AutoDesk Smoke :: No Fast Forward Or Fast Rewind In The Timeline?

Jun 14, 2012

Or is there no fast forward or fast rewind in the timeline. Like double tapping the "L" key or something in other programs...

Editor of things...

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VideoStudio :: Multi-Trim Fast Forward / Rewind Slider?

Feb 18, 2012

When I move the slider VS PRO X 4 gets an unexpected error and closes.Digging around I found the Ultimate version and tried the trial download. It worked for a while and then the application terminated again.

I reloaded X4 Pro and installed SP 1 & 2

I find confusing that the X4 Pro Build number without either SP 1 & 2 is:

The Build after Sp1 is:

The Build after Sp2 is:

Then this ULTIMATE version has a build of Looks like the same family and from the same department.

The GUI is also the same no mention of Ultimate - and the Sp's think it is another pgm?

What does the Ultimate do that the Pro X4 does NOT?

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Premiere Pro :: Videos Are Stuck In Fast Forward?

Feb 16, 2014

I opened up a new project to edit and imported my raw video.  When I dropped a clip onto the timeline and played it, it played as if I put in it fast forward (which I did not). This happened with all of my video clips and I even imported a video clip I recently edited, that did not do that when I originally edited it, but it also plays in fast forward.

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3ds Max :: Pan And Zoom Goes Really Fast?

Mar 7, 2012

Ive been using 3DS Max for about 3 hours now, and seem to be picking up on it very quickly (Props to everyone involved for user friendliness). Im just puzzled about one thing. In my perspective viewport, panning and zooming happen realy fast, zooming close is impossible, as it zooms through and past the object with one scroll-notch. All zooming in other viewports are just fine, its only perspective that I'm having an issue with.

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GIMP :: Animated GIF Too Fast?

Sep 5, 2011

I can't slow down my gif.

I save as animation. However my setting of delay between frames makes no difference. I set it at 200 milliseconds and another at 65000 milliseconds

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Photoshop :: How To Do A Fast Preview While Texturing

Aug 13, 2012

I saw a video of some guy making a texture for a 3d model in photoshop and time to time he switched to a window where he could see and manipulate the 3d model with the unfinished texture and no, he didn't save the project and apply it everytime. I was wondering if that was a plug-in or something like that.

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Photoshop :: PNG For A WEB - None / Fast Or Smallest / Slow?

Oct 15, 2013

I need to do for a WEB many PNG icons (aprox. 70x70 pixels e/a). There will be like 20 of them loaded in the WEB at the same time. which kind of compression I should pick when I save as a PNG: "None/Fast" or "Smallest/Slow", and "Interlaced" or notMy main concern is that the WEB page should load them the fastest possible. 

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VideoStudio :: MTS Too Fast In Clip Mode?

Jun 20, 2011

I've been using VS 11.5 Plus for several years with no problem. Recently, I received a new camcorder, a Sony HDR-CX305 which produces .MTS files. I can open the files with VLC and Windows Media Player. For editing in VS, I chose to use proxy files. When I put the files on the timeline and play them in project mode, everything is fine (display & sound). But in clip mode, the clip is played really fast, less than 1 second, which makes difficult the editing.. I tried with smart proxy disabled : same problem.

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VideoStudio :: Video Playback Very Fast?

Jan 5, 2013

I have a new camera which records in AVCHD format. I have transferred the video files from my camera to the computer. I have compiled a project on Video Studio ProX2. When I playback each clip they play at normal speed. When I playback the project before copying onto a disc the playback is very fast. I have also got as far as sharing the project onto a disc but when I click on preview the playback is again very fast. I see that I can slow down the playback but this also slows down any speech on the video.

I have used Video studio PRox for a couple of years now with great success with an old Sony Handycam but I must need to do something to the new format to play it back at normal speed.

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Photoshop :: How Do I Remove Backgrounds Fast?

Feb 23, 2008

I have some images lots of them(like over 200) and I want the fastest easiest way to remove the background and keep the look of the text(ie nothing gets lost from it).

I am going to save them as transparent gifs but like I said I don't know how to do them very fast.

They all are black on white:

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Photoshop :: CS So Slow On A Fast Hardware!

Feb 23, 2004

I rcently installed PS CS on my Dell Inspiron 8500 notebook, a P4 2.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 64Mb GeForce 4 4200 (15.4" WUXGA+ 1680x1050), Hitachi 60GB 7,200rpm disk, DVD+RW and it so unbelievably slow. I cannot even do a simple Elliptical Marquee without having to wait ages (a lot of disk I/O activity). The settings of CS are at default. It's completely put me off this software-am I missing something here?

