Photoshop :: How Do I Scale Down An Image And Keep It's Sharpness

Sep 30, 2005

I pasted an image to a signature that I'm making. It had to scale down A LOT before I could fit it in. Now it looks all pixelated and crappy. How do I sharpen it like it was when it was regualar size?

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Photoshop :: Smaller Image Size Loses Sharpness?

Aug 19, 2013

I have a large image at 72 ppi. When I reduce the size (pixel count) leaving the resolution at 72  ppi, the smaller image loses sharpness. Why is this happening?

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Photoshop :: Resize (reduction) Image And Maintain Sharpness

Jul 5, 2013

hat is the best way to resize (reduction) an image and maintain the image sharpness. The image I have is a high resolution 500 x 500 pixel logo with a text which I have the Adobe Illustrator (AI) vector file.

I need to resize the image to as small as 130 x 40 pixels and export to gif.

I have tried the following methods:Photoshop Resize > Resample Image > Bicubic Sharper (best for reduction)Create a 130 x 40 pixel Photoshop file and copied object from AI to Photoshop as a smart object and export as gifCreate a 130 x 40 pixel AI file and export to gif . However, I tried to view the image from my mobile phone (iPhone), it is not sharp even though I have created from the vector ai file.

I research on the internet and find out that I can actually create a double size image and use CSS to control (divided dimension by 2) so that the sharpness can be maintained. However, I do not have control of the site html/css hence I can't use the method.

Any other way to resize (reduction) an image and maintain the sharpness.

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Photoshop Elements :: Reducing Image Size Loses Sharpness

Jan 3, 2014

I have a background that has 8.5" x 11" external dimensions.  In the project bin, I'm also showing a layer (with transparent edges) that I've resized to 1" x 1.5".  When I double-click the background to put it on the screen, and then drag the layer  onto the screen, why doesn't it look like a small picture on top of a big one?  Instead, it's huge, and I have to drag it down to size with the move tool!
And now, the entire story:
Running PSE9 under Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.
My project is a montage of stamp-sized images on a letter-size background, as in the attached -- commemorating the woman in the centerpiece.  I've stumbled though this kind of effort before with great success.  This time the small photos are coming out blurry, and it's because this time I've done one thing differently.
In prior efforts, I recall somehow reducing the outside dimensions of an open file to about 2" x 3" before editing and finally adding it as a layer to the big background (using Move Tool to size it to fit), although during editing I was working with a reasonably-sized image and not a stamp (probably using command +).  The images in the final version were all sharp.   On this effort, however, cannot remember how to do it the same way, and I ended up working with the original photo, and then when I added it as a layer, I reduced it using the move tool -- very clumsy in view of the fact that the edited layer's image seemed to be larger than the canvas I was building, and the final images were blurry.

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3ds Max :: Image Sharpness In 1080 25P Area?

Jun 10, 2013

Normally i do camera work and edit in Pre, Ae with all the trimmings. I recently got into 3d work with the plugin that video copilot provides and now that my colleague is on holiday i'd figure i'd play around with his 3dmax and plugins. So i made an explosion in FumeFX and in itself it works fine but the "Kaboom" needs to move towards the viewers at home. This works but the smoke loses its sharpness as it progresses towards the camera.
What do i need to do here? In AE i can adjust the DOF of the camera layer and also the aperture. i'm not finding this in 3dsmax. I have positioned the camera within the area of the explosion and it should be inside the bounding box but i'm not sure. I used the standard track camera with the little target box. Didnt change a thing to the default settings.
I'm gonne try and cheat by exporting it twice as big as normal HD and the scaling it down.

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Photoshop :: How Can I Retain Sharpness While...

Mar 12, 2008

how I can retain sharpness while enlarging a graphic. I'm doubling the size of a graphic and it's getting really fuzzy. I tried the sharpen filters, but they just make it more boxy.

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Photoshop :: Colors Sharpness

Feb 16, 2007

just found this image online, photography by Memo. soo im trying to replicate his style but something s just not right.

