Photoshop :: Photoshop & Illustrator - Cannot Delete...

May 20, 2008

One of our graphics people using both Photoshop & Illustrator has deleted files that now reside in the "Recycle Bin". The problem is that she can empty the Recycle Bin all that she wants and these files do not delete. When she attempts to manually delete them she gets a message telling her that the files are 'still in use'.

Rebooting does not resolve. I have read that the "Unlocker" utility will resolve this, but our policies require that I look for a solution from the software vendor before I suggest the implementation of such a utility. So, if anyone knows of a more 'native' solution for this issue please feel free to pass it along.


Photoshop :: Save For Web: Delete One Pixel Line In Illustrator

Jul 8, 2005

how to delete the one pixel line which surrounds Illustrator JPG and GIF images in the Save for Web dialogue box. I can import the image into Photoshop, but I'm trying to retain a bright red color on an image for the web (#FF000), and the color becomes darkened in to get rid of that one pixel line?

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Photoshop :: Can't Delete Selected Layer Using Delete Key CS6

Aug 15, 2013

Why can you no longer delete layers with the delete key?

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Photoshop :: PS To Illustrator

Mar 26, 2004

I have a logo in Photoshop format, is it possible to convert it to the formay Adobe illustrator uses I've never used illustator.

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Photoshop :: Ps To Illustrator

Apr 6, 2005

I am trying to design my first Brochure, I read here that the better way to do this is in Illustrator.

I have CSversion of both.

I have a logo in PS and am trying to drag n drop into Ill..

The logo has a transparent bg , but when I drag n drop, the bg becomes white in Ill..

I am using one of the templates in Ill..

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Photoshop :: PS To Illustrator

Mar 28, 2006

Havent been around that much lately.

Anyway, ive been working on this logo for a client.

After several revisions, we called it complete.

Now.. the thing is, i made the logo in photoshop but he prefers the logo in Illustrator format. Whats the best way to save the file so i can open it up and probably edit it in Illustrator?

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Photoshop :: Illustrator

Jul 21, 2006

Does anyone have Adobe Illustrator? If yes, what do you think about it... I am thinking of getting it to play around with the graphics etc.

if I bought the download of Photoshop Elements CS2 from the adobe online store, I suppose I still have to buy a full version of Illustrator right, and not just the upgrade since they are different programs?

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Photoshop :: Font Not Available In CS6 Or Illustrator (Mac)

Nov 29, 2013

I have installed the Frutiger font family in the font library. It appears in the drop-down menu in InDesign, but not Photoshop or Illustrator. How can I make the font available in these programs?

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Photoshop :: Export To Illustrator

May 24, 2008

I know you have to make a work path first but thats not the problem...when go to File>>>Export, the option to Export Paths to Illustrator is not there, its missing. Why is that, I'm using CS3 Extended.

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Photoshop :: Text To Illustrator

Sep 15, 2004

I have a bunch of text layouts that someone did in Photoshop when they should have done them in Illustrator. I need to try and get them into flash without having to re do everything in flash.

is some way in saving the text into vector to import into flash Or else save them into illustrator format

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Photoshop :: Shapes In Illustrator

Jun 20, 2005

How would I go about creating a shape with a donut hole in the middle, which contains nothing. I don't want to layer it. I simply want a donut, with, let's say a black fill and a hole in the middle which would allow a photo to be seen. Something like a frame.

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Photoshop :: Exporting From Illustrator To PS

Sep 13, 2004

I am trying to export an Illustrator file into Photoshop. So I am exporting it as ".EPS" and then when I try to either "open" or "import" within Photoshop it gives me an error message (see below). Please help, I have no idea what the problem might me, I've been killing myself all day with this.

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Photoshop :: Illustrator Or Pagemaker?

Feb 1, 2006

So I am getting into page design stuff. Mostly screen viewed, single page documents.

I currently have Photoshop CS. After I design a page, my company sends out the page in .PDF format. However, when I make a page with graphics and text in Photoshop, it looks fine in Photoshop but when I save it as a PDF and open the PDF in Acrobat, the text looks blurry. A friend of mine said because Photoshop makes text in bitmap and if I want text to look crisp in PDF, it has to be vector based text. Code:

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Photoshop :: Do/can I Need/use Adobe Illustrator

Jan 30, 2004

can i use illustrator even if i am not so good at PS?

