Photoshop :: Pixelation :: Image To Clear Up?

Apr 29, 2008

I Have an old picture that is pixelated that im trying to clear up ...


Photoshop :: Pixelation - Making A Thumbsize Image

Aug 11, 2006

I have done a photoshop design (640x480pix tall@150dpi) and i need to make the image into a 100x70pix thumbnail gif at under 4kb.

Obviously the design just pixelates when i change the size and i have tried everything to try and stop it but it just won't work.

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Photoshop :: Enlarge Image Of Multiple Intersecting Low Resolution Contour Lines While Avoiding Pixelation

Feb 28, 2012

Problem: How to enlarge (100 times) image of multiple intersecting low resolution contour lines wile avoiding pixelation?

Simple answer: It can't be done.

Second thoughts: Well, under some circumstances it can be done... sort of. For example if lines are orthogonal to begin with then simple re-sample to nearest neighbor algorithm will do fine. If lines are simple enough, then tracing them with pen tool and recreating the original lines at higher resolution by stroking the paths with a brush will do also. Also if original lines are smooth and thick enough then some re-sampling, blurring and leveling can work (anisotropic diffusion filter may work) but will produce smoothing artifacts at corners.

From what I can see the problem boils down to creatively converting the original lines to vectors (paths / shapes) and avoiding the whole messiness of raster anti-aliasing. But here we face additional problems: Adobe trace engine is not smart enough to recognize geometric shapes, intersecting lines, straight edges, orthogonal lines and mathematical curves - just try to trace a font and you will end up with a baggy monster. Additionally, it appears that in Photoshop center-line trace is not possible and you are limited to outlines.

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GIMP :: Degradation Of Image After Extracted From PDF - Pixelation Of Lines

Jan 23, 2013

Basically, I am trying to process a simple drawn map that was scanned and saved as a PDF. The scanned image is old so the paper is yellowed and they scanned it in high res color even though the image is black and white (well, blue ink actually). I just want to make the background white and change the blue/black lines to solid black lines that retain their clarity.

Here is a portion of the image:

The left is the original and the right is what I WANT, but cannot, achieve.

My biggest issue has been pixelation of the lines. I just can't get it smooth like in the right image. I've tried all sorts of filters - blurs, smooths, sharpens etc.. Part of the problem is also the degradation of the image after I extract it from the PDF.

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Photoshop :: Make A Image Clear

Jun 18, 2003

I have a logo that was designed in ps 7 but i do like the way it looks, it's blurry. how do i make it clear? I wish I could attach it here but it says I may not attach files-- why?

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Photoshop :: Whats The Best Way To Clear Up A Blurry Image

Aug 6, 2006

I always have trouble taking a small image and making it larger because it always gets blurry and pixelated. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make the image (whether it be a logo etc) larger without making it pixelated?

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CorelDRAW X4 :: How To Clear Image When Exported To PNG Format

Oct 20, 2011

How to have a clear image when it is exported from coreldraw to PNG format.

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CorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 :: Make Image Clear To Vectorize

Jan 17, 2012

How can I make the image (photo,bmp,jpeg,etc) as clear as possible to vectorize? I'm finding the more I get into this the more detail I want to add. I can't add the detail if I can't make it out.

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Photoshop :: How To Put Lines On An Image Make A Picture Glow-or Make Text Look Clear?

Jan 12, 2005

I am pretty new to Photoshop and I have come across a few things that I would love to do but I cant figure out how to do them. Also, I have elements so I'm not even sure if I can do them. Anyway one of the things I am trying to learn is how to put lines over an image. For example the very first picture on this site: ...

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Photoshop :: Size Down Without Pixelation

Sep 2, 2013

OK, so I know there are a ton of posts on here about resizing images in Photoshop (and I have read them all!), but I am still completely stumped! I use Photoshop CS6 and my workflow goes as follows: Open image in Photoshop, edit, change to 8-bit, change to srgb, change image size to 960 at widest side (scale styles, constrain proportions, and resample image checked), change to 72dpi, output sharpening. My outcome is to have images that are sized properly for Facebook (I have researched the correct dimensions) and come out CLEAR!! Mine however, always look pixelated/fuzzy. I see many other photographers images on Facebook and they are super clear and sharp.

