AutoCad :: Integrate Image Directly Into Drawing

May 18, 2011

I am looking for a way of integrating an image, actually a logo jpeg directly into the dwg instead of an image reference and each time having to have the logo.jpeg in the same directly and reloading the image.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Set Plotter To Cut Directly After Drawing

May 20, 2011

I was wondering if there is a way to set the plotter to cut directly after the drawing. i have changed the setting to extent but it still prints the whole page size.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Center Drawing Directly In The Middle Of Page

Oct 26, 2013

I use inventor to draw cars for competitions. They are made from 2x2x12 balsa wood blocks.

Is there a way to center the drawing directly in the middle of the page?

What type of file would i need to model the car in in order to have it cut out using a cnc router/five axis mill? Would it be the same for wheels (made out of 2mm plastic)?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Reading Attached Image Directly From Memory Using API?

Nov 30, 2013

I have a large JPEG image (10000*11000px), attached to an Autocad drawing, that I want to crop multiple times. I cannot load it into memory using .Net, I get an out of memory exception. the only thing I think I can do is read it directly from Autocad. To do that, there is a method of the "RasterImageDef" class called "OpenImage" witch returns an IntPtr to the image. I tried to create a Bitmap object from the IntPtr and the save it to disk. I get no errors but the saved image is black. here' the code :

public static void IntPtrTest(){ Document doc = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument; Database db = doc.Database; Editor ed = doc.Editor; ObjectId imageDict = RasterImageDef.GetImageDictionary(db);


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Illustrator :: AI Hangs When Trying To Directly Copy Image Into CS6 PS

May 27, 2013

I have a few users which are all experiencing the same issue. They didn't seem to have this issue until upgrading from CS5 to CS6.

Basically AI stops responding (usually permanantly hangs and requires restarting app) for at least 30 seconds when trying to copy an image from AI into PS. The method they're using is to directly select the image from AI and then simply paste directly into PS (I know there are other methods of doing this but this is apparently the way they have always done it).

Their machines are very well spec'd
OS - Win7 64-bit
RAM - 8 to 32GB!
GPU - Standard (but compatible) and has latest drivers but disabled by PS as i suspect it's not quite grunty enough?
Win7 has been fully updated as well as all Adobe products / Drivers etc...

I have tweaked both AI & PS (including the File Handling & Clipboard setting which enables AICB) for better performance. I think I have basically tried everything and confused as this wasn't a problem when they were using CS5?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Scan Image Directly Into E12

Nov 8, 2013

how to scan an image directly into Elements 12 (for Mac).  Just "upgraded" from 6 and can find no answers other than to go to Apple menu, scan in with Preview or Image Capture, save to desktop, then retrieve with Elements.

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AutoCad :: Integrate JPEG In DWG

May 21, 2011

Is it possible to fully integrate a jpeg (ie a logo jpeg) into a drawing instead of image reference? I am working on some catalogues and each page of each catalogue has a logo and forgetting the logo.jpeg once in distribution yield chaotic result.

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Lightroom :: File Names Printed Directly On Each Image

Mar 16, 2012

Can the pictures file name be printed directly on to each image so that a preview book could be printed by Blurb with each photograph numbered.I can do this in slideshow but when I export the files for printing the numbers are gone.Several of my friend in the profession would also like the ability to apply the file names in this way.

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AutoCad :: Integrate DWF Files In Web Page

Nov 13, 2013

I need to integrate dwf files in my web page. There is one more requirement it should fulfill, suppose i want to search for a room in building which has some number or name , i want it be searched in the drawing directly using a query string from the aspx page.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Integrate Voice Commands

Nov 21, 2006

Is there currently any way to integrate voice commands into Inventor? It would be an incredible time saver. Software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and IBM ViaVoice offer this technology for some Windows applications. I was just wondering if it could be applied to Inventor? If not, can we expect something for R12?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Integrate ILogic Error Message

Mar 4, 2013

Just wondering whether there is a way to  integrate iLogic error message into VB.NET code.
   For example, if use following sentence to read the data from spread sheet.