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Photoshop :: Combine Monotone Image Onto Gray Scale Image To Use In Indesign File

Nov 13, 2012

I'm trying to combine a monotone image onto a grayscale image to use in my Indesign file. The whole job has to print two colors.
How can I easily make the diaper a PMS color and add it to the grayscale baby and still maintain two colors (PMS + K)
Right now, I'm cheating and combining the PMS diaper onto the grayscale baby in Indesign..... but I really need to have this in Photoshop so I can add shadows to make it more convincing. I tried converting the grayscale to CMYK and deleting all channels but black, didn't work as it took away all the information from the image. 
See image below.
(using CS5)

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Photoshop :: Retaining Sharpness When Resizing

May 20, 2008

I'm using Photoshop CS3 on Windows XP. Problem: I have a large JPG image which I want to reduce considerably in size and then place in a PageMaker document, when I try to do this the image loses clarity.

How can I retain sharpness while reducing the size of the image? The image is 108cm x 81 cm at 72 ppi. I want to reduce it to about 5cm x 4cm and change the resolution to 300 ppi. Can anyone help me with this??

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Photoshop :: Painting Sharpness In Adjustment Layer?

Feb 15, 2012

Is there a way you can paint in sharpness or blur for that matter?

Can you use sharpness as an adjustment layer?

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Photoshop :: ProRes Video - Loss Of Sharpness?

Feb 9, 2013

Full HD Prores videos are after Photoshop (removing dirt from scanned film) and render back to Full HD Prores less sharp(best seen at the pointed feathers).Giving it back as psd or jpeg frames keeps the resolution but changes brightness and gamma.We also miss Prores HQ?

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Photoshop :: Increasing Size Without Losing Sharpness

Mar 1, 2005

I need a picture resized (larger). But it is a very small picture and when I resize it, off course, it is not worth looking at anymore... I did capture some of the talking on vector based and pixel based, but how do I adjust the pic so I can resize it?

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Photoshop Elements :: Adjust Sharpness (More Refined)?

Mar 10, 2010

Working on a portrait in PSE8/Mac. Brought up Adjust Sharpness, turned on More Refined, bumped the Radius above 1 pixel and got this:
Reduce the Radius to 1.0 pixel or below and the streaks go away. Turn off "More Refined" and the streaks go away.

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Photoshop :: Noise And Sharpness When View Files In Bridge?

Apr 9, 2013

I am a CS6 user, good but not advanced.  I recently upgraded from a Nikon D3 to a D4.  When viewing D4 files in Bridge after downloading the images (files) appear to contain a lot of noise and to be unsharpe; they appear sharp on the LCD screen on the camera.  I believe I have set my preferences properly.  When the files are opened in CR or CS6 the noise seems to go away and sharpness is normal; the images print up tack sharp. 

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Photoshop :: Reducing File Size & Retain Sharpness

Mar 24, 2003

I am using photoshop 7, I am trying to reduce jpg images around 1 mb sized at about 2400 x 1800. I am trying to reduce the image down to about 5 centimeters and retain the sharpness.
I have found that my images are blurring a fair bit.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Create 2D Gray Scale Image From Color Image?

Jun 8, 2012

How can I create a 2D gray scale image from a color image?

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VideoStudio :: Using Sharpness Filter

Apr 14, 2013

I've been using VS 5 for awhile. The sharpness filter, when you put it on a clip, goes from soft to hard as the clip progresses.

How do I set it so that the clip stays sharp- start to finish ?

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Lightroom :: Sharpness Effect Does Not Work

Apr 4, 2013

In the new version 4.4 of Lightroom, I tried to play with the sharpness effect to produce a lens blur through a gradualted filter.  But I dont see any change in the picture when sliding all the way to the left the cursor to -100.  The blur effect is almost invisible.  Is there something wrong in my settings that cold prevent this function to work ?

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Lightroom :: 4.1 (64bit) Loss Of Sharpness?

