AutoCAD 2010 :: CTB File Merge

Aug 20, 2012

I am trying to combine a .CTB file from one of our consultants with ours without overwriting each others colors, pen weights and styles. How can i do that? we both have our own CTB file and we both use about the same colors and thicknesses but for different items (i.e. our consultants red is a thick line used for exterior walls, and our red is used for light lines beyond).

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Save A Print Merge File With Merge Data Field

Feb 26, 2013

Why cant I save a cdr job with all the merge fields setup so that next time I open the file I can go straight to 'merge to new document'.

So Ive set up a 10 to view raffle tickets job.  Inserted 20 numerical merge fields, positioned, resized, applied font size color alignment etc etc etc.. Takes ages.....  So then merge to a new document, works nice and I can save it fine. 

There are a hundred reasons why i may have to close the 'master' merge file before the job has been successfully printed.  It may be a repeat print job.

Any which way I really dont get why the live merge data  fields are lost on closing the file.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Merge Multiple DWG To One

Apr 26, 2012

Using Auto CAD 2012 I have recived 12 DWG displaying claims blocks in an area. How I can merge all dwg(s) in one dwg and eventualy save the final dwg as new CAD file?

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Merge Lines

Mar 9, 2012

As more and more clients, subs, etc., etc are requesting pdf's more and more often, the issue of "lines merge" vs. "lines overwrite" (and therefore, pdf "flattening" when printing a pdf) is becoming more of a topic of discussion in our office.

I know we're not the only office making pdf's that have to be "flattened" (thereby taking a huge amount more of time to print) when sending to a printer.... but not *all* pdf's we receive need to be flattened so there are some offices that don't have to deal with this issue.

The question is this:

If you use lines merge = on in your autocad, do you have a way to get pdfs that don't need to be flattened? (printing to dwf then pdf is not a reliable option either, as that does not consistantly honor the lines merge feature between dwf/pdf either)

If you don't use lines merge then how do you set up your drawings to allow for easy draworder handling? (and do you use solid hatching patterns in your drawings, which we rely on alot)

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AutoCad :: Merge Image File With Drawing File

Apr 8, 2013

Is There any way to Merge Image file With Drawing File ? I Have a Topo Sheet Which i am Inserted in Drawing File . Now the Problem is i am sending Drawing file to My Client Office Via Email . The Toposheet File Sized Is Nearly 150 MB . Is there any way to Combine Image and Drawing File.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Multiple Raster Images Merge

Jul 25, 2012

I have  problem with multiple raster images.I can not marge them.You can see problem in picture.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Layer Merge Command Is Not Working In One Particular Drawing

Sep 1, 2011

The layer merge command is not working in one particular drawing. But fine in others and new files using the acad.dwt file.Is there a setting that effects the command.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Sheet Set Publish Option -> Merge Control Doesn't Save

Sep 7, 2012

I am having an issue with saving the merge control variable to "Lines Merge" under the Sheet Set Publish Options. I have full rights to the sheet set file, and can change the variable to make a plot, but it gets reset everytime I close program and reopen.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Extract Text From File To TXT File In Another Editor And Then Merge

Dec 7, 2012

I´m trying to extract text from a Corel file to a TXT file in another editor and then merge it back in.Extracting the text seems to be working just fine but when I´m trying to merge it back in I get the error message "Wrong file format or could not open".

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AutoCad :: How To Merge TIFF File Into Drawing

Aug 22, 2011

How we could merge a .tiff file into and AutoCAD drawing using AutoCAD Raster or not????? We can not have any ref. files

Using AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD Raster 2009

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Photoshop :: How Do I Merge A GIF File Onto A JPG

Apr 30, 2009

I am trying to put a GIF file onto my JPG on the bottom right courner and cant figure out how to do it.

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3ds Max Animation :: Merge 3 Files Into One File To Animate

Dec 2, 2011

I have created three files that animate ribbons flowing through a space. I need to merge them into one file to animate. The problem that I am having is that when I try to move the object the different ribbons start skewing and going in all crazy directions. Is there a way to move the object and it maintain it's values and not morph around?