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AutoCAD LT :: Fast Way Of Creating Layouts

Oct 21, 2011

Our company has lots of drawings/part-numbers that have anywhere from 2-9 sheets.  These are all saved as individual .dwg files.  I am looking to Xref the "extra" files in one main file and make layouts of those Xrefs for ease of plotting. 

As we only have LT, we obviosly can't use the "Sheet Set Manager", and this is the best way I know how to do this. Is there a fast way of creating layouts (other than right clicking and selecting "Page Setup Manager"?

Or maybe I should say it this way: What do you thing is the best way of going about this venture.

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Premiere Pro :: How To Get Fast Exporting Times

Feb 15, 2014

i have recently brought a new computer (very powerful) for the things i want to do, as i am also posting this you can tell i make alot of videos as well.
Here are my computer specs:

intel core i7 quad core 3.70ghz
16gb beast ram 2400mhz
4gb amd radeon r9 290 graphics card
asus SSD writes @ 830mb/rs
At the moment i am exporting a video which is 1hour and 20 minutes long and have manged to get the export time down to 30-40minutes
I have always been trying to figuring out how to get faster exporting times for a long time now, is it dependant on the sequance settings as well?

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After Effects :: Fast Preview Performance

Apr 25, 2013

I am buying a laptop for AE for mobile reasons.does the fast preview(so the instant result after changing an effect value you get in the preview window) depend on gpu or cpu, or both depending on what effects are used? I am looking at a 670mx for cuda, but 7970m for dominant opengl scores.
Will these 2 gpu's give me different performances regarding fast preview,or is looking into different gpu's not a worthy question yet due to After effects mostly being a cpu heavy program? Now i know all that ray tracing acceleration and how nvidia cards are necessary for that, but this is regarding fast preview only.

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Photoshop :: Jittery Cursor Vibrates Very Fast - CS6 / CC?

Oct 29, 2013

The best way to describe it is that the cursor vibrates very fast in some circumstances, especially when using the Brush tool and adjusting its size using Cmd + Alt + Drag, as well as pressing Alt to sample a color when using the Brush tool. The issue does not happen when using the eyedropper tool.
This has been around in both Photoshop CS6 and CC, on both OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks. I have reproduced the bug on both my Late 2008 MacBook Pro using a Wacom Bamboo Fun, a Wacom Intuos 4 and a Wacom Intuos 5 (all with latest drivers) and same with four new iMacs running both Mountain Lion and Mavericks. It does not happen with a mouse. It cannot be interference, as I can always reliably reproduce this is three separate cities around the world.
If the Wacom tablet was sending jittery coordinates to the computer, then surely the mouse cursor would also vibrate, or at least the Eyedropper tool would exhibit the same bug that the Brush tool while pressing Alt to color sample does.
To test it, please use a Wacom pen and try adjusting the brush size using Cmd + Alt + Drag, as well as using the brush tool and pressing Alt to sample a color (preferably on a photo or noise so that you can clearly see the difference between various pixels and colors. Be sure to not be zoomed in too much, try zooming to 100% or less, otherwise the pixels are too far from each other for the jitter to make a difference.

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Photoshop :: Fast Selection Of Ruler Tool?

Oct 15, 2012

I often use the ruler tool. Its located below the eyedropper tools.

How can I bring up this tool to select it with one fast click - instead of long clicking at the eyedropper to wait the popping up the (sub)tools.

The shortcut "I" only selects the first of the tools.

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Photoshop :: Changing Brush Settings Fast

Feb 15, 2013

How to control the angle and roundness without having to constantly do it within the panel.

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VideoStudio :: Fast Video In Previews For Clips X5?

Sep 3, 2012

I have installed Videosudio Pro X5 yesterday and I've encountered a really strange problem.

When I select the movie itself and view it in the preview window it looks fine.

However if I select any individual clip in the library or timeline the preview plays through at high speed. It will play through a 40 second video in less then 2 seconds.

Here's where it gets really weird. If I go into options and change the volume from 100 to 101 it will play at normal speed.It's annoying have to do this everytime I want to play a clip.

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Fast Drawing (transparent Layer)

Jul 17, 2013

I want to draw a model from a picture but the picture is very complex and i need to use the original picture in a layer and use a another transparent layer and then i draw the model in the transparent layer.

How to create a trasparent layer in corel draw ?

I need copy the original picture in new layer.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Not Running Fast Enough On Laptop?

May 16, 2013

when my pointer is in the drawing window, it disappears. when i move away to the ribbon or quick access tollbar, it reappears.

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Photoshop :: Fast And Easy To Load ALL Brushes?

