After Effects :: Stacking Black Images For Noise Reduction

Sep 4, 2013

I do a lot of timelpase photography and use Adobe software in my post workflow. I would like to master the process of using black images to reduce the digital noise of astral timelapses taken at 3200iso. I work in a RAW workflow then output to DPX image sequesnce.
I started on a timelapse forum with a similar query. I am just wondering if there is a way to do this with Ae in the RAW workflow or something similar. Instead of using other software. Maybe a Ps batch process? URL...

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Paint.NET :: Noise Reduction On B&W TIF Images - Bad Speckling

Dec 12, 2012

I use all day long in my career - I have the task of editing age old technical drawings that have been scanned. Some go back 50+ years.
I'm looking for a plug-in on steroids similar to the "Reduce Noise" that is already contained within Some of our drawings are QUITE speckled and the existing command doesn't "despeckle" enough. 
I've looked on the forum and came across "GREYCstoration Wrapper" , which was supposed to have been replaced by the "Reduce Noise" plug-in. Both of those return an error page when I try to view the post. 

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Photoshop :: Best Noise Reduction?

Feb 6, 2009

What Noise Reduction do you use/recommend for getting rid of heavy noise on

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Photoshop :: Noise Reduction

Mar 27, 2008

a good noise reduction plug in to Photoshop, or alternatively a comparable program?

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Photoshop :: Noise Reduction

May 11, 2008

I can't remember reading any tutorials on dealing with noise in Photoshop. Scott Kelby dedicates a whole paragraph in his CS3 book for digital photographers. I need to make a decision on what noise reduction plugin to buy, so if you can reply to thread I can get a consensus of what is being used most.

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Photoshop :: Noise Reduction Before Or After...

Oct 24, 2008

If the circumstances force me to work on images with noise which have to be enlarged, and if I use noise reduction based on noise-pattern-recognition, is it better to carry out the noise reduction before or after the enlargement (and in case the answer is after, which resampling method would resample the image (and thus the noise) best for subsequent noise reduction?)

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Photoshop :: Noise Reduction Techniques

Jun 26, 2007

i wanna know which is the best technique to remove noise in Photoshop CS3

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Lightroom :: Noise Reduction Only On Shadows?

Feb 21, 2014

Having noise reduction adjustable only on shadows in camera raw & LR ?

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Lightroom :: Lost Noise Reduction Tab?

Dec 5, 2013

I clicked something in LR4 and now my noise reduction button is gone. How do I get this back?

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Photoshop :: Noise Reduction In Touch Does Not Work

Jan 2, 2013

Noise reduction in Photoshop Touch does not work.  Move slider and nothing happens. I also have Photoshop Express, and noise reduction works fine with it.

Is it me or the software. Used on iPad mini.

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Photoshop :: Banding With Noise Reduction Filter

Oct 27, 2012

Working on a night shot of a building and processed through ACR7.2 and forgot to reduce the noise - and opened in Photoshop. Went to Filter/Reduce Noise and immediately get wierd banding in the window blinds. This banding is there regardless of the noise reduction settings and could not get it to go away - See attached screen shot of before and after applying the filter. So I went back and opened the file again in ACR7.2 and applied the Noise Reduction there and bingo, noise level dropped and looked good with no banding. Looks like the Noise Reduction capabilities in ACR7.2 are way better than the Noise Reduction filter - but surely the banding should not be there; especially if images do not get processed through Camera RAW.
Running latest version of Photoshop CS6 (latest patches applied), Windows 7 x64 16GB RAM, Intel 4000 with latest drivers installed.  Camera file was ACR2 from Canon 5DMKII imported as a DNG file - then opened in ACR 7.2
Before Image Opened in Photoshop before applying the Noise Reduction Filter. After Image in Photoshop after applying the Noise Reduction Filter. Seems like a bug to me .By the way, the screen captures are from the image viewed at 100%.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Noise Reduction In Workflow

Jun 2, 2013

I have a question about applying noise reduction. Where in the pipeline should noise reduction take place? Should it happen before color correction or should it be applied after?

And what should drive such a decision on a per shot basis?

I figured you do not do this pre-comp, due to the fact that noise reduction has the effect of removing detail quite often and may effect edges.

