Photoshop :: Error :: Could Not Save A Copy As C:...

Mar 4, 2007

What im doing is trying to create animations. There is a main psd file that I work on, and then I move the objects slightly and save it as a jpg.

But what happens is after 3-5 saves it starts saying "Could not save a copy as 'C:...
ame.jpg' because the file is already in use or was left open" even though it's not. And then the jpg I was trying to save shows up with the correct name, but its not useable and displays 0 bytes.

I dont get it because it usually works the first few times, and then I get that message. Whats going on? How do I not get this problem?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Copy PolyLine To New File - Warning / An Error Occurred During Save

Nov 21, 2011

I am copying objects to a new database and and cloning as an Entity type succesfully for all objects.When I save the database to a new file I get the attached error

'Warning: An error occurred during save....'

I have isolated this to Polylines and have tried to Process as Type PolyLine but still get the error.Here is the code I use for the polyline.(My entity processing code is identical except for object type).

Dim MyPolyLine As DatabaseServices.Polyline MyPolyLine = CType(myObjID.GetObject(DatabaseServices.OpenMode.ForRead), _ Database Services.Polyline)Dim NewEntity As DatabaseServices.Polyline = CType(MyPolyLine.Clone, _ DatabaseServices.Polyline)NewEntity. Set Database Defaults(NewDB) NewBTR.AppendEntity(NewEntity)NewTrans.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(NewEntity, True)NewEntity.Layer = MyPolyLine.Layer NewEntity.Linetype = "ByLayer"NewEntity.Material = "ByLayer"

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2012 Save Copy As DWG ILogic Code Error

Jan 9, 2012

Using Inventor 2012 and using ilogic rule or VB codes to auto Save Copy AS DWG?

My old code error out when debugging. The exact error is on this code line:

DWGAddIn.SaveCopyAs(oDocument, oContext, oOptions, oDataMedium)

Autodesk has agreed that this code does not work on Inventor 2012 and that the development is working on it. This code is part of the Snippets built in Inventor iLogic Rule Browser.

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Photoshop :: Creating Graphic And Save To PNG - Could Only Save It As Copy?

Jan 24, 2011

so photoshop totally disappointed me yesterday, i spent HRS creating a graphic and i went to save it to PNG, it said i could only save it as a copy; so i clicked graphic wasn't saved AT ALL!...what am i doing wrong???

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Photoshop :: Cannot Save As PDF - Could Not Save Copy Because File Is Already In Use

Nov 6, 2012

I have a number of PSD files I've created and I'm trying to save them as PDFs. I can Save for Web and Devices, I can save as a .gif, .eps., and every other format I've tested, but I cannot save as a PDF. I get the error:
"Could not save a copy as (filename) because the file is already in use or was left open by another application."
I'm running Adobe Master Collection CS5 with Photoshop CS 5.5 (12.0.4 x64) on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.
I have a 928 GB HD with 697 GB free.
I have rebooted and tried saving the files immediately after I reboot. I have killed my virus scanner. I have killed a number of other possible culprits including Acrotray.exe and CS5ServiceManager.ext
I have run Process Explorer as recommended by Microsoft and found no applications using the file. I've also tried saving the file to my external hard drive and/or renaming the file with only rare luck.
The boards seem to suggest Adobe isn't taking responsibility for this and pointing it back to the OS or other software. How/where to kill whatever process it is - but at this point, all my indicators point back to Photoshop.

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Save / Save As / Copy / Cut / Export And Some More Tools Doesn't Work

Jan 11, 2012

I have a problem with CorelDraw X4, some tools like save, save as, copy, cut, export doesn't work.

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Photoshop :: Error :: Unable To Save (file Name) Because Of A Disc Error

May 7, 2007

I'm trying to create a digital layout in PSCS version 8.0, and when I go to save the psd file (very early stages of the creation...its not very large yet) I get an error that says "Unable to save (file name) because of a disc error". I've never seen this before and am trying not to panic, but I'm on a deadline! LOL And am running behind as usual!

I am using an older mac, and I'm pretty dang maxed out on Gb...gotta clean up some files, but having a hard time finding a free dup file finder for I'm procrastinating, basically. Could the fact that I've got very little Gb available left have something to do with this?

