After Effects :: Time Remapping And Video Stabilization Simultaneously

Jun 28, 2013

How to speed up and stabilize a video clip, however, the embarrasing discovery is that a Macintosh proprietary software that comes standard with each Apple computer purchase (Imovie), has a stabilizater and time remapper that works seamlessly. 

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Use Timearp Function In The Same Way As Time Remapping In AE?

Jun 18, 2012

Is it possible to use the Timearp function in the same way as Time Remapping in AE?

I just watched Grants video for a third time and it doesn't really touch on this kind of time manipulation.

specifically i need to add keyframes at specific events then be able to move those keyframes to match up with other moves on a different video layer, and have the "time" between the two keyframes react accordingly.

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Premiere Pro :: Turn Off Time Remapping - Original Clip Gets Grey Stripes Over It?

Mar 31, 2014

I'm trying to apply the time remapping settings from my original clips to those that I've colored in DaVinci Resolve. I turned off all effects on my colored clips and graded the entire clip, not just the segment in my original timeline.  My workflow thus far has been this:
1) Copy the original clip above the colored clip

2) Revert the speed of the original clip to 100 from where it was adjusted to (the speed of the original clips varies from 500% to 1000% across the timeline)

3) Turn off Time Remapping on the original clips (this is done by deleting all keyframes)

4) Find the In and Out points of the original clip through timecode

5) Set the In and Out points of the colored clip to those of the original

6) Make another copy of the original clip and set it to 100 but don't turn off time remapping

7) Copy the time remapping settings of the original clip to the colored clip

8) Convert the colored clip to the original clip's speed (usually between 500% and 1000%)
Now, in several cases this works, but in others it falls apart at Step 3.  When we turn off time remapping, the original clip gets grey stripes over it in the timeline and we cannot see the footage in the Program or Source viewing monitors.  We have tried reversing steps 2 and 3, but when we do that the clip gets shrunk down to 1 frame and we lose the original In and Out points.

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After Effects :: Rendering Time Lapse Video With Timewarp

Feb 14, 2014

When i´m rendering out a video with still images (timelapse) i use Timewarp. I like to have Timewarp at 50%, but then i only get rendered half the images. If i have 500 images, only 250 gets rendered to the final QT-video. There must be a way to get all images in the video??

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After Effects :: Embedding Countdown Timer That Is Linked To Real Time Into A Video

Mar 24, 2014

What I am trying to accomplish is to make a 10-sec video that has a real time countdown clock to a certain part of the day (Ie: 5 hours and 10 secs left till 8 pm). Designing the clock is simple, what I cannot figure out is what program i should use and how to make it link to real time. Is this possible in after efects or do i need to use flash professional or something else. To give you a little bit more information, typically I design ads that just run on a loop, this ad has to be different because it needs to run in a loop and somehow go and get the countdown according to real time and not just the videos length.  (I've heard of somehow making a flash SWF file that either links to computer or RSS file, but how to do that in aftereffects.) This is what i can find, but NOT what i want: [URL].... I want it to use real time for countdown.
The media player running this 10-sec video ad is apparently compatible with Flash SWF.

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After Effects :: Pull Up Time Display For Audio And Video Layers In The Composition Panel?

Jan 5, 2014

The best way to explain, is probably just say it shows up when you add "Time Remapping" to a layer.. Is there any way to show a time signature like this, without editing the layer?

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Photoshop :: Applying Effects To Multiple Layers Simultaneously

Jan 8, 2008

I'm working on an image, and I need it to say "The Wedding of Jane Smith."

I have 4 different text layers showing up, and they're all visible. (a real small "the," a much larger "Wedding," a small "of," and a large "Jane Smith.") I like to have the different words on separate text layers so I can move them around and lay them out the way I like.

I got to the point where I wanted to apply blending effects to the text (drop shadow, bevel, whatever). Now, since I have 4 different text layers, what I'd normally do is merge them into one rasterized layer and then do my effects. But I'm wondering if there is a better, more non-destructive way.

I do video graphic design at my job, working with a video editor, and it would be extremely convenient if I could apply effects to multiple text layers without first rasterizing and merging the layers. i.e. when my boss or the client is looking over my shoulder, and I can show him what the text looks like with the blending FX without having to commit to the text placement/size by rasterizing/merging.

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Photoshop :: Applying Effects To Multiple Text Layers Simultaneously?

Jan 8, 2008

I have 4 different text layers showing up, and they're all visible. (a real small "the," a much larger "Wedding," a small "of," and a large "Jane Smith.") I like to have the different words on separate text layers so I can move them around and lay them out the way I like.

I got to the point where I wanted to apply blending effects to the text (drop shadow, bevel, whatever). Now, since I have 4 different text layers, what I'd normally do is merge them into one rasterized layer and then do my effects. But I'm wondering if there is a better, more non-destructive way. Code:

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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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After Effects :: Some 3rd Party Effects Crash After Period Of Time?

