Photoshop :: Crashes When Saving?

Aug 8, 2006

everytime i save a file in photoshop CS2, pshop crashes. tifs, psd's, eps', pdf's - pshop crashes everytime.


Photoshop :: Saving .psd As .jpg Crashes

Apr 30, 2009

I recently upgraded to CS4, and am having a problem saving a flattened .psd file to .jpg (saving to any other format works just fine). When I try to save as a .jpg (RGB, 8-bit), the program partially locks up, and no .jpg file is created. The File menu has only two or three options, including Close and Open As, but I cannot actually select these options. All other menu options are grayed out; no tools work. I cannot quit Photoshop in this state without using Task Manager.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Crashes Constantly When Selecting Tools Or Saving?

May 29, 2012

my CS6 keeps crashing constantly. Sometimes it's after I click a tooltip, sometimes it's when I save, sometimes it's when I use a keyboard shortcut. I get the same crash report every time:
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
  Application Name:    Photoshop.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:    4f61c045
  Fault Module Name:    atio6axx.dll
  Fault Module Version:


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Photoshop :: CC (latest Update) Crashes When Saving A File

Oct 2, 2013

I am using a Mac retina display with  OSX version 10.8.5. It has an internal flash/solid state drive. I am a member of Adobe CC. Since I installed the latest Photoshop update (14.1.2, x64), my Photoshop crashes when I try to save (command+S) a .psd file.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Crashes With OSX 10.8.5?

Oct 18, 2013

I got a new computer:
Processor Name:          Intel Core i7
  Processor Speed:          2.3 GHz
  Number of Processors:          1
  Total Number of Cores:          4
  L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB
  L3 Cache:          6 MB
  Memory:          4 GB
OSX 10.8.5
I just installed my CS4 Creative Suite and Photoshop immediately crashes upon making a second layer.  Adobe tells me that my computer is not compatible with this version of Photshop and I have to upgrade if I want to use Photoshop.  I haven't even checked if the rest of the suite is compatible, but I assume it is not.  I did try to update the Adobe Updater.  It says "A new version of the Adobe Update is available for intstallation.  Click OK to install it now.  Note:  You may be required to authenticat in order to install. 
Then it checks all the products in my Suite and returns on an endless loop to the above.
Here is the report when it crashes:
Process:         Adobe Photoshop CS4 [172]
Path:            /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS4
Identifier:      com.adobe.Photoshop
Version:         11.0 [11.0x20080919 [20080919.r.488 2008/09/19:02:00:00 cutoff; r branch]] (11.0)
Code Type:       X86 (Native)
Parent Process:  launchd [143]
User ID:         502


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Photoshop :: CS4 Crashes On Mac OS X 10.8.3

Apr 29, 2013

I have CS4 on my mac OS X 10.8.3. Photoshop CS4 is crashing all the time.I update it regularly.It used to crash using layers, so i changed the  graphic settings as suggested in this forum, now this is ok.
Now PS crashes:

- everytime i do "save for web"
- often when i work on text layers
- sometimes for nothing in particular
It is really impossible to work in this conditions.Fireworks CS4 crashes too when trying to save a file.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Crashes

Jun 10, 2009

Jun 10, 2009 12:05 PM CS4 crashesI recently upgraded from Photoshop CS to CS4. I also run Elements 6.My problem: Now, Elements crashes whenever I use the edit function. CS4 allows all editing features but crashes with attempt to print.I also have a printing utility called QImage. Since installing CS4, QImage crashes with any attempt to open it. As a further "clue", attempting to print from Adobe Reader 9.1 crashes that program.

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Photoshop :: CS3 Crashes

Apr 30, 2009

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone or has anybody experienced this as well? I have a blank document open and have tried both placing and opening an image (not one image in particular but many) and I recieve a pop up box saying CS3 has encountered an error and needs to close. I've uninstalled all adobe products on my PC and reinstalled them hoping that would help, but the same problem persists.

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Photoshop :: PS CS3 Crashes

Aug 26, 2008

When I purchased CS3 Web Premium it took several months of tooling around to get it to install on Vista HP. Photoshop cs3 worked fine for a few months after installation. It now refuses to open any files - just goes to an eternal spinning icon. When I try to shut it down, it just says not responding. I reinstalled once (takes hours) and it worked for an afternoon. Next morning back to not opening files.

Macine is dell xps M1210, 2Gb Ram, Core 2 T5600 processor, NVIDIA Go 7400 64Mb card.

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Photoshop :: Crashes ...

Sep 22, 2008

Photoshop crashes whenever I try to have two files open at once. It's doing it on my co-worker's computer too. Mine has done it as long as I've had this computer, but his just started doing it today; it worked fine before that. We're running CS3 on Vista.

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Photoshop :: PS2 Crashes

Jun 9, 2009

My Photoshop CS2 has suddenly begun to crash on opening. After a few seconds it says " Unable to continue because of a hardware or systems failiure". All my other programs work OK (I think!). My most recent install was Office 2007.I am running Windows XP SP3 with 1.4G RAM and an Athlon 2G processor.

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