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Photoshop :: Every Time Save Get Adobe Save For Web Error

Nov 25, 2013

Every time I save I get an "Adobe Save For Web Error" that says "Could not complete this operation.  An unknown error has occurred." Below is the system info:

Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x64
Operating System: Mac OS 10.9.0
System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:23, Stepping:6 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1
Physical processor count: 2
Processor speed: 2400 MHz
Built-in memory: 4096 MB
Free memory: 2139 MB
Memory available to Photoshop: 3490 MB

I upgraded to Maverick (Apple OSX) about 2.5 weeks ago.  But this problem didn't start until about 3 days ago, so surely that's not the issue. 

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Photoshop :: Copy / Paste CS6 Error

Dec 17, 2012

I'm sick en tired of copy pasting text and get another output of my font size. For example: I copy a text with a font sz of 16 px, that size become 15.98px.
What's the problem with Photoshop CS6? I only have this problem since i've updated my software.

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Photoshop :: Why Save As Copy For JPG Disable

Sep 26, 2013

why is save as "as a copy" for jpg disable in photoshop cs6 updated 64  , windows 7 sp1 with the last update 64 bit?
i load a jpg file , add an adjustament layer levels -> file -> save as -> select jpg and the as a copy is disabled  

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Photoshop :: Obsolete Copy In Save As JPG

Dec 7, 2012

I supported Pshop for Adobe when 4 came out (1997) and STILL I have to delete the automatic insertion of 'copy' into the filename when I save a layered .psd as a .jpg. There is NO reason for this piece of code anymore. As I understand it, there was some weird concern that, since layers were new, people wouldn't realize that saving as a .jpg wouldn't preserve them and they would also have to save the .psd as well - which you are warned about anyway on close.
Why this piece of code is still there? Why I have had to delete 'copy' on save as .jpg for FIFTEEN years now?

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Photoshop Elements :: Don't Want To Save A Copy Of Everything

Sep 28, 2013

Every time I edit a photo, and then save it as a jpg., I end up with 2 images saved. I don't want to save a copy. How do I stop ? I am using Photoshop elements 12.

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Photoshop :: Memory Error In PSCS4 With Copy And...

Nov 9, 2008

While working on a complex project with PSCS4 that involved copying and pasting from numerous open documents, I have been receiving an error message shown in the link. PS then shuts down with loss of my data.

I'm running Windows XP Pro with a dual Xeon processor workstation with 2GB of error correcting memory. PS3 and other applications have been working properly.

Any suggestions other than going back to PS3?

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Photoshop :: Addition Of Copy On Action Save

Apr 13, 2008

This wasn't happening before, but now, every time I use a 'save' action, "copy" is inserted after the filename even if no other image with the same filename/extension is in the folder.

I don't know how to attach an image of my action, but would be happy to send a jpg via email if any one wishes.

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Photoshop :: Save Adds 'copy' To The End Of File Name

Aug 29, 2008

way to stop Photoshop from adding the 'copy' suffix to files when you save them as additional formats? I'm working accross multiple Photoshop versions on multiple computers and would like to standardize the save functions.

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Photoshop :: Why Does CS5 (12.0.4) Write To Original File / When Save As Copy

Aug 1, 2013

I open a PS file. I chose 'Save As' but uncheck 'Show Layers' in the dialog box. So now it's essentially a 'Save A Copy'. When the new file is saved the original file is written to (although nothing changed) and now has the same modification date as the 'Save A Copy' file. Super strange and causing issues. Because if one flattens or does anything to the original file, those changes are baked into the original file!

Mac OS 10.7.3
iMac i7 3.4GHz
256GB internal SSD (scratch disk)
1 TB internal SATA (system/data disk)
ColorEdge CG275W main monitor via Thunderbolt
Photoshop 12.0.4
Nik ColorEFX Pro 3.x
Onone Perfect Resize Pro 7.x

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Photoshop :: Batch (save As Copy) In Original Folder?

Mar 3, 2011

Example: I have original files structure like:



The goal is to create edited (resized black/white) COPY of each file in each folder without resaving original file. So it must look like:

1 copy.jpg
2 copy.jpg
3 copy.jpg

Folder 2:
1 copy.jpg
2 copy.jpg
3 copy.jpg

-- I can write without problems Action for each special folder, but it take too many time to make 1000 Actions like 1000 folders I have. The problem is in SAVE AS command wich I use in Action. It remembers folder witch was used while recording. Then if I try "Override SAVE AS" option in the Batch window I get edited original files without creatig copies.

I can choose destination NONE, SAVE AND CLOSE, FOLDER. Simply, what I need is SAVE AS COPY AND CLOSE.

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Photoshop :: How Do I Change Default Save As Copy For .bmp, .png, Etc. Files?