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3ds Max :: How To Disable Open Merge File Dialog

Sep 9, 2012

1. When i double click a .MAX file , the new windows of 3ds max opened, although there is already have a 3dsmax window i opened before That means i want to open the .MAX file in the existed 3ds max window -which i opened before (without have to drop .max file into 3dsmax )

2 .How to disable this dialog when drop a 3d model file to 3ds max ? it's annoying when dropping .max files and this dialog appears ,we have to click many times

i want it to choose : "open file" as default , how to do it and when we want this dialog appear again ,how to do that ?

and the same with this dialog : when i use ctrl+N( new scene) how to make it choose "New ALL" as default ?

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InDesign :: Data Merge / Import Through CSV File

Mar 12, 2014

First i got a big Adobe InDesign File where I already have designed a catalog. It's made through tables.
It looks like this:
So here's my problem. The article numbers are already filled in. And I have a .csv file with 3 different colums. Art.Number, StandardPrice, DaliPrice It looks like this:
So now i want to import only the prices from this file, because the article numbers are already filled in. If i try to import the .csv file through data merge --> create merged document i am not able to choose this field which i marked blue (dataset). I don't know why... maybe i have to format my csv file different?
And also if i try to show the preview it only takes the data from the first line in my csv file. So somehow i have to merge the fields from the csv file with the article number which is already in my indesign file.
All those fields who look like this------>

are from an plugin which is calls easy catalog... but i think i won't need this plugin... i am sure it's also possible with data merge.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Variable Data / Merge File Stacked Text

Sep 7, 2012

I am attempting to create a tag system that will have a 5 digit number but must be printed as shown below






We have to create a file to be engraved that has 2000 consecutive numbers and we cannot figure out how to make them appear stacked using the merge feature.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Preventing PDF Viewer To Open Drawing File When Plotting To PDF File?

Mar 9, 2012

As an engineering company we have started to convert hundreds of our drawings from AutoCAD to PDF using a batch utility.

However every file that is converted into a PDF file is opened by a PDF Viewer. We want to prevent this.

I opened my *.pc3 file and removed the check from the appropriate box. See below

I press OK, then save the file and close. However when I reopen the file, I see the box for Openining in PDF Viewer has been rechecked. No matter what I do, I cannot permanently remove the check from this box.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: 2 Files Open - Upon Quitting Of 1 File Other File Goes Black

Jun 10, 2012

When I have 2 files open, one minimized and the other visible on the screen, when I quit the file showing on the screen and then open the one that was minimized, it comes up w/a blank black screen. There is no way I have found to get the info in the file to display.

Then, if I save the blank screenof previously minimized file, close it then reopen it the info is back on screen with changes made to the file intact. 

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Unable To Save File - Losing Original File Afterwards

Feb 12, 2013

I found this error a bit strange, my colleague it trying to save a file and this error keeps on coming out (see attachments). When we try to save it, it only saves as a temp file. When we try to open up the temp file and try to save it, it still doesn't allow us to do. Also, when we cancel the save, the original file will be gone and he will lost all of his data. Below are the specs of the computer and version of the AutoCAD.

Computer: DELL Precision T5500

OS: Windows 7 Ult

AutoCAD Version: 2011

Also, we're using ProSteel Series 3 as well. We tried saving the file using ProSteel and just AutoCAD but it didn't do the trick. I've tried some options (listed below) that might get it to work but still no luck.

1. Restart the computer.

2. Repair / Reinstall AutoCAD.

3. Give permission to the folder (read from the forum).

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Import A Cuix File To Main Customization File

Jan 9, 2013

i want to import my 2013 office workspace in to my 2012 home Version.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Opens New File As Well As File Selected From Windows Explorer

Apr 18, 2012

I have recently upgraded from AutoCAD 2008 to 2001. Now when opening a file from windows explorer (desktop vs the AutoCAD browser) and AutoCAD is not running. AutoCAD will startup and open a new drawing as well as bring up the dialog box for finding a file to open, which I cancel, THEN open the drawing that I have selected. I have not seen this before and am wondering what variable or option is causing to happen. I am also seeing two icons for the same drawing file in the Windows task bar.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Import Microstation RSC File Into LIN File For Linestyles?

Apr 12, 2013

A co-worker had a copy of a handy little guide called "Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks for AutoCAD 2012".  I think she (or another co-worker) got it at AU. 

