After Effects :: Pull Up Time Display For Audio And Video Layers In The Composition Panel?

Jan 5, 2014

The best way to explain, is probably just say it shows up when you add "Time Remapping" to a layer.. Is there any way to show a time signature like this, without editing the layer?

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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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After Effects :: Editable Rectangles Of Still Photos In Composition Panel Suddenly Stopped Showing Up

Feb 4, 2014

I am relatively new to After Effects CC and am using it to create a stop motion film with a large amount of photos.Usually, when importing the individual images into my composition panel, a sequence of editable rectangles appears in the composition panel allowing me to edit the frame length of the still photos.
After around 950 imported images, the little rectangles suddenly stopped showing up. But when looking at a preview of the project, it's as if the photos are in there, in the sequence they should be. I'm just unable to edit them like the previous ones with rectangles showing.
The area of issue is where you see the descending sequence of boxes in the comp panel. The red tracking bar is there to show that there are still photos continuing the sequence.

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After Effects :: How To Paste Layers Into A Composition Without It Overlapping

Oct 18, 2013

I'm currently using a free typography template.
The template has 8 compositions and I'm trying to arrange the compositions to play in the order I'd like them to play.
I tried copying/pasting the layers into a pre-existing composition but the text overlaps with the other text layers.
I also tried to pre compose the layers and then copy/paste that into a composition but it also overlaps. Then I tried to drag it to the bottom and/or move the bar on the sequence but it won't appear when i play.

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After Effects :: Stretching Length Of Entire Composition Not Layers

Oct 26, 2013

I need to time-stretch a whole comp. It's based on a Video blocks template, but for the purposes of this particular piece, I don't need to stretch the template itself, individual layers/clips/avi files, etc... The entire composition is moving about four times faster than it really needs to. Nothing needs to be individually adjusted; it's an "overall" issue-- I just need to stretch the 15 second time uniformly to one minute. For some reason, I'm having a lot of trouble finding out how to do this. Changing the duration/ time stretch has just created a sixty second video with fifteen seconds at the same speed and then forty-five seconds of black. There HAS to be a simple way to do this...

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Photoshop :: Increase Font Size In Many Text Layers At A Time By Selecting In Layers Panel

May 9, 2013

I would like to increase the font size in many text layers at a time by selecting them in the layers panel. The font increases, but the text boxes don't expand to fit the increased size text. So I am having to make each box bigger manually. Is there a way to have the boxes expand to fit bigger text automatically through the layers panel?

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After Effects :: Is This Possible To Render An Audio React In Real Time

Oct 30, 2013

I am looking for a way to render a 3d model that reacts to an audio in real time. I know processing does the audio reacting in real time but I was wondering if this is possible to render a 3d object that react to the audio via after effect as well?

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After Effects :: Possible To Have A Movie In Its Time In Footage Panel Independent Of Timeline

Feb 13, 2014

I have some very long movies and want to insert some short parts of it in the timeline.So i open the movie in the footage panel mark in and out point and press ovelay insert to insert this part in the timeline.Next time i open the same movie in the footage panel to mark the next part i want to insert in the timeleine, my timeline  playhead jumps to the time where my playhead of the footage panel is in this clip. is it possible to unlink the footage panel and the Timeline?

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After Effects :: Audio But No Video?

Jun 2, 2013

Everytime i try to put a Fraps video (with the avi extension) the audio does work but the video does not, there is only the grey part which you see when you have nothing at all. When I try to open it in my documents, it works just fine.

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After Effects :: CS6 Audio Not In Sync With Video

Aug 24, 2013

for some reason my video in AE that i am rendering is not in sync audio wise however i have the original file and the audio is fine. why is it that in AE the video is not in sync?i previewed it many time in different scenes however when the video hits about 2mins the video suddenly becomes off synceven tho the original video i have isnt.

