Photoshop :: Installation Database Is Corrupt

Jun 5, 2009

I installed a trial version of CS3 on my PC and when I decided to install the extended version of CS3, it  didn't install.

  I learned from Adobe that I could use the WinCS3clean script, which I downloaded and ran on my computer, using level 1.After this I tried installing the extended version of CS3 but got the message "Installation database corrupt" and I can't install CS3.  Can anyone help me with this and let me know how to solve the problem? I use windows, XP 2.


Photoshop :: Corrupt Installation CD

Oct 20, 2008

Having troubles with a registered copy of Photoshop 6, I uninstalled it and when I tried to reinstall, the AutoPlay feature of the CD did not work. I then used Explore to find the Photoshop .exe file and could not find it on the CD. I tried using the Windows Add Programs feature, and it said that it could not find a .exe file on the CD. Called Adobe customer service who referred me to technical support and while they were able to confirm that my CD was registered, they were able to offer no help as the software is outdated. It has been installed 3 times, originally on Windows 2000 and has not been working correctly on Windows XP Home Edition.

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Photoshop :: Fix Corrupt (?) Jpg?

Aug 20, 2006

ive just recovered a whole bunch of pictures from a crashed harddrive. The problem is most of them (all of them) are corrupted (i guess their corrupted). Is there any way to fix the pictures? There should be because the windows thumbnails show the pictures without errors, but as soon as i open them in eg picture viewer or firefox, they are corrupt. I cant even open the pictures in photoshop. PS (CS2) just gives me: "Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data".

This is what the pics look like (small one is windows thumbnail, big one is picture opened in "Windows picture and fax viewer".)

As you can see the thumbnail has no errors.

How do i fix the picture so i dont get errors after opening it?

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Photoshop :: CS5 Files Becoming Corrupt?

Jan 25, 2012

I'm using Photoshop 5.5 and OS Lion. The Finder crashed while doing a Search. When I rebooted and opened Photoshop, every Photoshop file I had worked on that afternoon, plus two from the day before, was corrupt - nothing else was affected. Desktop preview icons and file sizes looked fine, but when I opened the files they were just bands of color and noise. All layers were gone and the size was incorrect.  The jpgs I had saved from the psd files were also corrupt. Adobe blames Apple and Apple blames Adobe.

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Photoshop :: How To Corrupt JPG For The Effect

Oct 20, 2013

I have Photoshop cc and I would like the try and have an image with the corruption lines for an effect. I have been looking on the web for a way to physically do this by opening the file in Text Mate and swap some code (not the header) and try to re-open in ps. Every time I do this ps refuses to open the file.
I know this is slight odd, but how to corrupt an image and still have ps open the file and show corruption lines like the old days.

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Photoshop :: Why Do CS6 PSD Files Keep Getting Corrupt

Sep 26, 2012

Why do my cs6 psd files keep getting corrupt? I am able to save and close them, but they won't reopen. I've lost entire website files more than once already.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Images Corrupt When...

Feb 20, 2009

I have problems with Photoshop CS4..installed doftware fine, but when i open any image (raw, jpg etc) they are corrupt....i am running windows vista 32bit....could this be my graphics card thats giving the problem its a ATI Radeon HD2600XT?

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Photoshop :: Corrupt File

Aug 25, 2004

I have a file that is about 125megs, it stopped opening for me. I don't understand why, it's always has opened ever since I created it. Now it freezes my machine, this just started today. I'm running a G4 Dual 1.42mhz os 10.3 and 2gigs of ram. It's the only copy i have, please tell me there's a way to repare it. My Mac keeps telling me to restart every time i try to open it.

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Photoshop :: Corrupt Jpeg

Jan 13, 2004

I recently had to burn a whole bunch of images onto cd, due to a harddrive format I was gonna perform...I burned the files...the cd showed no errors during burning....

not all images but almost all my jpeg files when I try to open any program, I.E., windows preview, photoshop, illustrator, u name it...they won't open and I get this message...

"unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found"

I never had a problem with the files I got all these pics that I need, they are very important...and I can't open them...the file sizes are the same if that matters....

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Photoshop :: Opening A Corrupt File?

Jun 11, 2013

It is now saying that I don't have the appropriate version of Photoshop for this file.How can I open this?

I know I have a good version, I had been working on the same computer the whole time.I dont know if the file is corrupt or what is happening...

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Photoshop :: Corrupt CS6 When Opening Any File

Feb 20, 2013

My CS6 photoshop is viewing any file I open as corrupt but when I save them, they are ok in windows preview / bridge etc.. its only showing really weird in photoshop! I dont know what has all of a sudden changed! I haven't changed any settings!
I am on a windows 7, 64 bit PC and this problem is not just limited to my PC, my colleagues also today have this same issue on their PCs too...

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Photoshop :: Corrupt Preferences File - Why?

Mar 10, 2009

I wondered why/how ones preferences ever get corrupted. Ive use PS, since 2.5 on all sorts of PCs, sometimes with it running around the clock for days. Never once had I encountered a corrupted preferences file until now, that is.

What I encountered can only be listed as an observation. Im sure that it is but one possible cause. Still, I thought that Id share my experience.