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Photoshop :: Illustrator Freezes During

Jul 9, 2008

first here is my system:

Dell Precision 390
Intel Core 2 Duo
Photoshop CS3 10.0.1, Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 (CS3 Suite)
Windows XP
2 GB of RAM
Roughly 8 GB free HD space
Not sure on video card (how can i check?)

ok, here is my problem:

when i go to File->Open (or Ctrl+O), the Open dialog box opens momentarily (blink an you miss it) and then Photoshop and/or Illustrator freezes. the only way to close it is through Windows Task Manager->End Task.

there is no official error message, Photoshop/Illustrator just simply freezes.

however, and heres the kicker, when i open the files directly from the folder (Explorer) they open fine, i can work seamlessly, no problem. it only occurs when i open from the program itself. i do not know if the other suite programs (Flash, InDesign etc.) have the same problem as i dont use them much.

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Photoshop :: Illustrator Paths To PS

Jan 4, 2004

I created some paths in illustrator, and I want to paste them in photoshop. I tried cut n' paste, but it doesn't work. I tried exporting to PSD, still doesn't work.

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Photoshop :: Photoshot To Illustrator!

Oct 25, 2004

how to transform a photo image in Photoshot into a vector graphic in Illustrator?

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Photoshop :: Exporting From Illustrator

Apr 26, 2005

I'm trying export a vector image from Illustrator CS 11.0.0 to Photoshop CS 8.0. I go through the process outlined in the manual and succesfully export the file. Everything works fine & I retain my layers (if I use CMYK), but my vectors are gone. The manual says I may need a plug-in but I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. My only options as far as color goes is CMYK, RGB, or Greyscale. I select CMYK and make sure "Write Layers" is selected, but there is nothing there to specify vectors.

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Photoshop :: PSD Place In Illustrator

Aug 3, 2007

I have some specific layers I created in PS that I need to maintain when I import it into Illustrator. What is the best way to do this?

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Photoshop :: Vectors In PS And From Illustrator

Sep 5, 2008

I am creating vector shape layers i can still see pixels, is this right? i know photoshop is a raster program but i was under the impression vector shape layers worked like vectors. The same goes for when i copy and past layer from illsutrator into photoshop as smart objects, should i be able to see pixels?

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Photoshop :: Adobe Illustrator CS3

Oct 6, 2008

adobe illustrator CS3.

I have been watching Video tutorials for Photoshop CS3, the instructor is Ted LoCascio and his instruction videos are very good so if any one knows any videos similar to his but for Illustrator CS3.

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Photoshop :: Slices In Illustrator

Jun 18, 2005

I have a page of web art that I have sliced up. One section is a series of buttons. I have the different button states on different layers and I have created slices for each button and then duplicated the slices onto each layer so that every button state has a slice.

But...since the slices associated with a layer don't hide when you hide the layer, it's almost impossible to get at the underlying slices to name them and/or select them for output.

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Photoshop :: CS2 Importing Into Illustrator

Aug 5, 2008

I'm doing a logo for my company and I'm trying to import a PSD file into Illustrator to take advantage of some of the stock brushes. Everything in the PSD file is Text & Vector, so it should import in clean and crisp but it doesn't. Plus I can't find where you can set the DPI/Resolution in Illustrator. Can anyone guide me in this??

Or better yet, is there some custom brushes out there for free that anyone knows about, that will give me a vectorized "water" or "wave" look?

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Photoshop :: CS3 Crashing When ILLUSTRATOR...

May 16, 2008

t7400 - intel xeon (2.83 ghz,2x6mb, quad core)
8gb quad channel fbd memory
300gb hd

adobe photoshop cs3 keeps crashing every time i try to copy illustrator vectors directly to photoshop.It just freezes(photoshop and illustrator only)the rest of applications work fine without any problems.

recently it takes ages just to start a new photoshop document (file>new)


- installed valid windows updates

- allocated virtual memory

- installed adobe updates

- run a virus scan

-installed fonts lately (but the ones that are being used by several other users)

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