AutoCAD Inventor :: Save New Material To Library?

Sep 11, 2012

I have a user that has created a new material which is now sitting as a local style. We require this new material in the library so that everyone can use it.  I tried RMB on it but the save to library functon is greyed out. This is due to the styles being read only in the project file. So I have tried to change the project file so we can add the style and then I'd change it back again, but, even though I have checked out the project file from vault, it won't allow me to edit it. What else can be locking the project file?  Is there some other way I can place the new material into the style library in the project file? There are quite a few of us that use the project file since we use vault, so I'm not sure I should create a new one with the same name and save over it. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Adding Material And Texture To Material Library?

Mar 12, 2013

I am in the samill building buisness.  While designing I thought it would be nice to show logs on our equipment.  Is there anyway to show bark on drawings to show the texture on the final drawing?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Autodesk Material Library Is Not Available

Apr 26, 2011

We have recently upgraded from Inventor 2011 Routed Systems to Inventor Pro 2012.  We are using XP fully updated to the lastest SP and everything.  We have everything configured to our preferences but there is one thing that has been driving me batty.  When editing a solid part I open the Style and Standard Editor.  Down near the bottom under Realistic Appearance where there should be a ball with a shiney swatch there is a yellow triangle mocking me saying Autodesk Material Library is not available, also none of the bump maps are showing up on new or migrated files whether this is a related issue I am not sure of.  All of the normal and custom textures show up just fine, and all the bump textures are in their correct folder in the correct place.  I have tried switching the design data folder around with no success. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Material Library Not Showing Up?

Oct 7, 2013

I am using inventor 2012 but the material library is not loading.Then i go to the Manage> Styles Editor> and clieck on color or material it only gives me the option of defualt.

The drop down box in the top right is greyed out so i cannot change this either.

It works fine on another PC just not mine.I have downloaded the material pack from the website also.

I have also changed the hardware settings. I have tried all 3 hardware settings and it makes no differance.

Running windows 7 x64, 8 gigs of ram 3.4 quad core, 128gig SSD.

Everything is up to date.When i installed the material library download the material library was working, but when i opened a file the material library went back to how it was above.

The files i am using are from models i made in inventor 2010, but there is no problem on another PC i use.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Nitinol In Material Library?

Oct 31, 2013

I was wondering if there is a way to import or add Nitinol alloy into my Inventor material list. I need to do stress simulations and Nitinol is not included... 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Select Material Library

Oct 4, 2013

I am working in 2013 right now. My project loads two material libraries, and I am finding that if the Autodesk Material Library is selected in the dropdown, and I try to set the material to something in my Custom library, it fails.  If I first select my custom library to make it the active one, then my code works fine. 

So my question is, how do I set my custom library to be the active one, or better yet, so that it will look through both library's and pick the material from the library that has it.? 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Select Material In Library

Jan 2, 2013

I have my own library, Inteco Material Library, created with a material 'perforatie'.

Now I have a flat part and made a sketch with another rectangle. I have used the Split tool so I create a separate area that I can select.

If I select that area and I go to my own library I can not select my own made material. I have the material in the Inventor Material Library  installed but I can not select it.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Material To Custom Library

Jan 29, 2013

I have recently started playing with the new materials and appearances browsers - what a nightmare.

So I created a custom library as described in the "Materials and Appearances" whitepaper from Autodesk.

Bottom left corner of material browser > create new material

> edit material: change its name, density etc

Why can I not add it to the new custom library - from document materials?I tried to drag and drop - no success.

I tried to right click > add to > xxx material library - no success.It does however let me drag and drop to the "favorites".
Inventor Professional 2014.
Windows 7 64 bit.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Group The Material In Library

Jul 17, 2013

is it possible to group the material in the library?

ex:  alum will have 1/8 thk flat bar etc, 2x2 alum angle...and so on.

 inventor 2013

vault 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 - Inventor Material Library Not Found?

Jun 15, 2012

Can't seem to locate the Inventor Material Library....under Default in Projects, the Inventor Material Library is highlighted in Red.  Where I need to browse to inorder to locate it?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Custom Material Library Keeps Failing

Feb 14, 2013

I have gone thru what appears to be the correct steps in creating a custom material library a total of 3 times.

