Photoshop :: Turn Off Pixel Aspect Ratio In CS6?

Aug 10, 2013

How do you turn off the pixel aspect ratio in CS6

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Photoshop :: No Option To Turn Off (Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction) Because Its Greyed Out

Mar 19, 2012

I created an illustration in Painter 8 and I would like to bring that image into Photoshop. I saved the Painter file as a jpeg, but when I try to open it in Photoshop, I get the message, "pixel aspect correction is for preview purposes only. turn it off for maximum image quality." The image comes up as a sliver of color, totally unrecognizable. So, I go to View > Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction and uncheck and the image is corrected. It looks fine now.
I have an existing psd file that I've been working on for a while which is my working portfolio. I tried to take my newly corrected image and drag it (or copy it) into my portfolio file. At this point, I get the same error message. But this time, there is no option to turn off "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" because it's greyed out.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio

Sep 26, 2012

I am using ps cs5... I have to work pixel by pixel thts why i have to work in grid. I am assuming as ur using CS5....
ctrl+o(open any picture file )>
than go to VIEW>SHOW>GRID
zoom pic until it stops zooming..
than go to VIEW>PIXEL ASPECT RATIO>COUSTOM ASPECT RATIO>give a FACTOR of 0.75(it'll shrink the pic.)

take pencil tool(chose any colour) and try wo work in a single pixel...... it never take 1 pixel ...i have to work in a single pixel.
any hack / scripting / proper way/ to let me work in a single pixel.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio

May 21, 2008

Photoshop CS2-

Why do I have to adjust pixel aspect ratio when opening a tiff file?

This didn't happen in photoshop 7.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio

Feb 26, 2008

Since installing Photoshop CS2, whenever I open a file (.tiff), PS selects the incorrect aspect ratio (a custom ratio of 0.5, when in fact the file is meant to have an aspect ratio of 1.0).

1. Is the aspect ratio stored in the file as an attribute, or does Photoshop guess the ratio from some other attribute?

2. Can I force PS to open all files with an aspect ratio of 1.0?

In older versions of Photoshop the files opened correctly. When I open the .tiff in a text editor, I can't find any attribute named 'aspect ratio' or somesuch.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio

Nov 7, 2008

I'm running Photoshop CS2 (9) on XP pro. I have a bunch of tiffs made from scans of 36" x 48" documents. They all are coming in with a strange distortion. A box pops up: "Pixel aspect ration correction is for preview purposes only. Turn it off for maximum image quality." I know how to turn it off, but I cannot afford the time to save 144 huge files. Can this default be reset? To reset this default to "square", I have tried everything short of deleting pixel aspect ratios. I never want anything but "square". What will it hurt to delete pixel aspect ratios?

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio

Mar 19, 2009

I'm using Photoshop since the Photoshop CS versions. However I'm quite unpleased to see the following since I installed Photoshop CS4 from my university (it's a legal version).

I can't seem to draw simple circle. (Yes, I pressed in the Shift button to draw perfect cirlces and squares) I get the following:

This is not a circle and my grid lines aren't even like squares they're more like rectangles. Now some details about my monitor. It is a 15,4 (if I'm correct) widescreen laptop, at the resolution of 1024 x 768. I didn't have this kind of problems with the CS3 version (which is also legal).

So I though let's check the pixel aspect ratio, however normally I set it on "square" and this problem will be fixed. Now if I set it on square I get something like that image I posted. So I tried removing the pixel aspect ratio correction, but it didn't help, because it is disabled on square.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio

Feb 6, 2009

CS2 and happy with it. Newly installed HP 22" widescreen. Getting to grips with Pix Aspect ratio for first time I have found out how to set a ppi value that produces accurate "print size" previews. However, I edit down from hundreds of sport pictures regularly and want to see an accurate ratio display - it affects the dynamic of the picture IMVHO.

There isn't time to go dragging sub menus around. I'm quite happy with less display space or to use the spare for menus but am finding Win Vista has ideas of its own about what's best for me. Upsum - I want all photos to display with accurate proportions (final use - print). Any advice on screen /photoshop set-up to achieve this would be welcome.