Up at 4:00AM to start a rush scan job. Everything boots up fine, and I start PS CS2. As its loading the plug-ins, etc., I notice that Sun Microsystems Java wants an update and its icon has appeared in the Tasktray of my XP-Pro SP3. I open it, and click Update Later, or whatever the exact dialog is. It drops back to the Tasktray. PS seems to be taking a long time to load on my workstation, but I give it a few moments. Nothing. Its hung at Reading Text Global Resources. I check Task Manager PS is shown as Not Responding. Odd, this has NEVER happened before in all those years. Not so much as once.

I remembered that there was an update for Extend Script, that I told PS to hold off on. I go to Updates, via Bridge and its still there waiting. I End Task for PS and look for something usable from MS. Of course theres nothing. Event Viewer shows an Application Hang, with no useful info. I install the Extend Script Update, and try PS again. It gets to the same spot and hangs.

OK, I allow Java to update (making sure to NOT allow the installation of the MSN Search Toolbar - sheezh! I try PS yet again. Hang at the same spot.

Re-boot and hang. Though I have said it a thousand times, trash your prefs, it takes a moment for it to sink in. I trash my prefs and all is good with PS. Luckily, I had my dual-monitor Workspace saved, and it only takes a minute to change the default preferences back to what I want.

Normally, I have everything, and I mean everything, set to NOT auto-update. I turn this feature off for every program that I install. I use Premiere a lot, and do not want Norton, or anybody, waking up and phoning home. Ill tell em when to update. Well, I missed Java.

I can only guess that it did its update thing, just at a critical time for PSs loading and blew up the prefs file. Had it popped up a second later, or maybe a second earlier, I doubt that Id have had to trash my prefs. After all these years (decades really), I had a corrupt preferences file.

Im sure there are a myriad things that can corrupt a preferences file, and I am only guessing at what caused mine. However, the timing is perfect, so Java gets the blame.

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Photoshop :: Corrupt Image Saving

Aug 3, 2006

I try to save a .jpg or .png, the image file is corrupted. With JPEG's, it'll display most of the image, and then the rest will be just grayed out. With PNG's, I will get just a Red X in Internet Explorer, and a "image cannot be displayed because it contains errors." in Firefox.

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Photoshop :: Missing & Corrupt Photos

Oct 16, 2008

I'm using PHotoshop starter 3.0. In this I have tumbnails of my photos. However, due to a problem on my computer my family pics were lost. I was able to recover some using a photo recovery program. HOwever, there are many missing/corrupt photos. These thumbnails are still in photoshop. Is there a way I can work with or print the tumbnails -- even if its a lousy picture atleast I won't loose the memory.

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Photoshop :: Corrupt JPEG Files

Nov 18, 2004

I bought an HP Photosmart 320 and found out too late that there was a bug in the firmware that caused problems when writing to large memory cards. I have fixed the firmware but I have over 100 photos taken before the fix that I would like to salvage. I have found many services that will recover deleted files but none that fix corrupted ones.

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Photoshop :: PS CS4 Corrupt Trial Download

Dec 16, 2008

I have tried unsuccessfully to extract the trial download of PS CS4 extended. I have downloaded both files from, but upon lauching the adobe extractor, the progress bar reaches 100% and displays the error "An error ocurred please check you have enough memory and right privliges on the destination folder"

My machine is running XP SP2, INtel PIV with 2 gig of ram.

I am succesfully downloaded and installed Dreamwever CS4 with problems.

Trying google a couple of people have had problems they think with the downloaded files from adobe being currupt, abd I wondered whether I may be suffering the same fate with the files I have downloaded.

Hvaing checked those files that have extracted in the destination folder

C:Documents and SettingsAlan.ALAN-33C123774CDesktopAdobe CS4

Some files seem to extracted ok but many have file size of ZERO KB

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Photoshop :: Installing From Corrupt Adobe CS4 Extended

Oct 30, 2013

I was gifted cs4 extended and when trying to install it says the database is corrupt. 

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Photoshop :: Reinstallation Of CS4 From Download On My Adobe (Corrupt Installations DB)?

Sep 11, 2013

I have tried to use the online chat app and telephone to get a response,  but have had no luck. I recently tried to reinstall Adobe CS4 on my computer after it crashed. I downloaded the version I had purchased from My Adobe and everything  seemed fine. After running the Setup program it came back with a dialog box saying  that the Installer Database was corrupt and that I should contact  customer support.

I have since attempted to download it two more times, with Akamai and  without. Both time with the same result.I was told when I finally reached a support person that this is the only vehicle for support of CS4.

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Photoshop :: Keyboard Shorcuts Droppping Out - Corrupt Preferences?

Apr 3, 2006

I notice a lot of my shortcuts that I make, drop out, go away, anyone notice this? corrupts preferences? anything else?

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Photoshop :: JPEG Marker Segment Length Error - File Not Corrupt

Feb 4, 2013

I have 2 workstations in my suite. Both Win7...both CS5.5 ver. 12.1.x64.  My "old" box (Z400) can open the JPEG no problem....My "new" box (Z820) gives me the error.
I have copied the file a few different ways so I know it is not corrupt.

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