Illustrator :: File Icons Don't Match With Actual File Image

Jul 29, 2013

I'm using Illustrator 5.0 with MAC OS 10.8.4 and the Illustrator file icons are different than the actual file image. It's using the same image for 5 different files. THey all started out the same, but I edited them and then did a save as, but the file icon image didn't update. How can I fix this? I tried resaving the files and copying the files, but it didn't work.

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Photoshop :: Save PSD File Of Social Icons To Separate PNG Image Files For Each File?

Jun 26, 2012

Save PSD File of Social Icons to Separate PNG image files for each file

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Illustrator :: File Icons Are White - Windows 7 / CS2

Feb 7, 2011

I seem to have lost my icons for Illustrator CS2 and InDesign CS2 files. The files show as a standard white "page" icon, instead of the program icon. Since I often have multiple Adobe file formats in one folder, it makes it difficult to distinguish which ones are Illustrator vs. InDesign. Oddly enough, Photoshop files and GoLive site files show their icons for files.
I read elsewhere online that this could be caused by a cleaning utility program such as CCleaner when "{GUID} folders are deleted from C:WindowsInstaller." However, I can't find the answer as to how to FIX it.
I have tried using Windows>Default Programs>Associate a file type or protocol with a program to check that Illustrator and InDesign are set as defaults to open the files. I found that the programs were set to shortcuts within the Adobe folder. I fixed that by deleting the shortcut and putting the actual program link as the source to open the program. (Actual program .exe file was located within Adobe Illustrator> Support Files>Contents>Windows.)
Also, I have the Adobe CS2 Suite installed under Program Files (x86).

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Paint.NET :: GIF Image File - How To Match PowerPoint Graphic Enhancement

Dec 5, 2013

I have a GIF image file (single colour on transparent) I would like to match to this PowerPoint text.
There is a slight embossing with a hint of highlight, plus the shadow effect.

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Illustrator :: CS5.1 - Saved File Icons Are White Boxes

Sep 10, 2012

For some reason with CS5.1 on my mac, when I save files in Illustrator they are saving as white boxes, not images of the artwork?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Rename New File To Match Another File Name In 2 Different Folders

Aug 14, 2013

Is there a program that can rename a new file to match another file name (They are in 2 different folders)

What I have is hundreds of PDF files and I have to rename each of them to match the name of an existing file in another folder. Retyping the names is killing me. I hope to find a program to click on one to match another.

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Illustrator :: CS4 View Doesn't Match View Of Same File In Acrobat

Apr 11, 2013

The problem seems to happen ins CS5 and CS6 as well. We have a complex piece of artwork for a foil blister and we use a paragraph of text that has 3 transforms applied to which effectively step and repeat the paragraph of text in a repeat pattern across the artwork. This setup very precisely as it needs to be 100% accurate for print purposes as several units are printed side by side and the repeat runs across the units. Everything is setup correctly in Illustrator and then we re-save as a PDF with 'Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities' on.
We genearally save as a PDF 1.6 but we have tried all the combinations now. The file still looks perfect in Illustrator but when the PDF is opened in Acrobat (any version) the step and repeat (transform) on the paragraph of text is now no longer in alignment on onside of the artwork but still OK on one side. No matter what we do we can't fix this problem andit's recreatable each time. Also it's not file specific as we can build a new file and it will also exhibit the problem. We're only talking about a tiny jump here - <0.2mm but this means the artwork is out of spec.

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Photoshop :: Jagged Text In CS5 - But Not In Actual File?

May 18, 2012

My text in Photoshop is jagged unless I zoom in at 100%. When I do that it's normal. Also when I save as a file on my computer it's normal. I don't see other people with this issue, they get normal text by default. I haven't changed any settings, everything is as it is when you first get the program.

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AutoCad :: How To Change Units To Match Actual Desired Size

Mar 13, 2012

I've received a dwg file from someone and I want to print it at scale 1:50 on A0 paper. However, I'm struggling creating the right scale.

My problem starts with the fact that measuring lines in the diagram does not produce values that match the actual size. E.g., I have a wall of size 390, but measuring it shows 621.

Is there any way to change the units to match the actual desired size?

Then, I find it tricky to create the right scale for printing (people will get the paper and use a ruler to measure distances, so accurate scale is important). If I cannot change the units, I guess I need a different scale than 1mm=50units. So I tried 1mm=8units, because 7.8mm should measure as 390cm in 1:50 ruler. But this is not very accurate.

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After Effects :: Best Way To Change Actual Physical Dimensions Of AVI File?