Feb 16, 2014

Specifically the Boris Continuum plugins. I get this error: 
Seems to happen for really no reason, even if I apply the effect and let the comp sit idle, it hapens after a minute or so.
Win 7x64, AE CS6 11.04, 16 gb of RAM GPU: GeForce GTX560ti

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Lightroom :: Canon S100 Photo Capture Time Correct But Video Capture Time Is Wrong?

Jan 6, 2013

I have a Canon S100 and just started importing photos and video into my LR 4.3 catalog. I convert RAW to DNG, and the Capture Time on the photos in LR is correct. However, the video Capture Time is shifted forward exactly 8 hours. I know how to correct the video Capture Time, but is there anything I can do to stop this from happening in the first place? I looked at what the metadata looks like in Bridge.

Date Created = Correct Capture Time
Date File Modified = The time I imported the file into LR.
Date Created = Capture Time + 8 hours
Date File Modified = Correct Capture Time

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After Effects :: Erase Extra Video And Show Only 1 Of The Moving Objects In The Video?

Jan 17, 2014

I am trying to "erase" extra video and show only 1 of the moving objects in the video .on an athletic field we are trying to show only the movements of 1 it possible to "delete all of the other players movements and just show one player and then overlay that video on the empty field?

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After Effects :: Converting Video To JPEG And Back To Video

Feb 18, 2013

Is it possible to import a digital video sequence into photoshop and convert it into individual frames, so that each frame can be manipulated individually (drawn into, coloured etc) and then reform the individual frames into a video file for export toAfter Effects, Premier Pro or Avid?

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After Effects :: How To Add Text Effects Over Video

Aug 24, 2013

I’m trying to add some text effects over my video, but I’m really stuck right now getting After Effects and Adobe Premier to work together.

From the tutorials I’ve watched online, I’ve been trying to create a dynamic link between the two programs so I could easily create texts and other effects in AE that immediately show up on my timeline in Premier.  I've been able to create texts, but whatever I create in AE is not showing up on the Premier timeline.  Am I missing a step?  Also, when I load up my sequence into AE, all of the color correcting that I’ve done with Looks inside Premier goes away, and the clips appear as they did right out of the camera.

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AutoCAD LT :: Remapping Xref When Change Drive Letter

Mar 18, 2013

Currently i have a problem with xrefs. I just changed my network drive from B to A. As all the xref was not working. I only can do is manually remapping the xref. Thats will be wasting time to do that. 

Any solution without remapping the xref when change the drive letter?

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After Effects :: Time Shift Of Footage?

Feb 14, 2014

I have two compositions, second is a copy of the first. On the second's layers i use other footages with other start points, while the keyframes of the layers should stay there (related to the layer). I have replaced the the second's footages by alt-drag&drop. But i can not set other start points. So how can i shift the footage behind the layer?

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Photoshop :: Video Time Line In CC

Nov 18, 2013

I have encountered a problem with the video time line panel in CC.

When importing a clip, the time line panel remains on top of the video image window.

As before, the image window does not automatically resize to float above the time line panel.

I cannot resize the clip image panel to make more room for the time line.

I have tried to reset Photo Shop to the original state without success.  

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After Effects :: Insert Time / Frames Shortcut?

Feb 1, 2013

Is it possible to insert time from where the 'Current Time Indicator' is  across all layers?
So it would extends all the layers and move all the keyframe accordingly..
In the adobe flash days pressing F5 would achieve the same effect. 
So using this image as an example, pressing F5 would extends the layers/move all the keyframes after the indicator by one frame...

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After Effects :: Masking A Time-lapse Animation?

Apr 2, 2013

I'm working on a time-lapse project where I have taken 240 shots of a highway heading into my city, and have erased the cars from the shot, creating the look of an "empty city". This will be one of many sequences like this.

I got the highway background plate perfect, no cars, and I threw that into my AE comp (CS6), along with the 240 images as a JPEG sequence. I've layered the background plate on top of the image sequence and used a mask to "hide" the cars from the highway. The problem is, some of the cars are taller than the roadway (trucks, busses, etc), so they push into the upper part of the frame where the motion is supposed to happen. If I extend the mask upward, you can see a literal bisection between the still plate and the animated JPEGs. If I just move the mask path to hide cars as they go by, the moving mask becomes VERY obvious in the exported QuickTime.

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VideoStudio :: Remove Time Code In Video?

Oct 14, 2007

I want to remove the time code that leaves in the video and cannot. Since one becomes?

