3ds Max :: Does New Mcloth Supports Cloth To Collisions

May 16, 2012

Does the new mcloth supports cloth to cloth collisions?if so how?

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3ds Max Animation :: Collisions Between Wind Force And Wall

Apr 24, 2013

Are there any options in 3ds max to create wind force coming from the opened window?

I've just created simple scene where curtain hanging near closed window. I want to open the window and put some wind to the room. I'd like to move one part of curtain (the nearest to window) but now my wind force doesn't see wall and all curtain is moving.

How connect collisions between wind force and wall in 3ds max 2012?

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3ds Max :: MCloth Doesn't Work Anymore

Sep 15, 2012

the mCloth modifier when applied to a plane , the plane doesn't move while playing the simulation, it doesn't move at all ! same thing with the apexcloth...

I've installed then all latest Physx software + latest cuda + Latest 3ds max Physx plugins for max 2013 ( v2.86 )

I also installed absolutely all updates for max 2013

....without success !

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3ds Max :: MCloth Run Its Simulations On Graphics Card

May 24, 2012

Does the new mcloth run its simulations on the graphics card, or CPU?

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3ds Max :: Can New MassFx MCloth Interact With Falling Balloons

Apr 21, 2012

If you have two balloons falling down on each other, can mCloth interact with the balloons or can the balloons only react to a item like a rigid block?

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VideoStudio :: Pro X4 Supports MOV Files?

Oct 28, 2011

I wanted to ask if Corel pro x4 supports MOV files, I'm think buying a dslr canon camera eos 550d that export the hd in mov file, do I have to render the source file through another program.or is not problem and i can insert the file direct to the timeline?

i dont see in this list that corel supprts the mov files [URL] ...

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Paint.NET :: Plugin That Supports PSP Files?

Aug 20, 2012

I have files that are .psp but as far as I was searching so far I don't see a plug in for that type of file. Is there a plug in?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Only Supports 64bit Operating Systems?

Jun 22, 2012

looking at the tech spec, or is that for some functions only?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Does 2012 Supports Multi Core Processing

Nov 3, 2011

Inventor 2012 takes advantage of multi core processing?

In what are inventor 2012 faster than the last Version?

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Lightroom :: Latest Photoshop Supports Sony Nex 6 Camera And Its RAW File?

Mar 15, 2014

i have a sony nex 6 camera. i would like to know if the latest photoshop of lightroom supports this camera and its RAW file - ARW?
If not, what do you recommend i do? i want to avoid having to compress the images, if that would reduce quality.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Supports Unicode And Open Type Features But Does Not Show It

Apr 3, 2011

Corel Supports Unicode & Open type Features but does not show ithi oberon,can you tell me why the screen shows combined ligature while corel document shows part of ligature made of.i wanna use text as displayed in encode check the first word Language Gujarati

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3ds Max :: How To Simulate Cloth

Aug 25, 2011

I am having an issue when trying to simulate cloth. When I simulate the cloth, the dialog box with the simulation comes up and before it finishes simulating one frame it closes. At the bottom of 3ds Max, it says end solve.

It worked on an earlier version of the same file as I was able to simulate 100 frames.

I am running 3ds Max 2010 on Windows Vista.

Below is a picture of my command panel. Why the simulation box only stays open for half a second?

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Photoshop :: Splat On Cloth

Jun 16, 2006

What I have is an image of cloth, tablecloth to be precise and its all rumpled up...

What I need is to place splats (food stains) all over it, well only one or two... I don't mind if they are separate images or created directly on another layer or whatever is the best way...

The thing i'm stuck with is how to ensure they look like they're really on the cloth and take account of the light, shadow, peaks & troughs the cloth already has in its rumples.

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3ds Max :: How To Texture Velvet Cloth

Jan 19, 2012

how to texturing better velvet cloth in 3ds max,

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3ds Max Animation :: Cloth Following A Path

Jan 25, 2013

I have a woman with her arms spread and a cloth starts follow a defined path around her and her arms.

Is there any way to do that in max?

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3ds Max :: Can't Add Objects In Cloth Modifier

Dec 10, 2011

i made a clothes hanger, and grouped / assembled the components as one object, in the cloth modifier add object menu, i can't find the hanger, but if i dissembled / ungrouped them to separated parts, it can appear back in the add object.

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3ds Max :: Cloth Not Working Correctly

Jul 10, 2013

Today I tryed to simulate cloth that was created in 3ds max 2012.While in max 2012 it works fine, in 2014 the cloth pops a few centimeters up. No matter what i tried (reset state, erase simulation, delete the cloth modifier and re apply it) the problem persists.

Along with other problems such as geometry being corrupted (in max 2014), crashes when rendering, and wierd viewport problems, max 2014 has to be THE MOST buggy and problematic release of 3ds max I've ever used.

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3ds Max :: MassFX Cloth Won't Bake

Mar 27, 2013

One long, thin plane linked at 90 degrees to a rotating cylinder to roll the plane up.Cylinder is kinematic, plane is mCloth with a single strip of verts connected to cylinder which rotates.

