Photoshop :: Shortcut Key To Collapse All Of Effects In Layer's Panel?

Oct 14, 2012

I have tried searching to no avail. Of course, the opposite is true, too. It would be nice to have a shortcut key that expands all of the effects.

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After Effects :: Erasing In The Layer Panel?

May 5, 2013

is there a way to see a reference background in the layer panel when painting or erasing? I dont want to paint on that second layer, only see it in the layer panel.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Keyboard Shortcut To Collapse Browser Tree

May 18, 2011

I am migrating into Inventor from Solid Works, which had a keyboard short cut for collapsing the parts tree in the browser.  Is there a similar command for IV?

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After Effects :: Shortcut Key To Close All Layer Menu Drop Downs At Once?

Jul 3, 2013

Been searching for this one.  Haven't been able to find an answer. 

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Illustrator :: How To Navigate To Specific Location And Collapse Layer By Layer

Apr 25, 2009

Every time that I open a file, almost all the layers in the first level appears expanded, even when the file was saved with these layers colapsed.
So, as I have a lot of layers and sublayers/groups, it is difficult to navigate to a specific location and I need to collapse layer by layer.
Are there some trick to force Illustrator to remember the layer status?

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After Effects :: Purposes Of Collapse Transforms On Nulls?

Sep 3, 2013

I notice that Nulls have a collapse transform switch. Just trying to imagine when this would be useful.  Something related to the nifty "Scale Z" precomp trick, maybe?

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Photoshop :: How To Collapse Multiple Layer Groups All At Once

Jan 24, 2013

Is this possible with some keyboard shortcut? Seems like that should be possible...

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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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Photoshop Elements :: Adding Personal Effects To The Effects Panel?

Sep 2, 2013

after editing an effect from the panel (such as adjusting the levels of a drop shadow), to add it to the effects panel?

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Illustrator :: Way To Collapse All Layers In Layers Panel With One Click

Jul 18, 2012

Is there a way to collapse all layers in the layers panel with one click?

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Illustrator :: Pallets In AI - How To Get The Layer Names Collapse

Sep 18, 2013

Ok i am not exactly new to Ai but i can only do certain things. So i took a cource and i am just having a helluva time finding a simple section on that tut.
Panels like color swatches and graphic styles have 3 appearances. 1 is fully open, 2 is colapsed with icons and then there is collapsed with label names.
How do i get the layer names collapse?

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Photoshop :: MagicPicker Color Wheel Panel With Keyboard Shortcut

Jul 12, 2013

There's a color wheel panel for Photoshop named Magic Picker that sits in the Window -> Extensions -> Magic Picker menu. Is there a way to assign it a keyboard shortcut? I found no way to do it in the Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Photoshop :: Shortcut For New Adjustment Layer To Apply To Previous Layer?

Jun 12, 2013

I use a lot of adjustment layers and they're often applied to the previous layer. Is there a keyboard shortcut to automatically "Use pervious layer as clipping mask" without going through the dialogue box or manually applying in the layers palette(Option-click between layers)?

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Photoshop :: Shortcut For Switching Between Layer And Layer Mask?

May 22, 2013

I've often been annoyed by the fact that that I need to go into the layer panel each time I need to switch between editing a layer and editing it's mask. Surely there must be a way to do this with a shortcut. I found a way to disable the layer mask in the shortcut menu, but this is not something I need to do that often. Switching between layer and layer mask, however, happens all the time - at least in my workflow.

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3ds Max :: How To Create Shortcut Button For Script In Customized Panel

Feb 1, 2011

How to create a shortcut button for a script in the Max Customized panel?

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Illustrator :: Why Shortcut For Highlighting Font Selection Field In Character Panel Not Working

Sep 20, 2013

I'm trying to use Illustrator CC (instead of CS6).. In AI CS6, pressing Command+Shift+Option+F on the keyboard, while text is active, hilights the Font Field in the Character Panel... not so in AI CC. I can open CS6 on the same file and it works... Open AI CC and no result.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Restore Effects Panel

Oct 24, 2012

How do I restore effects panel

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After Effects :: Shift+ / Shortcut Not Working

Mar 11, 2014

I use the shift+/ shortcut heavily to reset my view centrally and fit it into the screen. Recently though I've noticed it intermittently stops working. I'm running After Effects on Mac OSX mavericks on a MBP Retina 2013.

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Photoshop :: How To Keep Layer Effects On One Layer From Affecting Another Layer

Jun 7, 2012

I have found that when I use the Layer Styles on one layer and then make a new layer or select a shape that creates a new layer that when I go to add Styles to the new layer/new shape the previous layer is affected by how I set the Bevel & Emboss, Direction, Altitude, Drop Shadow etc etc.
For instance, let's say I have a ...
BG > New Layer > draw an ellipse and then add a Bevel with an  > Angle of 89 and an Altitude of 30 and then I add a New Layer > open the Styles and go to change the Angle to say +89 or whatever and the Altitude to say 45 ... the first Layer/Shape Effects change.
How I can keep one Layer from being affected by an other Layers Effects'?
I have found that if I Rasterize a Layer Effect that I can add a "double" effect on the same layer but I haven't tried the to do this with separate layers. However, for most of the work I am doing I cannot use the Raster because everything needs to be true vectors.
I have a Dell Laptop/Windows 7 Home Premium that's a 64 bit

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After Effects :: Insert Time / Frames Shortcut?

