AutoCAD Inventor :: Removing Sketch Image From Drawing Border Definition

Nov 13, 2013

What is the proper syntax for removing a bmp file inserted into a drawing border defintiion?  I am using 

I got all the way into editing the sketch of my border defintion... 

I know the name of the sketch image I want to delete it's something like "C:Temp12345678.bmp"

So I wanted to use the name to get the image file and set it to a variable.  Then run the .Delete() command on that.  But it's not working. 

This is what I have, where oCSTicBorderDef is equal to the border defintiion of the active document..

Dim oSketch As DrawingSketch
Dim strImageDirectory AsString


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AutoCAD Inventor :: Fold Lines In A Border Definition With Parameters And ILogic

May 7, 2012

So far I can discover parameters and ilogic aren't possible in the definition of a drawing border.

How can fold lines be created in a border that can be used for multiple scales?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Model Custom Property To Sketch Symbol Definition

Sep 29, 2011

How would i insert the "variable name" of a custom iProp to a sketched symbol definition (in an idw)?

I can plonk the value of the iProp in no worries, but to make it "live" is a bit beyond me...

 Sub WeldNote()On Error Resume NextDim oDoc As DrawingDocumentDim SketchedSym As SketchedSymbolDefinitionDim oNoteDef As SketchedSymbolDefinitionDim oDefSketch As SketchDim oTextbox As TextBoxDim SNewText As StringDim sNoteText As StringDim oReffedDoc As DocumentDim lReffedWeldType As Long'Err.ClearIf


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Photoshop :: Drawing Boxes, Removing The Default Border...?

Sep 1, 2006

Whenever I draw a box on the page using the foreground color, the background color is applied as a 1px border (I believe) and is accompanied with the box.

When you go to select the background color, there doesn't seem to be any 'use no color for background' option. It's also not being added in the 'layer options' box either (as a stroke).

How do I remove that the outside background color?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Copy Part Sketch Into Drawing Sketch

Sep 20, 2012

How do I duplicate the 2D line work from a part level sketch into a drawing level (overlay) sketch?

I started a simple 2D piping system diagram sketch by opening a new part file and using a sketch to stick draw the system schematic including some annotations.  Then I opened a new drawing file and made a base view of the part file to bring a view of the original sketch into the drawing.

I realize now that it would have been much easier to have created the schematic directly in a 2D sketch at the drawing level, which would have made editing the annotations much easier at the drawing level, and there is really no need for the part file to exist.  I have no intention of creating a 3D model or "real" part in the .ipt file, was just using it as a jumping off point to sketch.

I was thinking that I could correct my error in judgment by just copying the sketch and pasting it into a new sketch on the drawing, but it doesn't want to work that way.  I have tried copying both the whole sketch at the browser level, and the entire sketch contents (all of the lines and annotations) from the opened part sketch, but when I attempt to paste either of those into the drawing, paste does not seem to be an option.  I'd rather not have to draw the whole thing again, as in typical fashion, my once simple sketch has grown in proportion and complexity from its simple beginning.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Copy Linetype Definition From Drawing To Linetype Definition File?

Nov 14, 2012

How can I copy a linetype definition from a drawing to the linetype definition file?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Removing Objects From Block Definition?

Dec 21, 2011

I need to remove lines from a block definition and replace them with LWpolyLines. I see there is a way to Append entities to a BlockTAbleRecord but I don't see a way of removing an entity.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: VBA Code That Allow To Get Filename From Border Of Drawing

Aug 10, 2012

I need some VBA code that will allow me to get the Filename from the border of a drawing.  I've got code to get to the text  of the filename, but I need to get the filename itself.  Hope that males sense. Here's the

Public Sub GetModelFilename()
Dim oDoc As DrawingDocument
Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument


What the code returns is the text <FILENAME>.  What I need is the filename itself.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't See Sketch Lines In Drawing

Dec 18, 2013

Cant figure this out - I create a sketch in a drawing, but I cant see the lines as I'm drawing them.  The lines are on a "solid" layer set to red as defined in my standard.  The background of my drawings is black.  When the line command is done, the line appears and it's red.  Problem is I cant see it as I'm sketching.  Is there any way to modify this?  Can I have the line appear red (or white) as I'm sketching?