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VideoStudio :: 6 - How To Display Video And Audio Waveform On Timeline

Dec 4, 2013

I am a new VS6 user (coming from Pinnacle Studio). Is there a way to display the video and the video's audio waveform on the timeline at the same time. I see where I can select the Sound Mixer button above the timeline, which does show the audio waveform, but then the video thumbnails disappear.

2nd question, when I put a fade-to-black transition between two clips, it seems like the clips' audio does not get faded out then in with the next clip. Do I have to add a separate audio fade for every video fade?

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After Effects :: No Audio From Video Clips Even After Rendering?

Jul 9, 2013

It seams that when editing in After Effects (CS6) despite doing everything i've been told to do i get no audio when editing video clips imported from my digital camcorder. The only audio it seams i can hear in it is an actual song or audio file (MP3) and the worst part is when i render out the video after adding my effect even when i check the audio output box in the Output Module, i keep most render settings the way they are? but i have tried everything that i have seen suggested but nothing seams to work and no matter what i do i cannon manage to get any audio from my finished products unless there is an actual song in it.I must also add that in the Output Module i have tried many formats such as MPEG4, H.26, AVI, WAV, Windows Media and many others, none of them make a difference to the audio, only the quality of the video.

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After Effects :: How To Subtract Frames In Time Display Work

Feb 5, 2014

when I want to add time to the time display, to re-position the timeline cursor, i use +15 for example. But when i want to subtract time, -15 wouldn't work. How does subtracting frames in the time display work ?

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After Effects :: Audio Slightly Longer Than Video On Export?

Jul 24, 2013

We just did a :30 commercial spot and delivered it to several outlets for regional broadcast. Most of them accepted our compressed output just fine (an H.264 QT,  1080 @ 29.97, PCM audio) but one outlet kept rejecting the file for being TOO LONG. We measured the file in several programs on the Mac (AE, FCP, QT 7, QT X) and it always came up as exactly 30 seconds every time. Even AE pegged it at 899 frames, so we definitely weren't over.
AUDIO was running long, not the video. He sent us a screenshot from Vegas Pro (I guess their system is all PC-based) and it showed the video stream at :30.00 and the audio stream at 00:30:29 -- nearly a full second longer than the video! How could this happen? I always thought the length of each stream was identical, so why woudl the audio come out slightly longer?
One clue: the actual AIFF file used in the output comp is itself 00:31 long. I shortened it in the composition to fit within the time, and every setting for 'Duration' that I know of was set for 00:30, but it's like it just ignored the duration on output of the audio and exported the entire length of the track into the audio stream.
Here's my workflow -- I did use other programs to make the file so maybe something else is the culprit:

Finish in AECS6, render out to ProRes 4444 Master @ 23.98; re-import the file and drop into 29.97 comp to correct the frame rate for broadcast, render out to another 4444 Master file @ 29.97; dropped that into Apple Compressor to make H.264 file with PCM audio.

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After Effects :: CC Freezes When Using Layers Panel?

Jan 29, 2014

I'm having an issue with the Layers panel, which is docked to my Comp panel, freezing my system whenever I try to click into any other panel. I can open a project, click on a layer to do some painting and then if I try to go back to the Comp freezes. My only solution is to open the Task Manager and shut down AE. If I save everything before I try to get out of the Layers panel then I am okay but that getting old fast.
I'm working on an hp Z420 Workstation. This system is entirely new as of December 2013 and there haven't been any major  issues but this has popped up and it's getting in the way of production.

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Illustrator :: How To Display Object Appear In The Center Of Layers Panel

Feb 26, 2012

I have an illustrator file with several hundred layers and objects. If I select an object for targeting in the Layers panel, is there a way that I can get the object to be displayed in the center of the workspace. I currently have to zoom in and pan the document to see the object.

Likewise, if I select an object in the document, is there a way to have that object appear in the center of the Layers panel? I currently have to scroll the Layers panel to find the parent layer, and then drill down through the child layers until I find my selected object.