    LengthFloat=GoExcel.CellValue("tank_data.xls", "Gauges",     "llg_arm_lgth")
if there is no such cell of "llg_arm_lgth", the error message appears as in attached file.                                
Right now I want to use "try...catch... end try" in the iLogic code. I can duplicate the first line of the warning message using VB.NET code, but I can not  reach the second line. Does the iLogic expose this error message through some function? or which VB.NET code does this job?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Populate ColumnDataview But Not Integrate All Linetype In Current DWG

Apr 1, 2012

here my code :

Public Function LectureDefLine() As Collection
Dim db As Database = New Database(True, False)
Dim OkErreur As Boolean = False
dim cCollDefTypeLine as collection = New Collection
Dim path As String = HostApplicationServices.Current.FindFile


i use it for populate a ComboxColumn of a dataview.

I want populate a ColumnDataview but not integrate all the linetype in mu current dwg.

This code run but acad crash after ..   So have you a function/sub working fine ?

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 :: Double Clicking Image To Go Directly To Photo Paint

Mar 13, 2012

My corel x4 was coryupt and I had to install my older Corel 12.

Options on this corel are different.  So in Corel 12, how do i change the settings so that when I double click on an image, it will open it in Corel photo for editing?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Integrate 11 With Aperture On MAC

Sep 26, 2012

if I choose PSE11 to be the photo editor in Aperture, the selected photo won't be opened in PSE11, PSE11 is started though. However, if I drag and drop from Aperture to PSE11 it works, but saving back to Aperture does not.

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Lightroom :: NIK Software Did Not Integrate In New Install Of LR5

Dec 28, 2013

I cannot find my NIK plug-ins after initial installation of LR5. I installed Silver EFX Pro (1)  and Color Efex Pro 4 after LR5 +.3 upgrade, and theres nothing in the plugin manager except what came on the LR5 installation disk. Im running Windows 8 on the desktop and windows 7 ultimate on the laptop, same issue with both computers.

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Lightroom :: How To Integrate Slideshow Into Dreamweaver

Feb 14, 2014

I would like to know how to integrate a slideshow 'gallery flash lightroom" into a dreamweaver CC page which already exists. I don't find any bottom "export into dreamweaver" in Lightroom...

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Integrate With Program

Oct 16, 2013

I extract all my files from a database, and start Edge Animate CC. How do I determine, when Animate has closed the files again? It must work for both Windows and Mac. We have solved similar requirement for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CS5 and CS6 by writing a plugin.

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Photoshop :: How To Integrate Speed Grade Into Workflow

Jun 29, 2012

I love Photoshop CS6, and my absolute favorite new feature is the Color Lookup adjustment layer. So far, I've been extremely happy with the effects I've been able to pull off by combining that with other adjustment layers, channel work, etc.
However, I've gotten to the point where I realize that my next step -- much like a user who graduates up from using actions he/she downloads off of Deviant Art -- is to make my own color look up tables. The only tool at my disposal for this is Speed Grade. (I have a CS6 cloud membership -- off topic, but way to go, Adobe, that made it feasible for me to "graduate" from only having Photoshop CS5.1 to having the full suite at a very reasonable price!)
I've used Speed Grade on video clips I've shot with my Canon 5D MkII to great effect. Nothing I'd post publicly yet (I'm still learning how to shoot motion), but I considered the results to be very positive. I've managed to save several test .look files, as well, both on video footage and still images (JPGs, to be specific).
I always shoot RAW, and my usual workflow is to start in Aperture (I'm a Mac user), do some basic RAW adjustments, then export a 16-bit PSD and get down to the real work in Photoshop. SpeedGrade doesn't yet seem to support PSDs natively, so in order to create a .look which is appropriate for my image, it currently looks like I need to export a JPG (down to 8-bit sRGB, ugh) from Photoshop, then open THAT in SpeedGrade, do my work, save my .look, go BACK into Photoshop, and use the .look file there.
I could live with that if -- IF -- the .look file actually gave me my expected results. However, the only time the .look behaves exactly the same in Photoshop as it does in SpeedGrade seems to be if I open the image as a JPG -- thus losing all my layers, adjustments, smart objects, etc. When I apply any of my .look files to a PSD, they come entirely too dark, every time. Many of them have simply turned an image into a large 22 megapixel black rectangle.
So my question is this: How do I make a SpeedGrade .look file behave predictably in Photoshop, in a 16-bit-per-channel PSD file? I'm OK with changing the color space if I have to (even if it's to sRGB, the bane of my existence) -- but I need to see the same thing in SG that I do in PS. Is this possible today, or am I waiting on the next SG release? Or, and I assume this to be the case -- as I'm a software engineer by trade, and know that this is almost always the case! -- is this a case of user error? And if so, what can I do to correct my user error?
Or, sacrilegious as it may seem since I have all of Adobe's tools, are there other Mac-based products I can use to create color look up files compatible with Photoshop?
In case it matters, here's my platform:
Canon 5D MkII, latest firmware, always shoot RAWApple Aperture 3.2.3. Mac OS 10.7 (late 2011 MacBook Pro 17", 16 GB RAM)Adobe Creative Suite 6 Cloud Subscription (photo, illustration, video tools installed; no Flash nor web tools)

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Photoshop :: Configure Software To Integrate Color Management?