MassFX works. Bake all produces keyframes as a masterpoint controller on the mCloth modifier, BUT not as standard max keyframes in the planes transform controller...making it pretty unusable.Sometimes, bake all will end with an "unknown exception". After that, Max transforms are unstable - Moving an object with mouse is unpredictable until a restart.

Repeatable on both Windows XP and Windows 7 - Max 2013 32 and 64

Other features of MASSFX work eg standard rigid bodies etc - seems to relate only to clothOtherwise, any way of rolling up a cloth ribbon that is FIXED at both ends on to a cylinder, I may offer a prize!

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Photoshop :: Text On Shirt/Cloth

Aug 7, 2004

how to realistically add a logo/text to the back of someone's shirt.

[Add the letters HV to the back of this guy's shirt]

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3ds Max :: Making Cloth A Collision Object?

Mar 23, 2011

I have two "banners" created from a plane with a cloth modifier on each. One banner is in front of the other. I want the one in front to drop first. After it drops and is waving around a little...setting down...I want the second banner to drop. Because they are close to each other and both waving a bit, they will hit each other.

How can I have both set to be a cloth object and both set to be collision objects to the other? I thought it was one or the other. (In the cloth object properties)

Max 2014 (SP2)
Win 7 64-bit; Dual Xeon E5-2687W @ 3.10 GHz; 64 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570; Quadro 4000

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3ds Max :: Massfx Cloth Collision Deform

Apr 18, 2013

Is there any way to do collision deform with massfx cloth like you could in reactor? Like in this tutorial: [URL].........

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3ds Max :: Make Curtain Using Cloth Modifier

May 1, 2011

I'm trying to make curtain using the cloth modifier. After setting up using groups, nodes then simulate to animation for the curtain to fold, I can successfully make the curtain but then the file gets corrupted where the undos stop and things start acting corky. I've tried merging objects into a fresh scene, made the curtain over again, and same problem.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Model A Cloth

Nov 9, 2011

I need to model a cloth in Maya 2012 as a part of a college assignment. I have attached a jpeg of my pre-production artwork, in it you can see the yellow cloth placed on two wooden planks. At the moment I am modelling the cloth by adjusting the vertices, but find it to be a bit tedious. Is there any other way for me get effective results. Since I am a beginner I would like to know the the different ways a little in detail.

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Photoshop :: Military Style Cloth Ribbon

Sep 29, 2004

I saw on a star trek site some time ago that they had player awards and that thost ribbons had the lines of a ribbon material.

I'm trying to figure out how they did.

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Photoshop :: Looking For Filter: Cloth/drapery Effect

May 16, 2006

I'm looking for a filter to add an cloth/drapery look to pictures. Does anyone know a good filter for that?

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3ds Max Animation :: Metal Denting / Deformation With Cloth?

Jul 16, 2012

I'm trying to simulate metal deformation. To achieve a realistic metal denting I'm trying to use Cloth. The problem is though, whatever settings I try, my cloth-box collapses from itself. My question is; how can I set cloth up so that it can be as strong as metal, and only deform when I drop an object on it (that's where the denting comes in)?

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3ds Max Modeling :: How To Make Velvet Cloth Texture In Max

Jan 10, 2012

How to make velvet cloth texture in max. i mean render setups in vray

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3ds Max Modeling :: Create A Pillow With Cloth Modifier

Nov 26, 2012

I'm trying to create a pillow but I can't get the narrow and tight shape with the cloth modifier. I have done exactly as the tutorials that I have followed, but I have done this several of times, but I don't get it like I want it and I'm wondering if I have missed something or if there are any values that I can change to get the cloth closer to the shape of the pillow? And why is some part of the pillow visible and not inside the cloth?

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3ds Max Modeling :: Moving Vertices Manually With Cloth?

Jul 18, 2011

I have difficulties using Cloth : Some years ago I had less problems with Cloth but my characters were much taller than real characters, 2 or 3 meters high for example. Now, I have decided to use realistic sizes for my characters, hoping it would improve the result with Cloth, but it is the contrary. With my new characters, 1 unit = 1 centimeter and it is almost impossible to have a perfect result. I was wondering if it is possible to move manually some vertices within Cloth after the simulations for correcting the inaccuracies.

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Softimage :: How To Cloth Simulate Window Blind

Nov 2, 2012

I am trying to cloth simulate a window blind. My problem is as follows : The model is made up of several pieces.

1. the curtain / blind
2. a hard button near the bottom
3. a cord attached to the button
4. a wooden know at the bottom of the cord
5 then finally tassled material

So i want the blind to move like cloth blowing in the wind ( fine no problem i can do that ! ) but the hard button must be hard surface and follow the mesh position of the blind - PROBLEM

Then the cord attached to the button must be cloth dynamic to flap about and then the knob on the bottom hard surface attached to this cord and then the tassels must be cloth.

The only way i can think of to do this without merging the seperate geometry is to simulate the curtain then cash this, the attach the button to a cluster on the curtain, then do the sim on the cord, then cluster attach the knob the cloth the tassels.

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3ds Max :: Loop Cloth Simulation Of Waving Flag?

Jul 8, 2013

Is there any way to loop a cloth simulation of a waving flag?

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