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Lightroom :: Adjustment Brush Noise Reduction

Aug 22, 2013

Is there any relationship between the amount of luminance slider on the detail panel and the adjustment brush noise slider?

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Lightroom :: How To Apply Noise Reduction Locally

Jul 14, 2012

I wish to apply noise reduction localy. On the backgroud apply a lot of and in forgroud (where the object/personn ist) a little.
See this example.
The current local noise reduction ist NOT the same as the one in the detail panel. It is a lof f less efficient.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Remove Noise Reduction

Dec 3, 2011

1.    When to apply noise reduction is very positive and unequivocal.

2.    There are no two ways about it.

3.    You better get it correct.

4.    You don't want your images to look like Phil's images. Read the following very carefully
PS:  Is the DxO RAW converter still considered to be the best noise removal software on the market.  How well will it do on my old JPEGs.

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Lightroom :: Sharpening And Noise Reduction Palette Is Disappeared

Jun 26, 2013

I've just exported some pictures for the web from Lightroom 5 which had to be downsized considerably. I now find that the sharpening and noise reduction palette has disappeared entirely from the right hand tools panel. What's going on? I've tried quitting and re-opening Lightroom and also shutting down and restarting my computer. (Macbook Pro retina and Mountain Lion)

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Lightroom :: Do Camera Profiles Affect Sharpening Or Noise Reduction

Dec 18, 2012

Do camera profiles (such as camera standard) affect sharpening, noise reduction? or just exposure?
I ask because my default sharpening is 50 but I recently switched from Adobe Standard to Camera Standard

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Photoshop :: Stacking 10 Images To 1

May 2, 2013

I have 10 exposures (photos) of stars and i want to stack them into one photo, but not start rails. I want sharp stars. With more exposures we get more details on the picture and less noise. I open all pictures as layers and use "edit"> "auto align layers", but got this message "Layers do not overlap enough to detect alignment. In general, images intended for alignment should overlap by approximately 40%."

So, i tried second option, "edit" >"auto blend layers", but got worse result. I don't even know if i use right tool. I hope you understand what i want to say. Here is the example (he stacked 6 30sec exposures into one in Photoshop, but how? :/): go to Flickr and add this at URL (i cant post URLs yet): "photos/corsonandroski/4887232674/"

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Photoshop Elements :: Stacking Of Macro Images?

Jan 15, 2014

which piece of Photoshop software is most suitable for stacking closeup images of the same subject over large depth of field so that I can achieve a crisp image of the subject by Blending??
Also,  can I upgrade to this software from Photoshop elements 7?

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Lightroom :: Stacking Large Groups Of Images Crashes?

Jan 17, 2013

Using Lightroom 4.3 on OS X 10.7.5 (Mac Pro with 24GB of RAM) I'm having problems stacking sets of images. The groups of images I'm stacking can range from 50 to 1400. No matter the size, stacking a group of images stalls and I have to quit Lightroom. At best I'll stack one group, quit, restart and move on to the next group. The stack doesn't show before quiting, but appears to be stacked on restart. If I'm lucky I can get a few sets of images stacked before things devolve into this dysfuncitonal cycle of stacking, quiting LR, opening LR, confirming stack is complete and stackin a new set of images.  Is this a known bug? Any fixes to get past this? I'm working through 15000+ images to edit and organize for a project of mine. The total image total is higher, but I've stopped collecting images in LR for this project until I sort out this problem.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 - Vertical Noise Band On Images

Aug 24, 2013

I just spent 30 minutes describing in detail a problem I am having with PaintShop X5, and the connection timed out and I lost everything.

Since Corel stated pushing some upgrade notices to my PC about X6 I have been getting weird vertical noise bands on my images that had previously been fine.

This appears on RAW, and TIFF in the manage window and the edit window. JPEG images appear to be fine.

I have uploaded a file attachment after much bruh hah hah about image size in dimensions and number of bytes thta shows the problem.

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Photoshop :: Extracting Photograph Noise As Black And White Layer From Photograph

May 8, 2011

I am looking to extract natural noise from a photographs material and create a black and white layer out of it, but I am new to photoshop and unsure how to proceed with this.