Product Design Suite Ultimate 2014
Vault Professional 2014
Windows 7 Pro SP1
HP-Z400: 2.67 GHz 12 Gb Ram
Nvidia Quadro FX1800 driver 276.42

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Different Textstyles In One Sketch (Drawing)

Aug 2, 2013

I'm a student and a beginner in VBA. I'm writing a macro to automatically draw text and lines in a drawing and it goes pretty well. But now I have encountered a problem. When I add text like this:

Dim FreqBox As TextBox
Set FreqBox = oSketch.TextBoxes.AddFitted(oTG.CreatePoint2d(1.9, 1.95), GegevensForm.FrequentieVak.Value)

This is like I want it, but not the right font or size, so I add this:

FreqBox.Style.Font = "Arial"
FreqBox.Style.FontSize = 0.2

This goes well too, but then I want to add another TextBox, in another style, like this:

Dim VermogenBox As TextBox
Set VermogenBox = oSketch.TextBoxes.AddFitted(oTG.CreatePoint2d(3.7, 3.2), GegevensForm.VermogenVak.Value)
VermogenBox.Style.Font = "Arial"
VermogenBox.Style.FontSize = 0.5
VermogenBox.HorizontalJustification = kAlignTextRight
VermogenBox.Style.Bold = True

And suddenly when I run this, the other text is changing to these settings... (exept for the alignment).Is it possible to do this without the FormattedText option

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Drawing Rotation

Oct 2, 2013

Every time a select a plane to sketch onto, it rotates 180 degrees...... i have looked in the settings but cannot really find anything.. i have attached images for reference .

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Put Loft Sketch On Drawing?

Nov 22, 2013

I have created a loft from 4 different sketches. Now I want to make a drawing with the front, side view and the dimensions of the 4 profile sketches from the loft. But I can’t find a way to put the sketches from the part on my paper. It works with copy-paste ;^) but this is not the way I want it (it’ll not change when I change the profiles in the part).  

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Getting A Drawing Border To Act On A Modified Custom Property

Feb 20, 2012

The company I work for produce drawings for various types of fabrication.

Using Inventor I have a drawing border in which tolerance values change depending on the type of fabrication to be produced. The type of fabrication (0,1,2,or 3) is designated by a custom property entered during part/fab model creation.

This property may change depending on various production factors. The issue I have is how do I get the border to recognize this potential change in fab type and populate the tolerance fields with the necessary information? 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dimensioning Using Drawing Sketch Points?

Oct 8, 2012

I am trying to use sketch points in drawing for dimensioning. Below is portion of my code. The code fails when AddLinear is called. Is it even possible to use drawing sketch points for dimensioning?
invSheet = invDrawingDoc.ActiveSheet
Dim oTransGeom As Inventor.TransientGeometry= invApp.TransientGeometry
Dim pt1 AsPoint= oTransGeom.CreatePoint(0, 0, flangeOD / 2)


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AutoCAD Inventor :: Picking Sketch Line From Drawing?

Dec 19, 2011

 VB.NET with VS2010, Inventor 2012

I have a drawing view of a part with a sketch that contains some lines. I need to pick one of the sketch lines.

I can pick a line with sketch active using the kSketchCurveLinearFilter

I have not been able to pick it from outside of sketch. Have tried using kDrawingCurveSegmentFilter to get a DrawingCurveSegment but I can not get the sketch line from the DrawingCurveSegment

I assume there is a way to get the sketch line from DrawingCurveSegment or DrawingCurveObject but have not figured it out.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Using User Parameters In Drawing Sketch?