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Photoshop :: Getting Pixel Aspect Ratio Warning

May 3, 2013

I recently opened a video in PS CS4. Ever since then I get 'pixel aspect ratio' warning and some of the images I create in PS are distorted on screen or when I tile the window and move a layer form one to the other. I can't figure out how to disable or keep this from happening.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Jan 8, 2013

I opened a picture from a friends Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and got this warning: Pixel aspect ratio correction is for preview purposes only. Turn it off for maximum image quality.
My questions: is this maximum quality of the warning referring for printing or just for viewing the file on screen and secondly what could have caused it in the first place. My friend has never seen this dialog box on his Photoshop at home and does not know of any camera setting that would have caused this.
Photoshop CS6 on Windows 7 64 bits

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Oct 29, 2007

When I bring them into photoshop I get the pop up that says "Pixel aspect ratio correction is for preview purposes only. Turn it off for maximum image quality."

I know how to to turn that off. BUT, is there a way to change my settings to turn OFF the pixel aspect ratio so it won't come up anymore?

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Sep 17, 2006

I have just started to get a prompt when I open some images I have downloaded from the stock exchange website.

"pixel aspect ratio correction is for preview purposes only. turn it off for maximum image quality"

I have never had this problem before and now it is doing it on some pics and some it isnt.
It is doing it on pics that I have worked on from my digital camera when it never did it the first time I worked on it.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Dec 10, 2005

a setting enabled it so the "pixel aspect ratio correction" setting is turned on and I can't seem to turn it off. It basically scales the image when I open it up. I can turn it off so each image that I open in photoshop is reset back to normal, but I can't figure out how to take off the setting completely so it doesn't scale it at all.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Apr 4, 2008

Some option in Photoshop is resizing the .tif files I'm trying to load, due to their enormity in size. Whenever I load the file it displays a window saying, "Pixel aspect ratio correction is for preview purposes only. Turn it off for maximum range quality."

how do I turn it off?

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Data In JPG Files

Jul 23, 2013

I came across something very weird and would like to know how to correct it.  There are a series of scanned Japanese manga that are JPG files, but for some reason have non-standard pixel aspect ratios stored.

I can open it in Photoshop, uncheck "pixel aspect ratio correction" in the view menu, and it looks like it should.  However, what I am curious is how to permanently change this data in the JPG without losing quality.
A friend of mine came up with a fix - open it in a hex editor and change the first 20 bytes to "FF D8 FF E0 00 10 4A 46 49 46 00 01 01 48 01 48 01 2C 00 00".  But any way to do this intelligently so I can batch-process the entire bunch of images.  There's a whole series of them that all have improper PAR data.
Here's a link to the file in question:

Note that the proper display is to set it to square pixels.  And if I recall correctly, that's the default for JPG - which means whoever made this image encoded some custom ones in it, and I want to remove them.
For what it's worth, I can open it in Photoshop, uncheck "pixel aspect ratio correction", then save it as PNG and the PNG file will be fine.  But that results in larger files, and again it's not very ideal for a large group of images.
Does Photoshop has the ability to batch-process JPEGs, just to REMOVE the PAR data (or reset it to square), rather than re-encode or re-save the image as another format?

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Photoshop :: Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction Keeps Defaulting ON

Mar 4, 2008

DVD menu where I went File > New > NTSC DV Wide to create the document, as per the video house's instructions. Now everytime I open ANY file, old or new, a warning pops up to let me know Pixel Aspect Ration Correction is on and to turn it off if I don't want it. This means dozens of times per day, I have to go View > Pixel Aspect Ration Correction just to turn it off.

I can't figure out how to turn this crap off permanently. Why the hell would it default to ON just because I used it once?

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Photoshop :: PIXEL ASPECT RATIO For Stills From HDV Video

Jul 30, 2006

We are shooting a movie on HDV video, editing it in Premiere Pro 2.0, and need to print "production stills" pictures from frames of the video. The problem is, they print as "squished" instead of anamorphic wide screen 16x9, which is how the video is shot. (We have Adobe Production Suite Pro 2)

We export the frame as a .bmp in Premiere Pro 2.0, then open it in Photoshop CS2. We can view it on the computer just fine by using IMAGE | PIXEL ASPECT RATIO | HDV ANAMORPHIC. But, of course, the "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction is for Preview Purposes Only".