Feb 1, 2013

Is it possible to insert time from where the 'Current Time Indicator' is  across all layers?
So it would extends all the layers and move all the keyframe accordingly..
In the adobe flash days pressing F5 would achieve the same effect. 
So using this image as an example, pressing F5 would extends the layers/move all the keyframes after the indicator by one frame...

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After Effects :: Shortcut Key Vs Toolbar Button - Set In / Out Point

Jul 30, 2013

I know that the shortcut keys to insert an in-point and out-point are Alt+[  and Alt+]  - but is there actually a button to add these points in Adobe After Effects CS6?   I'm terrible at remembering shortcut keys and can't believe that it doesn't appear at least somewhere on the toolbar?

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After Effects :: Keyboard Shortcut For Keyframes Only Not Expressions?

May 21, 2009

Is there a keyboard shortcut to only show keyframes?
I usually use "UU", but that shows keyframes, plus expressions. 

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After Effects :: CC Freezes When Using Layers Panel?

Jan 29, 2014

I'm having an issue with the Layers panel, which is docked to my Comp panel, freezing my system whenever I try to click into any other panel. I can open a project, click on a layer to do some painting and then if I try to go back to the Comp freezes. My only solution is to open the Task Manager and shut down AE. If I save everything before I try to get out of the Layers panel then I am okay but that getting old fast.
I'm working on an hp Z420 Workstation. This system is entirely new as of December 2013 and there haven't been any major  issues but this has popped up and it's getting in the way of production.

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Photoshop :: Shortcut To Add A Layer Mask

Sep 27, 2005

There doesn't *seem* to be a keyboard shortcut to add a layer mask...

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Photoshop :: CS3 - Select Layer Shortcut

Jul 31, 2008

Photoshop CS3... What's the shortcut to selecting a layer in a document? Control clicking only selects the Layer Set. What's the shortcut to selecting an individual layer? I know that Right Click gives the option.. but is there a keyboard shortcut?

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Photoshop :: Change Layer Scrolling Shortcut?

Mar 2, 2013

there is a way to change layer scrolling shortcuts. I know that default ones are Alt + [ or ] to scroll  through layers, but unfortunately my country's keyboard does NOT have [ and ] keys. Therefore I am unable to quickly scroll through my layers. So I went into the keyboard shortcuts menu and searched it over and over again and couldn't find the these two shortcuts.
I should change the keyboard setting in Windows, but changing the keyboard setting on my computer is not an option here, because I've been using my country's keyboard + translated version of windows my whole life. Even if I did change the the keyboard to English one in Windows, I still wouldn't know on which keys certain symbols.

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After Effects :: Character Panel Missing Underline Option

Jan 19, 2014

why my character panel in AE is missing the underline option ?

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After Effects :: Duplicate An Item In Project Panel With Scripts?

Oct 13, 2013

I'm trying to make a script that will duplicate an item in the project panel. I know you can duplicate an item in a comp, but I'd like to duplicate a project;

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Photoshop :: Shortcut For Auto Select Group / Layer

Dec 24, 2012

I really use this function all the time and it's nerve cracking to go up every time to the options bar and select group / layer.

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Photoshop :: Create New Layer Without Dialog / Redefine Shortcut

Jun 17, 2013

A want to redefine default shortcut for command "Create new layer without dialog" but i cannot find this command in shortcut preferences.In which section of shortcut preferences, in photoshop cs6, nested this command?

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Photoshop :: Keyboard Shortcut For Extrusion From Text Layer

Apr 18, 2013

I keep triggering this by accident and can't figure out what combo I'm hitting, or how to disable it. I've looked in the Keyboard Shortcuts but can't find it.
I'm on a laptop keyboard, so I use the fn key a lot to access enter when I'm finished editing text. Every once in a while (but often enough to be annoying), I attempt to enter out of text editing and suddenly everything stops, the gray rotating "processing" cursor appears, and for a few seconds I'm in a mild panic about how long it's been since I saved. Then a dialog box comes up asking if I want to switch to the 3D workspace or something. Clicking "no" doesn't stop the unwanted 3D thing from happening, and the last History item then says "Extrusion from Text Layer." I then Undo and go on with what I was doing.
I've always got my left hand positioned over the lower left corner of the keyboard, and move quickly when using shortcuts and switching tools. What combination I keep hitting by accident - something with fn, ctrl, opt, cmd, shift, I don't know, plus possibly return or enter. What is it, and how do I disable it?

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