Photoshop :: How To Get Sketch Filter In CC

Oct 20, 2013

I am learning to make some texture, then found that there isn't sketch filter in Photoshop CC, which is available in many previous versions. how to get this sketch filter?

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Photoshop :: How To Use Sketch Filter In PS5

Nov 25, 2013

How do you use the ketch filter in PS5.  I want to use it on a photograph, but the sketch tool is grayed and unavailable. 

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Photoshop :: Sketch Filter!

Feb 7, 2008

i have a picture of a black gun laying on white carpet. Im wanting to filter the the image with note book, graphic pen or photocopy but its telling me the background and foreground colors need to be different. I have tried erasing the background(white carpet).

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Photoshop :: How To Activate Sketch In Filter Gallery

Jun 28, 2013

The sketch section in my Filter Gallery are grayed out. Provide me with the steps to activate it again.

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Photoshop Elements :: Sketch Photocopy Filter Stays Too Light On Subsequent Pictures?

Nov 8, 2012

Used a sketch photcopy filter on a picture and then made changes (text, clone stamp) to the picture after applying the filter.  Now in putting new photos through the filter, the photos stay too light even with the darkest settings.  How do I make it go back to normal?

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Photoshop :: Sketch-Up Output To Actual Sketch

Aug 31, 2006

I work in Sketch-Up a lot creating urban streetscapes and such as I am the graphics person at a community planning consulting firm. Sketch-Up is great for quickly drawing and creating 3D models of screens; however, it is not good for producing a great looking final image to show to a client. What I want to do is export a 2D graphic from Sketch-Up and make it look like it was hand drawn. I am semi-proficient in Photoshop, meaning I can follow a tutorial and be able to tweak and apply what I learned to fit my needs but I can't seem to find something that gives me what exactly what I'm looking for. I've uploaded an image that represents the style I am looking for. This one was done by hand on tracing paper. I can't draw by hand to save my life so I want to create the model in Sketch-Up, export the screen as a JPEG, load into Photoshop and process to make it look like it was done by hand.

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Photoshop :: Lens Flare Filter - Artifacts Ruin Effect - Useless Filter?

Aug 25, 2013

I tried to use the lens flare filter in Photoshop CS6.While the lighting effect is interesting, it introduces ugly artifacts like blue or orange blobs (which are supposed to be the reflection of the diaphragm, but do not look anywhere close to that, but instead are just cheesy looking blobs of color).
In the "movie prime" setting blue lines are added which have nothing to do with lens flar.On top of it, the preview is about the size of a stamp. Any way to use the filter without getting these artifacts, or is it - what I assume - just a useless toy filter, that has probably been dragged on for years and years because it's always been there? What do you use to create a lens flare effect? Are you just building it from scratch with brush work?

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter Does Not Show Up On Filter Drop List On CC

May 11, 2013

camera raw filter does not show up on the filter drop list on CC. I am trying to determine why this is the case.  So far everything else seems to work.

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Photoshop :: CS5 / Lighting Effects Filter Not Showing In Filter Menu

Nov 27, 2012

Photoshop CS5 already in 32-bit mode; Lighting Effects filter not showing in the FIlter Menu.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Shared Sketch Generates Sketch Doctor Error - Feature Suppressed

Sep 21, 2011

I've created a shared sketch and have used it with various features. Sometime those features are suppressed. The model works fine but the shared sketch generates a sketch doctor error because the feature that created it has been suppressed. Is there anyway to make the sketch suppressed so it doesn't trigger a sketch doctor error? Inventor 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Copy Part Sketch Into Drawing Sketch

Sep 20, 2012

How do I duplicate the 2D line work from a part level sketch into a drawing level (overlay) sketch?

I started a simple 2D piping system diagram sketch by opening a new part file and using a sketch to stick draw the system schematic including some annotations.  Then I opened a new drawing file and made a base view of the part file to bring a view of the original sketch into the drawing.

I realize now that it would have been much easier to have created the schematic directly in a 2D sketch at the drawing level, which would have made editing the annotations much easier at the drawing level, and there is really no need for the part file to exist.  I have no intention of creating a 3D model or "real" part in the .ipt file, was just using it as a jumping off point to sketch.

I was thinking that I could correct my error in judgment by just copying the sketch and pasting it into a new sketch on the drawing, but it doesn't want to work that way.  I have tried copying both the whole sketch at the browser level, and the entire sketch contents (all of the lines and annotations) from the opened part sketch, but when I attempt to paste either of those into the drawing, paste does not seem to be an option.  I'd rather not have to draw the whole thing again, as in typical fashion, my once simple sketch has grown in proportion and complexity from its simple beginning.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Get Sketch Point Data From Sketch Entity

Dec 3, 2013

I was trying to query some sketch points data from a profile Path using code as below. However the program stopped without telling the reason.

Code below:
i = 0;
foreach (ProfileEntity oSourceProfileEntity in oProfilePath) { switch (oProfilePath[i].SketchEntity.Type) { case ObjectTypeEnum.kSketchArcObject: { SketchArc srcSkArc = default(SketchArc); srcSkArc = (SketchArc) oSourceProfileEntity.SketchEntity; // error points[i] = srcSkArc.StartSketchPoint.Geometry; break; } default: { SketchLine srcSkLine = default(SketchLine); srcSkLine =(SketchLine) oProfilePath[i].SketchEntity; // error points[i] = srcSkLine.StartSketchPoint.Geometry; break; } } i++; } 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Converting 3D Sketch To 2D Sketch From IGS File Using Wires?