Nov 11, 2004

is there a fast and easy to load ALL brushes? or must you go one by one?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Which Is Fast Way To Apply Different Styles

Mar 6, 2013

I'd like to have a fast method to apply "something"  to view my drawings labels and points (by now)  with different styles depending of my needs. I'd want to view my "station points " with a green circle near the station number,  but In other "work scene" maybe I want to see nothing more a one pixel point, or I dont want to have my work space full of numbers.... 

I'd want to have a dropdown menu to customize how I'd want to view my cartography.The same I'd need to layouts. Is it possible to say this layout plots this symbol in this way and this another plots it using another style? ( and if possible to have a global way to do this with a whole set of styles)

Also... Is there any way to apply this when use a xref ?  That is to say: is it possible to get my main drawing have control over its xrefs ? I'd want to have a way to view this xrefs in different ways...also a way to override layers properties from the main drawing.

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3ds Max :: Vertexes Move Too Fast On Their Local Axis

Jul 23, 2013

I am having some trouble with moving vertexes on their local axis. When I move a vertex with the move tool (in local mode) the vertex moves REALLY fast and what is causing it. It works fine with the view coordinates enabled but just not on local. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Fast Convert 500 IDW Files To PDF

Aug 19, 2013

For example - I have to do this:

Open one *.idw file press ctrl+p, set A4 or A3 and then click "ok" button and "save" button (using PDF Creator)

Next step is same - open another *.idw file and save it as pdf, but another *.idw file can have 2 sheets, so I have to open second sheet and do it same thing.

So i have for example



and i need do this for every *.idw file (including their sheets). So its really long time and i dont have time.

Is there a simple way that would allow - for example to open a folder and convert it all in idw files to PDF automatically ?

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Illustrator :: Fast Way To Break ALL Kinks In FXG File?

Sep 24, 2012

I sometimes need to export artwork from Flash, then edit it in Illustrator or simply save it as an .ai file for other people to use. I used to simply export an .eps file from Flash which worked perfectly asided from sometimes needed to readjust transparencies. However in CS5 I only have the FXG option - this makes editing artwork a long drawn out process of selecting movie clips and clicking "break link" then doing the same for the contents of that movie clip. Using "select all" on the artboard will not give me the break link option if anything other than a movie clip is selected.

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Illustrator :: Some Files Save Fast Others Slow

Oct 16, 2013

I am working on six very similar map documents. They all are moderately complex with layering, drop shadows, and some placed raster files. I have linked rather than embedded the big tif raster files.
The confusing thing is that some of the illustrator files save in 2 seconds, and some of the files save in 2 minutes.I have compared all the settings, and I don't see what I'm doing different on the ones that take a long time to save. All big placed files are linked, not embedded.
The only clue showing a difference is that the files that are taking a long time to save are about 200mb in size. The files that are saving quickly are about 1mb in size.

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Lightroom :: Database Size Increases Fast

Aug 25, 2010

Last week one of my Lightroom databases had a size of 400MB. After I installed some new hardware components last weekend I continued to work in that same database and three days later the size had increased up to 800MB. I didn't import any new images. I just worked on several files, added some Adjustment Brushes and created 1:1 previews for a small part of the images in this catalog.
What is causing this increase in file size? Which info is actually stored inside these lrcat-files? What about the History, where is that info stored? Can I create a new catalog from scratch and keep the settings and changes, using Export as Catalog?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Access Timeline Within CFX

Nov 3, 2012

Is there a way to access the timeline within CFX ( much like in Flame ) ? I see the timing button but this doesn't seem to have the same control as a timeline for a specific clip.

Also, is there a way other then "explode one" or "explode all" to go within a CFX within a CFX ( pre comp ) ? i.e. a setup that is then put within the BG of action.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Get Rid Of Play Tab On Timeline?

Nov 15, 2012

Is there a way to get rid of the play tab on the timeline?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Export In And Out From The Timeline

Jan 29, 2013

Is there a way to export the in & out from the Timeline?

It isn't done until it is finished.

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Photoshop :: What Settings Best Set For System To Move Fast Enough In CS6 Extended

May 21, 2012

.I'm trying to figure out if I have my preferences set up in Photoshop set up correctly...I have 18 GB of RAM and my smudge tool isnt responding fast enough, its laggin and sluggish.  Here's my system:

Dell Precision 690
Xenon Quad Core 8GHrtz
Geforce 560 Ti 1GB card
18GB RAM..
plenty of HD space in the TBs...
I am particularly trying to find out what settings I can best set for my system to move fast enough in Photoshop CS6 Extended....Prefs>Performace> 

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