After Effects :: CS5 Crashing With Shadows?

May 26, 2011

3D layers work fine but when I cast shadows from 3D layers after effects quickly crashes with an error ... After Effects Error:bad tracked memory ID (23:35).
I have tested very simple projects to determine if it was shadows creating the problem...simply two 3D layers with on casting shadows onto the other and this seems to be the culprit.
I have tried lowering the advanced composition settings for the shadow mapping down to their lowest settings as well to see if that is a solution but even at 250 the project will still crash. I've also tried ENABLING openGL just to see if my video card played nicer in openGL than not...again crash.
Basics of my system are

AMD PhenomII 3.2ghz quad
16 gig Gskill ram
NvidiaGTX285 video card
700watt power supply
gigabyte motherboard...if necessary I can give model number but it escapes me at the moment.
Vista Home Premium 64bit
I am going to check video card drivers next...but they have been recently updated.
I cannot say if this is a new development as for some time with CS5 I was not working with 3D layers but now on recent projects this is occuring. I am also going to try the same project recreated in CS4 and see what happens.

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After Effects :: No Shadows With Gradient

Apr 14, 2013

I have a shape with a 4 colour gradient on it but it wont accept shadows unless i turn off the gradient. Is there a way to have shadows on this shape and keep the gradient as well?

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After Effects :: Layers Not Casting Shadows

Jul 28, 2008

I've set up a comp with a light behind a large number of grey solids aranged in a grid. The light shines through the grid and onto a perpendicular solid ground-plane.

The thing is, the grid solids aren't casting any shadows. Now, they're in a precomp which is set as a 3D layer, but all the materials options are set correctly. All of the solids AND the precomp are set to cast shadows, and the ground-plane is set to accept shadows. The light casts shadows (and it works with other objects in the scene), but no joy on the solids grid.

Here's an image showing two views of the scene along with the corresponding overhead view to show the camera and light placement. The horizontal line in the overhead view is the solids grid. Also, Trapcode Lux is on to visualize the light cone, but it's not to blame, since there are still no shadows with it off and removed from the comp.


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Photoshop :: Export Single Layer (with Shadows And Effects) To Png

Feb 1, 2008

I have 2 layers, a background image and a round button with a shadow effect.

How can I only export the button, including his shadow, to png ?

I used Photo Impact, and in Photo Impact, I clicked on the layer, I selected "Export object" and the layer (object) was saved to a desired filename (in my case, I want png or tga, with transparency) .

Also, if I have a background layer, a button layer and a text over the button. If I select the button and the text, how can I export them to png (merge them and export them) directly ? Exactly like the case above, but with multiple players.

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After Effects :: Pre-composed Layers Not Consistently Casting Shadows

Apr 14, 2013

I've been trowling through th interwebs for an answer and it appears a lot of people have come accross similar issues yet I am still to solve my little hiccup.
I have a bunch of 3D layers sitting on a 3D plane. Everything was going swimmingly until I animated these layers in individual pre-compositions, when all the shadows disappeared. All shadow settings are set correctly, lights are in the right places, layers are separeted on Z axis and there are no effects on anything.
I'll include some images so you get the gist:For some reason, 1 shadow is working. i've checked all the settings and nothing seems to be different between them.

Here's a shot of the stats on the working comp:

And one of a non-working comp:

Now the pre-comps are no longer interacting with the ground at all. You can see the working one in the background is hanging out half way through the floor where as the front characters should be doing the same but aren't.

And finally, for some reason, at the 7second mark, it suddenly works again!?

Now, nothing changes at the 7 second mark, the camera and lights are in exactly he same place.

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After Effects :: Element 3D Is Crashing

Mar 31, 2013

I recently purchased Video Co-Pilot's plugin for Adobe After Effects, Element 3D, but much to my amiss, it does not work. The first time I tried to open the scene setup, it said, "Element 3D has encountered an unrecoverable error." I closed After Effects, and opened it back in hopes of trying again. But this time, when I apply Element 3D to a solid, it tells me "After Effects has stopped working" and I am forced to close the program.Nothing has changed yet, every time I try to add Element 3D to a solid it crashes After Effects. I updated my graphics driver, re-installed Element 3D, everything I can think of, but to no avail.