Feb 24, 2012

how to configure my software to integrate color management so that what I see on my monitor is comparable to what I print or post on the web.  I've read all I can find on-line and looked through a number of books and magazines, but as my reading increases, so does my confusion - too many menus, options, links and connections.  I'll describe what I have in terms of hardware and software in as much detail as possible. 
I run an HP desktop with an ASUS IPD monitor.  I have ColorMunki and have reguarly conducted their diagnostic, which gives me an updated monitor profile every two weeks - when a new profile is created, it becomes my default under Windows 7 Control Panel Color Management.  I print with an Epson Stylus Photo R1900 with Epson paper and ink.  I use the printer and paper profiles supplied by Epson for the R1900 and specific papers.
On the other end, I have Nikon photo equipment.  I set the color space on my cameras to ProPhoto and I shoot exclusively in Nikon raw format - .NEF.  I shoot a D90 and a D7000 with 12M and 16M files respectively.  I download directly from the SD card using Windows Explorer and then import into Lightroom 3.
I have Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 Extended.  I use Lightroom to import raw files into the catalog and to do basic editing.  From there, I publish to Smugmug as .TIFF files - directly from Lightroom.  I also export files from Lightroom to Photoshop CS5 Extended and save them as .PSD and .JPEG files.  The files that I export to Smugmug look pretty good - similar to what I see on my screen.  My real conundrum is with the Epson printer and Lightroom/Photoshop.  What I see on my monitor is very different from what prints.  From both platforms.  As a rule, the shots are too dark and the colors are often very muted.  This is especially true with images of people and skin tones.  They often come out looking pale gray or blue.

My problem, (well, one of them) is the multitude of menus that have color management inputs - how do I make sure they are all working together and reinforcing each other instead of working at cross purposes?  In Lightroom, I have Page Setup and Print Preferences, as well as Color Management options in the Print Module right hand panel.  In Photoshop, I have Print and Page setups, as well as Color Management menus.  There are also the Proof menus to consider.
In Photoshop, softproofing, I think I ned to select teh printer profile so that Photoshop is showing me how the printer will interpret the color space.  I also think I need to be consistent in how I define the workspace - from Nikon to Lightroom to Photoshop to Epson.  If I use ProPhoto with my camera do I need to use that in every circumstance?  Should I switch to Adobe RGB?  I have printer setting color space turned off in both LR and PS.

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Integrate CSS Deck Code Into Composition

Dec 20, 2012

how to integrate this CSSDeck code into an Edge Composition? [URL].... I tried to follow Joel Pau example here: [URL]... but had no luck implmenting. My knowledge of code is pretty weak so I have troulbe following.

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Lightroom :: Catalog To Make Pictures From 2 Different Cameras Integrate By Time Shot?

Aug 6, 2013

I'm importing pictures from different cameras into the same catalog. I set the world time on both cameras so they could seamlessly integrate into one catalog by time. What setting do i need to choose in the catalog to make the pictures from the 2 different cameras integrate by time shot?

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Photoshop :: How To Open An Image Directly Into Photoshop From The Web

Jan 11, 2009

I've found is copy the image, then go to Ps to new (the image size will be updated), then paste your image there by dragging and dropping with shift (places the image evenly in the window). But surely there must be an easier way to do this.

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AutoCad :: Repositioning Via Rotate - But Not Directly Rotating

Oct 25, 2011

I'm trying to have some advanced positioning - I don't know if this can be done using dynamic blocks. Start with some basic geometry - let's say a triangle - /. Now, I can add a rotate parameter & action that will let me spin that as I wish.

Next - add a couple attributes. I have a pair of attributes, separated by a text, aligned as "A1.A2" A1 is right-justified, and A2 is left-justified, so when edited they remain in the form "A1.A2" regardless of length. I can now add a point parameter, combined with a move action, that will let me reposition these three entities freely.