For example, here is a photograph of a hard plastic gun.

I have seen on forums where users will find a good reference image and use it to create a new black and white noise picture utilizing the reference.

For instance the hard plastic noise from the gun, might look like this once extracted and done correctly.

how to produce something such as this?

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Photoshop :: Nikon Images, Noise Issues In Photoshop...

Jun 4, 2008

I use Nikon cameras and shoot raw files processing them in ACR and then bringing them into Photoshop. I notice that after the images are processed and saved as jpegs. when I look at the final image in a Microsoft film strip browser, the noise which shows in Photoshop disappears in that viewer. In Photoshop I am viewing everything at 100% I cannot figure out how that happens and what is the true quality of the image. I am just wondering where I can see the true final quality of the image. I would rather not use any noise reduction on the images. I do not like the quality of the image after using that tool.

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After Effects :: Display Flashes To Black While Working

Feb 12, 2013

Intermittent problem, while working in AE my monitors flash to black and the app locks up briefly.  NVIDEA quadro FX 3700 card.  CS 5.5.  16G RAM.  Windows 7 64 bit.

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After Effects :: Comp Renders As Black Screen?

Dec 3, 2012

My AE comp renders as a full-length video of a black screen (with audio, when enabled). Comp plays fine in RAM preview, and I've tried all types of codecs and disabling RAM intensive effects, though I'm working on a quad-core i7 macbook pro with 8 gigs of RAM, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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Photoshop :: Lighting Effects Renders Black Or Very Dark

Jul 9, 2013

I have been faced with an almost identical problem listed here URL....The only thing that changes it from complete blackness is the "Ambience" value. I've done all software and hardware updates, reinstalled the graphics card driver, and restarted a multitude of times. I am using:
Dell Optiplex 390
Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000
Windows 7 64 bit
Photoshop CC
No Color Management
No plug-ins, or anything other than default PS settings
I used Lighting Effects on Photoshop CS3 and CS6 for almost two years on this machine with no problem. This was the first time I had tried to use it since I upgraded to CC. I uninstalled all other versions of PS when I upgraded, so I have not tried to replicate the problem in older versions.

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After Effects :: Circle Of Colour Within A Black And White Video

Aug 5, 2013

I'm new to After Effects and am looking for a spefic effect for a video I am making.
I was wanting a circle of colour (not too big) within a black and white video.
this is an example i quickle did on photoshop

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After Effects :: Black Magic And CS6 Ram Preview Not Real Time

Jan 24, 2014

I'm on a MAC PRO with the OS 10.6.8 and 8Go Ram, the problem is when i turn on my preview video on the Blackmagic the video monitor is not in real time and the after effect is so slow. When i put it off (computer monitor only) it's ok but i havn't my video monitor of course....and i need it. Is there some tricks for having my black magic (1080 i 50) ON and a RAM Preview in real time ? My drivers Black magic is the 9.5.3 it's the highest driver for MAC OS 10.6.8 + ADOBE CS6+ FCP7. ( i tried update adobe, change qt library, change aspect ratio, pixel, preview ram settings, change drivers black magic and other but nothing work )

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After Effects :: Cartoon Filter Turning Footage Black When In Full Quality

Nov 30, 2013

Cartoon filter works fine when in lower qualities but when comp is full quality footage goes black?

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Photoshop :: Rich Black In Images

Apr 27, 2012

A client has asked a question that seems strange to me regarding rich blacks in images. They want to be able to change blacks in an image that might be 80 80 80 100 to 30 30 30 100. My thought would be that they would just change the ink limit to what the printer has recommended. They could also reduce the black value in curves, but to get their limits would look strange. Before I go back and state my opinion, I would love to hear from some printers to see if they have any other opinions. They are not trying to mix colours to put them into InDesign.

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Photoshop :: All Images Open As Black!

Feb 2, 2006

No matter what the image, a sample from PS or a jpeg I know works just fine, they all open solid black! I'm using PS 5, but have upgrades to 7. For years I've used PS to alter images and so on, then suddenly, all images open black!

Just today i noticed that if I zoom out (over 200%) on the blackness, I can start to see my image. If I use the hand tool to move it around, each time the image goes past the border, it starts to braek up and disappear!

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