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After Effects :: Keeps Crashing And Not Rendering

Apr 20, 2013

Is there a reason that After Effects keeps crashing and only getting to a certain render point when pressing "0"? If I split projects into different compositions I don't tend to get the same issues, but it's more pain than it's worth spiting one video into 4 parts.

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After Effects :: CS5 Now Crashing On Startup (Mac OS 10.6.4)

Aug 24, 2010

I started it up this morning and received the following error message:
After Effects Alert
Last log message was: <4431105056>
<DynamicLink> <5> /Library/Application Support/
I've tried rebooting several times, repairing permissions, repairing permissions in safe mode, running AE in safe mode, but nothing seems to be fixing it. 
My info:
After Effects CS5
Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 Quad-core Intel Xeon
8 GB 1066 MHz DDR3
Running OS 10.6.4

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After Effects :: Crashing At The Splash Page?

Jul 5, 2010

I d'l'd the CS5 MC and everything was fine up until yesterday. AE is now crashing at the splash page. The first message is: "After Effects warning: Unable to create font." After hitting "OK", I then get "After Effects can't continue: unexpected failure during startup." I uninstalled and reinstalled AE twice (using the trial and onlt reinstalling AE as everything else is fine) but am still getting the same message. I then tried the CS5 cleanup utility only to have it crash and had to force quit that. I am running an iMac intel dual core. 2.4 g w/ 3 gigs ram.

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After Effects :: CS6 Crashing When Scrubbing MXF Footage

Feb 10, 2013

I am using native .mxf -  MPEG-2 HD footage shot with a Canon XF300, and nearly every time I place it in the timeline or or viewer and scrub AE freezes and crashes. Non mxf footage doesn't cause AE to crash.I am running a newly built Windows 7 64bit system

Dual Xeon 2687's
EVGA Classified SRX motherboard
3 SSD (operating system and applications on one, scratch and cache on others)
GeForce GTX580 3GB
internal 10K raptor drive (footage)
External OWC 4TB Qx2 RAID 5 / 0 (switched configurations in an attempt to resolve issue) (footage) - connected eSATA / USB2.0
I have adjusted the preview resolution settings, the preferences, the location of scratch disks, changed the location and connectivity of media hard disk, I have attempted older drivers, and ive switched video cards - I previously was using Quadro4000.  I have reinstalled the Adobe Suite, and just yesterday did a complete reinstallation of the OS. And that hasn't seemed to solved the issue. 
In the Windows event log, the error reads: Faulting application path: C:Program FilesAdobeAfter Effects CS6Support FilesAfterFX.exe.Faulting module path: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe After Effects CS6Support Filesmc_dec_mp2v.dll
I am new to .mxf and I have only been using this footage format for a few months, however the crashing issue did not occur until about a month ago. Im not using proxies  I believe it was around the time when I applied the latest AE update.  I cant say with confidence it was the update because I also was switching GPU drivers to resolve Premiere Pro crashing.  Essentially AE worked when Premiere Pro didn't, and now visa versa.
It always catches and crashes before going into adaptive resolution.  Are the hard drives not able to keep up?  Footage runs fine in Premiere Pro Hardware seems to check out.

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After Effects :: CS6 Crashing With Multiple Monitors

Jul 6, 2013

I recently upgraded from CS4 to CS6 in after effects.
CS4 ran smoothly and fine.
However, when I start CS6 i get the typical loading screen, it then tells me that
 GPUSniffer.exe has stopped working *I click close the program* Another window comes up After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was: "<2076><GPUManager><2>Sniffer Result Code: 1
Then it closes everything. I read online this can happen with multiple moniters. My main screen is connected via SVGA to my graphics card, however my second (and smaller screen) is connected to the mobo and runs on VGA.
My graphics card is fully updated as is most of my other drivers.
I can take out the moniter and then AE boots fine, but I don't want to do this everytime just for AE.

My only solution to this is leaving the error message there and waiting for AE to load, or clicking close and having everything crash.