Once I finish customizing the library while in Inventor, I add it to my project file and make it the "active" library.  I test it with each of my part & assembly templates on my local machine without an issue.  When I log into another work station, locate and add the new library to their project file Inventor gives me a "no materials found".  So I go back to my machine to check and the library is no longer valid for me either.

I can see the library on the server, the file size is 3.6MB so it has substance. I cannot figure out what I am doing that is causing the library from locking up completely when I try to use it with another work station. Also, if any way to make my library usable again that would save me about 8 hours of work.

all of our stations use the "generic.ipj" project file.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 Custom Material Library

May 4, 2012

I've made my own material library containing a short list of materials from the Inventor default library.  And I have set my Project ipj to use it as the default library.  All works OK.  But, every time I make a new project ipj I have to go find my custom library adsklib file to add it to the project.  Is there a certain folder the adsklib file need to live in so that new projects will pick it up automatically?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Possible To Access Material Library Information Via API?

Oct 22, 2013

I want to present additional information on my drawings, whether in notes or some other form depending on whether it is a part or assembly drawing. The information I want to get access to is included in the material library and comes from the material Physical tab > Information section > Source, Subclass, Type, & Name.

Is the material library information accessible this way?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Missing Material Styles From Library

Aug 16, 2012

My program is missing a few material styles from the content library, whenever I use them on a part they just stay the default color. How do I replace them without having to re download the whole program?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Single Library For BOTH Material And Appearance

Oct 2, 2012

I was trying to add a new appearance to our libray this morning,  got confused and started searching here and ran across an old thread of mine. 

".... Note that you can have a single custom library that contains both physical materials as well as appearances, or keep them separate if you prefer...."

I had always thought that these were two seperate things. After I read this, I noticed in my .ipj that the Inventor Materials Library is listed under both Appearance and Materials.

I tried copying the "InventorMaterialLibrary.adsklib" but that did not work when I tried to add it under my materials library in the ipj.... It said "No Materials are available". HOW to go about creating a single library that contains both materials and appearances?

Windows 7 x64 -12 GB Ram
Intel i7-930 @ 2.80ghz
nVidia GTS 250 -1GB (Driver 301.42)
INV Pro R2013, SP1 (before it was pulled)
Vault 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2014 - Export Material Library As List?

Oct 11, 2013

In Inventor 2014, is it possible to export a list of all of the materials in a given material library..? As text, or into Excel, or something similar?

I have a material library in Inventor 2014 containing lots of custom defined materials. I would like to create a master list that I can give to someone who isn't using Inventor. The only property that I really need to export is the material name, e.g.' CSA G40.21-44W'.

In this case, engineering is trying to coordinate better with purchasing, by making sure that materials are specified in the same way in both departments.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 - Edit / Delete Material In Library

Nov 4, 2013

how to edit or delete existing material in the library?In a part, I can rename, delete and create new materials using the Material broser.But how to transfer this modifications to library?

The only way i see is to "save styles to style library", but with this feature only the NEW created materials get saved in the library. But how to delete or modifiy materials that are already in the library?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Copy Or Exporting A Material That Is Not In Style Library?

Feb 12, 2013

I can’t figure out how to copy a material (outside style library) from one part to another. Or how to do it with exporting and importing the material through a styxml file.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2014 Using Material From Library Doesn't Set Appearance

Jun 19, 2013

When selecting a material from the dropdown list the material isn’t downloaded correctly.

I had just edited the appearance for that material, pointed it to a new bitmap, then added the appearance & material to the library. Then purged it all from the document.

Restarting Inventor results in the material being downloaded from the library correctly.


Video showing the behaviour [URL]

Factory Design Suite Premium 2014 64bit
Vault Professional 2014
Win7 Pro 64bit

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Material Style From Existing Mat Library?

Sep 7, 2012

I have copied the "Diamond Plate" from the Inventor Apperance Library to my document.  Now I want to edit the texture that this style is using. 

1. Where is the texture map that this style using located?  When I edit the style, I can't tell what is telling it the filename.  I have mundged every file on my hd that it could possible be (hoping it would cause an error), but that didnt work either.  Another thing I tried was in the QAT "Duplicate as Generic", but that did not show me the texture file either.

2. Is there a way to change the angle of the texture?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Include Material Library In 2013 Project With API?