My question - can I have the rotate action trigger a move, such that the text repositions to a defined location without changing orientation (DON'T rotate the text!)?

So if I start with (leading . used for positioning in this forum text box):. A1.A2

I want to rotate it to: A1.A2

While I'd love to have it totally self-adjust, I mainly need it to handle 45-degree increments of rotation.Is there a way of expressing this using dynamic blocks using action and/or constraints? Or would this require a lisp construct?

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AutoCad :: How To Draw A Line Directly Centimeter

Dec 2, 2013

How can I Draw a line directly centimeter. I Know Inch setting. I want to I select line tool then enter 1, draw 1 centimeter line.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: 2012 Not Responding Directly After Start Up?

Mar 10, 2012

I have AutoCAD 2012 on a Win 7 64bit laptop. Ive had it on here for over a year and never had this issue till today. My AutoCAD loads up fine and loads up the default Drawing1 file. However after waiting a few seconds and going to click File, it comes up with Not Responding on the top. I wait patiently for several minutes and it does not recover. Not quite sure what went wrong . My desktop has the same issue. There is a possibility of it being caused by CCleaner after using it to fix errors and it messed with something in the resgistry while doing so but not sure.

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AutoCad :: Spline Doesn't Directly Go Through Each Of Control Vertices

Mar 14, 2012

I am still very new to AutoCAD.I have 5 nodes each of which has an x y & z co-ordinates. I have converted each of these nodes into a control vertex and created a spline of degree 3.

Because the spline does not directly go through each of the control vertices and thus there is some gap between the spline and the control vertices; what I want to know is, what is the distance between a particular control vertex and the spline measured at right angles to the tangent line of the spline.

The values I am using are completely arbitrary and I have used them just to get my point across.I have also attached the actual .dwg file that contains the total number of control vertices and the spline.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sweep To Fall Directly On Path?

Dec 30, 2011

I have a sweep that follows the shape of the path sketch, but the sweep itself is made to the right of the sketch. How can I get it to fall directly on the path? I have attached a picture of the sweep as well.

HP Z400 Workstation
Intel Xeon @ 3.33GHz
12.0 GB RAM
Windows 7 64-bit
Inventor Pro 2014

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Plotting Files With PDF Xref Directly From 2012?

Aug 28, 2012

problem when plotting files that have PDF images attached to them and are viewed through a viewport.  When plotting, the publishing bar fills up but then stays filled and doesnt disappear.  At this point AutoCAD is locked up and I see the file starts spooling.  I have several PDF files attached that amount to no more than 500 kb, however, when spooling it racks up to 30mb before in sends it off to the plotter and it takes a very lenghtly wait (up to 60 min).  Eventually it plots and sometimes it doesn't plot at all.  After a while if I try cancelling the plot, it will start plotting but only half of the page and after that the entire operating system will lockup.  We have several machines (6) and 2 plotters in a network and the plotters are shared.  Is there a better and faster way to work with PDF xrefs?  Could this be a networking problem instead of AutoCAD?  

machine specs:

Dell Precision T3400
Intell Core Duo @ 2.33GHz
OS: XP pro ver.2002 (w/ SP3)
AutoCAD Architecture 2012


HP Design Jet 1055CM
KIP 3000

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Only Allow Sketch Entities If Directly Associated To Extruded Feature

Aug 12, 2012

I have a simple ipt file (attached)

It is a simple rectangular plate with 13 holes through on a pitch circle.

I have used a "circle" to construct the "Pitch Circle" and a "line" to construct the top dead centre of the circle.

I have then added a circle to use as a hole feature and used the circular pattern to make the holes equi-spaced around the circle.

This circle is then extruded "Through All".

My question is, How can I eliminate the construction "Circles" and "Lines" from the following code, only allowing sketch entites that are directly associated to an extruded feature to be accepted?

Public Function WriteDxfSketchEntities(Doc As PartDocument, sketch As PlanarSketch) As Boolean
Dim partCompDef As PartComponentDefinition


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AutoCAD Inventor :: Access And Export Parameters Directly Using APIs

Apr 24, 2012

I'm actually using inventor 2012 and microsoft visual basic 2010 express, and i need to create some code so i can access and export all the information from the parameters list (values, names, tolerances... everything!) from a part i designed.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Fails To Open Directly From Email Client?

Jul 20, 2011

Autocad failes when i tried to directly opening a file from recieved attachment email. whereas it opens it properly when i save the files to hard disk drive.

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