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After Effects :: Projects With MXF Files Crashing

Feb 4, 2014

The last one wasnt so drastic, because it was only 1 file. I rendered the .mxf file as a quicktime in media encoder, and the problem was gone. But now I have another project that must be reworked, and it is a long edit with just .mxf files.
the error is:
After effects error: Error (4) reading frame from file "D:PROJECT DATAunternehmen aus der regionfilmsOptikGeistRawCONTENTSVIDEO0055B.MXF".

The material is from a P2 card. Every time I move the time indicator in a sequence, it hangs for 30 seconds, and I get the error message again.

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Photoshop :: Why Lighting Effects Filter Crashing CC

Nov 26, 2013

I am creating an RGB 8-bit image, and every time I select the Lighting Effects filter it starts to load then crashes Photoshop CC.

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Illustrator :: AI CS6 Consistently Crashing When Using Stylize Effects

May 15, 2013

This is the second time I have reinstalled AI CS6 as last resort. It will freeze up Illustrator every time that I apply an effect like a drop-shadow, etc. 2011 MacBook Pro i7 on OS X Mountain LionCreative Cloud CS6Other tools work fineI have a couple plug-ins from Astute Graphics - however, I had the problems occur previous to the plug-ins.. I have tried restarting, using only AI and no other programs, etc.. When I reinstalled last time the probelm went away for about 4 weeks.

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After Effects :: Crashing When Changing Audio Input?

Feb 8, 2013

I've been trying to get my Steinberg (Yamaha) ur-28m external USB audio interface/soundcard to work with After Effects CS6 for a week now. The problem is that everytime I change the audio input in the AE preferences to the Steinberg asio drivers AE freezes for a few seconds and then crashes. Same thing happens in Premiere btw.

I've tried everything possible:

- updated Steinberg drivers to newest version
- updated AE to latest version
- trashed preferences
- totally removed and installed master collection again
- formatted hd and Reinstalled windows 7 and installed Master collection again.
- tried all possibles buffer rates
Problem still there... I looked into the events log and it mentions ntdll.dll and makes afterfx.exe crash. Bottom line is I can't work with sound now, which is really frustrating. In other programs (non Adobe) these drivers are rock solid. Apparantly After effects (and in my case premiere also) doesn't like Steinberg. I saw this other thread about Steinberg in After Effects: [URL] Doesn't look like it's been solved.
Main specs of my pc:
Intel i7-2600
16GB ram Corsair
Nvidia gtx 560 ti
Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 motherboard
Seagate 1TB (7200rpm)

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Photoshop :: CS6 Lighting Effects - Missing Control Handles / Crashing?

Jun 28, 2013

I have read several other threads on this issue where the control overlays are missing when you go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. The "answer" from Adobe always seems to be, "updated your video card drivers."
I have a ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 560v for my Dell laptop running Windows 7 64bit. I have checked both through Dell and the ATI page and I have the latest drivers but Lighting Effects don't work properly. So now what?
I tried messing with the Preferences for Performance based on other posts. No luck. When I go to View>Extras>Show All I do then see the controls, however, the program freezes then crashes every time.

do I have to go back to CS4 to do all my lighting effects?

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Photoshop :: New CS6 Is Crashing And Now Old CS2 Is Crashing Too?

Dec 18, 2012

cleaned up the fonts and its still crashing by simply scrolling thru to find a file to open and to make matters worse, my CS2 which hardly ever crashed now crashes just opening it. I am rather beside myself, I have an iMac running 10.6.8 with 4GB of memory. I would love to copy and paste the crash report but it's not letting me do that.

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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Instant Effects In X5 - How To Make User Defined Effects

Sep 2, 2013

In PSP X5 I'm pretty sure there's a way to make User Defined Instant Effects in the Adjust mode, but I can't find the steps in the Help Files. I'm thinking these are just scripts, but I'm not sure.

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After Effects :: Way To Export Flash Vector Animation To After Effects Keeping It Editable?