May 15, 2007

My question is simply how do I change the default Save As Copy save type that Photoshop inflicts on you whenever you go to save files as .bmp, .png, etc. files?

I produce allot of images by first saving the original scan or photo as a .psd, manipulating the image, then saving as .jpg or .png for display purposes so having to delete the "copy" from my file names during a long work session gets very annoying.

I have already searched through the Preferences, checked registry file associations, studied the Preferences in Adobe Bridge + the only way I can see to fix this at the moment involves using a disassembler.

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Photoshop Elements :: Add Text And Then Save But It Disappears In Saved Copy

Jan 23, 2014

Using Elements 6 or 11, (a purchased copy), when I add text and then save the text disappears in the saved copy but remains in the Elements copy.  I've spent hours on this being very careful that the save location is where I want it.  The photos shown in the bin do contain the text.  ??

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Photoshop :: Copy And Paste Error - Text Pastes At Half-size

Jul 8, 2013

Copy and paste error — Text pastes at half-size.
When I copy and paste text already in my photoshop document, the text retains the styling but the text size is exactly half of what it should be.
I'm using the most recent version of CS6.

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Photoshop Elements :: Copy Picture From Word Document And Save It As Image File?

Jul 9, 2013

How do I copy a picture from a Word document and save it as an image file?

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Illustrator :: Save A Copy In PDF?

Mar 24, 2014

how do I save a copy in PDF?

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Photoshop :: CS 6 Save Error?

Jun 3, 2013

Upon trying out the trial version of CS6, I keep getting errors when I want to save the file I am currently working on. I can save as a different iteration just fine, but when I hit ctrl + S, I get an error that my filetype or name is invalid, even though Im just... saving... a psd file ... that is in all other aspects functioning correctly. After I dismiss that error mesage, this comes up:

I've had the IT guy at work take a look at the computer and trouble shoot, trying to fix this problem. The persmissions are fine and set correctly. I am not using the file in another program, just photoshop, I'm just trying to save the progress I made on my image. 'm running on a windows 7 PC, trial version of CS6 from the creative cloud.

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Photoshop :: (Save For Web) CC - Getting Error?

Jun 27, 2013

I'm getting an error message saying "The operation could not be completed."  I am able to "save as".I installed CC yesterday and am on a Windows 7 64bit computer.  I am using the 64 bit Photoshop CC. I've restarted it several times and still that is happening.

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Photoshop :: Save For Web Error

Jan 12, 2008

i try "save for web" using Photoshop CS3
I get a "could not complete the export command because of a program error"

OS Windows server 2008 or Vista

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CorelDRAW X5 :: File Copy Error

Jun 18, 2013

I'm getting this message on a file I've opened 50 times before but now I can't seem to get it open. 

I've increased my virtual memory significantly and I've done disk cleanup.

Windows 7 Home Premium  (64 bit)

CorelDraw x5  ver

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Save Copy As IDW As DWG

Dec 18, 2013

When I "save copy as" dwg an IDw, I have an error with some ellips.

from IV 2013 to Autocad Mechanical.

Is it solve with IV 2014?

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3ds Max :: How To Save Copy Of Current Scene

Feb 4, 2014

Everytime I try to run 3ds max design I get this error messenge
" An error has occurred and the application will now close. Do you want to attempt to save a copy of the current scene? "
It happens during the lunch screen after loading all the plugins. I searched a lot and tried everything, from updating the video drivers to changing the video card used, to changing the graphics sittings to reinstalling it, still nothing changed the messege shows and the app closes.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Save Copy As PDF?

Aug 28, 2012

I have some problem with converting to PDF from Inventor .idw file. When I use “Save copy as” PDF I get some picture like this

But if I use command "Print" and choose “DragToPDF” or else, picture came out just fine.

Problem is that I have some programming tool where I need to use “Save copy as”

P.S.You can see differences in attachments.

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Illustrator :: Using Action To Save A Copy

Jul 20, 2012

So normally when I'm drawing I always save a copy of my work to my external. Sometimes I'm paranoid and want to save one to my dropbox folder as well. So I made an action to save a copy to both places but it always names the file with whatever filename I used to set the action. I didn't rename or anything.

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Illustrator :: Save A Copy To Create PDF

Jul 24, 2013

Using a mac powerbook.

When i save a copy to create a PDF, the dialog box does not appear.

Yet, the other screen functions are grayed out.

I must hit "return", at which point a PDF is created -- but i have no control over the parameters.
It's as if the dialog box is somewhere off my screen, but I can't access it.

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