AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Make Label In Model Space For Assembly Name?

Jul 20, 2010

Is there a way to make a label in model space for an assembly's name?  To keep track of which assembly is which, I have been creating a MTEXT object and just type it in below my assembly.  I would like to know if there's a way to make a label just show up with the name so I don't have to create all these text items manually.  This would be just for reference only, not used for any final plans.
Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2014
Civil 3D 2014 x64
Windows 7 64-bit

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Label Style Text Size As Percent Of Screen (model Space)

Jun 17, 2013

I've been tinkering with text sizes in model space and would like to have my point numbers consistent regardless of zoom factor.  I can do this in paper space (viewports) as the annotative scale controls the appearance, but for doing analysis of points at various zooms in model space, it would be nice to be able to Regen and have them all come to a certain text size.

I've made some expressions that are modifications of those I use in paper space, but I can't seem to find a function/variable that I can reference for this purpose.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Turn On The Vport Label Menu In Model Space

Feb 17, 2012

How do I turn on the "Vport Label Menu" in Model Space.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Any Script To Label Corners Of Model In Paper Space?

Mar 13, 2013

Is there any script (maybe trick in inv 2010 how to achieve this) which can label selected points this way (in paper space):

< Xcoord , Ycoord, Zcoord >

now i export 3d model to autocad and then use lisp macro. but it is really time consuming.

when model is updated i need to do this again

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Dynamic Blocks Showing In Model Space But NOT In Paper Space

Mar 22, 2012

I am a landscape architect trying to xref in civil backgrounds. I have noticed twice now from two different civil firms that some of the civil symbols (dynamic blocks) are having visibility issues in paper space. No the viewport layers are not turned off or frozen. No the views weren't placed using the sheet set manager. Yes the blocks are created on layer zero and yes the associated layer is not off or frozen. I don't believe these blocks are annotative blocks. They appear, as expected, perfectly clear in model space. I just toggel over to paper space and "poof" they've disappeared.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Model Space Into Paper Space

Mar 15, 2013

We just installed 2013.  I'm in a layout tab, a AutoCAD/C3D keeps kicking me out of model space into paper space. 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Label Assembly With Field Automatically

Feb 21, 2011

Found a link to some code (URL...) to automatically place an Mtext field to label assemblies. It was written for C3D 2009/2010 but I can't get it to work for 2011 - any VBA gurus care to take a look to see if it will run (or not) on 2011.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Civil Sections Relocating Themselves Within Model Space

Apr 16, 2012

I am trying to work on a previous file in my office, and when it opens on mycomputer, it does not display as it should. 

In general, the purpose of the project is to reinstate the side slopes of a road abutting a river.  Cut & fill sections have been generated on 20m station increments along the road corridor/surfaces in order to calulate cut and fill as well as to reference the design to flood levels.

When I open the file, all of these sections (and there are alot)  have relocated themselves to various locations in model space, none of which are aligned with the viewports that are being used for printing.

Could it be software and/or hardware incompatibility with the computer they were originally created on? (I believe it was created with C3D 2010, or C3D 2011 - I am currently running 2012)

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Section View Label Text Size In Paper Space

Sep 11, 2013

When I use a layout size such as A3 in paper space, the section view label text size is the same as it is in model space (when both annotative scales are the same). However, when I choose 11x17 as a layout size, the section view label text size is exetremly small.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Create Grid In Model Space

Jan 9, 2013

I am using  Civil3D 2012 and I am trying to create a 50'x50' grid in model space that automatically populates the N & E.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 SP4
Windows 7 (64)

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Switching To Model Space Hangs

Dec 2, 2011

I am having some troubles with Civil 3d.  I went from a 32-bit windows XP machine with 4 gigs of ram and a dual core 2.8 GHz processor with an older radeon graphics card to a 64-bit windows 7 machine with 16 gigs of ram, core i7-2600 (3.4 GHz) quad core processor, and an nvidia quadro 4000 2GB graphics card and I thought my life would be easy.  But apparently great hardware will not solve all of my software issues.