Aug 22, 2011

We are trying to add reference lines to the idw drawing for a sub-assembly.  These lines represent centerlines of parts of the main assembly. The main assembly is not the reference file for the drawing.  However, the required dimension setting the centerlines is a User Parameter in the sub-assembly.  (The centerlines are represented by work planes in the sub-assembly file).  Using iLogic, we were able to populate the User Parameter from the sub-assembly into the idw file.  We can see it as a User Parameter in the idw file.  However, when we go into sketch mode the User Parameter is not an option.    In sketch mode, we pull a dimension between the two centerlines (d4).  When you look at the parameters d4 does not exist so we cannot set d4 equal to our User Parameter (and we've looked there are no filters on).      We need this dimension to be able to adjust as the length of the sub-assembly adjusts for different cases.  Each case is unique and done on a job by job basis. 

There are several places in our drawings where being able to place reference lines and set their relationship to the part would be very useful. 

1.  Why are the User Parameters not available for use in sketch mode on a drawing?

2.  Why can the dimension IDs (ex. d4) not be seen by looking at the parameters? 

3.  alternative way of putting reference lines on a drawing? 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Reference A Sketch Within Drawing View

Jan 8, 2013

Using Inv 2013 and VB 2010.  I am trying to reference a sketch within a drawing view, but I am having a hard time figuring out which view number and sketch number to use.  I thought I had it figured out, but apparently I was wrong.

For example, see the 2 attached pics, Drawing A and Drawing B.  For Drawing A I had the sketch reference set as

Dim oSheet1_View As DrawingView = oDrawDoc.Sheets(1).DrawingViews(3) Dim oSketch As DrawingSketch oSketch = oSheet1_View.Sketches.Item(1)

Drawing View 3, as it was the 3rd Drawing View in the list, and Sketch #1 within that Drawing View.  I thought this was how it worked, because it worked with my code and it hid the sketch.  However, moving on to Drawing B, I used the same code, and it does not reference that sketch at all.  It did nothing to it.  Even though the Flange_Holes sketch is in the same position.  3rd View down the list, 1st sketch.

So how does Inventor reference these views and sketches?  Is it in order of creation?  Is there a way to reference it by the what the sketch is named instead of trying to decipher the number it's assigned?  I have a lot of drawings already made, and I'm not positive the views were taken and created in the same exact order each time.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Copy Lines To Sketch In Drawing

Oct 12, 2012

I have a question regarding copying geometry in drawing mode.

When I was working in V5 and making drawings I sometimes had to "fake" geometry, the world is not perfect I know, copy geometry in the 2d, like center lines and such. I am trying to do the same in Inventor and use the project geometry button and geometry is created but it does not show up when exiting sketch.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Created Drawing Border - Text Goes Up The Creek After Export

Jul 31, 2012

I'm having real difficulties getting my drawing borders to work between Inventor and AutoCAD. I am using Product Design Suite 2012.

I have created a drawing border using Inventor, which is the template for any drawings I produce. I often export the Inventor drawings into AutoCAD 2007 dwg's to send to customers. However, it seems all the text goes up the creek after the export...

When I open the exported AutoCAD drawing, first I explode the drawing border. Then, if I scale the border from within AutoCAD, none of the text wants to scale up. - I've attached the border. I've tried several different ways to fix it using text styles, heights (setting to 0) etc and still no luck!

How to fix the text scaling?!

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Display Model Sketch In Part Drawing

Mar 20, 2013

How can I display a sketch or projected geometry that is not a closed loop in a ipt drawing? Historically I have to use a closed loop and emboss in order to display the geometry in a drawing.  

Then move that forward to a DXF file for its intended use.  I think there should be a way to just have lines placed on the model and display it on a drawing without it having to be a feature. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't Use Model Sketches Within A Drawing View Sketch?

Apr 16, 2012

I can "Get Model Sketch" to make it appear visible in a drawing view. But I can find no way to use these "edges" or "lines" or "entities" or whatever they are, later in a drawing view sketch. No way to project them from Model Sketch to Drawing View sketch. I can attach leaders and dimensions to these Model Sketch entitites but I can find no way to use them in a sketch owned by the drawing view. Am I missing something?

IV2012 SP1

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Toggle Sketch Only Geometry When Creating Drawing?