Nov 20, 2012

I have a lot of project files to migrate from INVENTOR 2012 to 2013. So I created an VB.NET application to get and check out all project files from my VAULT, change the different paths and check in the files in the vault. However, I need to include the new material library in each project files.

I found that we could change almost everything, but not include material library.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't Copy Local Custom Material To Library

Jan 16, 2013

When I implemented Inventor Pro 2013 I added all our custom materials to the Inventor Material Library.  This library is not local but on a shared network drive that everyone in my company can access.You can clearly see that it is not locked and is write enabled.  I dragged the local material to the library and I shows up in the library.  When I close and exit Inventor and re-open, it is no longer available.

You can clearly see by my screen capture that the new material was added to the library.  Why isn't is updating the library?

I have managed our Inventor styles and libraries for Inventor since 2003 (R5) and I never had as much problems getting my mind to wrap around this new appearances change that Autodesk has made.  I have wasted 4 hours this morning trying to add a simple custom material to my library and I cannot.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Adding Material Library Accessible In Simulate Mechanical

Jun 6, 2013

How I can add materials to the Inventor material library. I have created and defined the material in Autodesk Simulate Mechanical and they are available in the material libraries in that program, but inaccessible in Inventor. It doubles my work load if i need to define the materials in both programs and also creates hassles if a change needs to be made to a single material.

The materials are currently saved in .mlb library files. Iventor requests a .asklib file for when trying to add a library.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Material Library - Assigning Specific Steel Type?

Sep 27, 2013

When assigning materials to a part in inventor the process is simple, however when one wishes to assign a specific steel type ie ASTM A516 as opposed to just a generic steel then this is where it gets a little more complicated. 

This specific steel type will also need to be called up in the parts list relevant to the individual part that it is attached to.

I know that a custom material can be added to the favourites section in the materials library,and this can be done if required.

Have i delved deep enough into the inventor materials library , do the basic steel  and others materials ie plastics break down into specific types with their elastic properties,yield stresses etc etc in other words a more comprehensive materials library or is this something that must be created by  custom material input.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Custom Library Created By Material Guide Auto Drop Table

Nov 20, 2011

I have created the Custom library of ISO bolts by adding the Material to existing ISO library using the Material Guide.
The goal is to make bolts black and anodized to be more specific with purchase orders from very beginning.
After the adding the material everything is working good except the auto drop. There is a wide Table pop ups with a lot of unnecessary info.
Is it possible to choose the columns to represent there? I mean leave just Material or Part Number ?

[URL] ........

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 - How To Create Own Material And Save It

Aug 27, 2012

I knew how to do this in inventor 2011 but now that i installed inventor 2013 I forgot. How to create a new material and save it for future use in inventor 2013?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't Save To Style Library

Jan 21, 2013

Can't save to Style Library

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Library Assembly Always Referencing To Save

Nov 28, 2012

We have an issue that I'm trying to work on and get a solution to move forward on a current project.  Previously when using a pneumatic cylinder, the procedure has been to set the stroke length as a permanent extrusion and not have it flexible.  I have created a few new cylinders that have flexible strokes, and then have positions set up as well.  We want these cylinders to be available for all projects and to be uneditable, essentially we need them in the library.  What is happening is when we place this part from the library and make it flexible in a project the assembly becomes dirty and is requesting to save the file before checking the main assembly back into the vault.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it not possible to have a library assembly file that is flexible in another project? 

Something similar to this website: [URL] ....

The only thing is having those hydraulics as library parts.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Save Hole Notes To Styles Library And Templates?

Jan 12, 2012

Why do I have to select edit hole note each time I use the hole feature tool? It will not keep my settings to show qty.

It seems that I should be able to save it to my library and make it the default. I have saved library,templates all with zero luck.

See 2 screen shots in the attachment.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Save Materials To Style Library Using Vault Project

Nov 15, 2011

I cant change this to read / write.  I'm using a vault project.  Anyway of doing this so I can save materials to the style library using a vault project? 

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Downloaded Material Library

Sep 4, 2013

I have autocad 2013 and I used to have the material library downloaded and working fine. I recently installed revit 2014 and deleted all 2013 material library and downloaded the 2014 that came with Revit.

However, now autocad gives me an error saying the material library is not installed. Is there anyway to remap it so that it reads the 2014 library? I would rather not download the 2013 library if I don't have to, I use windows on a mac and my bootcamp partition is very tiny.

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