How do we "permanently" correct the Pixel Aspect Ratio so we can print the images in their 16x9 anamorphic ratio?

We also need to de-interlace the pictures.

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GIMP :: Pixel Aspect Ratio For Video?

Jun 1, 2011

Due to that nature of Video, which I work in, pixels are shaped differently for televisions than they are for computers or print. Standard Deffinition is 720x480 pixels yet you can get the pixel aspect ratio in 4:3 or widescreen which is 16:9 yet it is still considered 720x480 pixels. Is there a way to compensate for this? I author DVDs for clients and would like to use GIMP to create menus for the DVDs. I can start a PSD in Adobe Encore CS4, save it as a PSD, open it in GIMP and work in more detail there yet when I save it from GIMP and open it back up in Encore, because of the pixel aspect ratio, the size of the image and menu is stuck at 4:3. Can I save 720x480 pixels in the 16:9 format or do I need to just change the pixels?

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Premiere Pro :: Not Recognize New Pixel Aspect Ratio?

Mar 6, 2014

When I change Pixel Aspect Ratio in PSD file in Photoshop CS6 and load on Adobe Premiere CS6, it's not recognize new Pixel Aspect Ratio.

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VideoStudio :: Adjusting Photos For Video Use (pixel Aspect Ratio)

Mar 1, 2012

I have VS X2 and I want to put some photos into a video I'm making.

I have video from a Panasonic PV-GS200 which gives a 24 bit, 720x480 AVI file. I have the Project Properties set to:

NTSC drop frame (29.97 fps)
Microsoft AVI files
24 bits, 720 x 480, 4:3, 29.97 fps
Lower Field First
DV Video Encoder -- type 1

And the Preferences for Image set to "Keep aspect ratio".

I have a small handbook from Ulead (from 2004 when I purchased video gear) which says that the pixel aspect ratio of DV is rectangular whereas the pixels in my photos are square. And this difference will cause photographs to become distorted as those square photo pixels are stretched to become rectangular pixels in the video.

My question is: do I need to crop my photograph correctly before I insert it into the timeline in VS X2, or is there an option/feature within VS which will handle this transformation for me?

Here is how the book says to crop photos:
for 720x480 NTSC-DV crop photos to 720x576
for 720x576 PAL-DV crop photos to 704x576

It further recommended using PNG file type for photos and to keep the image dimension (resolution) low, e.g. 720x576, in order to avoid artifacts in the video - only doubling the above crop dimensions if a pan & zoom filter are going to be employed. An image dimension of 720x576 seems really low to me but I am not used to working with video.

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3ds Max Modeling :: Model Plane With Specific Pixel Aspect Ratio?

May 13, 2011

I am trying to model a plane that will fit a specific pixel ratio (960x640, 800x480, 480x320, 240x240). So I know how to make a plane, that's not the problem, I just want to make the plane fit these aspect ratios without any stretching of the texture I will apply. So when I port this over to Unity I don't have any problems.

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After Effects :: Pixel Aspect Ratio And Ciphering Type Of Footage - CS6?