Aug 7, 2013

I have a flash animation, just shapes and tweening. I was wondering if there's a way to convert it to After Effects but keeping it editable (i.e. getting AE shapes and keyframes).

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Photoshop Elements :: Adding Personal Effects To The Effects Panel?

Sep 2, 2013

after editing an effect from the panel (such as adjusting the levels of a drop shadow), to add it to the effects panel?

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After Effects :: Decoupling Keyframes From Audio File For Dynamic Effects

Oct 17, 2013

I have created keyframes from audio file and used them to generate some effect, all works fine, it is amazing how easy it is However, I would like to generate flash (?) so that these effects would be dynamic to different audio files after export.

What I want is basically to create effects that can be used in life event to the streaming music.

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After Effects :: CS6 Opening With A Lot Of Alarms Related To Effects Redundancies With Other Programs?

Feb 21, 2013

After intalling Premiere pro CS6 and After effects CS6, I installed add-ons for these programs (newblue, boris, prodad...). When I open After Effects it gives me 38 cases of effects (Detail Enhancer, noise Reducer...) redundant in other programs, telling me to get rid of them.

When I check these effects in my programs, they are mainly .aex files, located in Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe Common Plug-ins, NewBlue Video effects collections 1 to 6. Some of them also exist in avid /pinnacle studio programs (my former video tools I still use to close previous video projects) before concentrating in Adobe CS6 suite. I don't know what to remove in a safe way. Premiere pro CS6 doesn't worry about redundancies ! Only After Effects...

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Photoshop :: Shadows

May 2, 2005

what is the best way to make a real shadow. you know one that mirrors its source. the shadow effect is nice but how would i make a shadow of say a person standing up arms out and make it look real

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Photoshop :: Shadows

Aug 1, 2006

How does one take shadows out of faces... is it possible?

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Photoshop :: Shadows?

Nov 1, 2007

If you look at this pic from POTC there is some shadowing on the left, how is this done and how is the skin made to look almost wax like.

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Photoshop :: Shadows

Mar 21, 2007

I have a small studio and im taking pictures of seniors. It works out aside from the horrible shadows. I try to move my lighting around and even switch the umbrellas, but nothing seems to help.

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3ds Max :: MR - How To Darken The Shadows

Nov 28, 2011

Is there a way to darken the shadows when using a PhotoMetric light with RT shadows in MR? I attached a image (and a max file) and it's the darker part under the teapot that I try to make a little darker.

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After Effects :: Some 3rd Party Effects Crash After Period Of Time?

Feb 16, 2014

Specifically the Boris Continuum plugins. I get this error: 
Seems to happen for really no reason, even if I apply the effect and let the comp sit idle, it hapens after a minute or so.
Win 7x64, AE CS6 11.04, 16 gb of RAM GPU: GeForce GTX560ti

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After Effects :: Importing Sequences To Premiere Pro With Camera And Effects?

Aug 1, 2013

I have made a short film of 6 minutes (in 6 parts on after effects) I have added all the effects and the camera work on AE, but it needs a lot of editing here and there, which I find impossible to do on AE since you can't cut and join scenes like Premier pro. I need to import all these sequences onto premier pro for editing now. The problem is once I import the files, it imports in the right order in systematic folders etc, but it doesn't show any of the camera work or the special effects like gaussian blur etc. All my hard work has gone.
There must be a way you can import the after effects file on premier the way it looks on AE.
Another problem is I read some boards and it has been suggested to edit the clips first on premier and then add effects on AE but I read this really late and I've already composited the whole film on AE. I just need premier for cutting now.
P.S: I also thought about exporting the AE sequences as TGA files but there's ZERO space left in my internal hard disk for that, and it would take forever to export them all anyway. Any other kind of export would reduce the original quality which I dont want, and which I dont have space for anyway, so that option is out as well.

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Photoshop :: Drop Shadows

Apr 23, 2004

I found great use with the Drop Shadow ability. Especially when used with text; a nice soft, lighty blurred drop shadow would do wonders for the overall image.

But too many times do I see graphics with that ugly, heavy, and greatly offset dropshadow. Sure enough it actually DETRACTS the realism from the image.

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