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Photoshop :: CS5 - Logo Pixelation

May 14, 2013

I only have PS CS5. I made text logo with a transparent background for a website and saved it as a png. The person building the website can't seem to resize it without it becoming pixelated.

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Photoshop :: Zoomed Pixelation

Sep 26, 2005

I have regarding showing pixels on an image? I want to do a series of images that are sharp in the centre and display no pixels (ie a 'normal' sharp photographic image) but that gets more and more 'pixilated' towards the edges so the the size of the pixels increases towards the edge until they are very obviuosly pixelated. I've tried using the mosaic sub filter but that leaves all the visible pixel 'blocks' the same size and I want them to get bigger towards the edges.

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Photoshop :: Pixelation On Edit

Apr 23, 2007

every picture I edit turns up pixelated. Whether I crop, adjust color, or anything.

So, have I benignly made an adjustment that is fudging things up.

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Photoshop :: How To Solve Pixelation,

Nov 4, 2008

I have created a background on photoshop which prints out fine but when I view it on the screen on view it in flash where I want to use it for a background, the edges are all pixelated, my dimesions are 16:9 so I did 16cm by 9cm.

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Photoshop :: Simple Pixelation... But How?

Jun 11, 2006

I've switched my site over to a Wordpress publishing system and am working on modifying one of the themes. I want to incorporate the old pixel design of my site. On the header image I used a Photoshop Tutorial to achieve the effect I wanted. I have since misplaced the tutorial and cannot locate information on how to repeat the desired "cross stitched pixel" effect.

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Photoshop :: CS2 Excessive Pixelation

Apr 28, 2009

I'm having a problem with excessive pixelation when using photoshop filters and masking.  I've done this process 100's of times, and now this editing technique is creating patches of pixelation.  Technique wise, I am on a second layer; I've applied the diffuse glow filter; then I mask the layer; select specific areas I do not want glowed; feather the selection; and then I brush away the effect from my selection.  Results wise, the feathered areas and the brushed away areas appear to have holes or patches of the background layer coming through.  Usually this is a smooth transition look.  Now it's patchy and overpixelated somehow.  I'm getting the same affect if the picture is jpg or psd.  It is also doing it with just basic curves.

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Photoshop :: Text Pixelation

Aug 19, 2009

When I print this out or increase the size of the document on my screen, the text is VERY pixelized. Even the larger text at the top. Is there a reason for this, and if so,

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Photoshop :: Can CS3 Fix Pixelation Due To Bad Lighting From ISight On A MBP?

Nov 9, 2008

I'm having trouble putting a sample pic here so if some generous person want's to take a crack, Nothing racy, not even a person, it's part of a lamp with a door.

I have a macbookpro with a built in iSight camera. I recently took some pictures but they lighting in the room was bad and they are not that good. They are not clear and slightly dark.

I have been able to make them brighter but the sharpness makes it look like one of those pictures made up of a million smaller pictures.

Is there any process in photoshop CS3 to improve the quality/clarity on these pictures?

I don't expect magic from photoshop, but I was hoping that it had features built in that would make it a better picture.

I tried NeatImage, that seemed just to blur the picture slightly. That took away the pixelation, but it was like looking at the picture through a shower door.

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Photoshop :: How To ZOOM And Eliminate Pixelation

Aug 18, 2007

how to zoom in on an object, and then smooth out the pixels so I can see the object clearly again,

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Photoshop :: Creating Pixelation Effect

Mar 4, 2004

does anyone know how to create a gradual pixelation effect? for example one end of the image you can make out the individual pixels, and gradually the image quality improves until you have a high res look.

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Photoshop :: How To Enlarge Digital Photos Without Pixelation

Aug 19, 2012

enlarging digital image without pixulation

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Photoshop :: Pixelation :: Sharpening The Smaller Images

Sep 7, 2006

I am working on the logo for my company's website. Heres my prob. at 100% this image is fine, but every time I resize (smaller) I end up with pixelation / fuzz on a couple letters (Particularly the P).

This is my original, click it because otherwise the "dot" is pixelated.

This is my resize:

How can I go about sharpening up the smaller images so the text entities look as good as the big image? Is there some trick to resizing that I dont know? I feel stupid asking about this it seems like I know how already and just can't remember.

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