Photoshop :: Pcx Files

Aug 23, 2002

One of my clients sent me some large screen captures in pcx format [ugh]...

I've tried just about everything to resize it from 14" to about 4" [it's for a web-based elearning piece so it needs to be clear and a small size...]

I've even tried re-capturing it, pasting it into pagemaker, cropping and resizing, exporting [as well as converting it to pdf and opening it in photoshop...]


Photoshop :: CS6 Won't Play Or Process Dolby Digital (AC-3) Audio Files From AVCHD Video Files

Jun 13, 2013

Photoshop CS6 Extened won't play or process Dolby Digital (AC-3) Audio Files from my AVCHD video files.The video plays fine just no sound at all. When processed still no sound. Are there any (AC-3) audio codecs I can download and install. How would I install them. Do I need to convert audio files to another format & if so how & what format.

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Photoshop :: Why DNG Files From RW2 Raw Files So Large (37MB)

Mar 29, 2012

I have a fairly new Panasonic Lumix LX5.  I've recently converted a few files to DNG. They're turning out to be @ 37MB, over three times larger than the original file.

I'm not embedding the original raw files in the DNG. NEF files I convert from my Nikon D2x are around 9.5MB. I'm running Mac OS 10.5.8,  DNG v 6.6 and also use PS CS5.5 and Lightroom 3.0.

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Photoshop :: 3D LUT Files / Difference Between LOOK And ICC Files

Apr 27, 2013

er to color grading, I would like to ask about the difference between .look files and .icc files. As far as I understand .look files contain 3d luts and .icc profile files also contain those luts. What is the difference between these two file types?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Read Excel Files Through Script Files / Declare Variables

Oct 1, 2013

1. Is it possible to read excel files through script files.
2. Can I declare variables in script files.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Automatically Updating DWG Files Made From DWT Files

Mar 26, 2013

I have loads of dwgs made by a former employee at another site that have our company logo in the tile block. I need to replace the company logo with a new one.  If it were not made from a dwt, I could change the .dwg file and just reinsert the block and let it redefine the block, done. But since all of the text in each drawing was input using a template, I cannot do this without losing all of that data. We are not permitted to explode the title block, delete the old logo & add a new one as the drawing format needs to remain as one entity. Is there a way to automatically update these dwgs without re-entering all of the title/revision block text on every drawing?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Exporting Existing DWG Files As DWFx Files?

Jan 8, 2013

what is the command in AutoCAD 2013 for exporting drawings as DWFx files so that clients who do not have AutoCAD can open or plot a DWFx file using a current version of Internet Explorer or Safari for Apple as an alternative browser.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Click Cancel To Delete Files / Start Again Shows Same Error Deleting Remaining Files

Oct 17, 2012

After this error when I click cancel to delete the files and start again shows the same error deleting the remaining files.

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VideoStudio :: Converting MOV Files Into DV Or MPEG Files To Edit

Jul 21, 2011

How do I go about converting MOV files into DV or mpeg files to edit? When I import the files are choppy I downloaded the quicktime, dvx and direct x files. No success.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Batch Converting CTB Files To STB Files?

Nov 19, 2009

As an organization, we have opted to go with STB as we have some complicated requirements that CTB doesn't accommodate. The wisdom of that decision is a moot point and I'm aware of the vast array of opinion.

We have a legacy of CTB drawings that occassionally need to be brought forward when projects get resurrected (state government highway designs are prone to getting shelved).

Up to AutoCAD 2009, I've had a VBA routine that performed a few operations on a list of files stored in a text file:

- Open the file

- Convert to STB using "CONVERTPSTYLES" with a specified STB file.

- Run a script to load a layer state file to change the plot styles from Style1, Style2 etc, to their correct named plot styles.

- Manage a recalcitrant layer that refused to play ball.

- Save and close the document

- Get the next file........

This was all fine until 2010 came along with the announcement that VBA was to be phased out. 2010 is OK with the VBA enablers, but now I've got some work to do.

Our organisation's development language is C# and I'm using Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition to develop my C# .NET code.

Is there another mechanism than "SendStringToExecute" for sending a command such as convertpstyles to AutoCAD and getting .NET to wait for it to finish before proceeding.

I've got CommandEnded code that handles waiting for MTEXT and DTEXT commands to finish and I've tried constructing a CommandEnded for CONVERTPSTYLES, but it seems to me that commands that throw dialogue boxes such as CONVERTPSTYLESand SCRIPT aren't handled the same way.

I've tried setting FILEDIA to 0 prior to running the CONVERTPSTYLES command, however the message box that CONVERTPSTYLES presents before asking for the STB file appears to be getting in the way.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Exporting Dwg Files From Idw Files

May 31, 2013

Does the exported dwg file always have to be a zip file?  I have tried save as a dwg file but it seems to be an Invnetor dwg which has the geometry as a block when opened with AutoCAD.  It is a little easier to explode the block in AutoCAD rather than open and extract the zip file, save the extracted dwg then delete the zip file.

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Photoshop :: 6.0 And Wants (SVG) Files?

Dec 10, 2012

I have a client requesting black and white line art be saved as a .svg file and when I looked at my current version of PS 6.0 (I know it's old and atiquated) I don't see that format in the dropdown in SAVE AS. Is there another format you can recommend which is in the vein of .svg which I can look for?

This client wants basic black & white images they can "video transcribe" into an animated ad of sorts (or give my work to an animator), for an insurance company.

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