Aug 1, 2011

First we imported an ".igs" file to inventor, which produced "wires".  Then by promoting the wires it produced a 3-d sketch. 

The model is in one plane and 2-D, and we are trying to use Ansys 2-D analysis, but in-order to do so it needs to be in a 2-D sketch.

The model is too large to be redrawn on a 2-D plane, how to convert it to a 2-D sketch

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change Sketch 2013 Into Sketch Of 2010?

Dec 14, 2012

want to change sketch 2013 into the sketch of 2010 

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Photoshop :: Filter Gallery (fade Out) In Filter Menu

Aug 14, 2013

why not appear filter gallery (fade out) in filter menu

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Photoshop :: Missing Camera Raw Filter From Filter Menu?

Oct 8, 2013

I do not have the Camera Raw filter in my filters menu, and I've just updated Photoshop this AM.

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Photoshop :: Filter Gallery - Halftone Filter Unpredictable

Nov 9, 2013

I've deleted my PS preferences and restarted, and I cannot get this filter to do what is was just doing a day earlier. It doesn't matter what the foreground/background colors are, nor does it matter what the resolution of the file is.  I've experimented with every variable. The filter effect changes the filled layer to a solid color of the current foreground color.  No lines, dots or circles at all.
I'm trying to make lines in a filled layer, or a rasterized text layer.Adjusting the sliders has no effect at this point, but the other Gallery filters DO work, oddly enough.
I've used this filter effect many times over the years, and it just started acting wonky.  This is PS CS6, on Mac OSX 10.8.5.It seems to be unpredictable or temperamental.  Is there a reasonably-priced plugin that will create lines that are completely adjustable?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Disappears When Editing Another Sketch?

May 30, 2013

When I edit certain sketched some other sketches disappear. see attached.

This is causing modelling to slow down as I can not project lines from the sketch that has disappeared.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Modify The Sketch From Projected Sketch?

Aug 22, 2012

After I create a adaptive part from projected sketch. How to modify the sketch? Please see the part attached.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Difference Between Sketch And Planar Sketch?

Mar 4, 2012

what is the difference between a sketch and a planar sketch?

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Photoshop :: Extract Filter Missing From Filter

Jul 18, 2009

I have Photoshop CS4 running on a 8 gig Vista 64 bit system. When I click on Filters, there is no Extract Filter. I did a search prior to posting and saw some threads talking about not moving files, icons etc from their original folder. I am un sure if anything has been moved. However, when I click on Filters, they all seem to be there (at least not greyed out), EXCEPT for the Extract filter. Any help would be apprecited and if you let me know where the filters should reside I can make sure they are in the correct location.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Constraining A Sketch To Another Sketch?

Aug 16, 2012

I'm having trouble with constaints, I'd like to constrain my sketch to a point in another sketch on a different plane. Is this posible in Inventor? If so how? If Inventor works differently how would you get a points in one sketch to be linked to points another?

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Photoshop :: Sketch Effect

Apr 9, 2004

i have been trying to find a tut on how to turn images into a sketch. I looked everywhere although im either crap at looking.

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Photoshop :: Sketch Effect

Jun 8, 2005

Hey did this effect on this car. Does it look like a sketch?

bottom is the original picture

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Photoshop :: Coloring A Sketch

Jan 10, 2006

used various tehniques for doing her colouring, the main one being builing up colour with the air brush using separate layers for each colour. Using this method, she is doing all her highlights and shading using additional airbrushed layers with lighter of darker shades as necessary. Whilst this produces some great results, things always tend to look a little airbrushed and soft.

how can produce textures such as cloths etc?

I have tried using the texturiser etc but they don't look any good cos the textures are uniform and don't follow the shape of the image.

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Photoshop :: How Do You Do A Sketch Effect?

Sep 7, 2004

Pen Effect - -

Create a cool pen effect from your photos.

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Photoshop :: Photo To Sketch

Mar 23, 2006

I have seen the photos to sketch tutorials before, but on the front of right now, I'm not sure if those are up the same alley or if they are drawings of those players on the front page.

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Photoshop :: Sketch Effect

Aug 11, 2009

how you create the sketch effect.

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Photoshop :: Sketch Effect?

Mar 31, 2002

how do u make an image look like it was drawn/sketched?

the blue hands/sand is the effect i'm looking for.

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Photoshop :: Pencil Sketch

Jun 9, 2006

Would you like to draw a pencil sketch? You are not good at drawing? Well, it doesnt matter,

Step 1: Open your image in Photoshop, Choose Image->Adjustment->Desaturate (or Ctrl+Shift+U by default) to make the photo to black-and-white.

Step 2: Click Layer-> Duplicate Layer, duplicate the background as background copy.

Step 3: Use Image->Adjustment->Invert (or Ctrl+I by default), then the image will look like a negative.

Step 4: From the layer palette, set the blending options as Color Dodge.

Step 5: Choose Filter->Blur->Guassian Blur, set the radius 4 pixels.

Step 6: Dont forget to merge the layer at last. So, everything is done!

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Photoshop :: Sketch Filters Not Working

Jul 10, 2013

Why aren"t my sketch halftone filters not working?

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