When I try to switch to model space from paper space in C3D 2012 (sp1) it hangs for maybe 5 minutes before finally switching over. I have only worked on two drawings with the new machine, but it does it on both.  And not every time, just half the time in one drawing and most of the time in the other.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Moving Profiles In Model Space

Mar 12, 2012

When I drop a profile into model space, what happens when I move it?  Like if I have ten different profiles, I'd like to square them all up and organize them to fit neatly into my plan views.  I just scale my border drawing and drop one of those into model space, then fill it up with profiles until it's full. 

I know that I should be working in layout/paper space for this kind of stuff, but this seems easy enough. 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Scaling Drawing In Model Space

Dec 19, 2012

i'm working on a drawing started by someone else. They do everything in model paperspace and no viewports. drawing and border are both in model space. I'm not used to just model space. 

How do i set the scale of the drawing in model space? do i need to use different size borders to get the correct scale? I'm drawing everything 1:1 and i need my final prints to be on 11x17 paper. 

on a previous drawingi see that they used a scale of 1/16"=1' but how they determined this scale. going thru other sheets in the setd of drawings it seems that they used different border sizes (but all are printed on 11x17 paper)...some are printed not to scale if they have no set details. 

example of what i need to do: 

I need to show a building rooftop plan view (the entire rooftop) on one sheet. on the next sheet i need to zoom into a portion of the rooftop.

normally i would use viewports to do this. but in model space i dont see how this is done. do i need to have a set of different size borders? but how then can i print them on 11x17 without using "scale to fit"?

acad C3D 2011

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Why Getting NOT RESPONDING When Switching To Model Space?

May 10, 2012

For a while now...every time i switch to model space...autocad gives me the NOT RESPONDING problem. i get the spinning icon and it seems to last forever. seriously...i can go get coffee and come back and its still thinking. i've cleared temp files in autocad. what could be causing this?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: How To Rotate Model Space View

Apr 30, 2012

There was a "rotate view" command in the old Eagle point software.  How to do that in Civil 3D?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Export Layout To Model Space Coordinates

Nov 23, 2012

I have a question about exporting layouts into the model space coordinate system. I have a lot of drawings created from view frame and sheet set manager.

Each drawing has its own layout and it needs to be exported into model space. But when I export the layout it places the drawing into 0,0 in model space.

Is there any way to have it placed at the drawings coordinate system, assuming its in CA-VF (California State Plane Zone V, US foot) ?

Can it also be rotated, including title block, if the the viewport has a rotation (if the north arrow is not pointing up)?

We need to export the dwg's into dgn's. Our client uses Microstation v7 and all drawings need to be in that format.

I know v7 is old but what are you going to do.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Text Scaling By A Factor In Model Space

Nov 21, 2013

For some reason when I edit text and dimensions in model space the text will go huge and my text is non-annotative. If i change it in properties box it does not multiple it or if I am editing text though a viewport it will not multiply.  Example - if I have style set to 4 (height) and I create mtext. 

Then I decide that I want text to be 5 so I double click on mtext and highlight the text and change to 5 and the text will instantly be 200 not 5, but if I change in properties box it will stay at 5 or if I am in a viewport and change the text by double clicking and highlighting and then changing it to 5 it stays at 5.  My issue is for whatever reason only in model space is the text being multiplied by a factor and I cannot figure out why this is happening.   

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Move Some Of Cross Sections In Model Space

Nov 20, 2013

When I try and move some of my cross sections in model space the vertical grid gets very large.  Can not figure out why this is happening. And using Civil 3D 2014

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: How To Make Label On Grid

Apr 30, 2012

i am trying to make lable on grid?

i make surface i want grid lavel point.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: MTEXT Rotated 90 In Model Space When Set To Match Layout

Jan 3, 2013

I have a drawing I am working on regardless of whether I use DVIEW Twist or UCS rotate I encounter the same issue. I start with MTEXT that is parallel to my intended view. However, as soon as I make it annotative and set it to Match Layout the text rotates 90-degrees and is no longer plan readable.The text lives in model space, not paper space. I've even roated the layout viewports in this specific drawing to match, and the text appears correct when viewed through a viewport, but when I jump back to model it is turned on end 90-degrees again! Have I missed  a setting somewhere? Shouldnt the text reamin oriented with current view in model space?

I am uploading a link to a video which shows this problem in detail. URL...