Sep 22, 2013

I'm trying to figure something out, and it seems like it SHOULD be a simple thing... but I haven't been able to find the answer. I'm importing an avi file (from Poser 9) into AE 5.5. The dimensions are 1200x900. There need to be 48 copies of the avi movie running at the same time behind a mask made of circles on a grid. (If you've ever seen the Coca-Cola commercials from the 90's where all the disks had animations on them, "La la la lala, always Coca-Cola..." think of that design.) The problem is that each copy of the avi needs to be 150x150 in order for it to work.
how to reduce the FILE size, not the literal physical dimensions of the movie clip.

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Photoshop :: Actual Saved File Is Much Larger Than Save For Web And Devices Indicates

Sep 11, 2012

Issue is this: Photoshop's 'Save for Web & Devices' indicated file size does not appear to match size of actual exported file. I made a couple dozen animated gif banner ads that are required to be under 40k.  I'm using PShop CS5 v 12.0.4 x64.  I'm on an iMac osx 10.6.8
Save for Web & Devices says a file will be 39.97k
I click Preview to see the animation and get details.  It agrees, preview file is 39.97k
So I save, and look at exported file in Finder (Get Info) And it is 57k
I understand that this is portion of the hard drive used for storage and bigger than 39.97k because of smallest chunk size that can be allocated by Finder. But isn't second number (53,337 bytes) actual file size?
So, question:

1) Is the file size still actually just 39.97k and if so is there a way to see this to prove to myself and the client?

2) If saved file is truly larger than export size indicated by photoshop, is there a straightforward way to accurately predict size at which file will be saved?  Or is trial-and-error my best bet.

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Photoshop Elements :: Keyword Tags Attached To The Actual File?

Aug 27, 2012

FIRST, when adding names, places, or events to photos, in Adobe Photoshop Organizer 8, are those tags only saved in the catalog or are they actually appended to and saved with the file?  In other words, if those files are copied or moved to another computer, do they retain the information?
Second, is adding and editing tags for a JPEG type file a lossless operation, or does it deteriorate the photo quality?

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Illustrator :: When User Rasterizes Color Image In AI / Copies Into Excel And Saves File - Image BW

Aug 1, 2013

When a user rasterizes a color image in Illustrator and then copies it into Excel and saves the file the image turns black and white. I uninstalled and reinstalled the whole suite already, deleted the perference files that i could find. and also look at the rasterizing settings they are the same as mine and another user. Any other things I can try? Where are the default rasterize settings stored at?

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Photoshop :: Can't See Images Under CS6 File Icons

Oct 11, 2012

I have installed PS CS6 and updated it to 7.2.  I can see my images under Bridge file icons, but under PS file icons, the images are generic.  What do I need to do in Photoshop?  What does Bridge have that PS does not?

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Photoshop :: Icons Are Not Showing Up / When Save File?

Oct 31, 2012

My photoshop icons are not showing up when I save the file?

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Photoshop :: Creating Macintosh Icons Using .rsr File

Feb 24, 2006

i have been trying to create mac desktop icons using the "Photoshop PICT Resource File" and it works all right, but i lose any transparency one the image is saved.

I have tried using various icon programs (IconBuilder, etc) but they never seem to work for me.

Since i am on a Mac, standerd icon programs just dont cut it, because im looking to create high-quality icons like those found on Pixel Girl (a great resource for both Mac + Windows Icons).

I am far from a beginner, but i can't seem to find any tutuorials that apply to this topic.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: More Contrast On File Icons?

May 1, 2013

Using Inventor 2010

I just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Not the ipt, idw, and iam file icons are difficult to distinguish between when your in a hurry.

There used to be more contrast and color between the different file types

Is there a setting for this somewhere in Inventor or Windows for this?

This is how they look below.

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Lightroom :: Exporting DNG As JPG - Incomplete File Icons

Jul 17, 2012

When exporting DNG files as JPG the file icon doesn't show a complete picture. Perhaps 2 out of 25 files will be affected.

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Photoshop :: How Can I Match A File To, Info In A Database

Oct 21, 2006

I'm renaming my image files from the original DSCF_1234 to say 11_1234 the 11 would be for player no 11 if i was covering a football match, what i want to know is, how i match the file to info in a database, & add that info to the image description.

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AutoCAD LT :: Imported Custom Settings - Icons Don't Match Commands

Jan 16, 2013

I built a new computer, Windows 8, 64 bit.

Installed Acad LT 2011 64 bit.

Did an export of custom settings from a Windows 7 64 bit LT 2011 installation, imported those to the new Windows 8 LT 2011 installation. This was done using the Start>Programs menu. (I ditched the "Metro" stuff.)

The setup looks mostly the same, but when I go to use it, the icons don't match the commands. I have toolbars down the left and right sides with many icons. The icon for Hatch runs the Polygon command. The Move icon runs the Offset command. Lots of them are screwed up.

The ribbon commands along the top seem to be OK.