On page 33 under the heading "DGN Support", it says the following:

Complex linetypes are now maintained!  To ensure that custom linetypes are displayed, copy the corresponding .rsc files to the support path...........

 The way I read that, Acad will read the RSC file and display linetypes from it.  Is that true?  Does it only work when I'm looking at a DGN file?  Or can I use the RSC file with my dwg file?  I'd test it myself but I don't have access to any MicroStation files.

If Acad can read the RSC file directly, then I don't see why the linetypes can't be used in a dwg file.  AND that being the case, I also don't see why an Autodesk product can't be created to WRITE these RSC files.  As far as I'm concerned MicroStation's custom linestyles is so much more advanced than Acad's linetypes.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Reopen File Appears File Not Valid

Jul 9, 2012

I work with a company network, and everytime after do different updates in a project at the time to reopen the file appears "file not valid".

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Language File Default When Opening File?

Mar 19, 2013

A fellow co-worker accidentally checked the box that says "don't open this file" (or something like that) that appears when a language file is missing upon opening a file from a client.  He then also "accidentally" clicked the "perform this action every time" so as the warning window wouldn't appear any more.  As a consequence there are now files that we cannot open on that computer. I've searched through system variable lists and come up empty handed.....

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Print Merge NOT Recognizing Numeric Field From Excel File

Jun 1, 2012

I am having an issue with X6's print merge not recognizing a properly formatted numeric filed from my Excel spreadsheet.  My first issue was that Corel was adding a decimal point after my numbers. This was when they were still formatted as text fields.  (which i still don't understand why, since they were just TEXT fileds) 

I know that the fields need to be "numeric" fields. 

FYI i have ALREADY COMPLETED MY TASK by using an "added" numeric filed that i added IN CorelDraw and then used the "Numeric Field Options" at the bottom of the page to get my number sequence.

However, that is not my question.... my question is: How do i get corel to RECOGNIZE a numeric field AS a numeric field in the first place.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: DXF File Geometry Is Different Than DWG File It Was Created From

Nov 2, 2012

I created a DXF from my 2d dwg file and when I open the dxf file the geometry is different from the dwg geometry.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: File Is Too Big But There Is Nothing In File?

Sep 9, 2013

I have deleted all elements in file but still it show huge file size 10.6 MB. how to make it samll size after deledting all drawings from a file.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Can't Find PGP File?

May 8, 2012

So i turned off the "command line completion" settings.  However, now I have to type in the full command in order to run it.  I found that there should be an "acad.pgp" file somewhere in the support paths that will allow me to define command aliases.  So i did a complete search of my C: drive for "*.pgp" and the search came up empty; I tried a few different ways and places (trying narrow it down) but couldn't find ANY of these files. 

I have the student version of 2012.  Does this have something to do with it?  I wouldn't think it should because of what it says on the education site: "Important Note :The Autodesk Student Version software incorporates all the functionality of our professional licenses, but includes a print banner making the software inappropriate for professional, commercial, or for-profit purposes."

Win 7 64bit
Intel i7 2.30GHz
8Gb DDR3

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Can't Find DLL File

Sep 25, 2012

when i add a custom template file location under options>files>template settings>drawing template file location>default template file name for QNEW i i get the error message c:program filesautodeskautocad mechanical 2012acadmamg3dim.arx cannot find a dll or other file that it needs. if i remove my custom template file location and leave it blank, i get no error. its the same thing for the drawing template file location, if i change the default file location to another path, i get a different dll error message when launching cad.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: BAK File Is Not Opening

May 10, 2010

somehow a dwg file got deleted.There is a bak file for that but for some reason I can't open it. If I open up the drawing recovery manager in CAD that file is not on the list.Is there a way of opening the file?

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Missing SHX File

Jul 3, 2012

i got a drawing file from my customer , then i was opened it then suddenly i got a pop up message appear " MISSING SHX FILE " .

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Default File Name DWG To PDF?

Oct 9, 2012

Since transferring licence to new computer I am no longer offered the default file name of "Drawing title" - "Layout name" when plotting to PDF (Standard DWG to PDF.pc3). Is there a way to restore this?

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