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Property Palette Not Displaying In Model Space In Civil 3D

Apr 16, 2013

I clicked on Auto Hide in property palette settings, and now can't bring it back. I click on ribbon where is the property icon or type in command line, the property palette doesn't show up.Reinstalling program didn't work either. 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Model Space To Layers Manager And Turn Off A Layer

Nov 13, 2012

In model space if i go to layers manager and turn off a layer why does it still show up in model space.  Civil 3d 2013

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: 2012 - Freeze In Model Space Switching Between Isometric Views

Apr 27, 2012

on a couple of my lager project i have recently had issues with Autodesk Civil 3D 2012 Freezing in Model Space switching between Isometric views.  the number of view changes varies each time but seams to freeze during regen of the model.

I have checked the performace tuner and updated my driver, see Attached Log.

We are in the process of changing our CAD Stations over to Windows 7 64 bit, but im not scheduled for a couple more months.


Dell Precision T3400
Windows XP SP3 32 bit
Intel Core2 Quad (Q9550 @ 2.53GHz)

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Alignment Color / Weight In Viewport Different Than Model Space And Style (2013)

Feb 19, 2013

I'm having a very annoying problem where the color and lineweight of my alignment in a viewport is not what it's set to be. I have an alignment with a style that sets all the linework components to a layer named C-STRM-CNTR-N, the color is set to BYLAYER, the linetype set to Continuous, and lineweight set to .80mm (see style_and_layer_screenshots.png). The layer C-STRM-CNTR-N has Cyan as the color, which shows in the Alignment Style dialog box (see style_and_layer_screenshots.png). In the model space everything looks fine (see c3d_model_space_screenshot.png). But in my layout, the alignment is a different color and lineweight (see c3d_layout_screenshot.png). 

At first I thought maybe the alignment wasn't on the correct layer, but I checked and it's set correctly. Then I checked to see if the layer C-STRM-CNTR-N had a different color set for the viewport through the layer manager, but it's set to Cyan just like it's supposed to be. I went to the model space and noticed the color is correct. Frustrated and at a loss, I closed C3D, then reopened it and the problem is still there.

Why I can't change the lineweight nor the color of the alignment in this viewport? If I change either of those two settings in the Alignment Style Dialog box nothing changes, but the linetype does change.  
Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2014
Civil 3D 2014 x64
Windows 7 64-bit

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Plain Text Changes Location From XRef Base To Pp Model And Paper Space

Aug 2, 2013

I have text in a base dwg next to a c3d s.s. structure table. Looks fine in base dwg. In the plan/profile this is x-ref in the text is on top of c3d table text. visretain is 1, text is not annotative.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Make A Curve Label With All Its Elements (radius / Tangent)

Oct 10, 2012

I want to make a curve label with all its elements (radius,tangent...) and the data of widenning and superelevation on the curve?. I attached the label that I want to create on C3D.

C3D 2012
Win-64 bits

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: How To Make A Label In Plan With Sections Slopes From Corridor

Jan 18, 2013

I saw on you tube channel [URL].........

How to make this label where I can show the design slope in plan.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Text And Line Work In Model Space Turns Gray When Reopen File?

Sep 27, 2012

For some reason when I place new text or line work in a file it is fine, but when I save the drawing, close it and re-open it all of the text and line work found in model space goes gray. Yet if I place new text and use the match property command on text placed previously, that is now gray, and use it on new text, the new text recieves the attributes of what the previously placed text has minus the appearance of being gray. In my drawing I am using a shape file and a data connect image through planning and analysis.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Changing Between Model Space To Paper Space Locks Application

Apr 12, 2013

In 2012 Autocad, cannot change from model space to paper space, or paper space to model space without locking up in several drawings.

In 2012 Autocad, cannot change from model space to paper space, or paper space to model space without locking up in several drawings.

I can log into another user's computer and open the file fine. But when i use my computer or a brand new computer fitting all Auto CAD specs, it locks up. When I plot I have to reset my settings to the PTE standards every time.

I now get CAD errors when CAD is not even open. Also VTPSUHM barely works. I generally have to restart my computer several times to get it to work.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Toggle From Paper Space Into Same Zoomed Area Within Model Space

Oct 5, 2013

Lisp that would permit Toggling from Paper Space into the same zoomed area within Model Space and vice versa.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Transfer Model Space Drawing Into Paper Space?

Feb 15, 2013

how do I transfer model space drawing into paper space ?

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