Sep 20, 2012

I have converted to jpg some .nef from my D800 with Lightroom 4.1 at max sharpening, 150, with Capture NX 2.3.4 with max sharpening set in picture style settings only and ViewNX2 2.5.1 with max sharpening set in picture style only. Have played with other settings in "details box" of LR4.1, radius, details and masking, but the result is about the same. Please, look at this two photos, converted with CaptureNX 2.3.4 and LR 4.1: at bottom the loss of details is noticeable(the palm, the street lamp). With ViewNX2 have the same result.

Fortunately, it does not happen with all the photos, but happens. Happens in particular with the dark photos and night shots. That it is not a matter of contrast.
Converted with LR 4.1, only sharpening and camera setting picture style:[url]......

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Lightroom :: Sharpness In Library Module

Mar 3, 2014

When processing a photograph in the Develope Module, once completed, I then return to the Library Module and notice that the same photograph is not as sharp as it was in the Develope Module. 

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Photoshop :: 7 Image Scale

Nov 20, 2004

I try to change a image size every thing gets ot of scale either to fat of slim I have tried all ways

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Photoshop :: Image To Certain Scale

Oct 16, 2006

I have created a drawing of a floor plan. If I were to print it now it would print at a scale of 1/8"=1-0". If I'm wanting to change it to a different scale (ie. 1/4''=1-0'') is there a quick way of doing this rather than just trial and error?

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AutoCad 3D :: Adjusting The Sharpness And Clarity Of Rendered Models

Nov 8, 2011

I'm having a little challenge making my rendered models clear and sharp. I've tried adjusting the brightness and contrast from the exposure option, I've also tired adjusting the position of the sun via time setting but my models always look blurry and dull. I attached some of the rendered works.

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Photoshop :: Scale An Image Layer

Jun 8, 2012

I am trying to Scale an image layer. Edit>Transform>Scale, is not bringing up handles on the image but insteat creates a small rectangular box randomly on the image!

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Photoshop :: Any Way To Scale Image (texture) Down

Dec 26, 2012

I like the option of doing an IBL Lighting effect, but when I add a new texture image it is scaled so LARGE that I don't get any of the details of that image in my reflections, etc.
Is there a way to scale that image (texture) down?

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Photoshop :: Scale A Pixel Image

Jun 5, 2005

when you scale somthing it smooths it, but i want to scale a pixel image.

so it stayed all pixely.

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Photoshop :: How To Edit (re-scale) A PDF Image For...

Aug 1, 2009

I need to know how to select an image from a PDF file in Photoshop, and also rescale it so that i can put it onto Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 for a video with 720x576 PAL settings (its for a DVD!). Also, i have to make sure the image is not pixelated on the video. 

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Photoshop :: Rotating Image To Scale

Mar 28, 2009

ive got a problem ive been rotating my original image around in a circle to create a cool effect, yet i want to rotate it back around with the front but how do i do that and keep the same scale. i was measuring the top rotation of of a certain part on the car and bringing it to that each time to keep it the same but now i cant since its not symmetrical

in short terms I need "Gap a" to = "Gap b"

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Photoshop :: Scale Image Based Lighting?

Sep 24, 2013

So I'm working in 3D again in CS6 and find myself wishing to "scale down" my image based lighting to give greater detail to my reflections. It seems like all I get with IBL is very large and blurry reflections. sharpen up and focus my IBL?

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Photoshop :: Scale Media Without Resizing Image

Mar 8, 2012

I am looking to print a file from photoshop cs5 and want to scale my media without resizing my image. I've made sure the scale to fit media is not checked but everytime I've attempted to change the media  size the image changes with it. Also how do I unlink the scale, height, width options?

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Photoshop :: Scale An Image To Actual Size?

Jan 29, 2009

I often use the Crop Tool to get part of an image to print at actual size.

For example, Crop: Width 7cm @ Resolution 600 pixels/inch (same as my
printer), then select a known width of 7cm then crop and print.

I figure there must be a way without actually cropping the image, perhaps by selecting the known dimension.

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