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After Effects :: Multiple Audio Tracks In One Video File Import?

Mar 29, 2014

I'm trying to get back into making youtube videos and I am running into an issue. I have an Hauppauge HD PVR 2 gaming edition. Now one of the features that makes it easier for commentators like me is the ability to have all of the audio channels [game, mic, PC (aka skype chat)] all on seperate "layers" that way you can go into your video/audio editor and have the different audios so you can tweak them individually.
The problem that I have and wondering about is this, is there a way to import the files and have the different audio tracks be seperate? The files that they come in are either .ts [raw] or .mp4 [in program compression]. I would like to keep it in .ts even though its a bigger file as I like my compression style after I've edited that gives the best look without loss when uploading to youtube.
I have see the free program at mentioned, but the issue is last time I used it I somehow ended up with a virus. I also have handbrake, the Master collection cs 5.5, and VLC.

Operating System: Windows 7
Software Version:
Device: HD PVR 2 gaming edition

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After Effects :: Time Remapping And Video Stabilization Simultaneously

Jun 28, 2013

How to speed up and stabilize a video clip, however, the embarrasing discovery is that a Macintosh proprietary software that comes standard with each Apple computer purchase (Imovie), has a stabilizater and time remapper that works seamlessly. 

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After Effects :: Rendering Time Lapse Video With Timewarp

Feb 14, 2014

When i´m rendering out a video with still images (timelapse) i use Timewarp. I like to have Timewarp at 50%, but then i only get rendered half the images. If i have 500 images, only 250 gets rendered to the final QT-video. There must be a way to get all images in the video??

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After Effects :: Embedding Countdown Timer That Is Linked To Real Time Into A Video

Mar 24, 2014

What I am trying to accomplish is to make a 10-sec video that has a real time countdown clock to a certain part of the day (Ie: 5 hours and 10 secs left till 8 pm). Designing the clock is simple, what I cannot figure out is what program i should use and how to make it link to real time. Is this possible in after efects or do i need to use flash professional or something else. To give you a little bit more information, typically I design ads that just run on a loop, this ad has to be different because it needs to run in a loop and somehow go and get the countdown according to real time and not just the videos length.  (I've heard of somehow making a flash SWF file that either links to computer or RSS file, but how to do that in aftereffects.) This is what i can find, but NOT what i want: [URL].... I want it to use real time for countdown.
The media player running this 10-sec video ad is apparently compatible with Flash SWF.

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Photoshop Elements :: Display Is Suddenly So Big / Can't See Layers Or Effects

Aug 29, 2013

all of a sudden, the display in PSE11 is so big on my Mac that I can't see the right-hand screen components, including the layers or effects. I looked all through the preferences and can't figure out how to re-size the display back to the default. I can't even minimize the display enough to grab the corner and pull the window in a little.  Is there any way to re-set the display to the default so I can see the layers and effects, without reinstalling the program? 

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After Effects :: Add A Second Composition To The Timeline?

Jun 21, 2013

I have a composition that I have duplicated and I want to switch out a music file from the copy and then render them both overnight. The timeline ( or whatever the thing is called where the time ruler thing is) only shows my original composition and i want to switch to the other so i can add the music file. How do i do this? i have tried dragging the copy next to the original comp.

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After Effects :: Previewing Composition In 3D?

Jan 27, 2014

I am making stereoscopic 3D videos with After Effects. Setting up the rig and rendering work fine, but sometimes the video's convergence is off and I need to make adjustments. I was wondering if there's a way to view the Composition with my 3D glasses before rendering. I'm using an Asus VG248QE monitor with an NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses.

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After Effects :: Rendering Composition As PSD File?

Mar 14, 2013

I was wondering if there was a way for me to render a full composition in Aftereffects as a Photoshop file (1 document) that contains all the layers? 

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After Effects :: Composition Keeps Moving Position On Its Own?