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Illustrator SDK :: How To Get Image In PDF File

Dec 11, 2012

I have some pdf files create by illustrator and saved as pdf documents, now I want to use the sdk to get the image in pdf files. How to?

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Illustrator :: Match Sidebar To Image Background?

Nov 24, 2012

I am creating a professional portfolio.  I've been working on this problem for days, and nothing I try seems to work.  It's a little bit hard to explain so I am posting a screen shot to aid in this discussion.
How can I get the background of my image to match the sidebar of my illustrator file?  Tried to select background then paint the same color.  But colors do not match.  Do I need to make a transparent background somehow? 

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Windows 7 Changing File Type Icons?

Aug 6, 2012

I'm using CS6 in Windows 7 64 (bit) - I've successfully used File Types Manager (freeware) to change file type icons (since the Windows file type editing has been removed).  My problem is that JPEG, PNG, & GIF change in lockstep - (like you would expect all of a similar type - ex. JPG, JPEG, etc. to do). BMP and TIFF are not affected. Is it a Windows or Photoshop matter? (This was not a problem in Windows XP and CS.) I would just like to have the correct icon (provided in the Photoshop.exe file) associated with the various file types.

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Premiere Pro :: Audio Doesn't Match Source File

Jan 25, 2014

When I import a particuar video clip into premier, there is a problem with the audio. It plays absolutely fine until 9 minutes through when all of a sudden the audio loops back to the beginning. The video carrys on as normal untill the end of the clip but the audio starts from scratch. I have tried removing the video, renaming, moving location, starting a new project, but no matter when or how I play the video the audio starts again 9 mins through! The video plays fine in any media player except premier. I have tried exporting the video but unfortunately the audio error also gets exported. The clip is crucial to a video I'm making and can't be re-shot!

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Illustrator :: Blurry Image In AI File?

Aug 9, 2012

I tried to use some flags in an ai. file. The flag size I want is very tiny, less than 1cm. It's very strange that when the printer show me the pdf proof, some flags(png and TIF) looks blurry while the others(also png and TIF) looks ok. I download those flags online and the image looks very big and I only need them in a tiny size so I just shrink them and think it should be alright; I don't understand why they are blurry. My question is can I use the SVG flags that I download from Wikipedia and use them on the ai. file?
P.S. I guess it's the complexity of the flag that affects the quality. Because I have a TIF flag sized 4.2MB and still shows blurry.

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Illustrator :: CMYK Values Of Imported Image Don't Match?

Mar 24, 2013

I made a simple poster using photoshop to make the background and illustrator to make the fonts and some other stuff. In CMYK my black is just 100% K ( in photoshop)
 When placing image in illustrator the 100% K (black) changes to different black with C M Y added. But then when I save it as PDF the preview shows black as a bit grey (which is something normal- in print it will be just black). So my question is .. should I change enything just to be able to see a 100% K in illustrator in order to match CMYK values of Photoshop? Or should I leave it this way? I guess if I am getting a "grey" in PDF preview is something good isn'it? because in photoshop when I set to 100%K in my screeen it looks like grey and not total black.

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Photoshop :: Mac OS Finder Fails To Display File Icons For Most Files?

Mar 5, 2013

I'm running PS CS6 on a new 27"imac. When saving documents in CS6, the majority of times no icon is saved only the file name when viewed from the finder. Around 10% of the documents saved will have an icon, the remainder will not. This is across the board with all file types. If I open up a document through CS6 I can see the file icon in the CS6 as I search, it's just through the finder that I can't.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: No Point File Format Match Found

Jun 6, 2012

i made a survey, about 2000 points with my TSC3R6. I exported my CSV file to a PNEZD file with comma seperated. When i try ti import the file (CSV then i made a .txt), C3D tells me "no point file format match found". Then I opened the txt file, searched for any error that would not let me import my points. The only thing i have found would be the description of my points that sometimes had a space between 2 words (ex: bt balast and ht balast) so i changed it to bt-balast and ht-balast. i looked further and didnt found anything else. heres a sample of my txt file:


Now i have to draw something but i cant even find why importing points fails in C3D.

some usefull informations maybe:

windows 7 32bits SP1

autocad civil 3d 2013 (not yet activated, next week)

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Illustrator :: Convert PNG To File Vector Image?

Dec 24, 2010

can i import a png file and convert it to a vector image in illustrator?

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Match TIF To A Drawing File In 2011

Apr 26, 2013

Create a script or a lisp file to match a tif to a drawing file in autocad 2011?

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Illustrator :: Duplicate Image Object In PDF File With Low Resolution

Aug 26, 2013

On creating images in bitmap mode using illustrator into eps format and convert the eps file into pdf using acrobat distiller.
On pdf file its showing two objects in the content panel with one object present in low resolution other one same as its original.
It will not happen in direct pdf from illustrator
It will not happen in grayscale mode.

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