Jan 23, 2012

Can we now toggle "sketch only" geometry when creating drawing view sketch transient geometry in the Inventor 2012 API?

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AutoCAD LT :: Removing Border When Inserting A Picture

Jul 23, 2012

When inserting a picture e.g. our logo, how do i remove the border that gets inserted? If turn the layer off i obviously loose the whole picture.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Within Drawing View Loses Dimension Reference?

Jan 14, 2013

I have a VB program that auto updates the size of a door and frame assembly, and in turn, updates the shop drawings to reflect this change.  I have a view on my shop drawing that I have drawn a sketch in.  I start the sketch, add my dimensions, and I use 'Project Geometry' to project the edges of the actual part around the sketch to constrain my sketch and keep it in place.  The problem is, as the program runs, and the door/frame changes height, the sketch loses it's dimensional references to the projected geometry.  When I go back and reopen the drawing after running the program, all the dimensions that went to the projected geometry are gone. 

Is there another way to anchor a sketch to a drawing view part instead of dimensioning to projected geometries?  This doesn't seem to be working, and I've tried it every which way I can think of.  Oddly enough, I have another sketch in a different view that is set up the same way, and it never misses a beat.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Drawing Sketch While Making DWG - How To Change Line Colors

Feb 14, 2012

When I draw a sketch while making a dwg drawing, the lines are light green that is nearly invisible on the background color. How can I change the line color?

I'm using Inventor professional 2012 student edition.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Cannot Make Component Sketch Show In Assembly Drawing

Dec 8, 2011

I have a sketch on a component. That component is being used in an assembly. The assembly drawing (.idw) does not show the sketch on that component. I have made them visible on the component, but don't want it visible on the assembly model. (only the assembly drawing)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Independent Scaled Sketch In Drawing Environment?

Oct 29, 2013

I'd like to add a sketch to my drawing - a sketch that is independent of any other views. Is it possible to make this sketch have a scale associated with it instead of being 1:1?

Right now I am just overriding all of my dimensions.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Hide Dimensions In Sketch Mode In Drawing Environment

Sep 28, 2012

I was giving a hand drawn wiring diagram (original.jpg) and it is a rats nest!!

I was asked to re-draw this and put it on our drawing template.

I have the plugs and terminal blocks drawn up and now I am about to attempt to add in the wires, but the sketch is so filled with dimension lines and values, it is going to be a task to try and make sure every line I draw is correct. This would be much easier to do if the dimensions could be turned off as the wires I am drawing will not be constrained.

I don't think there is layers options inside a sketch mode, or a if i start a new sketch I don't think I can project that sketch to the new one?

The only other options I can think of was to delete all dimensions and apply FIX constraint to everything! or

I guess I could have modeled the plugs and blocks in position and added them to the drawing, projected the geometry to a new sketch and added in my wires??

There must be someway to toggle the dimensions??

Inventor Professional 2014-Update 2 - AutoCAD Electrical 2014
Win7-x64 | ASUS P8Z77-V | i7 3770 -3.4 GHz | 32GB RAM |
240GB SSD | nVidia GTX 670 4GB - 320.49

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch To Create A Break Out View In One Type Of Drawing

Sep 9, 2013

I use the same sketch to create a break out view in one type of drawing. I may be blind, but I can't seem to find a way to save that sketch and reuse it when I want to create a break out view.

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GIMP :: Extend Drawing Border And Change It From Square Outer Border To Round

Nov 11, 2012

I have a drawing that has a white background.

I would like to add more to the white background to make it bigger without having to stretch it and distort the image.

I want to place a circle shaped outline border around the original image with a set border thickness and color and be able to crop/remove the portion of the image beyond the outline, changing it from a square/rectangle image to a circular image.

If I am not able to change the drawing to have a round outer border from square, how can I make the outer parts past the newly created circular outline transparent?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Constrain Sketch With Image

Sep 5, 2013

How to become able to fully constrain a sketch with an image in it? Always stalls at 1 dimension required. Try a sketch with only an imported image.

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