Jun 18, 2013

I'm scaling and repositioning my composition at several points. A curious thing keeps happening though. My composition is moving it's self in between all my points even when they are the same on both sides. I'll have two keyframes with exactly the same positions at different times and in between those exact same keyframes I'll have the composition moving... I have everything symetrical.

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After Effects :: Unable To Loop Composition?

Mar 31, 2013

i'm trying to loop my composition (72 frames) containing a moving object (a walking chicken, refer to printscreen)
i followed tutorial here [URL] ........
In short, i applied Layer > Time > Enable Time Remapping to my newly created Comp 2. Two key frames were created. I moved to the last frame, and then 1 keyframe backwards and created a new keyframe. Then on the very last keyframe i set the time to 0 and then deleted the penultimate frame (which i had just created). And then added Property > LoopOut(Type="Cycle", numKeyframes = 0)  to the layer i want to loop.
however, after applying LoopOut expression, i am no longer able to playback - when i pres Play to preview, the chicken stands still (meanwhile time indicator is moving continuously, indicating that playback is in action).
Thinking that i deleted wrong keyframe, i undid all changes and repeated all steps again but this time i deleted the very last frame and left the penultimate frame (and setting time to 0 ). It did not have any effect - chicken does not move, time indicator is moving/looping in the timeline.
using AE CS6 trial version, windows 7

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After Effects :: Holding Last Frame In Composition

Dec 6, 2013

I have read that you can use Time Remapping to hold the last frame of a png sequence so that you can create a pause between transitions, without importing the last frame or anything.
I have tried the technique described here >>URL.... but I think my workflow is in the way.
My entire animation (+/- 600 frames) has been rendered in 3D and imported as one sequence in AFX. I composite my highlights and shadows in a composition and called it Master. Then I made smaller compositions and placed the Master comp inside them and cut it up to size. I placed the separate sequences in a comp called Stage. So now I can just import one single sequence when I render again.
Now I am trying to let the last frame of the smaller sequences to hold for a few frames, before transitioning into the next. The Time Remapping just doesnt seem to work, because it is not holding anything when I move the last frame, it just shows the next part of the master animation.
Is there a way around this or do I need to import every sequence as a unique set?

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After Effects :: Composition Turning Invisible While Doing Anything

May 19, 2013

So I Installed After Effects CS6 today and I made a new composition to make an intro for a speech in school.I haven't even tried alot of tools yet but for example when I add a text and change the font size I only see the gray background and the rectangle the text is in. The black and the text in there disappears while changing the font size.Also when I use the rectangle tool to select the text, I can't see what I'm selecting because the same thing happens.

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After Effects :: Crashes When Click On Composition

Nov 6, 2013

I'm a fairly experienced user and have bought a template from one of the Royalty Free sites.However, as in the title, AE (CS5 and a CC trial) both crash when I go near some of the compositions. I say 'some' becasue it only seems to be a few that are problematic.I've downloaded the zip again and tried all sorts like renaming the project, emptying the cache, using the Collect Files option to try a new project and downloaded a CC trial but all the same.

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Photoshop :: Any Way To Pull Various Brushes And Tools Into Panel Like Color Swatches

Apr 21, 2013

When I'm painting, I create my custom color swatches it's easy to just click on the color I need and go. But, when choosing brushes, it's much more complicated.

I use several brushes, the mixer brush and the smudge tool back and forth when painting. Is there a way I can pull the various brushes, and tools into a panel like the color swatches so it's all right there and all I have to do it click and go?

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After Effects :: Illustrator Files Won't Import As A Composition?

Apr 5, 2014

I'm trying to import some Adobe Illustrator files into After Effects so that I can animate them. As far as I understand, I need to import them as a composition so that the layers will remain separate from each other.
However whenever I try to do this, I go through the whole process- select the file, select composition, click OK,  it does nothing. The file does not appear anywhere in my project, it's as if I haven't done anything.

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