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VideoStudio :: Making Time Lapse Video Using X4

Apr 17, 2012

I've read thru most of the historial threads regarding making time lapse videos using VS X4. I am very happy with the normal videos what I have been able to produce using VS X4, however I am missing something when it comes to time lapse using stills taken with a GoPro Hero2 taken every 2 seconds in time lapse mode. The still images look sharp and clear in my photo editing software, but lose focus and sharpness when imported into VS X4 using Insert photo into Timeline for Time lapse/strobe. a process to improve the quality of my time lapse video I am making for our Boy Scout Troop packing up their campsite on a beautiful spring morning.

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Lightroom :: Time Lapse Stills To Video

May 18, 2012

Why isn't there support for making a time lapse video from a sequence of stills?  Perhaps with some motion effects like zoom and pan.  im amazed that this is not in lightroom.

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Lightroom :: Capture Time Sort / Video At End

Jun 3, 2013

why is it that my videos are located at the end of a reel when sorted?  when the pictures and videos are imported into LR, the import sort is perfect, but when i nav to the folders the sort places all the videos at the end of the day's captures.

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After Effects :: Is This Possible To Render An Audio React In Real Time

Oct 30, 2013

I am looking for a way to render a 3d model that reacts to an audio in real time. I know processing does the audio reacting in real time but I was wondering if this is possible to render a 3d object that react to the audio via after effect as well?

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After Effects :: Random Look Change After Opening Project At Later Time?

Jun 21, 2013

Created a project for a client, saved it, and rendered out a preview.  Today I open the same project which has not been touched since the render and it's a completely different image result.Left is in the project as of today.  Right is same frame from render yesterday.  As I said, no project changes have occurred since render.
I've messed around with the blending modes and opacity settings which are still as I left them originally, keyframes and all, yet I cannot get back to the exact same image on the right. Having funky oddities in AE CC?

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After Effects :: Time Warp Effect Causes Color Change (CS4)

Mar 23, 2013

I have a 1-minute clip that I've been working on. The first 30s I want to playback at normal speed. Between 30 and 36s I want the playback speed to gradually increase to about double the normal playback speed. At 36s I want it to stay at double speed for a few seconds and then gradually return to realtime playback. I don't want it to suddenly go from normal speed to double speed. From what I've read this is possible with the TimeWarp effect or enabling time re-mapping. Since I don't know how to do either I decided to look up some tuts on TimeWarp. I didn't find much and when I add the TimeWarp effect to my footage layer, all the color correction I did on it disappears.
I guess I'm wondering two things:

-How do I accomplish the speeding up and slowing down that I described above?
-If I'm supposed to use Timewarp, why does it create issues with my color and how do I fix it?

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After Effects :: How To Extend Time A Frame Stays In Place

Apr 21, 2013

I have this video clip and you can see that at second 3 the frame moves to the left and it's too little time for people to read the whole sentece (take ownership of your career).I think it has something to do with camera1.

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After Effects :: Time Indicator Goes Back To Beginning Once It Reaches End

Apr 15, 2014

When I preview my comp the time indicator goes back to the beginning once it reaches the end,  Is there a way so that it stops at the end of the work area or timeline?  Its not on loop, its on play once but I don't want it to go back.

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After Effects :: Current Time Indicator Won't Move To End Of Comp In CS6

May 31, 2013

The current time indicator won't move to end of comp in AE CS6. I setup a new comp at 10 seconds. When I drag the current time indicator OR hit the End key to bring the current time indicator to the end of the comp it stops at a value of 9:23. Is this a bug?

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After Effects :: Time Ruler - Changing Frames To Seconds

Feb 9, 2014

For some reason the time ruler is displaying frames and not seconds. I have tried cycling through the various time modes by ctrl clicking it as well as modifyign it in file->project settings, yet seconds will not show up on the time ruler. Please view the image below. I have also tried resetting the work space to standard default with no result.

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After Effects :: Way To Trim Precomp To Current Layer Time?

Feb 3, 2009

I've got an animation pretty much done as far as timing goes and everything. Now I'm going back and editing some things that require adding a few layers to add some things to the current layer that already is trimmed appropriately to the correct time.

Any script or something that will create a composition from a layer using the length of the layer's in and out point instead of the whole comp time?

Right now I'm opening the precomp, hitting "i" "b" "o" "n", then right clicking on the comp range bar, choosing trim to comp time. Then I go back to the main comp, move the time back to where the layer previously started and hitting "["

So it all goes by pretty quick, but I consistently have to do that like 20 times. And no, it isn't completely necessary, but if I have to give the file to someone else it makes it Much easier to see what's going on if they can see the actual length of a layer. If you leave it at default it appears the layer is needed for the entire composition.

So, is there a way to script that or something? I usually just need to do something like add some text, simulate a graphic display, or create some fake animated depth of field or something like that. I don't like to add more than one layer per action in the main comp, so if more is needed then i usually precompose it as to not have more than a hundred layers or so for the bulk of the comp.

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