with all of my current years' images.   For the time being LR 4 is working fine but I'd love to get 5 up and running. 

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Lightroom :: Unable To Backup Catalog?

Nov 6, 2012

When I run the backup command when exiting LIghtroom 4.2 I get an error that Lightroom was unable to back up my catalog. I have tried many options if unchecking the optomize and and test integrity. And different backup loctions on different drives. I have searched for this issuse and I do not seem to be finding an answer that will solve my problem. I am using a iMac.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Backup Catalog?

Jul 3, 2012

For some reason I am no longer able to backup my LR catalog. I have folders in two separate external hard drives but when I attempt backup I get a message:  "Lightroom was unable to backup the catalog named Lightroom 4 Catalog. Please check folder permissions...." Could it be that the catalog has become too large as I have well over 200,000 images in it? I don't understand what "folder permissions" I need to check.

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Lightroom :: Re-Import Into Catalog

Nov 18, 2012

I have some RAW images stored on a network drive, and I was working on them with my laptop.  After completing the album, I removed the photos from the catalog on my laptop, so Lightroom wouldn't be so slow when I didn't have access to the network drive.  This was short-sighted becuase I need access to those edits again, and I am wondering if I can re-import into the Lightroom catalog on my laptop and recover the edits. 

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Lightroom :: How To Import Catalog Into LR4

Mar 12, 2012

After trying LR4 beta for about a month as a LR3 heavy user, my conclusion is there are features worth the upgrade, BUT I prefer the earlier Process Version and Basic Develop panel to the new one.  I understand that I may choose not to upgrade the Process Version on photos in my present catalog as I import the catalog into LR4, thereby causing LR4 to look like LR3 for those preexisting photos.  However, I'm unclear as to whether there is a way to configure LR4 so that it will import all new photos using PV2010, thereby continuing to develop them using the LR3 Basic panel and other develop controls.  Does this option exist?

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Lightroom :: Import From Another Catalog

Apr 9, 2013

I have a desktop with all my photos and my main LR catalog.   Occasionally I want to make changes to some of my folders on my laptop (e.g. time in airplane etc).   The following procedure has worked for years, but alas (and I suspect the recent LR upgrade to 4.4) the last step no longer works.
Create catalog for these folders and copy folders with photos + their catalog to laptop.Make changes.Write a new catalog (call it "laptop-catalog.lrcat") on the laptop for the folder(s) changed.   ("Export as a catalog")
Back on my desktop"import from another catalog" and find "laptop-catalog.lrcat" and select it.
I no longer can choose the option "Changed Existing Photos" and then "replace metadata and develop setting only"  i.e my main catalog on the destop DOES NOT recognize the photos in the laptop catalog even though they're still there in the original desktop catalog. If I import the photos with "Add new photos to catalog without moving" and then "find the photos" it tells me they're duplicates and can't merge.

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