Photoshop :: Why To Save A File As A Psd?

May 5, 2008

Why would anyone want to save a file a a psd when they can save it as a tiff. I know that psd files are smaller, but why risk lack of compatibility and a non-universal format?


Photoshop :: Unable To Save To Jpeg File From Save As Menu

Jun 14, 2012

From the start, I wasn't able to save to jpeg without getting a dcm extension (no jpg extension). However, if I saved to Multi-picture Format, I would get the familiar .jpg and everything worked fine for a while. This morning I cannot find a file format in "save as" that results in the .jpg file extension.

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Photoshop :: Why Can't Save Or Even Save As Projects To PSD / JPEG File

Apr 29, 2012

when im about to save my file *project* nothings happen

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AutoCAD 2010 :: 2012 Crashing Whenever File Open / Save Or Save As Selected

Jun 27, 2013

I have the student version of AutoCAD 2012 on an HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium OS.  I originally installed AutoCAD in June of 2012.  It worked fine for 9 or 10 months but now whenever I select File/Open, File/Save, or File/Save As, AutoCAD stops responding and the spinning blue donut appears.  AutoCAD never comes back and I have to close it from Task Manager.  I uninstalled AutoCAD and reinstalled it, and the process went smoothly.  However I still have exactly the same problem with the File operations.  I apply Windows updates, but other than that have not made any changes to the software on the laptop.  AutoCAD works fine for everything except the File operations.  I am able to save with CTL/S and am able to open AutoCAD files from File Manager. 

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Photoshop :: Save PSD File Of Social Icons To Separate PNG Image Files For Each File?

Jun 26, 2012

Save PSD File of Social Icons to Separate PNG image files for each file

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Photoshop :: Action To Save File Overwrites Existing File

Nov 18, 2012

I did a search around, and did not find the answer.  Basically I have attempted to create an action in Photoshop CS6 which will save a file in the tiff format after i crop the image.  I want the file name to be the name of the image (which is supposed to change depending on name of the image) like this:

1280x720_MGXXX.tiff, where, in my case the XXX represents DIFFERENT NUMBERS.
I want to apply the action to one image at a time. Each image has a different number (name). I record the action, add the 1280x720 text to the image name in the Save dialog.  I am saving the image in a different folder from the source file.  The source file name is _MGXXXX.tiff (again XXXX is a number like 2220...).
When I run the action on a file, say "_MG2221.tiff" it adds the 1280x720, and saves the file.  When I apply the action on the next file (_MG2222.tif), the action overwrites the existing file, 1280x720_MG2221.tif, with the image.  The action always uses the name I entered in the Save dialog!!  I think I was able to do this in CS4 and CS5. 

I want to be able to open a file, crop and adjust it, and then save in a diff location with 1280x720 pretended to the file name.

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Photoshop :: Save As Jpeg File Showing Up As Unexecutable File

Nov 26, 2006

I am saving work as jpeg into desktop file.... sometimes (not always) when I go to retrieve it shows up as a file that I cannot open, not a normal jpeg. I just tried to copy and paste to show here..then draged into this space and it opened...tried to save it to desk top from here but it is still showing up as a very weid icon that will not open...? In the properties it shows as a jepeg, but the icon is totally different..

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Photoshop :: Stop CS6 From Asking To Save Changes To File When Closing The File?

Mar 2, 2013

I save a lot of files to "save for web". After saving PS asks if I want to save changes to the original file. I never want to save the changes to the original. Since the default is to change the file I am afraid I will accidentally OK the change without wanting to. I would like it to stop asking and just not save it. Is there a way?

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Photoshop :: Save Slices To One .psd File So Be Applied To Another .psd File?

Jun 5, 2008

I just had a question about the slice tool. Is there anyway I can save slices I make to one .psd file so they can be applied to another .psd file?

For example with these two layouts (2 images):

If I could apply some certain slices to the first one, it would be nice to automatically be able to apply them to the second.

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Photoshop :: Could Not Save As (file Name) Because File Could Not Be Found

Nov 2, 2012

When i try saving something it comes up with could not save as (file name) because the file could not be found and need to save this file.

im using photoshop cs5.1.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Unable To Save File - Losing Original File Afterwards

Feb 12, 2013

I found this error a bit strange, my colleague it trying to save a file and this error keeps on coming out (see attachments). When we try to save it, it only saves as a temp file. When we try to open up the temp file and try to save it, it still doesn't allow us to do. Also, when we cancel the save, the original file will be gone and he will lost all of his data. Below are the specs of the computer and version of the AutoCAD.

Computer: DELL Precision T5500

OS: Windows 7 Ult

AutoCAD Version: 2011

Also, we're using ProSteel Series 3 as well. We tried saving the file using ProSteel and just AutoCAD but it didn't do the trick. I've tried some options (listed below) that might get it to work but still no luck.

1. Restart the computer.

2. Repair / Reinstall AutoCAD.

3. Give permission to the folder (read from the forum).

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Photoshop :: How To Simplify List Of File Types In Save-As File Type List

Nov 11, 2013

How to I simplify the list of file types in the Save-As file type list? I use less than six file types. I have no need for most of these. It would be nice to have my top 5 and then the ability to go off-menu if needed for others.

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Photoshop :: Save Without Changes The File?

Feb 2, 2012

When i open a psd file into photoshop CS5 and i click on the ''save as'' button, i save a copy of this psd file into a jpeg file. so then the psd file is still open in photoshop and then i close it but it doesn't ask me for to save changes to the psd file? which it normally does.. when i open the psd file again all my layers are flatten!! how can this be?

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Photoshop :: How To Save File As BMP In CS6

Oct 19, 2012

There is no bmp option in file >save as or in Save for web.  Is there a way in CS6 to save as a bmp file?

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Photoshop :: How To Save File From PSD To JPG In CS6 For Mac

May 28, 2012

How do I save a file from PSD to japg in Photoshop cs6 for the Mac?

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