Dec 19, 2013

CS6- updated 121813  V-11.03
Pixel Aspect Ratio and ciphering type of footage.
 1. Setting up a Comp- Having AE decide on the correct footage being used- Via >Import footage,.(to Folder) then drag it on, or into the 'make comp icon' where AE is supposed to do a 'best guess' for the comp settings. Be it square pix or otherwise. What are the second value in brackets ? See pic
2. Interpolation- When using two diff footage sources- If using two different source footages in a comp. Is this where I should interplolate my footage to match the existing footage and the comp settings (If I have choosen NOT to pre-comp that secondary footage?)
 3. Seperating fields- How come footage that a camera manufacturer claims to be shooting in Progressive 30 or 24p is showing up as interlaced in my comp's CP? The manual to the cam says 30p or 24p or 60i The footage was shot at 30p (for sure)
Here is a screen grab of AE's 'best guess' of that footage, showing it with an UPPER field render; indicative of HD Interlaced footage and then in the inerpolate settings - 'kinda confirming it.
Now for the way out- Render:
4. If that is in fact Interlaced and I then want to reduce the size of that 1920 footage to 66% size... Do I need to do anything in particular at this point?
For some reason I am getting an error on my end when trying to export as an AVI and reducing size to 1280
5. Is this from the Field render of interlaced challenge?
I ended  up with a couple of errors and then aborted the whole file and re-imported to start over with this error. Which happend again after a redoux
So I sent it over to Prem Pro to export those MTS Files as a movie and noted AGAIN the reference to Interlaced video. "upper and lower" Prem Pro was able to use the same MTS files and export a working movie. (so those files were not corrupt BTW) Yet Note PP's output reference to that footage again as Interlaced would be...

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Photoshop :: Aspect Ratio

May 19, 2009

Using PS CS4 WinXP Pro SP3 platformI would like to create a faux panoramic photo from a traditional photo.  I know that the panoramic aspect ratio is 2:1 or greater.  My image was taken in the standard 3:2 aspect ratio.  I have plenty of dead image area both above and below.

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Photoshop :: Changing Aspect Ratio

Aug 25, 2012

In CS4: For Canon, currently 4:3, how can I change aspect ratio to whatever in order to get 5 x 7 images?

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Photoshop :: Aspect Ratio Change?

Jul 11, 2007

I just joined and I'm a complete newbie at Photoshop, though I'm fairly interested in it.

I was wondering if it's possible to change the aspect ratio of a 5:4 (1600x1200) image to 16:10 (1680x1050) without stretching the image or contorting it.

I've tried resizing, but all that does is screw up the image and/or make it look all crappy.

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Photoshop :: How To Crop With A Set Aspect Ratio?

Sep 23, 2006

i've got about 200 photographs i'll need to crop manually, and the finished files need to be in a 3x4 aspect ratio.

how would i make a resizable selection box that maintains this aspect ratio that i can use over and over again?

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Photoshop :: Aspect Ratio Change

Jan 15, 2004

New digi-camcorder records at 16:9 (I have a w/s TV. I need to incorporate many stills. All stills edited using p'shop 6. With TV aspect ratio set to 16:9 movies are great, stills are ssttrreettcchheedd. I need to change the aspect ratio of my stills by a constant factor so they are 'squeezed' when viewed at 4:3 (ie on my computer monitor) but expanded to the correct ratio on the TV.

I use a digi still camera for pics (and no, it doesn't have a 16:9 option and no, I can't afford one that does).

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Photoshop :: Aspect Ratio Crop

Mar 8, 2007

how to select aspect ratio to crop in CS2.

I can only crop using size but not ratio like in ACR.

In Element I have no problem.

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Photoshop :: Widescreen 1080p And Aspect Ratio

Sep 19, 2013

I have some questions related to the use of Photoshop for the preparation of images for projectors and presentations.
I've noticed lately that most presentations I seem to attend are presented with images in widescreen format (16:9). I have found some higher resolution projectors available in widescreen format but have some questions.
In case I create my slides with a size of 1920 x 1080, do I need to adjust anything in Photoshop for this ? Using basic mathematics I would imagine that no adjustments would be necessary. After all 1920 x 1080 amounts to a perfect relationship of 16:9. Is this correct ? Should I expect that images projected by a projector with this aspect ratio will contain square pixels and no adjustments are necessary in Photoshop ?
Is there any situation where a pixel is project as a rectangle instead of a square and adjustments to accomodate this need to be made in Photoshop ?

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Photoshop :: Maintaining Aspect Ratio When Transforming?

May 6, 2013

Since I have upgraded to CS6 I've noticed that when transforming an object it does not maintain the aspect ratio even when I am holding shift while transforming. I have to each time check the link button (maintain aspect ratio)

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Photoshop :: Cropping To Maintain Aspect Ratio

Jun 18, 2004

When cropping a photo, is there any way to maintain the aspect ratio? I seem to end up with odd sizes that are hard to print.

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